Beauty Crush Wednesdays #BCW: Freddie Harrel

The strongest part of any Beauty Crush isn’t necessarily what they look like, but how they’re shaping the world by what they do, say, or promote.

Today’s Beauty Crush is a young lady I’ve loved for years, and like wine, I think gets better with time: Freddie Harrel.
Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-9Now, some of you may remember when we spotlighted Freddie as a Bomb Blogger back in the day (when she was known by her pseudonym ‘I Go By Frankie’).

In case you haven’t heard of Freddie Harrel before, allow me to give you a little background on the fashionista-turned-empowerment speaker. Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-8Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-6 Born in Paris, France, Freddie started her blog in the summer of 2013, using her digital abilities to delve into the world of personal styling (a lot of us remember her from her early ASOS days as the digital marketing and sales manager). She then transitioned into the world of blogging, and now considers herself a current-day confidence consultant.Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-5Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-7Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-6Aside from having a chic style that’s caught the eye of many notable outlets such as StyleCaster or ManRepeller, the current Londoner has cultivated a devoted following who stalk her every move. From street style pics to her next moves in the fashion industry, Freddie chronicles her daily musings to encourage others to walk fearlessly in their own unique self. Her recent project,, focuses on mixing confidence coaching with style and empowering women to feel fabulous about themselves, using clothes as a medium.Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-4Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-2I chose to feature Freddie Harrel as our Beauty Crush Wednesday because we just don’t see enough brown girls in the mainstream avenues of the fashion industry. It’s encouraging and refreshing to see a brown woman with a kooky personality and larger-than-life hair creating spaces for herself and others to thrive. If anything, Freddie teaches us that being unapologetically ourselves always yields reward and starts from within.Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-1Freddie-Harrel-Beauty-Crush-Wednesdays-3Not too long ago, she sat down and did a video where she revealed some of the racial tensions she faced while growing up a Black woman in Paris. She shared what those experiences taught her about herself, and how she overcame those adversities to now be in a role that teaches women how to find confidence and strength in the things that make them, well, them! Check out the video below:

A natural beauty both inside and out, I think Freddie Harrel teaches us that we are all beautiful and have every right to walk in our confidence, no matter what others say (all while looking fabulous doing it).

So that’s why Freddie Harrel’s our Beauty Crush Wednesday, is she yours?

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