Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Rajahnique from The Bay

Rajahnique-from-Bay-Area-Bombshell-7She says, “I’d like the opportunity to be considered for fashion bombshell of the day.”

“My name is Rajahnique.  I’m a 6ft tall fashion blogger in the Bay Area (California)”Rajahnique-from-Bay-Area-Bombshell-2 “My main focus is sharing my style and helping other tall women find clothing that fits them, as well as attempting to spread confidence among tall women who may feel too tall or they aren’t comfortable with their height.”Rajahnique-from-Bay-Area-Bombshell-8
“My style is edgy chic. I’d also say I’m fairly experimental and open minded with my fashion choices.”Rajahnique-from-Bay-Area-Bombshell-1  “I’ll go into a store and pick up something off the shelf that I think is ugly only because sometimes you don’t really know if you like it until you try it on.”Rajahnique-from-Bay-Area-Bombshell-5
“I have a slight obsession with longline midi skirts. They are the tall girl’s solution to pencil skirts that didn’t cover your knees.”Rajahnique-from-Bay-Area-Bombshell-4  “I really love prints and graphic tees. There are more prints in my closet currently than there are solids.”Rajahnique-from-Bay-Area-Bombshell-3
“Thanks so much for your consideration.”


Okay Rajahnique! I love how you’ve cultivated a tall-girl aesthetic all your own, specifically with the longline skirts, that yellow trench (I need that in my  life) and your heel game (even tall girls can rock heels!). Ya’ll can check Rajanique out on IG: @TallnNatural. So tell us, what do you think of her style?

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