4 Hairstyles to Try Before Summer Ends

Ahhh—-the summer. Long days, easy breezy nights. It’s all coming to an end, but before it does let’s give these four summer hairdos (many of which can totally transition to fall) a last hurrah.

1. The top knot.

You couldn’t scroll through a personal style blog without seeing a top knot and within reason. The style brings attention to your cheekbones and neck plus it looks effortlessly chic. If you have shoulder length or longer hair of any texture, fashion your strands atop the head and secure with seamless hair bands. Keep it a little messy to make it authentic and if you have to stuff your puff a little, I won’t tell if you don’t ;)

P.S. top knots are perfect opportunities to add a vibrant blush color on those cheeks *stands high on blush soapbox*

2. A messy roller set.

Hit the salon (or DIY) and have the hair set on 1/2 inch or less rollers (the smaller the rod the tighter the curl). Sit under a hooded dryer (grab a book—The Help is a pretty good read so far–I’m up to page 326). Once you’re dry, finger comb the hair to your desired look. Fear not if the hair doesn’t come out exactly as planned–your best hair days will come as the curls begin to drop.

P.S. Be sure the hair is saturated with water and some setting lotion to ensure the best curl. Add a little hair serum to the ends to help prevent frizzing. This is also a great style for those transitioning from a relaxer.

3. A pop of color on a precision cut.

If you have short cut, jazz it up with a pop of red or honey-blonde. You don’t even have to fully commit to color—not with clip-in bangs making it easy for you to pop your color in and pop it right out.

4. Beach waves on natural hair.

In any downtime I find, I’ve taken to watching Youtube as if it were cable television. On a recent episode, I came across user Naptural85’s “Beach Wave” tutorial video. Check it out:

If you can’t see the embedded video above, click here.

Beach waves on relaxed or transitioning hair is a cinch—simply dampen hair and either braid or twist it up until completely dry then undo and finger comb. For locs, try setting your hair on flexi rollers similar to these.

What were your favorite hairstyles this summer?

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