July 2nd, 2014
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Louis Vuitton Gets Sued Over Racism, Beyonce Tops Forbes’s Most Powerful List, and Russell Westbrook Delves into Eyewear
By Mikelle


  • Luxury brand Louis Vuitton is being sued over racial discrimination. Oliver Koffi, a contract worker at the Louis Vuitton Townhouse at London’s Selfridges department store, was reportedly told by a manager that “Black people are slaves and eat dirt off the floor.” Apparently blacks aren’t the only race to fall under the assault of the manager–he also allegedly made frequent disparaging remarks about people of Asian descent. A spokesperson for Louis Vuitton said yesterday, “Louis Vuitton has a zero-tolerance policy to harassment of any kind.”(The Mirror)
  • http://beyonce-contour.com/

  • Beyonce Knowles topped Forbes’s 15th annual Celebrity 100 ranking of the world’s most powerful celebrities, released this week. With hubby Jay Z at number 5, Rihanna at number 8, and Kanye West at number 20, the singer outperformed her musical contemporaries in a listing where social media was a key metric. LeBron James landed at number 2 while Dr. Dre moved up to number 3 from his spot at 63 from last year (likely due to his Apple buyout). Oprah Winfrey fell from number 1 to number 4. (Forbes)


  • DKNY has debuted a Middle East-targeted capsule collection to go along with the launch of their DKNY Middle East website. Branded as a Ramadan collection, the campaign is fronted by Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara Al Gabbani, two well known Middle Eastern bloggers. (Fashion Times)

Pharrell Williams does a downtown photo shoot with style

  • Pharrell Williams will return as the musical director of the Apollo in the Hamptons this summer.  While guests are still being lined up, Sting and The Roots are expected to play at the August 16th gala hosted on Ron Perelman’s estate. (Page Six)

Russell Westbrook for ESPN Magazine April 2013

  • Russell Westbrook has launched a new eyewear brand.  The launch comes after the Oklahoma City Thunder star has already announced a pending collaboration with Barneys New York.  Westbrook Frames — the new eyewear line — was created in partnership with Selima Optique and includes ten unisex frames. The styles will be available on Westbrookframes.com and three additional styles inspired by New York hit Barneys locations beginning June 8th. “I wanted to launch my Westbrook brand with something that I’m really interested in and passionate about, which is glasses,” said Westbrook about the project. (Style.com)
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12 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Louis Vuitton Gets Sued Over Racism, Beyonce Tops Forbes’s Most Powerful List, and Russell Westbrook Delves into Eyewear”

  1. fav1 says:

    It seems like a lot of high up people are expressing their feelings about other races. I wonder if this will ever stop?

  2. stephanie says:

    That’s nice for Beyonce, she work hard, being on the Forbes list.

    Hi everyone, I will buy, box & ship to you, anything you want from the mall here in the USA. Fee is 15% + S/H. Paypal only. contact @luxshopservice

  3. Missy D says:

    Okay this LV thing makes no sense to me, a store manager says that, then sue the store manager! I don’t get how people go and sue the actually brand! If this was LV’s CEO that made that statement I can understand but a store manager at a random store in London come on now! It’s not right for anyone to say racist comments period, but come on, how much emotional distress did you have. I’m sure we have all heard worse or treated worse and yet we don;t go sueing ppl for comments. Sometimes I wonder if ppl are fishing for fame and money.

  4. YemDarling says:

    How recent is that picture of Beyonce? Am I the only one thinking preggers?

  5. Jazzy Jay says:

    I agree with Missy D! Now people think that’s the mentality of the entire store. I hate the media sometimes! Their headlines can ruin lives and they don’t care!

    In more positive racial news, it’s great DKNY is expanding to the Middle East. Some women there choose to be completely covered and some choose to be expressive with their fashion. They should be given as much of a chance as anyone here or around the world.

  6. Shay says:

    Can someone ID Beyoncé’s sandals please? I’m dying for them lol.

  7. tricia says:

    Since we are taking bout racist topic, how do u guys feel bout khloe saying the n word on this past sunday kardashian show. I get the context in which it was used but I still felt a bit bummed she said it, and the way it easily rolled out her mouth makes me think it’s a word she uses frequently. Even the expression on her mom and kims face confirmed that she says it all the time, it was like they were use to get saying it. I like khloe but I guess she gets a pass because she “dates and have black friends”. So i don’t know why kim pretended be upset at the guy in black face or at the woman saying she have a black baby when khloe said nigger/a. Then again everyone thought it was okay when jennifer lopez repeated it over and over inher guess she have the “black friends pass too”. Maybe it’s only a problem when certain people use the word

  8. GirlBye says:

    @Tricia, I watched that episode and her mom and Kim did not look at her like she said it all the time!!! Kim spoke on a topic that happened to her, and Khloe expressed how she gets slandered all the time for dating the opposite race and how they call her a N***a lover! She did not say it in a bad way!! I’m tired of the our race being so sensitive when it comes to that when I have seen some the most educated people call themselves that. Let me give you an example of another word that gets people heated, the word B**ch! We can call ourselves that and our girlfriends but be damn if anyone else does.

  9. Claire says:

    @Shay pretty sure Beyonce’s sandals are Givenchy Fall 2014.
    @YemDarling this pic is from yesterday/a few days ago.

  10. LuLu says:

    Louis Vuitton is tacky as hell anyway, don’t nobody care except basic broads

    Some of you failed your history course. What do you think puerto ricans are? Sure, there are white latino(a)s, and black latino(a)s, but JLo is not falling into the former, not with black and taino native american blood running through her veins. I can guarantee you, growing up in the bronx, no one thinks twice if JLo uses that word or not.

    Having said, no one should really be using that term, black or not. You don’t get a pass for your inability to expand your vocabulary.

  11. Mic says:

    The N word along with other profanities are for lazy thinkers. They will give you all kind of “high minded” explanations about why using the n word is ok. I don’t care what they say….that word is an abomination.

  12. Mic says:

    And will people stop telling Pharrell that he is a fashion icon. He always looks like a old man dressing like a kid and not in a good why. Stop it Pharrell you are not Kanye who does the fashion thing on point.

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