July 1st, 2014
Kanye West, Men's style
Men’s Fashion Flash: Kanye West’s Fall 2014 Collection for APC
By Claire

Complex has pix of Kanye West’s latest collection for APC, a 14 piece capsule featuring military inspired staples and basics.

Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC bomber jacket $780
Bomber Jacket, $780

Starting July 17th, you can get your hands on $90 t-shirts, $400 biker pants, and $2,895 jackets trimmed in luxe fur.

Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC biker pants $415
Biker Pants, $415
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC kanye jeans $280
Kanye Jeans, $280
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC plain t shirt $90
Plain T-Shirt, $90
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC parka with fur $2,865
Parka with fur, $2,895

If you like what you see, act as fast as you can. Kanye’s contract with Adidas conflicts with A.P.C’s Nike ties, which means this will be the last collaboration between West and the French brand.

Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC army pants $385
Army Pants, $385
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC swiss army park $605
Swiss Army Parka, $1,015
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC work shirt $265
Work Shirt, $265

I’m not really seeing anything groundbreaking here–are you? And more than a few pieces are woefully overpriced.

Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC camo shirt $150
Camo Shirt, $150
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC kanye jeans $280 0
Kanye Jeans, $280
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC pached sweatshirt $180
Patched Sweatshirt, $180

But, if you love it and must have it, set your calendar for July 17th. The collection will be available at End Clothing, Tres Bien, and TotoKaelo.com.

Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC airport sweater $340 0
Airport Sweater, $340
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC Airport Sweater $340
Airport Sweater, $340
Kanye West's Fall 2014 Collection for APC army sweater $325
Army Sweater, $325

Images: Complex

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23 Responses to “Men’s Fashion Flash: Kanye West’s Fall 2014 Collection for APC”

  1. LoveMechelle says:

    Ummmmm $90 for a plain white tee????

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish him luck. I don’t see anything worth those prices. These pieces look like Banana Republic/Benetton/Gap.

  3. fly won says:

    A part of me thinks this is laughable
    However, the other part of me, thinks “Wow what a brand to have built to be able to demand these price points and sell out”

  4. North West says:

    Please but my daddy stuff y’all, we saving for my college tuition!

  5. dyshaun says:

    I like to think when I have my millions I still wont spend 90 dollas on a tee but who am I kidding..

  6. MsClassic says:

    Kayne makes me laugh with this fashion stuff. This whole collection is Blah!!

  7. LuLu says:

    ^^ A la his personal style. Not even ‘meh’-worthy….

  8. Chris says:

    Even the names are boring…lol at “Airport Sweater”

  9. remi says:

    Kanye is crazy….those are true religion, rodarte and zegna prices….and besides the fur coat and that sexy white sweater, everything else looks like clothes from Jcpenney and kohls……he should just stick to street wear..whatever happened to “pastelle”?….he’s trying too hard……doesnt his wife sell clothes at sears for about 30 to 60…lol…what makes his basic ass “made in china for 5cents” tees 90 AMERICAN DOLLARS….kanye has lost his mind……

    I want to see kanye collabo with H&M or even target…that would make more sense…..this is just tragic….

  10. yonaton says:

    yall should really watch his interviews. he has no control over these prices. the items are simple. but who doesnt love a quality essential item? Funny part is, this collection will sell out in a matter of days just like the other ones.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. A.Sy says:

    With these prices I would like to see a collection with a little more substance. There’s Nothing….unique or thought provoking. I undersand wanting clean lines but please give us some flavor. Not something I can find for less at Jcpennys during its hay days!!! You gotta come with something better than that Son. Okay the silhouette on the pants is cool… That’s it.

  13. TT says:

    Didn’t his last collection sell out?

    I mean there has to be a market there …. So do your thing yeezy

  14. Lola Reggy says:

    I like the parka’s. I choked in the prices but ok, why not. If it sells it sells right! I recently bought me an all leather vintage olive green parka, without the fur allright! Gonna kill it in fall with that thing :-)

  15. Anonymous says:

    When your a celebrity of a certain status u can get away with a lot . You’ve built your base so there’s always ppl ready to buy you selling ?

  16. Taj says:

    This collection should be named, “When Delusions of Grandeur Go Wrong”. I see nothing worthy of the cost despite Kanye’s status.

  17. Trophy Wife says:

    I swear people are always trying to come for Kanye, but if you follow his interviews he has No Control over the prices. This line will sell out like the last line, so it doesn’t really matter. Personally I don’t like some of the pieces, but I know it will do well and I can’t lie, A.P.C. has some nice jeans.

  18. LouLou says:

    Kanye is always on the soap box about how he’s a fashion genius — and I, again, am unimpressed. I’m sure people will buy b/c of the association, not because he’s some groundbreaking talent.

    I’d love to see what people look like wearing this. I’m INCREDIBLY curious.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Agreed with @LouLou. I’d like to see the celebs that wear this (other than him and the Kardashian Klan). I know it will sell out since he has a following, but I want to see which celebs buy in. Should be interesting.

  20. jacBandit says:

    plain white tee… ground breaking.

    and he wonders why no one will take him seriously in the fashion industry. this is a joke. but whats really sad is the fact that there will be a bunch of flunkies breaking their necks trying to buy it.

  21. As some one who owns a few apc pieces I can tell you that these are their normal price points. You are paying for the quality! This is why they have fast fashion, for people who just want quantity lol

  22. Jackie says:

    His last collection had the prices up to par with the quality. He used real indigo dying techniques for jeans, 100% fine cotton, really good twill, etc. I mean am I the only one on here the pays up to $100 on tees? I get mine from James Perse and have never bought a basic tee from elsewhere ever again. Basics should always be investment pieces IMO and that’s why people go to APC anyways so this collab makes sense to me. Kanye knows who his market is and is just trying to make it known that quality basics should be investments.

  23. Celine says:

    I’m sure Kanye pricing is based on the quality of the materials used and his target market isn’t the usual h&m customers but people who care about real pieces that last longer than 3 months. I’m sure you can wear that white tee continously for years before showing signs of it falling apart. I won’t mind spending $250+ on a tee I know I can keep for the next 10 yrs. It is a financial bargain imo.

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