June 29th, 2014
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Bomb Product of the Day: Candy Bomb Apparel Icon Tees
By Claire

So It’s Friday, and I’m soooooo excited to share my first venture into apparel!
I joined forces with fabulous Illustrator Nicole Updegraff of Cotton Candy Playground to create a line of tees featuring black icons in fashion, music, and entertainment. We decided to call it Candy Bomb!
600-Bomb Product of the Day- Candy Bomb Apparel
The short story is that I majored in African-American studies (and French) in college, and my interests in diversity, style, and writing led me to create this here site. As a fashion loving person, I’m always on the lookout for cool tees that represent women who look like me–and the market seems to be overrun with tees emblazoned with Marilyn Monroe. Sure, I’ve run across the Grace Jones tee here and there, but wanted something that celebrated a larger group of people who’ve made an impact on the worlds of beauty and style.
Candy Bomb Apparel Iman
We kicked off our inaugural collection with tees featuring Eartha Kitt, Donyale Luna, Dorothy Dandridge, Andre Leon Talley, and more.
Candy Bomb Apparel Donyale Luna

Candy Bomb Apparel Andre Leon Talley
Candy Bomb Apparel Grace Jones
Future limited editions will include modern icons and tastemakers. If you have suggestions, by all means.
4 Candy Bomb apparel black african american icon tee t-shirts iman
Colors are simple–black, white, and gray, so you can mix and match with whatever’s in your wardrobe. We have scoop necks and v necks, up to a size XXXL. Prices are reasonable at $30 a pop!
2 Candy Bomb apparel black african american icon tee t-shirts iman
Candy Bomb apparel Josephine Baker

3 Candy Bomb apparel black african american icon tee t-shirts iman
I foresee even more products–perhaps even leather bags and shoes featuring drawings of beautiful black women.
What do you think?
Candy Bomb apparel black african american icon tee t-shirts iman
See more and purchase at ShopCandyBomb.com.
Eartha Kitt Cotton Candy Bomb Apparel black icons fashion style entertainment

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43 Responses to “Bomb Product of the Day: Candy Bomb Apparel Icon Tees”

  1. mi manning says:

    yes to Dorothy and Eartha!

  2. I applaud you Claire! Just what we needed!!!!!! Cant wait to purchase a few

  3. Natalie says:

    These are so cute! Ill definitely purchase!

  4. Miss White says:

    This is great! Nice to see you branching out into different things! Love this idea! I will be buying one!

  5. IMO says:

    Omgosh, I LOVE this! This is such a great idea – so happy for you Claire (expanding your brand and uplifting our culture at the same time! : ). Definitely purchasing…!

  6. Flywon says:

    Just purchased Donyale! Love her hand in the shot, and she is lesser known to me! Will do my research

  7. Nicole says:

    You saved the best for last with that Eartha print. Can’t wait to own that!

  8. Cindy_hue says:

    This is going to blow the world’s minds the world Craig!!

  9. Mesha says:

    I just bought Josephine! Great job, Claire! This was BEYOND an excellent venture.

  10. Reenie says:

    LOVE!!! Want the Iman and Josephine. Maybe I missed it on the site but just one question Claire – do you offer internations shipping?

  11. Lee_Lee says:

    Can’t wait to buy a few. This is Awesome.

  12. Sasha says:

    I’ll be getting one for sure but did anyone else think that Andre was Jay-Z before you clicked on the article? Maybe it is just me lol Congrats Claire.

  13. stephanie says:

    very cute! i want eartha!!!

  14. Enigma says:

    Congrats Claire and Nicole! I want the Iman and Eartha tees very cute. Looking forward to going with you on where ever this venture takes you.

  15. MelyB says:

    Congratulations Claire! I was just sitting at work daydreaming about an Eartha Kitt t-shirt and voila! I’m going to splurge & get 2.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nice, will there be more colors to choose from?

  17. Venita says:

    I would love to have them all. What a beautiful recognition of true divas.

  18. Tee says:

    I love the Eartha tee. How about a Diana Ross tee?

  19. Kimber says:

    Claire you have done it again!!!
    that’s one thing i could never justify wearing was someone’s face that didn’t look like me on the front of a T with the exception of Marilyn Monroe. Thank you sister!
    cant wait to purchase and wear with PRIDE!!!!!

  20. Faith says:

    Need everything in grey IMMEDIATELY (too clumsy for white haha)

    Please share which size you’re sporting on 106 & Park Claire, I like mine a bit oversized so I’m thinking a size up but want to be certain.


  21. S says:

    Congrats Claire! Love, love, love it. I want the Dorothy, Donyale and Eartha t-shirts.

  22. Taj says:

    Wonderful endeavor Claire and congratulations. I love the t-shirts and will definitely purchase a few of them. I have always wanted shirts that displayed iconic and influential people of color.

  23. Giselle Williams-Thomas says:

    I’m here for EVERYTHANG!!! I cosign on Diana Ross tee and I’ll also love a fun Run DMC tee. Can’t wait to see you rock it on 106 & Park.

  24. Jen says:

    OMG I am SO excited for that Eartha tee I can’t stand it. I cosign Tee on a Diana shirt, and would also loooove Phylicia Rashad (image linked to name) and Debbie Allen.

  25. Joslyn says:

    Yes! Love this.

  26. Kona says:


  27. CheriV says:

    Omgosh this line is perfect! It’s so classy! I just finished watching Carmen Jones and @Jen yaaaaaaasssss to a Phylicia Rashad shirt! I also would really like a Waris Dirie, and a Queen Mother Naomi. Maybe during Black History month (or whenever) you could do a civil rights activist line with Maya Angelou and Audre Lorde etc. Thanks so much for this Claire! It’s beautiful.

  28. binks says:

    Nice shirts!

  29. RHONYC says:

    well, y’all ‘know’ what i’m ’bout to do….*clicking on link*


    ♪ keep. it. up. KEEP. IT. UP! ♫


  30. tricia says:

    im sooooo happy for your claire, yay for you. maybe at some point u can do one with ur face. i want them all so hard to choose just one.

  31. Kathleen says:

    Amazing! I would rock at least four of these for sure. Will you extend shipping internationally. I am in South Africa and would love to buy some?

  32. Laveta says:

    That Eartha Kitt is everything! And thanks for the XXXL! Some of us are a little more bountiful than XL! LOL!

  33. Petra says:

    We need Diana Ross and Sade!

  34. Morgan says:

    I cannot explain how excited I am about this! We need to see more of ourselves!

  35. Minnesota says:

    Love all of them! I don’t think I have mentioned in my replies how much I enjoy your blog. I enjoy seeing your progress and live in the fashion world vicariously through you! Congratulations!

  36. Moni says:

    Diannah Carroll and if you really go all out Pam Grier!

  37. A.sy says:

    Cool !!! the Andre and Grace jones t-shirts have my name on it !!!

  38. Jade says:

    Maya Angelou, Miriam Makeba, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Pat Cleveland, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Diana Ross, Pam Grier, Nina Simone, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker..Just to name a few.

  39. Wear Your Own Shoes Resale says:

    Diana Ross. Whitney H. Pam Grier, Maya Angelou and Ms. Badu!
    I am so proud of you guys!

  40. Anonymous says:

    International shipping?

  41. KITANA says:

    I’m seriously crying as I type this Claire. I don’t know if you realize what you’ve accomplished, hopefully in time you will. I am buying every last one of these Tees…

  42. Rashida says:

    Firstly can I say how envious I am of you for studying African- American at college I wish this is something taught more in the UK. African history should be compulsory in schools across the blog (not slavery)
    Your cultural identity is portrayed effortlessly on your blog, I think the t shirt line is perfect. You are right about not seeing many black icons on clothing, magazines, adverts etc. It is disappointing but we shall overcome lol.
    Sorry essay over but I do love your blog Clare you inspired me in so many ways. Keep up the hardwork, your not on this journey alone xxx

  43. Atiya says:

    OMG. I totally cosign on Sade. That would be epic!

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