June 28th, 2014
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Hot! or Hmm…: Kim Kardashian’s New York City Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014 Couture Navy Blue Bustier Dress
By Claire

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m suffering from Kardashian overload.
They are by far the only celebs who are out EVERY DAY, dressed and ready for the paps. Can they take a break? Stay inside? I say this from a place of love.
At any rate, Kim Kardashian was spied leaving dinner and going to a yacht party with her family, which apparently called for a Spring 2014 couture frock from Ulyana Sergeenko:
Her favorite Tom Ford Heels completed her ensemble.
The Kardashian Family head to a Yacht Party in New York

Her dress, which boasts embroidered peacock feathers, was modeled with platform peep toes.
Kim Kardashian's New York City Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014 Couture Navy Blue Bustier Dress

No surprises here: She looks great! Fresh off the runway fabulous.
What do you think?

The Kardashian Family head to a Yacht Party in New York

The Kardashian Family head to a Yacht Party in New York
The Kardashian Family head to a Yacht Party in New York
The Kardashian Family head to a Yacht Party in New York
*Sister Khloe and her beau French Montana brought up the rear.
The Kardashian Family head to a Yacht Party in New York

The Kardashian Family head to a Yacht Party in New York
Why does French have a red Solo cup? Doesn’t he know there will be drinks on the boat?

**Forgive the tone of this post, perhaps I just need that morning cup of jo.
Images: AKM GSI

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42 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Kim Kardashian’s New York City Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014 Couture Navy Blue Bustier Dress”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol I know right i think I can understand with the cup of jo

  2. t says:

    she’s in nyc where’s there’s nowhere to run or hide..when she’s in la she’s not as visible….people kill me trashing kim everyday..if she were in sweats everyday you people would still have something to say..if you can’t stand her don’t post about her.. that simple.. and she looks fabulous..

  3. Claire says:

    @T Do I really trash Kim everyday?
    This week several people said I worship her and wondered whether or not the Kardashian clan pay me to write about her.
    I can’t win! LOL

  4. Lilly says:

    Claire don’t mind the Stans!! They got nuttin better to do..& yea I believe kim stay dress to get her pics taking by the paps..there’s no way someone can stay dress like that everyday. Even Rihanna or beyonce be on comfortable clothes at times & they’re the one with the talents.

  5. Key says:

    I concur with @T. Clearly Kim looks great, if she is always in the news it is because paparazzi follow her and take pictures. What should she do, stay in the house?!!! These haters.

  6. 2 Cents says:

    It’s a well known FACT that they call the paps. Walk down any New York city street…do you see paps? They get dressed up and call them. They are fame hungry. It’s annoying. They won’t go away. Ever!!

  7. Laurel says:

    Claire don’t mind the stans..& yes I believe Kim dresses all the time to get attention..there’s no way somebody could stay dress just to go run errands..even beyonce or Rihanna be on comfortable clothes at times & there the ones with the talents

  8. Resa says:

    Claire, Love your site, I never really leave comments. But I needed to express the fact that, I’m sure you’re tired of viewing the Kardashian Klan… But recognize the fact that the real celebrities don’t have time to call paps every day. I realize if you see celebrities on a regular basis, “they are not the real stars”. These are the people who dress up or down to get the fame and are not talented enough to earn it. But I love your site and I can say that some fashion is worth veiwing and emmulating… Loveeee Fashion Bomdaily( Black owned Honey)

  9. TAMMY M. says:

    @2Cents, most celebs call the paps. I know that folks love to worship some celebs, but the pr game of alot of your top favorite “private” celebs is about creating that illusion that they hate fame.

    The Kardashians are simple using the same tool, the problem is that they have been highly sucessful at using this tool to garner wealth.

    I wish folks knew more about the actual entertainment business.

  10. Shayla says:

    Everyone can say what they want. It’s nobody’s fault that this family stays “dressed to impress” & has the $ to do so. All the haters can a) Either do something/anything to get famous, get $, dress the part & then hope the paps appear (called or not) or b) Be quiet! The K’s ain’t going stop doing THEM, so y’all should try doing a better YOU. Hate them or love them, but leave the designer duds out of it, period. This dress is simply stunning. Keep it coming Claire-no matter who & how often. If it’s the fashionbomb, we need to see it!

  11. 2 Cents says:

    @Tammy M Interesting insight. Tell me more…
    *Sips tea*

  12. Studmuffin says:

    If you like the Kardashians you need to re-evaluate your life and choices. They are human shit in expensive clothes. It’s usually the ratchetest amongst us who go hard defending these over privileged losers.

  13. AH says:

    Yes Tammy, spill the tea! Your comment caught my attention.

  14. TAMMY M. says:

    @2Cents and @AH, I have worked in public relations and marketing for over 10 years. The last 5 of those years have been in entertainment and corporate branding.

    Most celebs with great publicity games are the ones consistently on the covers of magazines and online. Most of the top folks, have their team (publicist, brand managers,at times agents) do the groundwork of calling and setting up “moments” that seem spontaneous.

    My reason for semi-defending the Kardashians, is because most celebs set up these “arrival” and departure shots. In some instances, it is based on a promoting a specific object or even clothing item that has been sent to them.

    I know folks love to buy into the “paparazzi tragedy” stories and we want them to, that is the job. But truly “private” celebs, make a job out of hiding. Tom Cruise, Kerry Washington, Cher, and Julia Roberts (I have worked with a company in conjunction with two of those named) are a few whom are notoriously private. They don’t hire private photographers to take “exclusives photo for almost every event”.

    They only do PR runs, when they are actually promoting a film or working. They don’t vacation in the obvious places or eat at the obvious restaurants.

    It’s just a business folks, and quite a few celebs have mastered the art of exposure and branding. Bey, The Kardashian Klan, Rihanna, RHOA folks, Charlize Theron, just to name a few.

    It really is a business, that its and the K Klan has been able to make it work for them over a decade. You have to respect the grind. Talent has nothing to do with, their work ethic is real.

  15. Anonymous says:


  16. I was here says:

    I respect what you say bcs you obviously know the insides. But when you say that k’s work ethic what do you mean cos I’ve tried very HARD to think of wht thy do apart from Kendall who has started to model seriously this year I don’t really see what their work involves. Not trying to undermine them but I’m trying to think of what they do and my mind comes blank. So since you know the showbiz insides my honest question is what exactly do Kim, khloe, kourtney and Kylie do? She talks about working hard but all she’s seen doing everyday is some errands and it’s not like she’s on mag covers every month cos photoshopped could be considered working at least. In plus Kim is seen every single day dressed to the t face beat to the gods heels and stuff just to run ‘errands’. Like someone said we see Rihanna sometimes very dressed down casual with no make up but I’ve never seen Kim make up free with flats to run those errands it’s overload and overkill. Does she really need to be out of the house everyday way dressed up and made up just to go to a shop for example?

  17. T says:

    But why does Kim life bother everyone so much! She didn’t invent reality tv.. You can’t possibly recreate the type of success they have. No one could’ve imagined the success of one little show. They would’ve been foolish not to brand themselves .. And they do it well.. How many shows have we seen come and go trying to duplicate what they have.. I just don’t get the hate.. Beyonce used the media early on in her career and now that she doesn’t need it as much she has chosen a more secluded lifestyle but she was everywhere in the beginning .. Give it a rest the kardashian family are successful and that is all..

  18. Resa says:

    Just like I just said-”Real Celebrities”(Tammy M.) Don’t call the paps… But I am here on this site for the fashions.

  19. Anonymous says:

    it doesn’t matter if you dont know what they do

    I dont know what donald trump has done in the last 10 yrs other than file bankruptcy, have a reality show & trash Obama

    yet he’s heralded.. double standard, much?

    and Rhiannas talent is what? @Lilly

  20. TAMMY M. says:


    Your comment brings up something I have been wondering about with some women.

    Why is it when a female is extra glamorous, no matter where she goes it is a problem for other women. Outside of Kim K.,really outside of the celeb realm. This happens in “real life” all the time.

    Why do other women care if, a female really doesn’t feel sweats and sneakers. I really don’t check for what another woman is wearing when I am out shopping or running errands.

    We are not all meant to be the same or dress alike. Maybe your comfort zone is leggings and flats, another woman could be heels and sheath dresses.

    My errand running doesn’t need to look like yours. So Kim’s or Rihanna’s does not need to look the same. I appreciate all the looks that are thrown fashion stratosphere.

    Sidenote: Celebs get judged extra hard no matter if they are sneakers and jeans or a ball gown. I say wear what you want.

    Business Sidenote: The K. Klan, whether you love it or not. Have been “reality tv stars”, which America feeds on with mass consumption. That have been in pop culture eye for over a decade. They meet their commitments to their business deals: fitness, makeup, tv, club appearances,film, publishing, fragrance, and clothing.

    None of these things can thrive, if you are lazy person. No matter if you are rich or not. You have to be committed, focused, and are usually extremely busy. I know it all appears to be costume changes and fun. But entertainment is work, all so the final product appears effortless.

    I am sorry, I just don’t hold a hate towards another person’s grind or success. Folks that sit around trying unravel and dissect another person’s ascension, come-up, and maintenance level are usually not working strategically on their own.

  21. Anonymous says:

    ps what does the royal family do? lmaooo they are figure heads they dont come up with NAN policy yet ppl idolize them… I dont hear complaints on that tho #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh and noone seems to have a problem when Victoria Beckham is ALWAYS dressed .. ALWAYS …

  23. Hmmmm says:

    Why is Kim looking a like a dear in the headlights??? Her torso is too short for the dress. It is nice but doesnt have the same elegance as on the model.

  24. JEG says:

    I thought this post was about the dress??? Anyways I’m not a fan of the sleeves it just looks like a robe with a bustier underneath. I can always tell when she’s trying to hard because she makes that sucked in cheeks duck face. Oh Kim

  25. Wear Your Own Shoes Resale says:

    Dang Tammy M! Teach somebody…..

    I concur.. It takes a lot of energy to hate, ponder and speak on someone else grind.

  26. Sasha says:

    Claire I was probably one of the ppl that said you have a lot of Kardashian’s on here lol all love just an observation. How the kardashian stans came out of nowhere to defend someone saying people are hating before anyone even started “hating”. I know y’all not coming for Claire because clearly she was joking and said she love their style. The same people that worship her are probably the same people who come here everyday bashing bombshells and Claire. Anyway I like the dress but I wish it would have been a better fit around the breast. A little modesty for such an elegant dress would have been nice. Ps love your blog Claire forget the haters bloop!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    @tammy M. you really educated folks but what I’m really here for is your take on why some women are so pressed and concerned about why another woman is glamorous. I certainly do not have kardashian money but I hate wearing sweats and completely dressing down and it seems to be a problem for a lot of women I meet and those I work with. Never understood that so now I know I’m not the only one who wonders why. And I agree the kardashian family are indeed hard working although some refuse to give credit for whatever reason

  28. Marsha says:

    All of these comments are proof that the Kardashian clan generates good business for this site and many others, but you can keep on placing their photos in the Photos of the Day post as you have been doing. While I am here for the fashion and appreciate some of the fashion Kim wears, I’m kind of tired of seeing her. The appearances feel monotonous at this point.

  29. Angel says:

    Back to the task at hand ladies…
    The dress works a lot better on the model than it does for Kim…The cut of the shoulders on her doesn’t allow the bodice to sit and be a focal point as it does on the model. She has an amazing shape, but I wish she knew more about finding proportions that suit her body type better. Great dress…just not as great on Mrs. West.

  30. X says:

    Beautiful conversation,. Thank you to Tammy & everyone else for giving such eloquent expressions of opinions. I loved it & quite agree. If you’re still wondering what this family DOES, they are Entrepreneurs. They are business women. They are CEOS, spokesmodels, collaborators, models, etc. They own their own businesses & drive the business of others. I will always respect their grind for building SOMETHING. No matter who we are, we can all aspire to build something. Similarly, I always respected Victoria Beckham openly for being a full time mom and wife (and secretly, for snagging a man like DB) and looking good while doing it (and that was before she became a designer). And now everyone can see the work ethic and commitment that was truly inside that slender figure in the tight dresses. Grind is grind.

    As for the dress, my first thought was that this dress was made for figures like Kim’s. It’s not modest but looks interesting. Not my favorite dress and not my favorite dress on her, but I think it works just fine for the occasion.

  31. Dreadful Beauty says:

    To answer the question why French brought his red Solo cup on the boat… Well I doubt the bartenders have that dirty sprite (lean) on tap.

  32. Jessy says:

    I give them a few more months of publicity. Even Yeezy is falling by the wayside.

  33. Anonymous says:

    All the girls look pretty but they all look like they’re going to a different party. I believe Cousin Kimmie dresses so over the top b/c she’s trying to prove a point. That’s all.

  34. Neeks says:

    I bypassed the above comments because I’m not here to read about her life, I’m here for that outfit.

    I LOVE IT! … LOVE! I need it in my life.

  35. Porscha says:

    Love this on her.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The dress I like. The fit is not the best. The clothes she wears are beautiful but the fact is the fit is incorrect. I sew and it is ill fitted. The suede number prior photographers caught her with a full length spank under suede in the summer time. Anybody else would have gotten reamed for that.

  37. Chitown Fashionista says:

    KK looks great! You all have to let her continue down this path—fashion forward! She is aging and the bandage skirts and cut outs are harder to pull off!!!

  38. toots says:

    dont like it next

  39. jeda says:

    Claire, you do bad and they talk about you, you do good and they talk about you. The important thing is that they talk about you. They are on YOUR blog writing comments, let them have their cake.

  40. Stephane says:

    That’s a gorgeous dress and Kim pulls it off effortlessly.

  41. anika says:

    Thank you Tammy M for that insight. People make the same comments about Kris calling the paps and i’m always saying that’s smart because they are a walking ad for what ever designer they are wearing. Regardless if you like them people still going to click on that link.If Kris get a kick back for calling the paps just to take a picture that is good business.Thanks again for breaking down what the family do.They have built a brand and have made nothing into something for a decade.So i do appuald them for their hustle and all of them are well off.But i don’t understand how people want them to go away but click a post about them and call them attenton whores.Well we are giving them the attention but getting mad at them.I never understand the logic of that whole statement.Go on a gossip blogs and the comments are at least 100 so they ARE winning and the blog owner.I just had to thank you Tammy M. you made so much sense out of this whole debate people have about them..

  42. dyshaun says:

    Aww dear sweet thot Kimmy. God bless her that dress is RAD but she is sad. Playing dress up. SMH.

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