June 25th, 2014
Celebrity Style, Snapshot
Snapshot: Rihanna for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia
By Claire

0  Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

2  Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

3  Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

4  Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

7  Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

8  Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar Arabia
Rihanna for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.
Source: ThisIsRNB

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51 Responses to “Snapshot: Rihanna for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia”

  1. Manny says:

    Wow. She looks amazing! Bravo!

  2. Yaya says:

    This b*tch tho!! #icon #goddess #bad #sexy #nowords #wifey #idol #killinthegame

  3. Erin says:

    I cant’ stand her attitude one bit, but d*mn it if Rihanna isn’t gorgeous!!!

  4. X says:

    Love the close up and the styling. Rihanna at her best. But she looks off in some of these, like her nose is wider. She kind of looks more like Lil Mama in some of these shots

  5. Colette says:


  6. Jay says:

    WOW, CLOTHES ON RIHANNA! Nice to not see her nipples today.

  7. Maryse says:

    Nope. Any one with a bunch of make up artist behind them can look like this.

  8. Maryse says:

    Don’t forget photoshop, fake nails, hair, bleaching cream etc…

  9. Zona says:

    That hand tattoo is just wrong though

  10. POW says:

    @Maryse that’s not true. Rihanna is very photogenic. She knows how to work her angles but still appears natural and effortless.

    Compare her pictures to Beyoncé. Beyoncé is lovely, but she doesn’t take photos like Rihanna does.

    Lupita is another natural who takes amazing photos.

    I say, give credit where it’s due.

  11. Dolostar says:

    Why must beyonce and rihanna be compared all the time. I’ve seen bey slayed photo shoots as well. Let rihanna shine in this post please. Dang.

    She looks gorgeous.

  12. Kaleema says:

    @ pow I agree with you..ppl find any reason to hate. Rihanna looked breathtaking, just gorgeous..this my favorite shoot of her after the vogue Brazil shoot..say whatever u want about this girl but she know how to slay a photoshoot..even when she was on Instagram, her pics always look so beautifully done…idk how she does it man. Rih gotta tell us her tricks because she stay did it on em’.

  13. mi manning says:


  14. jeda says:

    stunning as usual….And I love how wide her nose looks here. That’s for all the haters who say she’s had a nose job. Its a testament to her blackness, as much as anyone would try to deny it. Her wide nose is a part of her beauty.

  15. Jessy says:

    Yeah Rihanna’s one of the few Black celebrities who kept their original nose–it looks natural. She doesn’t need a nose job to look ‘racially ambiguous’, she’s proud of her roots.

  16. Stephane says:

    AMAZING!! She always takes great pictures and I love the Arabian theme.

    Hooray for no nipples today, [tomorrow is another day].

  17. Nailah says:

    yasss bitch yass

  18. Tiana says:

    Rih went Arab in us & I’m loving it!! U betta Werq gal!!

  19. Daaaaaaaamn Rihanna flawless like always

  20. Anonymous says:

    Queen st8 contour damn and haters just accept Rihanna Reign and you too can works as hard or even better

  21. LdyK says:

    She’s just fabulously DOPE & I love her for it!

  22. TT says:

    Yes GOD!! I’m here for this fabulous shoot. And I love the fact that she’s kept her natural nose, one of the only black girls in the industry who has. Really says a lot about her character to be honest.

  23. Enigma says:

    She is slaying for days in this photo shoot.

  24. 2 Cents says:

    @TT I wonder what her frequent nudity and rachet/THOT behavior has to say about her character?

  25. Dean says:

    My fashion icon did it again!. Bow B^tches! I can put a plastic bag on that gurl & she’ll rock the hell outta it..that’s a true fashion icon!

  26. Lola Reggy says:

    Rih never ceases to amaze me. With all the sh*t and nudity she does like all the time, she pulled it off to get herself in a fashion mag from a muslim country. Girl I can’t deny you make me smile! You’re somethingelse and before I forget the pics and the styling are fabulous!!!!

  27. Nakia P says:

    I’m not a fan of her music but she is a stunningly beautiful young lady.

  28. iloveshoes says:

    My flawless baby Rihanna. Love this girl.

  29. Anonymous says:

    That last photo…just stunning!

  30. Shaz says:

    The Woman is stunning. Does she ever take a bad picture. I agree with the posters above, why must we compare Rihanna to Beyoncé or Lupita? They are all beautiful let them shine!

  31. simplyjess says:

    Yassssss b!tch yaaaaas!! Love it!!

  32. Kai says:

    Wifey >3

  33. Rashida says:

    She looks great!!!! You don’t have to be naked to be sexy! She looks great!

  34. Grace says:

    These photos are stunning! I too love that she kept her natural nose, something an unfortunate percentage of Black celebs cannot say -_-

  35. iheartkeya says:

    This woman is EVERYTHING!! Everytime she does a high fashion spread she shuts it down! Absolutely gorgeous.

  36. Mic says:

    She is the best.

  37. Inda Cut says:


  38. Westafricanmutt says:

    I’m over Rihanna but this is beautifully artistic! HOT!

  39. kateee says:

    That’s one of the few things I noticed about her. Her nose is really wide (Black girl problems). I am also glad that she kept it. Gorgeous!!! No complaints here

  40. Taj says:

    Absolutely stunning

  41. Sade Rowe says:

    She’s slaying in this shoot . Definitely a fashion Icon .

  42. Anonymous says:

    @katee you sound ignorant

  43. Jessy says:

    @Kateee Backhanded compliment?

  44. binks says:

    Whoa, she is a beauty. I am just going to say it Rihanna is slaying most models in this industry. I think when magazine wanted to replace models with celebrities they had Rihanna in mind.

  45. Laurel says:

    She’s my wife in my head.i love me sum Riri

  46. Grucker says:

    Love Rihanna’s style and the fact that she is photogenic!! I’m on this site for the fashions..

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