June 25th, 2014
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jai Nice from LA
By Claire

We’ve been on a roll with Bombshells! I thought it only fitting to keep the goodness going with Jai Nice from Los Angeles, California:
jai nice from los angeles california
She types, “I am a designer, stylist and Creative Director of Kloset Envy Online Boutique (www.klosetenvy.com).”
1 Jai Nice from LA
“I’ve been following Fashion Bomb Daily for quite for sometime as you guys are one of the most popular and influential Fashion Blogs around.”

Jai Nice from LA
“I’m not one to really put myself out there online besides on my own personal Instagram page.”

6 Jai Nice from LA
“…But this year I thought I would step out my box and try to get featured on your blog.”

5 Jai Nice from LA
“I don’t really have a personal style, I just like to wear whatever I feel looks great at an affordable price!”

3 Jai Nice from LA
“I like to dress up and show people they can look beautiful and feel confident in anything they wear…”
4 Jai Nice from LA
“… with out breaking their pockets.”

8 Jai Nice from LA
” If I can do it they can do it too!”

7 Jai Nice from LA
“‘I Inspire Your Desire to be Different.’”

2 Jai Nice from LA

Hot! Love it all, especially your platinum hair!
Follow Jai on Instagram @Jai_Nice and on Twitter @Jai_Not_Nice.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 6-8 different outfits (no collages) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com. Images submitted will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of our social media platforms. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! Please be advised: once published, pictures will not be removed or taken down.

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88 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Jai Nice from LA”

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    I have been following Jai for a while now on IG….I love it! Love it! Love it! Get it Jai!

  2. missy says:

    i love jai. i have been following her on ig for a while to look at her outfit inspirations, she throws the worst tantrums at time, because of the haters. one thing hunni when you put yourself out there on a social platform expect the hate, some people are hear for your style and not the ghetto tantrums, other than that ive always loved her style. keep up the great work.

  3. c says:

    I will forever wonder what that braless life is like….(long sigh as I adjust my bra sprap)

    She’s cute and her style matches her look.

  4. Enigma says:

    I love it! It’s big and extra and that works for some. I’m definitely hitting the gym this evening.

  5. Jessy says:

    IG style. Not necessarily a bad thing. Reminds me of Draya’s style for some reason.

  6. Shaz says:

    Look at gym inspiration, her body is amazing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ig follower!!! Nice

  8. Kayla says:

    Her attitude sux! & her online store is a fraud too..I know ppl experience bad service including myself…THIEF!

  9. sk says:

    love it!

  10. Choco aka Hippie says:

    I don’t like her looks she looks hella cheap. I don’t know about the boobs always out – it looks tacky.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The amazing thing about her body is not unique. She’s just another SKINNY girl!!! @ Kayla, thanks for spreading the word, a lot of these IG sites are FRAUDS and that is not cool.

  12. Choco aka Hippie says:

    After looking further – please let go of that babydoll hair wig.

  13. tahlyuh says:

    She’s the quintessential IG chick.

    She has a huge following. I know they’ll be showing love on here today.

  14. Creolecandycrush says:

    Shes EXTRA cute i like the I idea of balling on a budget cus that’s what I do although the looks are a bit too revealing for me I think she is a bombshell – young and wild .. And putting yourself out there doesn’t warrant the saltiness OMG ijs and girly I think you need to address your site being a fraud cus thats no bueno, bad for business and just plain not a good look .. But kudos to you for having a following I can respect your grind

  15. Jazzy89 says:

    @ Kayla gurl I agree with you..I order this top from her boutique bc she was wearing it & I ended up liking it..So decided to order it but I received something else..so I email her “boutique” saying I receive the wrong item, it wasn’t what I ordered.. they told me to send the item back & I would get a refund…& I did…till this day I never get my money back..I kept email them no response back..it happened last year..Bc of this horrible experience, I ‘ll never order anything from Instagram boutique again.

  16. Pooh says:

    I follow her on IG!I love when she go off! lol I like her style. She is really pretty but I think she is one of those people who would be 10 times prettier with just a “little” nose tweaking (rhinoplasty). Nothing major! Just a little tweaking would make her even more pretty. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with wide noses so fall back!

  17. melissa says:

    not our boutique. we pride ourselves on great service at affordable prices…check us out #sosboutique.net

  18. Anonymous says:

    This rachet chick.. Smh… I use to follow her on ig.. All she did was flaunt her money and talk about people who didn’t have money like her. So it’s funny that she states she likes affordable pieces, but she brags about owning red bottoms on ig. Not a good look so I unfollowed…

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well I think she is a very pretty girl and I love the way that she dresses herself. Fashion bombshell all the way. Furthermore if I had those boobs I would rock them all day too.

  20. MeekaG says:

    ugly hair but i’m not mad at the body girl!

  21. TT says:

    I voted bombshell. the boob exposure is too much for my taste, as is the hair. But she’s pretty and put together. i would wear a lot of her outfit choices. no hate over here.

  22. dyshaun says:

    I’m a big fan. I follow her on IG. Always great ideas, always cute. And look, Jai! You even got the girls who love to hate you follow you here to celebrate you! Kudos.

  23. jeda says:

    Not my style at all! But I do think she’s a bombshell. She wears her clothes well and she has a look. There is definitely a market for her style.

  24. Adara says:

    Ummm, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but GEESH! Can she live! Aside from the comments about her boutique being a fraud, I sense a tad bit of hate from some comments. I’ve followed Jai for some time now too an I dig her style. She reminds me of Rihana. Edgy, Urban, Chic. Her attitude really has nothing to do with her style.

  25. yep says:

    she is the business period point blank.

  26. MsNomer says:

    Pretty girl, amazing body! Her style is giving me “stripper haute couture” though. Too much exposure, with the exception of one or two looks.

  27. JEG says:

    I never followed her on ig but she’s usually on the popular page quite often and I would scroll through her pics from there. She has a cute petite body and she wears her clothes well. She’s also very pretty I’m not feeling the hair but it definitely works on her.

    As far as her attitude I’ve seen several people on other social networks say the same thing she’s cocky and arrogant. It’s sad that in this day and age of the “social media decade” people are labeled as haters because they don’t like your bad attitude. I think once these females get a certain amount of followers they start to smell themselves. Be humble and grateful, that people are even interested in you and your style.

  28. JEG says:

    JEG says:
    JUNE 25, 2014 AT 3:06 PM
    I never followed her on ig but she’s usually on the popular page quite often and I would scroll through her pics from there. She has a cute petite body and she wears her clothes well. She’s also very pretty I’m not feeling the hair but it definitely works on her.

    As far as her attitude I’ve seen several people on other social networks say the same thing she’s cocky and arrogant. It’s sad that in this day and age of the “social media decade” people are labeled as haters because they don’t like your bad attitude. I think once these females get a certain amount of followers they start to smell themselves. Be humble and grateful, that people are even interested in you and your style.

  29. Hello says:

    I follow Jai on Instagram although the way she dresses isn’t particularly for me she really does have a great sense of style and is def a bombshell

  30. KITANA says:

    “I inspire your desire to be different”

    No maam you do not. This kid stayed on the popular page when it existed though I couldnt figure out why. Nothing about those outfits nor hair inspires me to do anything remotely similar to anything she’s doing.

  31. Jessy says:

    I’m sad that the red top/maxi skirt combo on your website is not available. Restock?

  32. Yeahher says:

    Liked her outfits. But her hair is competing with them. She looks too busy. That shade of blonde isn’t helping her any. HOWEVER, I think she is bombshell minus the hair.

    *dont have IG so other than today I never even heard of her. I do think its hella annoying when all people do is brag about their designer duds. AND yes I have my own but they speak for themselves I dont have to make a grand announcement about what they are.

  33. Mimi_couture says:

    That’s my girl , always on top of her stuff

  34. Dreadful Beauty says:

    The picture in the coral dress sitting at the counter… that tan or bronzer or whatever the hell it is… NO!

  35. mi manning says:

    let me do about a 1000 crunches real quick!

  36. Dee says:

    Well she gotta keep up with that fake luxury lifestyle she be putting on Insta. I ain’t surprise about these allegations. People be fake Instagram balling these days..What a shame!

  37. I saw this young lady on Instagram. She has a great figure, but one of the Fashion Con’s in L.A they highlight their physique over fashion. Many of them think, let me show my tits and ass. Yeah, look at me… But I hate to tell you that’s not FASHION! **sigh my life in LA, as a New Yorker. But she’s cute has a point a view. When you have a body like that you can’t hide if you tried, that is why you can focus on the fashion instead of tits and ass. #FASHIONCRITIQUE

  38. Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of B.A.P.S….

  39. Mrs X says:

    This ratchet b*tch is trash!! Arrogant af!!

  40. Tamu Talks says:

    The navy blue/white skirt is a great transition piece.

  41. toots says:

    I dont order from IG boutiques but her style is very ig trendy and her hair is edgy bombshell but as far as her attidude who cares she not ur bestie

  42. Tali says:

    She started out with a great fashion sense but then soon got on some LA type ish tryna keep up with Nikki Rihanna and the likes of Draya. Once videos became available on IG she was no Bueno . Ghetto attitude and outburst brought her overall look all the way down. The body is bomb and like I said style started out original but once she got somewhat IG famous and book job she switched it up and style got a little biPolar so knew she was trying to play keep up to some degree. Shows in her posting and comments too. one minute she’s asking the public what they think about something she wears or plans to wear or sell next minute ghetto rant about the same subject. Baby girl just has a lot of growing to do and she will flourish at her craft and style expression, her TRUE style expression. As far a business being a scam, Idk but to be safe I won’t order. And yes that make up sitting at the counter is a no go. Just needs to stay true to her original self

  43. msboogy says:

    jai just getting featured on here she been hott!!!! love her!

  44. Bree says:

    This look of her’s been done so much and seen too many times but for some reason looks good on her. That blonde hair makes the outfits stand out better. Usually when looking at this look on other chicks they always look the same. Same old Virgin Remy long hair and they always be posted at clubs, her short blonde hair helps the outfits more. Want exactly say Bombshell but she could be there if she stay away from the boutique type clothes that we see too much of.

    P.S Her petite body is the TRUTH

  45. J says:

    The navy and white look is nice. Cute girl great body and nice pieces but overall her style doesn’t do it for me. The typical Instagram chick sums it up.

  46. Kitty B. says:

    She has a small frame with big implants, whats the hype!?! Her style is was too busy, I don’t see fashion, just a lot going on.
    And that’s not HATE, that my opinion…

  47. Nadia says:

    Yes that short blonde hair is signature for her and def brings her outfits to life in comparison to other girls with the blah virgin weaves. Stick to originality and stay away from the wigs and blah cheap IG boutique style dresses and you will go very far

  48. Briseis says:

    As a fashion student and connoisseur or originality I say yes to her style overall. It’s not high fashion really but it’s unique to her. Tho honestly yes those dresses lately are a NO and the accessories and belt choices at times throws the finished look into being a bit busy

  49. Dege says:


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