June 11th, 2014
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Alexus from Connecticut
By Claire

Today’s Bombshell is Alexus from Hartford, Connecticut:
alexus from connecticut
She says, “I would say my style is fashion forward.”
” I am drawn to pops of color…”
alexus from connecticut
“… different, patterns and textures…”
12 alexus from connecticut
“… and as cliché as it sounds, sparkle.”

alexus from connecticut 00
” I recently cut my hair off and opted for a pixie cut. It has liberated me & absolutely inspired me to break the mold.”

11 alexus from connecticut
” I like to wear things that sometimes us plus size girls shy away from.”

9 alexus from connecticut
” Society tells us that we have to do A line skirts and all black ensembles to cover ourselves up.”

8 alexus from connecticut
” I believe you can wear what you want to wear as long as it compliments you and as long as you’re confident.”

7 alexus from connecticut
” There are so many options for us curvy women now with websites like Asos.com and their awesome curve section which I stalk daily…”
3 alexus from connecticut
” the possibilities to look fabulous are endless.”

Indeed. I love your plays on color and print.
See more at Fashionablytaylord.blogspot.com.

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 6-8 different outfits (no collages) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com. Images submitted will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of our social media platforms. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! Please be advised: once published, pictures will not be removed or taken down.

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73 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Alexus from Connecticut”

  1. TT says:

    I understand the desire to show fashion at any size… i do. its just a lot going on here. Her best look is the last look.

  2. Anon says:

    I agree with TT. Also, She has some cute outfits, but something is off. I think her outfits are busy and are her hairstyles and it makes it look like too much is going on. Not quite bombshelle but not bad either.

  3. Stephane says:

    Her outfits are way too busy…stripes + flower + communion socks?!? Nah man. Same for the tulle + denim and metallic outfit..Individually the pieces are great, but together, not so much..

    I do like the purple top and white tulle skirt though!

  4. Rashida says:

    I think she looks great!!! Very unique and different!

  5. Southern says:

    I would go with more v and boat necks, less padded shoulders.

  6. tahlyuh says:

    As a plus-size girl that is top heavy, you’ve got to be mindful about dressing your body. It’s hard, but it’s something to be conscious about.

    Claire, what are your tips for dressing with a shorter neck?

  7. Jessy says:

    Liking the floral overalls.

  8. Choco aka Hippie says:

    Only one miss for me – I like her looks

  9. Lydia says:

    Not a bombshell but I do like a couple of outfits. You may want to consider wearing v-necks or other lower cut necklines because anything else makes you look like you have no neck.

  10. oh lala! says:

    Maam please lose some weight!

  11. MsNomer says:

    I voted Bombshell because I think her hits “greatly” outweighed her “misses”. I enjoyed majority of her looks, but I do think there were a couple of outfits that left a lot to be desired in terms of fit/proportion and needed some editing.

  12. Jen says:

    Get it boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Alexus says:

    Thank your for all the postitve comments the thing abt fashion is one person’s cup of tea may not be like the other. I don’t dress for what society may deem “big girl appropriate” I dress for me what I feel confident in and what i think is fabulous and if i do say so myself I’m pretty HOT!! i mean that in the most humble way.


  14. Anonymous says:

    All her looks were great..EXCEPT 4th & 6th. Go gurl!!!

  15. Brittany says:

    She looks great with an open neckline: v-necks, scoop necks. Anything else loose mad uncomfortable and stuffed. I voted some hits some misses because a lot of her looks are over worked. Sometimes less is more!

  16. ATFash says:

    She looks great and she really knows how to dress to flatter her body type:)
    AND her hair game is on point!

  17. mish says:

    SOO hot! she looks great and such a great smile. waaay better than some of the bore-fests we’ve been seeing lately. This finally shows some fun and true spark!

  18. RHONYC says:

    Alexus is on point with ensemble #1. mixed prints are hot. i love graphics & florals together this season. bobbie sox & lemon pumps are fresh. her cut rocks, yet her best accessory is her cute smile. :)

  19. LolaRose84 says:

    I’m so sick and tired of overweight women trying to be fashionable. Fat will never be fashionable, no matter how many outfits ASOS Curve puts out. She looks silly in half of these outfits and cheap looking shoes. Spend your money on clean eating and the gym. Nobody is saying you have to be a size 6 or 10, but get down to a decent size where your clothing will look better on you.” F” doesn’t stand for Fat in Fashion. No thank you, and get a better body.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Very Cute Girl.

  21. BMW says:

    Not feeling it. Good luck on your fashion journey.


  23. @RHONY girl sounds like you enjoyed this BOMB SHELL AS MUCH AS I, Love how you broke it down!!

  24. Olivia says:

    LolaRose84 your just being nasty. And Nasty is definitely not or never was or will be in Fashion. Why don’t you put yourself up there since you know how someone should look, what they should eat, and what they should wear. If you want to give tips be classy about it, if not be like bad 90′s trends and be gone.

  25. Kyz024 says:

    First of all you are so lovely! I love your hair, makeup and smile! I applaud you on your confidence and it radiates through your clothing. I like how you don’t shy away from color and you pull off most styles well. Couple of things I would critique is opening up the neckline…like Tyra said “we don’t wanna no neck monster honeeey”! Another thing would be execution, less is more girl but you are headed in the right direction. I’m sad to see people just focus on your weight because your displaying much more than that, you give positive vibes and that’s what makes you stand out! To the nasty naysayers…stop fat shaming :( Her weight is her business…she is obviously doing bad all by herself! Keep your head up girl, I hope to see you featured again xox much love!

    Ps. Some of you guys need to learn respect like damn…learn how give constructive criticism.

  26. Love says:

    I like her floral jumpsuit with those color shoes. Cute.

  27. Fay says:

    She’s about a dollar short.

  28. Janine says:

    Love the her confidence and bold fashion choices!

  29. Kandi says:

    I love all her colorful patterned pieces! I think more open necklines are more flattering on her. Love the purple floral jumpsuit and the yellow and black dress. Some people need to “get a better attitude” there is no need to be nasty. She did not come for fitness or nutrition advice, stick to the fashion.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I like her style but plz don’t EVER wear that short blonde hair again.

  31. Taas says:

    I voted bombshell…loved the 2nd look.

  32. ricki says:

    Yesssss! About time!

  33. Chichi o. says:

    @lolarose84 why can’t fat girls be fashionable?

  34. Jessy says:

    Well Lolarose84, we now know that you are certainly ugly on the inside (which is so not in fashion). Your comments reflect more on you than the subject of your attacks.

  35. GlamNGorgeous says:

    The Devil is a Liar!!

  36. ShiShi says:

    Lexy my dear it’s ShiShi! I have always loved your style! You definitely have the confidence to wear what ever the hell you want. When I see your style the last thing I see is size. I live by the phrase “I wear what the hell I want.” You do what you feel and the hell with what people think! And that’s where the most fashionable people shine! You are not dumbing it down for those who don’t understand. When I wear my clothes I WEAR my clothes, and bring my clothes life! I know you know what I mean. So thank you my dear for showing the world that your style is limitless and fearless and people will continue to look to you for what’s next!

  37. Nisa.G says:

    Some hits and some misses. One miss in particular, that leather skirt was too short on her, especially in the back. >_>

  38. lode says:

    so i agree with lalarose84 yo tell the truth, these black women do not want to hear the truth. The amount of time spent on trying to look cute and failing miserably would be the time to go to a gym. you al coddle obese and extremely overweight people thts the truth.

  39. lia. says:

    is everybody on this forum 300 pounds or more

  40. vmfashionz says:

    This site has the audacity to come for Rihanna but applauds this big wombat? Claire do better girl, this blog is clearly not dedicated to “real fashion”

  41. hanapeaches says:

    so i take it the pple that have been commenting are her friends. bombshell guys really. lets break it down. if it had been a skinny girl would u have voted bombshell with that blonde weave, the answer would be no. The blonde hair in general was a no. Oufit 2 she looks perfect and beautiful. lets talk about the leather black skirt, the purple harem pant outfit, the what where you thinking see through pink tutu skirt. epic no. So how is she a bombshell again. hits and misses but we are not doing our plus size bloggers any favours but just saying cute cute. i mean you all not shy when skinny bombshells are featured here. So lets be real. Not too bad but not great either.

  42. Starrgazin says:

    Alexus from Connecticut looks amazing!!! She is so pretty and she seems like she has an outstanding personality! Usually I breeze past the “bombshell of the day” post because everyone always looks the same or trys too hard to look different. But Alexus has really pushed the envelope. She has demonstrated that body proportions don’t stop style. I love her accessories, the use of color, she isn’t afraid of volume, and even the changes in her hair are all so fun and fresh especially on an unapologetically plus sized woman. I hope to see more exciting posts like Alexus’.

  43. Serge says:

    She looks fat and scary! Period!!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    @stargaze alex is not plus sized, she is obese

  45. Serge says:

    She looks fat and scary ! Period!!!

  46. :-o says:

    People get demonized when they say anything against obesity. Just because someone points out that obesity is not to be desired, just like smoking is not to be desired, does not mean that he/she is being mean or nasty. We tell smokers to get the patch or chew the gum. Telling an obese person to change her diet and exercise is the same thing.

    Tell it like it is. You can’t fix what you don’t admit. She is medically obese. It puts stress on her heart to have to pump blood through that much extra weight. Obesity is not natural and should not be embraced.

    Does it make her a bad person that she is obese? No. Does it make a smoker a bad person that he/she smokes? No, but in either case there should be an awareness and an effort to change things for the better.

    Also, I get exhausted hearing people refer to rolls as curves. Curves are what Kim Kardashian has. The slogan is “real women have curves” not “real women have rolls.”

    It is a rare obese person that can actually look fashionable in my opinion and in this case I did not think her outfits fashionable.

  47. Domino Mack says:

    she’s freaking great i love her style and bold looks

    greenteadomino IG

  48. andrea says:

    I think most of the looks are cute!! Your hair is much better short, not so sure about the blonde.

  49. Hello says:

    Some of her looks are a bit bright & out there but she looks super cute & the short hair styles look good on her as well

  50. MAJOR says:

    I’m sorry but fashion does not discriminate. You can be big, skinny, ugly, pretty, black or white and still kill the runway! Some of you all sound down right ignorant. Everyone will not be a size 5! FOH!

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