June 9th, 2014
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Beyoncé and Jay Z Love Their….Rodarte Radarte Hoodies
By Claire

The Carters were spied out and about this weekend, with Beyoncé in one of the couples favorite items: their $179 Rodarte Radarte hoodie.
beyonce jay z rodarte radarte hoodie
Both Beyonce and Jay Z have worn the poly cotton black heather gray topper to everything from recording sessions to basketball games.
0  Beyonce's Brooklyn Nets Courtside Balmain Quilted shell Jacket and Jay-Z's Rodarte 'Radarte' Sweatshirt
The hoodie has a kangaroo pocket, and comes in both light and dark gray colorways.

rodarte radarte hoodie
If you’re a fan of the simple style, get yours below:

beyonce jay z rodarte radarte hoodie
3 Beyoncé and Jay Z Love Their....Rodarte Radarte Hoodies
*The print has been a celeb fave for years:
Ciara Radarte T Shirt Basketball Game Knicks Magic


Rihanna Radarte Rodarte Sweatshirt Tokyo
Read more about it here.

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42 Responses to “Beyoncé and Jay Z Love Their….Rodarte Radarte Hoodies”

  1. k says:

    I know Blue Ivy wish she could comb her own damn head.

  2. Jasmine says:


    Yes, that’s child’s head is a mess.

  3. Ignorant but hey... says:

    It”s a hoodie with a couple of letters on it. Well I’ll be!

    Tending to other matters, I am of the opinion that they should just start growing dreadlocks on Blue’s head now. Gotta be less painful than what she will have to deal with.

  4. Ignorant but hey... says:


  5. Blue Ivy Carter says:

    I mean- damn! my hair looks a damn mess. I told her to braid my hair, those paparazzi love me in the street. Not camera Ready!!

  6. sha says:

    OK, I always defended the decisions on Blue’s hair but this pic right heerr…..dont understand it.

  7. Brandon says:

    Somebody please comb that baby’s hair!

  8. koko says:

    Yes, I agree.

    When she was younger and people complained about her hair, I abstained from taking part in the fray (pun intended) or choosing sides, because she is a child, after all. But…c’mon now, her hair COULD be combed. It does not look like it is being combed at all.

    At. All.

  9. Enneirda07 says:

    SMH, they refuse to pull a comb thru that baby’s hair. No need to start dreads, her hair is already loccing up.

    Maybe I’m reading too much in to this, but listening to pretty hurts and her childhood in pageants and being groomed to be a star, I really think this is her way of rebelling against that. Like I don’t want my child to feel as though they have to always look nice/ be dressed. Whatever it is, someone needs to let them know this isn’t a good look for Blue.

  10. Mimi says:

    Well looks like B may have forgot to run a comb thru her head too. Hood on inside as well?

  11. iQgraphics says:

    Too many selfies… not enough time… (to comb blue’s hair)

  12. Eve says:

    Blue looks too much like her dad…

  13. jeda says:

    I usually don’t like to comment on Blue’s hair because I thought it was hateful of natural black hair. But at this point, this is just disrespect. Her hair is long enough to braid or twist, or fluff into a cute mini fro. This right here looks half done and just not ready. Its a shame. And no I’m not here for those people who say it doesn’t matter because she has money. Well, put that money to use and hire a kid’s hair stylist. You got money, make sure your child looks like she does too. A mess!

  14. Tamaya Wright says:

    They need some body to tell them to comb that girls hair.

  15. Jessy says:

    Agreed. Even if they just add some conditioner, use a denman brush for a wash-n-go fro or create cute twists the hair could be styled. But maybe she started off the day with styled hair, then it became messy (which is not unusual for toddlers).

  16. Wendy says:

    I think that they are choosing to raise their daughter in that “new age” parenting style, where if the child doesn’t want her hair combed, they just let her be. I say this because I am sure there is nanny/staff/friends/family/stylist more than happy to comb her hair. There are pro’s and con’s to this as we can see from the photo.IJS

  17. Erica says:

    This is probably why Solange was so pissed off!!!

  18. Simplicity says:

    I used to always think people were over-exaggerating whenever they complained about blu Ivy’s hair….besides she’s a child so what if she wears her hair loose/wild. But I must say I actually agree this time….her hair look very unkempt. I know she is a child but damn! At least have your child looking decent on the street. Hate to say this-but not a good look at all…..only have her parents to blame.

  19. Factory Made says:

    Screw the hoodie….whats up with Blues appearence?

    Beyonce has 3 personal stylists of uer own and her hair is almost always laid…..oh and she has millions…..but Blue always looks a mess

    Im a full time student with only a part time job…..and let me tell you…..my 1 year old son would NEVER be caught looking like this

    And no Im not being superficial or materialistic….I’m neing real.

  20. justme says:

    Never tried those pop chips before…. I’ll be trying them.

  21. Deb says:

    I’m all for kids hair staying natural…eg. no perms etc. but for the love of hip hop please comb the child’s hair.
    it doesn’t look boho chic…it looks like her mama couldn’t be bothered with her grooming.

  22. I love Jay Z and Beyonce! When I see this baby, how they leave her hair natural. Damn, I have a broad smile on my face. Little blue probably hates getting her hair combed. What I love the most about these people who are in the public eye. Who entire life is probably based on their brand. They could care less about what you people think about their daughter’s hair. Damn, I love them even more for that. Jay Z and Beyonce I bow to you. You two are the real deal!

  23. KBS says:

    LMAO @ Erica. You gals are cracking me up.

    The sweatshirt it cute, but really Claire? Gimmie fashion. Beyonce in an over priced sweatshirt is getting cliche.

  24. MsA says:

    I have always avoided comments about Blue Ivy’s hair, because her hair is beautiful and she’s just a baby. So I’m gonna just tell myself that they have decided to loc her hair, which will be just as beautiful. If not, someone needs to grab a bottle of Kinky Curly Knot Today while a comb can still get through it. I mean, maybe its the Caribbean in me but can they at least put a ribbon on the side? Or a bow? Just one bow.

  25. Crystal says:

    Mission accomplished FBD… a lot of comments about Blue’s hair because I know this post was not about that 5 year old gray hoodie. SMH.

  26. LOL says:


  27. Ms Lady says:

    I’m sorry forget a Rodarte, if they don’t get a comb and some Blue Magic to Blue Ivy hair. Her head looks like a bunch od Octopus having a luncheon on her head!!!!

  28. Natasha says:

    REAL tears @Erica. As to sweat clothes “fashion,” I don’t get it :shrugs:

  29. Anonymous says:

    Come on now people, if it is not obvious by now, that Blue Ivy’s parents don’t give 2 f*cks what you all think about whether or not they comb THEIR child’s hair, then you’re slow! We know that money is no issue and they can clearly find someone who can style children’s hair, if they choose to. They can even comb her hair while she’s asleep if the baby doesn’t like to get it combed. They just don’t think it’s an issue……neither do I. It’s JUST hair. Y’all act like the baby is dirty or unkempt or something. Geesh!! We won’t be happy unless she has 50 damn ponytails and 2 pounds of barrettes hanging from her head, will we???? Smh

  30. Harare Mbama says:

    Little Miss Carter doesn’t like getting her hair combed. It’s as simple as that.

    If we cared this much about ‘real issues’ that plague our communities then we wouldn’t have such serious problems. My sisters don’t be so dismayed about Blue Ivy’s hair. Be dismayed about increasing gun violence, mindless hyper-consumption, the death of real fashion…

  31. Mami chula says:

    @ MsA..I thought the bow thing was just me, but from your comment, I truly do think that wearing bows is a Caribbean thing! I used to not like to leave the house without wearing a bow! lol!

    And I guess the Blue Ivy hair thing is just one of those situations you just have to look and and shake your head and say wow really?..And make sure your child/niece/nephew, etc.. hair is on point!

  32. LadyLea says:

    Blue is actually a not so cute baby, hair combed or not.

  33. toots says:

    its a sweat shirt with words wow! ne way blue hair looking blue like eesh her hair going to fall out being all matted up like that its not looking lean either idc if u r famous or broke do ur baby hair before u step out

  34. Anonymous says:

    Beyoncé this is from Houston, come on now girl. What’s up with the baby’s hair? Please!!! U know better!! U know how we roll on this side of the map with our babies!!!

  35. Maybe Blue doesn’t like her hair being combed. My daughter hates it but I comb it all the same.

  36. SMV says:

    Lol. My son doesnt like his hair combed..and just like stella said it gets combed just the same, make sure its cut and lined up, all else fails he is in a hat. Beyonce is like one of those women that look fly all the while their child is looking a mess.. thats RATCHET behaviour. you look FLY, your kid looks fly. this has nothing to do with whether her daughters hair is natural all not. most of her pictures.. she looking flawless and her daughter is looking a mess.. just a mess.. solange takes better care of her sons appearance..just saying

  37. dyshaun says:

    Yall are so childish. Period. Younger than Blue’s hair, I swear.

  38. LoveMoschino says:

    Y’all are absolutely nutty. It was early in the morning since they were on their way to a helipad. Common sense would also tell you that Blue’s hair regimen works. Her coils are long and thick after all.

  39. B says:

    The media and the people got it wrong. No one is complaining about the baby’s hair. They’re complaining that Beyonce won’t comb the baby’s hair. Blue Ivy has a great head of hair and one day she is gonna look back on these photos and be disgusted with her parents for allowing her to be seen in public looking like that. Afterall, she is very precious and the favorite baby of Hip Hop. If her momma can pay someone to do her own hair, why can’t she pay someone to do Blue Ivy’s hair! I feel sorry for the baby!

  40. Kam Kam says:

    Im a huge advocate for Black women/girls for embracing their natural hair. I am natural and I have an infant who will be natural as long as I can help it. However, this is just slackness with Blue Ivy’s hair. Little girls are supposed to have their hair combed and cared for. Just like you are supposed to brush your kids teeth, bathe them, feed them.

  41. Kam Kam says:

    My 5 y yr old son hated having his head touched ever since he was a baby. But mi nuh play dat shit, u sit ur ass down every week or every 2 weeks and deal with it. No pass on that. Mama always seh “Your hair and your teeth are your beauty.”

  42. thatgirl871 says:

    What happens to your beauty if you lose your hair and/or your teeth? AND, @ TheFashionistachic, I couldn’t agree more. (clap-clap)

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