June 8th, 2014
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Who Wore it Better? Rihanna vs. Rita Ora in Christian Dior’s Little Black Dress
By Claire

Rita Ora hit up Chateau Marmont over the weekend in the same Christian Dior LBD Rih Rih wore to the brand’s show back in February:
While Rita worked her mini with red lips and sleek metallic accented pumps, Rihanna stepped it up a bit in thigh high stockings replete with garter belts, elbow length gloves, a statement necklace, and a long red mink coat.
When Rita first came on the scene many saw striking similarities between her and Rihanna, and this doesn’t help much! That said, this is a toughie. I appreciate Rita’s simple styling, but I also live for Rihanna’s creativity. I think they both ‘did that’ in their own way, though I’m leaning slightly towards Rita.
What about you?

Rita Ora looks amazing in black leaving Chateau Marmont
Rihanna vs. Rita Ora in Christian Dior's Black Dress
Thanks to Andre for the tip!
Images: Getty/AKM GSI

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36 Responses to “Who Wore it Better? Rihanna vs. Rita Ora in Christian Dior’s Little Black Dress”

  1. Nicole O. says:

    rihanna , hands down !

  2. Cat says:

    Rihanna always goes that step further which often works but sometimes it’s too much. For me Rita wins this look!

  3. Say says:

    Rita. On this one less is more.

  4. Nisa.G says:

    I can’t choose! Both look amazing!

  5. Rashida says:

    Rihanna is trying too hard to be sexy I’m this case. It looks more effortless on Rita.

  6. Taas says:

    Rita. The fit is better on Rita (especially in the boob area). Rihanna’s look is way overdone.

  7. Morgan says:

    Rihanna. This is how one does Fashion Week.

  8. Martica says:


  9. Apple Pie says:

    RITA, looks simple and classy.
    Rihanna is giving her best prostitute look

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rihanna is giving her natural slut . Rita

  11. southern says:

    without the red, rhi
    it was fashion week

  12. Becks says:


  13. Say says:

    Rihanna’s was during fashion week. And I still do like it, but any other day I like the simple look Rita have it. Both sexy. Lol

  14. Jamie says:


  15. mi manning says:

    Rita won, but Rihanna’s look actually looks better without the coat. Maybe is she wore short leather gloves, she probably would have killed it.

  16. X says:

    Rihanna is always trying to reference sex. Not a fan. I forgive the “extra” because of Fashion Week, but even in that lens, I don’t like the outfit. Rita Ora. It just looks so cute and perfectly suited on her.

  17. Anon says:

    I’m tired of people giving Rihanna a pass. She definitely makes some amazing sartorial choices, but she looks like a clown here. This look feels staged with pseudo-spontaneity to portray an ironic sense of style. I’m over the pretense of ironic costuming on celebs (and normal people in general). It got old years ago.



  19. dkaye says:

    The question is hot or hmmm…not cute or hmmm. Rihanna has HOT hands done. She rocked this look!

  20. I like the, both, it’s the same dress but two completely different looks. I love the dress though.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Rihanna looks like she’s wearing a costume.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Rita. She kept it cute and simple. Rih is doing too much.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Rihanna always trynna throw 85609 necklaces with everything.. girl bye!!

  24. leolioness45 says:

    I think they both successfully put there take on this versatile dress. Rihanna is red carpet ready and Rita is girls night out on the town. I love Rihanna’s take on it.

  25. Rihanna is the original, Rita is what fashion people term a knock off. Regarding fashion, Rita reminds me of Miely Cyrus, she doesn’t have an instinctual fashion sense as does Rihanna. Miley Cyrus was trailer trash chic until she enlisted a real stylist, probably on the word of Kelly Osbourne. Rita is an East London Mess. She appears to be making an attempt at listing to her stylist, but Rita appears artificial and fake. She holds on to that blonde hair and red lipstick in an attempt to appeal to the mainstream. The blonde and red lipstick ages and cheapens Rita. Kind of reminds me of how Lisa Raye holds on to wearing white. Ha ha ha fashion is evolutionary. See that is why Rihanna like Madonna has continued to re-invent herself. Regarding Rita Ora, her PR team is AMAZING, wish I could afford them. Rita Ora’s PR does an amazing job of circulating her photo. I believe she is a singer, but I have yet to hear her sing. Rita will never be acknowledged by the true fashion elite. The fashion elite recognizes true fashion talent. Those of you who chose Rita over Rihanna. Here, let me help you. Rihanna has a point a view, which is considered valuable and creative in the art of fashion. Rita looks like she woke up and put on a LBD, Little Boring Dress. She didn’t even have the foresight to do her hair. Ha ha Rita Ora pleases let go of the blonde and red lipstick. It appears that you are impostering as a white girl, like we won’t figure out that you are black. Reminds me of the old movie Imitation of life.

  26. LYN says:

    Rhi. is doing the MOST. I like Rita because I love simplicity.

  27. LondonTown says:


    Rita Ora is from Kosovo..

    As a result of this.. she is far from black.

  28. Stephane says:

    Rihanna is always trying to beat people over the head with her “I am sex, I am evolutionary, hear me roar” fashion statement; it’s okay to be diverse, the fact that she’s always selling the exact same message makes her seem rather one dimensional. In this particular case, I prefer Rita’s version, its fashionable, sexy and simple.

  29. @FLondonTown ha ha She’s a black Russian??? I don’t who you are, but black people know black people!! Who actually called her out was Kelly Osbourne. Rita Ora is black, when I say black I mean of African descent!

  30. Deb says:

    Rita…Classy and simple wins this time around. Not sure why race has anything to do with who wore it better.

  31. LT says:

    Rita wore the dress in a very simple and elegant manner, while Rihanna assembled her look to almost resemble a costume.

  32. Monica says:

    @thefashionistachic uhhh yea your paragraph is a prime example of how influenced people are based on what they hear. There were no facts in anything you said. I wonder what makes Rita a knock off. She’s had that blonde hair red lipstick thing going on way before rihanna did it. Anybody that seen her come up would know that. As a matter of fact, Rih was biting off Rita HARD when she first came out but everyone was saying Rita was copying. Oh and she’s def a singer. If you have yet to hear her sing just type “RITA ORA” in on youtube and you will see millions of views. Also, the girl is not black. come on now.. please cut the foolishness.

  33. Nae says:

    Rihanna !!!
    Rita is very simple. Waaay too simple matter of fact & the dress looks young on her. & her putting her hands in the pockets is not helping. Look like she’s wearing a younger sibling’s dress.

  34. Reem says:

    Wow! Fashionistachic take a “chill pill”. So much venom. You are obviously a stan. Lol!

    This is about fashion and not about nationality or character. For the record Rita is an award winning Brit artiste and has had 3 UK no 1′s. You should use the internet for other purposes besides stalking Rihanna.

    Oh! Her ancestry is Albanian, so give it a rest.

  35. Blue says:

    Rhianna is a raging style icon on viagara!!! Rita is a classic beauty with boyish charm. For the everyday girl Rhianna’s look is a little raunchy, don’t you think?

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