June 2nd, 2014
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Hot! or Hmm…: Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards
By Claire

Rihanna has been named a Fashion Icon by the CFDA, and thus hit the red carpet for the 2014 Awards in a sheer, custom, Swarovski crystal embellished gown by frequent collaborator Adam Selman.
3 Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards

The sheer stunner boasts 216,000 Swarovski crystals. As a nod to Josephine Baker, the look was finished with a skull cap and a fur stole.
Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards
Rihanna is stunning, but I’m about ready for her to put it away. Stop exposing yourself. Stop with the nudity. If you’re a fashion icon, here’s an idea: wear some clothes.
2 Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards
I’m all for self expression, but I also put a premium on class. Modesty can be sexy.
What do you think?

Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards

3 Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards
3 Rihanna cfda icon fashion adam selman dress 2014

Rihanna cfda icon fashion adam selman dress 2014
2 Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards
Images: Getty

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154 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Fashion Icon Rihanna Wears Sheer Custom Adam Selman Gown to 2014 CFDA Awards”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m also kind of tired of seeing boobs more than I see my own, but I think she looks STUNNING. She’s channeling Marchesa Casati & I love it.

  2. The truth says:

    This could have been a homerun had she covered up the tatas.

  3. southern says:

    boobs sitting right?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like it she looks beautiful. It works on her.

  5. Moriah Israel says:

    Not one damn respect for herself in her bone yo. Wonder no man wants her only for that one night stand. A hoe is a deep ditch!!!

  6. 2 Cents says:

    We have become accustomed to pornography. We have no morals. No values.
    I feel sorry for this culture.

  7. Claire, you’re spot on! Frankly, I consider it lazy to default to t & a. From one lady’s perspective, I’m embarrassed for her. (like many of us, she’s got daddy issues)

  8. Aris says:

    The boobies exposed is a lot but I’m still in LOVE with this ensemble, she looks amazing!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    you hit the nail on the head claire.

  10. Laura D. says:

    Guys show their chest all the time. This is what beyonce is trying to do. Trying to make whats fine for men….fine for women. Rihanna is sexual and has a beautiful body and has the best fashion taste, or at least Mel Ottenberg does, out of any celebrity. She deserves this award more than any celebrity and this is part of her style so I would honestly be mad if she wasn’t owning who she is and what is part of her image. She looks amazing. Enough said. Slayed….as usual.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Claire, the commentary on this post lacked class. Just a few weeks ago you compared Rihanna to a slut, I have never seen you attack the morals or personal character of anyone else you feature. I am beginning to think that you are jealous because you cannot put your 36GGGs on display.

    BTW, I am yet to see a Rihanna sextape, but carry on with the Kardashian brown-nosing.

  12. Claire says:

    @Anonymous…. Please

  13. Xi Xi Topp says:

    She looks stunning but I think this look is most appropriate for an editorial in a magazine vs a red carpet where one is to receive a fashion icon award.

  14. Sunny says:

    Stunning. This is fashion and fashion is art. It stimulates, inspires, sparks convo and from time to time offends. Claire’s commentary seems very abrupt and redundant about someone known to push the limit. To each his own. It’s cool. My opinion is she owns it and is beautiful.

  15. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous oh shattap! Kim may have a sextape but that was past and if she’s on fashion bomb, its cause of the fashion. You don’t see her walking arround nude do you? And I don’t understand why Claire should be jealous of Riris lil boobies to spew hate. Like death to A cups. Riri is a walking nudist these days, like in your face boobs nudity and that’s not okay. Its one thing to show major cleaveage or sumn, but to consistently show nipples like clearly for the world to see, that’s distasteful and she deserves to be called out on it.

  16. Nony says:

    @ Claire I also noticed that you curiously silent about Giselle’s nude appearance in Lui magazine (the same one you quickly criticized Rih for appearing nude in).

    Rih looks fantastic. I wouldn’t wear the look only because I’m too shy but I love that she loves herself and her body. We can all learn a thing or two.

  17. mimi says:

    SNATCHED!!!!! If you’re being awarded for your fashion sense that’s what you wear!

  18. Anon says:

    Hmmm…here, she’s labeled raunchy and classless…all other websites (Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc.), she’s lauded as best dressed…no further comment necessary, except she looks beautiful, very 1920s Josephine Baker…love it!!!

  19. Anon says:

    I don’t care what anybody says. Rihanna looks fabulous!!! Beautiful homage to Josephine & Whitney!!! She absolutely deserves that award!

  20. X says:

    She got me! I don’t even like this chick and don’t like the nudity, but this look is stunning!!! I’m literally too torn to vote! lol. As for the other comments:
    1. Claire has every right to give her opinion on HER blog.
    2. Giselle’s spread for Lui was strategically modest – all the sensitive areas were concealed (unlike Rihanna’s)
    3. Kim has a past (like most people), but she slays on a regular basis. Maybe you would refuse her closet, but not I…
    4. Not sure why repeat nudity from certain celebrities somehow means we should get over it. If you didn’t like overexposure in 2013, I don’t know why you’d like it in 2014, just saying…

  21. Aya says:

    There is nothing wrong with breasts especially not Rihanna’s. Lol leave y’all insecurities out this. It’s style and fashion. Live it it not stop TRYING to shame people because you are.

  22. Mona says:

    Claire you’re an obvious member of the beyhive because only they hate Rihanna this much

  23. missy says:

    The commentary from the post was kinda tacky on the writters part…..sooooo back to Kardashian fake butt post I suppose???

  24. Anon says:

    I love this website, but I found Claire’s commentary to be a bit of putting for this post. This is a fashion blog that does not shy away from featuring personalities from people like Draya to Kim Kardashian. I enjoy the variety, and believe that while each person is entitled to her opinion, the opinion and the commentary in this post provided lacked a certain amount of tact… I hope that future posts will show more professionalism.

  25. Anon says:


  26. Ayana says:

    I love Rihanna and I love the Joesphine Baker look. But I do not need nor want to see her boobs! Period!!

  27. Ari says:

    Yasss Rih Yasss ! She slayed as usual ! I don’t understand why people are always critiquing Claire ! It’s her blog she’s entitled to her opinion, not only is Rihanna featured on this site a million times a week, she is also voted among best dressed several times a week. Why should she be silenced for not agreeing with a fashion choice?! Is this not a fashion blog? And I come here everyday and I’ve seen Claire disagree with a few Bey choices, here are some seats

  28. Mrs.MeeMoh says:

    I like how some of these commenters try to justify Rihanna’s over-exposed, objectified behind.
    Since when did having your nipples exposed equate to class? Have any of you read a Bell Hooks essay!?

  29. Feather says:

    Wow… I have never seen RiRi looking this good. She is a fashion Icon.

  30. chrissy says:

    lol. i notice that this was edited since it was first posted. i could have sworn it first said fur stole to cover her labia?…

    she is wearing underwear, so that was unnecessary, and glad it was removed.

  31. JEG says:

    To me being a fashion icon means pushing the envelope and not conforming to trends but creating them and being comfortable in your skin. I feel Rihanna did just that with this ensemble. Whether it’s tasteful should not be the issue here, the fact is she came there to make sure all eyes were on her because it was HER night and part of her style is pushing sex appeal so I see nothing wrong with this she looks stunning from head to toe. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is a site about fashion not morals and last time I checked a few of the women that are featured on this site daily have questionable morals so let’s not be biased.

  32. JEG says:

    Oh and Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry have both showed their nipples on the red carpet in the past and received best dressed for those looks but Rihanna does it and she’s a hoe right?? Smh ppl use that hoe word too loosely nowadays and it’s pathetic!

  33. MRD says:

    How hypocritical that in this post Rihanna is decried for showing too much skin, while in the post following not once, but twice, were women chastised for not showing enough. Rachel Roy was told to “flaunt” her “flawless” body “a bit more” while Blake Lively’s ensemble was criticized for not being “sully” enough.

    Report the fashion and police your own bodies.

  34. Anonymous says:

    See I’m over telling Rihanna, beyonce, and any other women to put their body away. A body is a piece of art. Modesty is great and all but why judge someone because they are free enough to show their body. As women we are quick to say she’s slutty but God created us in his image. Why can’t we share that image if we choose to? Also, fashion bomb daily you are all over Rihanna on covers of vogue when she’s topless. Other high fashion photoshoots when people are topless. Why isn’t it acceptable on the red carpet if we allow models to walk down the catwalk?

  35. Southern says:

    Didn’t even read Claire’s (edited?) commentary, cuz who cares? RHIANNA is on that carpet. Tell me who else’s input matters

  36. Frost says:

    America is so behind on how they view the female body and nudity. I wish Americans would catch up.

    Anyway, I am obsessed with this look. It’s beautiful and I can only imagine how it looked in person.

    I need to know who her makeup artist is though because that face is STUNNING.

  37. Eboni says:

    This could have been icon worthy but looks tacky and trashy. Im all for sexiness but damn girl cover your tits. Her make up and face looks flawless as usual.

  38. danielle says:

    Put some damn clothes on Rihanna !!!! Its annoying and tacky now . Nipples and a nude thong exposed on the red carpet is NEVER fashionable.

  39. DunnaB says:

    Freakin AMAZING. maybe its a generation thing. being Rihanna’s age i think its appropriate – she’s a freaking star! get real. I’m just glad she is recognized for her fashion.

  40. Kys420 says:

    Claire take ten seats with ur “premium on class” just because she is comfortable in her own skin doesn’t mean she’s unclassy. North America likes to freak out about the human body and shame those who embrace it. She has no kids, no husband and she is hard working like damn if she got it flaunt it! One day we are all gonna be wrinkling sacks of bones so why not? I think its tasteful, take risks and do things YOUR way and if that means stripping down to the bare minimum then do it as long as ur happy. Take a chill pill Claire…

  41. Creolecandycrush says:

    Just no !and this blog is about fashion but where do we draw the line .. She wanted everyone to talk about her and make a statement she is a beautiful girl no doubt .. Call me a prude I guess

  42. Creolecandycrush says:

    Oh yeah it’s official people will be walking down the red carpet naked next season there is nothing else left to push the envelope #bloop

  43. Jennifer M. says:

    Claire you ARE so right !!! No one wants to see breast every time. Wear clothes. That’s fashion . Be a good role model!

  44. She’s beautiful, but I think of her like a daughter and I do become a bit uncomfortable. She doesn’t look vulgar, but I would prefer that she covered her boobies. Regarding the fashion aspect, the look is pretty stunning. You guys are attacking Claire, but she is speaking from her personal preference. I am really crazy for Rihanna, but I don’t become star struck. Rihanna’s persona I very much relate to. I always call her my daughter in my head. But she wouldn’t never be this famous if she was my daughter because I wouldn’t approve. But I try to be objective because I am so fond of her. It’s entertainment, unfortunately her brand is a Good girl Gone Bad. It’s a brand. Claire, I know where you are coming from. The reason Claire is more critical most likely because Rihanna represents a black woman. White women running around in the nude isn’t a real reflection on us “black women”. Rihanna’s is my babe. I know she would have been just as stunning with a slip but I think she’s hooked on the fame. It will eventually pass.

  45. RiRi Fashion Fan says:

    Claire – I really, truly and honestly love your blog. From the layout to the fashion spreads and the fact that you keep most of your content super duper classy. Big up on that. I however totally disagree with the way you put Rihanna on blast! I know you were just giving your honest opinion but I found it as more of a sneak diss!! Why put this particular ensemble on your blog if you find it sooo offensive or vulgar?? Rather than not include Rihanna and just say due to the obscene dress or piece that she was wearing we could not publish/or display Rihanna’s pics. Or just keep the commentary objective rather. But to show her pics and give such an icy review is totally out of character for a women of your calibre (just know I admire and respect your hustle greatly). This is your blog and for you to use it as a platform to spew hate is very disappointing. I am a supporter of Rihanna’s music, concerts, perfumes ect.. But I also know she is not my role model or someone to base my life’s decisions on…. Still love your blog and keep up the good work team.

  46. Nakia P says:

    Claire this is your blog, do you. Whoever doesn’t like it can have the seat they are offering you. All of the Caucasian blogs are calling her tasteless and an attention Wh**re, the picture from the back is no different than coco T and the rest of the video girls. Also read the comments on the other sites some of her little worshippers would be in tears. Money can’t buy class. Plain and simple.
    Claire you won’t always be on the same page as some of your readers, you are a Harvard graduate, they don’t teach a course in how to deal with ratchet.

  47. Mrs C says:

    You Rihanna fans will always remain delusional. There are millions of women in America who have better bodies than Rihanna yet you won’t see them flaunting it this way. If this was Beyoncé, Ashanti or God forbid one of the Kardashians we wouldn’t hear the end of it. It would be thirsty hoes.You guys dragged Beyoncé’s Met Gala look and you couldn’t even get a good look at her body and yet you’re praising Rihanna who is fully nude? You stupid fans will be the reason for Rihanna’s downfall

  48. Claire says:

    @Nakia P Welp.
    My response is…
    We blog about Rihanna all the time, I have no beef with the girl and think she’s beautiful.
    I just want her to keep it classy, and that’s something I would hope for with all women, whether they’re Kim K, Beyonce, you name it.
    I really haven’t seen any other woman…Halle, Draya, whoever you’ve named…hit a carpet with their full breasts on display, sans pasties. If I did, my reaction would be the same. My stance has always been that there’s beauty in modesty. You can be just as sexy with a long dress…look at the myriad examples from the CFDA awards: Solange, Naomi, Joan Smalls, I could go on. I’m not prudish, because we do feature lots of sexy outfits, but there’s a limit when I can see your areolas!
    I have an opinion, this is my platform, and I would be doing myself a disservice not to voice it. People attacking me on my own blog has become as common these days as seeing Rihanna nude, so…no surprises there.

  49. Seya says:

    I am not a fan of the exposed nipples but she looks awesome.yassss….she killed it as expected

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