May 29th, 2014
Beyonce, Celebrity Style, Shopping
Get the Look: Beyonce’s Tumblr Torn by Ronny Kobo Striped Marita Crop Top and Matching Skirt
By Claire

Beyonce is all about social media lately!
She recently posted a picture to Tumblr in a $285 Marita Crop Top and $308 Bernice Skirt by Torn by Ronny Kobo:
Beyonce's Tumblr Torn by Ronny Kobo Striped Marita Crop Top and Matching Skirt
The chic set boasts textural stripes.
Beyonce's Tumblr Torn by Ronny Kobo Striped Marita Crop Top and Matching Skirt
Get Beyonce’s set in red or black below:

Beyonce's Tumblr Torn by Ronny Kobo Striped Marita Crop Top and Matching Skirt

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28 Responses to “Get the Look: Beyonce’s Tumblr Torn by Ronny Kobo Striped Marita Crop Top and Matching Skirt”

  1. MsNomer says:

    I just want her to not dress herself. #Jesusfixit

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeeesssss! Ms Nomer #FixitJesus #NotEvenAllTheMoneyInTheWorldCanBuyYouStyle

  3. Um says:

    It’s a crop top and matching skirt – in a neutral color, no less. Stop being petty for a cheap “lol”. #JesusToldMeToTellYallByeFelicia

  4. Tami says:

    I absolutely hate when she wears these corn rolls geesh!

  5. MsNomer says:

    @Um – how bout you post your comment and keep it moving, mmkay. #getoutyourfeelings #Beyoncedontknowyouexist #BYEFELICIA

  6. Anonymous says:

    She got some short hair #shrugs

  7. Um says:

    @Ms. Nomer, how bout you get a life and stop scattering your saltiness over these comments over a celebrity you don’t like. It’s pathetic. I see you WAY too often on these comment boards. The crop top and skirt are basic yet it still makes you mad. #HireHerJesus #FeliciaNeedsAJob

  8. Hello says:

    What is so bad about a black & white striped matching set???? Please show us what you have on because I doubt y’all look this put together she looks cute and casual.

  9. S says:

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It’s just a simple top and matching skirt. It can’t be MORE luxurious than it is. It’s not supposed to be more than it is. There is nothing wrong with this simple outfit. Some comments are just being mean to be mean. BTW, Bey’s skin is lovely.

  10. MsNomer says:

    You pressed @Um??? LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Girl BYE!! Clearly you are on here just as much as I am for you to notice how often I comment. How you assume I don’t like Beyonce is beyond me, but I refuse to enter into a battle of wits with a troll who is clearly unarmed. In case you’re confused, these posts are put up for people TO COMMENT ON as to whether or not they like an outfit. I didn’t address you initially, so clearly YOU ARE PRESSED and a little stalker-ish I might add. My opinion is just that – MINE and I wish I would let an internet bully/troll stop me from posting. #FOH #GETALIFE

  11. Krys says:

    Forget the outfit I want to know about the sun glasses…like wveryone stated it is a basic skirt set that is a little too pricy and will be out of season in a few.. Lol at Ms. Nomers last post too funny!! Lastly love B to death but she does need a new stylist but that is just my opinion!!!:-)

  12. ASM says:

    It’s just ok to me. I wonder what kind of shoes she wore with this look.

  13. t says:

    if this were Kim K posting pics everyday you guys would call her a fame whore..beyawnce stay posting pics…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am not here for Bey’s braids. Sorry but no. The outfit is simple and basic. It gets the job done. Not really my version of chic.

  15. Titi says:

    Bey swear she look hot in them braids tho

  16. Jess from London says:

    This outfit as a fashion statement gives me no life and shouldnt be posted as an outfit to show off (as the picture feels) but if she was wearing it to the shops/ studio then whatever. Not everyone is a fashionista but i wish she did have more of KK’s fashion sense as it would suit her.

    p.s lets just be grateful she isnt wearing that beige belt *singspraises*

  17. hmmm says:

    Is she wearing a slip?

  18. iloveshoes says:

    Simple outfit and not worthy of a post. However I love her braids. A bit funny to me how so many women that I believe are black/of African descent, have such an issue with Bey in braids. So many negative comments I have seen on black run celeb blogs about her braids. Like yall are so in love with that European/Asian hair that doesn’t reflect your natural hair texture that when you see a sister(and we talking Bey who lives for a blond wig) wearing an ethnic style more representative of/for women of African descent you label it ghetto.

    No ones clowns US like US. Ignorant, self hating Birds. Shoo.

  19. Marsha D says:

    And I will say it again….her braids have NEVER looked good…even from her DC days…she needs to see my girl on Nostrand Ave.

  20. Marsha D says:

    @Claire….I hate to be a pain in the tush but is there anyway to stop people from attacking someone for something they posted? We are all 1) allowed to comment on each post freely and 2) entitled to our opinions whether negative or positive. This is really getting out of hand it boarders on freedom of speech and cyber bullying. Am I right/wrong?

  21. Brandi says:

    I don’t like this look on Beyonce’. I have no issue with her wearing braids; I do have an issue with the blotchiness of the haircolor. As a celeb that is not acceptable. As for the outfit, it’s simple & that’s fine. But when you add the chains & that slip showing, it doesn’t look good. @MsNomer – lol!

  22. NeutralBeyonce says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong w/ B’s outfit or hair … IF SHE LIKES IT …. Ugk its Friday… the weekend is here. Smile, take your wigs off and Turn down the cattiness!!!! Faux Anna Wintour condemning someones outfit from their desk jobs #iCant

  23. binks says:

    @Iloveshoes I don’t think people are hating on her for having braids. Let’s be honest when she and Solange did box braids everybody admired them and wanted them and had them. It is not like Beyoncé never had braids before (she had them throughout her career) it is just that these braids aren’t particularly flattering on her mainly because they are just hanging there. Maybe if she styled them from time to time her overall look with them would improved. As for the outfit, Beyoncé looks like Beyoncé.

  24. Key says:

    It has nothing to do with trying to be natural, her braids look a mess… And I am a true Beyonce fan! However, we know Bey does not like the attention off of her so Kimye wedding = I need to get attention back on me…. #itsoktohaveaseatforahotminute

  25. nyc chick says:

    she looks terrible head to toe. washed out face, cheezy braids where you can see the difference btwn her hair and the false hair, boring outfit

  26. Jessy says:

    The skirt/crop top set is cute. Nix the braids and perhaps go for a hair color that’s a bit darker.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Lol she just can’t win according to some people that’s just what I’ve noticed but she looks comfortable I know if I had my hair that way and had on that outfit I would be too very casual #lightenup

  28. Court says:

    You can get a set almost identical to this from Forever 21 for a extreme fraction of the price lbs. It’s boring to me but just like any regular Joe it looks fine. Nothing that makes me want to shout or do some extreme Googling.

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