May 28th, 2014
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Hot! or Hmm…: Beyonce’s New York City Topshop Pink Crinkle Flower Shirt and Burberry Prorsum Geometric English White Lace Pencil Skirt
By Claire

Beyonce tended to a few business meetings in New York city in a $40 Pink Crinkle Flower Shirt from Topshop, and a $1,095 Burberry Prorsum White Lace Pencil Skirt:
Beyonce's New York City Topshop Pink Crinkle Flower Shirt and Burberry Prorsum White Lace Pencil Skirt
Box braids, silver peep toes, pink accessories, and a lollipop completed her look.
Her sold out short sleeve textured shirt has an all over floral print in pale pink.
Beyonce's New York City Topshop Pink Crinkle Flower Shirt and Burberry Prorsum White Lace Pencil Skirt
Her skirt has a gathered peplum and a silk lining.
Beyonce's New York City Topshop Pink Crinkle Flower Shirt and Burberry Prorsum Geometric English White Lace Pencil Skirt
Hmm…this definitely isn’t one of Beyonce’s best looks. I think if she had left the belt at home and put her hair in a bun, it just might’ve been ok.
What do you think?

Beyonce's New York City Topshop Pink Crinkle Flower Shirt and Burberry Prorsum White Lace Pencil Skirt

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44 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Beyonce’s New York City Topshop Pink Crinkle Flower Shirt and Burberry Prorsum Geometric English White Lace Pencil Skirt”

  1. SMV says:

    the lining showing does little to help this look.

  2. Hmmmmm says:


  3. Mia says:

    Bye Felicia .again,Beyoncé has no real sense of style. She just has access to the very best in higher labels.

  4. Anonymous says:

    ooh, this looks like all kinds of cheap. like a rainbow shop special. looks like she just left one of those boutiques in washington heights. I love you girl but this ain’t it.

  5. anony says:

    Sorry Bey, but this isnt it. I agree with Mia, Beyonce never had a real sense of style and for her to be as legendary as she is you would think she’d have it together in that department. Not to mention she has a great body, she could totally serve if the right person styled her.

  6. Hello says:

    A bun on braids braided to the side???? No mam! I think the shoes are dreadful but the outfit isn’t so bad she just needs a better shoe

  7. binks says:

    Honestly, the outfit itself isn’t bad and look like it could work if it was on someone else, Beyoncé is just not selling the look.

  8. just me says:

    is it just me but is bey serving Joeseline Hernandez realness ??! #nooo

  9. S says:

    The look isn’t That bad. The pastel colors I like. She just needs to watch that lining at the hem line. For a business meeting, the look works overall. You don’t have to dress to the nines for a business meeting.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nah and that hair is a fool she needs To get 1 tone braids leave mixing blondes for wigs

  11. Anonymous says:

    She doesn’t really have much of a shoe game, either

  12. Brittany says:

    I wonder if she’s pregnant again. She’s been sucking on lollipops lately and wearing the darker hair.

  13. Meee says:

    Hello I agree with Hello I agree with Hello I….

  14. KITANA says:

    A mess per usual.

  15. Meee says:

    She HAS been pictured quite often sucking on lollipops. It can be sexy, but in the first picture, her face looks like a mashup between herself and Hov. No ma’am!

  16. Tamu Talks says:

    I do like this l’assemblage- meaning the shirt, belt, skirt, purse. I’ll pretend the rest isn’t there.

  17. I like the her accessories.

  18. yes/no says:

    OH MAMA !

  19. Tammy M. says:

    Surely, a look from the Joseline Hernandez book of style!

    Bey fashion sense never did it for me anyway. Only when style by June Ambrose does she hit the mark.

  20. Sommer says:



  21. Mic says:

    This girl has all the charisma of a pair of bedroom slippers. She has always struck me as being dull. I get that the younger generation loves her but she is a one trick pony. Swing the weave, make less then graceful facial expressions, bump, grind, yodel and repeat the same dance moves over and over. I am sure she is a nice person…she comes across and very non threatening…but she has always made me yawn.

  22. IMO says:

    This look would’ve worked if she lost the belt and changed the shoes. (And I agree with Claire- also maybe possibly but a bun to the side).

    But I’m pulling at strings here… :-\

    Bottom line- the outfit looks much cheaper than what it’s worth, which is Never a good thing. (not sure if it’s the way she wore it or just a bad pic)

  23. MsNomer says:

    Chile – NO! Totally agree with whomever said this was Joseline Hernandez realness.

  24. mi manning says:

    Again…very Rihanna-ish.

  25. lily says:

    what about da shoes y’all?

  26. Nevermindmyname says:

    NO to the belt, but since she’s serving BOSS LADY realness ! Yes to the oufit. The lollipop, the attitude…yas bitch yasss (they can’t relate queen Bey)

  27. BougieHippie says:

    She look like she just came from court for a boosting charge.

  28. Anonymous says:

    My my my! Ohh my..

  29. S says:

    This view of the outfit is much better (the link below). The lining is not hanging, so it looks better. I do agree, the long braids are a tad distracting, but overall I’ll say again, the look isn’t that bad. Lord knows I’ve seen much worse and to compare this to the train wreck that is Josaline Hernandez is just being mean. *SMILES*

  30. Anonymous says:

    Belt, Shoes and braids cheapen her entire look. And the blow pop just makes her look even more like a chic around the way who swears she’s FLY. Epic fail, I’m sorry but Beyonce can only dress when she’s doing a glamor look or stage performance. Her regular get up is so tacky boring

  31. Ashley says:

    Hi Fashionbomb,

    do you have any idea what where her glasses are from?


  32. NaTosha Macintosh says:

    Dear Bey,

    Smh This is getting ridiculous. This outfit is just horrible. Hell, you dressed better than this in the early 2000′s. Why the thick oversized belt? Why the chunky ill fitting heel? Why the gaudy jewelry? Why the lollipop? I seriously wish I could pick you you’re outfits for you. You don’t want to be a fashion icon, and that’s perfectly fine; we get it. But please…PLEASE! have SOME type of style.


  33. hahahaha says:

    Out of all the shoes in her closet she chose those? Hell, why were those even in her closet? Those give me mother board-church anniversary vibes.

  34. Bhud says:

    and here i was having a horrible day… until this post and especially the comments. thanks y’all. no, really tho.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hey Beyoncé, did blue ivy pick this out for you

  36. A says:


    Wheres Solange when you need her?


  37. DarkEmpress says:

    The only thing I like about this outfit is the lolipop!

    Beyonce I looove u but no!

    I see she tried…

    She matched the belt to the glasses
    The clutch to the shirt
    The d’orsay pumps to the metallic nails.

    But it failed.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Maybe she’s dressed for a movie role or music video???

  39. Angel says:

    I have to agree…not a terrible outfit but it certainly could use a few tweaks like loosing the belt and giving of higher nude heels, but the day I say that Bey was serving ‘Joseline’ realness or incorporate the two at all, ya’ll better call the reverend!

  40. Marsha D says:

    Bey has always had terrible braids…..even from the days of DC. She need to hit my lady on Nostrand Ave in BK…she’ll hook her right on up…”Soween! Where you at?”

  41. andrea says:

    I feel a Britney moment coming in 5, 4, 3, 2

  42. love the look the belt adds contrast although I do agree the hair would fit it were in a bun…great springtime look.

  43. Bebe says:

    WWOOOOOWWW A LOT OF U FEMALES HAVE NO STYLE WHAT SO EVER! Im not just saying this because this is beyonce but a real fashionista knows beyonces outfit is nice!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Wheres the haterade when you need it

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