May 22nd, 2014
Claire's Life, Fashion Discussion, Plus Sized
On Fashion Bomb Daily: Celebrating Style at Every Size
By Claire

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has a skewed representation of Real Women. Debates have raged on for years over the weight and age requirements of runway models, who skew towards the underaged and pin thin.
Instead of trying to make everyone fit into a neat little box, we at Fashion Bomb Daily try to do something different: celebrate stylish women and men of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds.
2 Bloomingdales Aqua Suit Equipment shirt  Jimmy Choo lace up sandals Derek Blanks
The other day, a bit of a debate erupted after I posted a few lively street style pictures from Tobago Fashion Weekend (see the comments here). A few people were commenting about my body and making assumptions about my health. Words like obese were being thrown around.
Claire sulmers muehleder skirt lace white saint laurent heels
Truth be told, my metabolism isn’t what it was when I was in college or high school, but I am very conscious about having a healthy, strong body. I pay attention to what I eat and work out at least 3 times a week.

Claire Sulmers lisa marie fernandez arden ruffled black bonded swimsuit black and white fashion bomb daily claire sulmers
Even if I may be considered plus sized by industry standards, I created Fashion Bomb to celebrate all women, particularly those who don’t see themselves in fashion magazines. From the super curvy to the thim slicks, from the brick houses to the skinny minnies, and everyone in between. Though our plus sized coverage could be better, I do my best to showcase voluptuous ladies with lots of style in our Bombshell of the Day category to keep you inspired.

Chastity from Dallas 8
Chastity from
joann from new jersey
Joann from
krsitine from la
Kristine from
7  dionne from netherlands
Dionne from

I hope you guys can view Fashion Bomb Daily as a positive place where we can discuss not just fashion but body issues related to style. I don’t think the media addresses this issue or this demographic enough, so I’ll do my best to service all your concerns, wardrobe queries, and much more.
Stay tuned…

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47 Responses to “On Fashion Bomb Daily: Celebrating Style at Every Size”

  1. LaNatria says:

    perfectly put Claire !! I applaud your efforts to not only include but uplift every size,shape,gender,ethnicity , and background.Kudos to you and the hardworking Fashion Bomb Daily team !!! #keepgivinggurl#yassss

  2. LaNatria says:

    p.s. “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang !” -Kevin G.(Meangirls ) lol

  3. KBS says:

    You better work that swimsuit Claire (In my Ru Paul voice)!
    While I do love a little ratchetness here and there, I’m glad you took the high road.

    Sidenote: I’m a size 4ish, I hate that the plus size section of the store is called “Womens”, like I’m not a woman bcz I’m a size 4. Anyway, end rant.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE it!!!!! Claire, you and the other girls in this post are absoultely beautiful!!! Enjoyed this post and thumbs up on being a positive voice for all women.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Claire I wish I was confident as you in your own skin. You look amazing and your style overall is impeccable. You inspire me to not only follow my dreams but be confident in your own skin know matter what size or shape you are… WERK!!!

  6. hypnotic says:

    YAAAS! You shut it down in that maillot!

    As my mother would say, people are too nuff. You shouldn’t have to disclose your personal details such as size and exercise regimen. But so it go.

  7. Honeybrown says:

    I hope my comment shows up this is not the first time I’ve had this issue. My comments are generally positive as this one is so I don’t know what the problem is??!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please I love your style and size. You are a confident black woman and the world needs to get used to it because we come in all shapes and sizes and I hope you will continue to inspire others because I will testify that my life has been changed from this website.

    Thanks for being a person women can inspire to be

  9. Keith says:


  10. SSS says:

    Claire you look stunning in that swimsuit !!!!!

  11. killatothekam says:

    This Article gave me CHILLS! Everyone looks so lovely! and EVERYONE should be able to see a representaion of themselves looking FLY! I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  12. I.M.KELLS says:

    Hi Claire, as an avid reader who visits your site daily, I agree with you and other readers that you post fashionable women in all sizes. That being said, please continue to read our comments and don’t hone in on the few negative comments that you receive. I may comment infrequently, but as I said, I visit this site daily and look forward to your trips and the fashion perspectives of you and your staff. You look fabulous (hair, legs, makeup, etc.) and PLEASE do not let anyone convince you otherwise or spark any feelings of insecurity. Readers should be able to voice their opinions concerning the fashion choices of others. However, those voices should be RESPECTFUL at ALL TIMES. As of late, the comments by anonymous and other readers have been pretty harsh, especially to fashion bombs/bombers. Maybe we all need to take a class in sensitivity, bullying,constructive criticism and tact & finesse. I hope that you read this and become inspired to brush off any negativity and keep supplying your readers with fashionable inspiration. Take care :)

  13. LawyerLady says:

    @Claire – great post. Very often there are sad, dysmorphic comments posted praising unreal figures. If you don’t have a “snatched” baby waist and a cartoonish bottom and fake breasts then you don’t “fill out that dress”. Our Caucasian counterparts were stereotyped as being obsessed with being rail thin and many of “us” have been going the way of the extreme video vixen aesthetic. As though there were one definition of sexy. I think what you and the women you feature show – the point is about being your personal best.
    Critique is great, helpful and often entertaining. However body shaming and ageism (as in J. Lo – who looks amazing – “is too old for that”) just sound ignorant and gauche. Keep up the great work FBD!

  14. Beans says:

    This post really made me feel some kind of way (in regards of the response to the comments made on your T&T post). I usually laugh at people who go OD hard and [seemingly] praise bloggers like they haven’t a flaw but in this case I am joining the party. Claire you look AMAZING. When I look at your outfits, I’ve NEVER thought you were obese or even fat or anything of the sort. You are rocking every single outfit in this post ESPECIALLY the bathing suit. Obese/overweight is such a loaded word. I’m 5’1″ and I’m overweight because I weigh 128 but my measurements read 32E-25-38.5 and I work out at least 3 times a week just as you do so I’m just gonna be overweight! The fluffy shade really made me angry at my desk especially because she tried to be cute when you responded to him/her. Lol. Sorry for this long response. Continue slaying and let the force be with you.

  15. Lizze G says:

    lol that last pic looks like the water was COOOOLLLLDDDDD!!!

    anyway, def body envy. people keep mentioning your legs, but sweetie, your arms are definitely motivating me to hit the gym. still doubting that 30-something age you lied about! lol

  16. southern says:

    Thanks for this post.
    While you are nowhere near overweight or obese, I do wonder why we don’t see more posts of women who are your size; and options from stores that don’t stop at US size 10.

  17. jeda says:

    Yes Claire!!!! I love that swimsuit and you already know that I can’t get enough of your legs! Amazing post!

  18. southern says:

    About that other post,
    I have NEVER seen you wear something that didn’t fit your body type, including your breast size.
    I took your tips from a magazine you were featured in about dressing your body type and started shifting my purchases towards those because we are shaped the same.

  19. C says:

    Great inspirational post!

  20. Honeybrown says:

    Love this! Another reason why I visit your blog several times a day…. S/n if you’re looking for someone to provide more insight on plus size fashions, I’m your girl! Lol but seriously I appreciate your blog and everything it offers. I hope tht you don’t feed into the negativity and insecurities of others. You are truly an inspiration and you killed those swimsuit photos, obese where???

  21. ulrika says:

    This is why I love your site,because I as reader can really feel that the ambition is for this site to be open and welcoming for everyone to talk about fashion and it is not for just one type of style, ethnicity and body or budget for that matter. So pay no mind to negativity and keep up the fantastic work!

  22. Sareena says:

    People can be such assholes. Obese? Really? You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure and people really need to understand the power of their words. However I guess when you do have sections that are “Hot or Not” or voting for “Fashion bomb of the day” people can get really nasty and offer extreme judgement and disguise it as opinions.

  23. Honeybrown says:

    Also, as a fellow plus size Chica (sz14) I think you and your staff do a great job at posting on FASHION. When I see someone wearing a look that intrigues me I try to recreate that look from my point of view and I think that’s where ppl are getting mixed up, but please don’t stop reading out comments because you have a lot of fans and ppl you inspire.

  24. So Sheek says:

    Claire You look amazing… especially in that swimsuit #snatchedforthegawds, you always represent for us curvy girls…

  25. Tami says:

    You betta work Claire, I see you hunty! Great post and I’ve always worn what I want to wear and do not care what anyone else thinks! You and I have been to several blogger events together in different cities and you always looks very stylish and on point! Kudos to you for letting them know! Love your swimsuit and makeup job werk!

  26. cha says:

    People are so freaking cruel! As a fellow big breasted girl, I definitely know the feeling of looking like you’re much bigger than you are especially in pictures. I myself even said that I didn’t like Claire in shift dresses but she definitely isn’t plus sized and nowhere near obese and if its down to bmi like medschool or whoever said, then many many *fit* black women would be considered obese based on our weight alone.
    I know I’m considered overweight, bmi-wise at 5’5 and 150 and I’m very curvy but toned. Its our (black women’s) body composition and for some reason, medicine and bmi doesnt take it into consideration- something that has always bothered me.

    Anyway, I love that fashion bomb represents all the different types of beauty. So please keep doing what you’re doing!

  27. Natasha says:

    GURL!!! Going to the original post solely for these swimsuit pics :)

    You looked great in everything here. Thing with you, Claire, is that – for the most part – you dress for your body so well that it’s easy to forget you’re “plus sized” (which is still debatable in my mind).

    And, all that to say, I clicked on the post thinking you were going to address plus AND petite issues because it’s hard both ways.

    Some women will always find a way, method and means to disparage another women :shrugs:

    If you didn’t cope with it during your school years then bless your bobby socks because their will always be the occasional unnecessary comment for you to deal with…or ditch.

    Your choice, ladies.

  28. Claire you hot gurl, we from the Caribbean. So the fluffy girls them look good. You have to have some meat on your body.. Do what you doing.. Loving everything

  29. Doc says:

    Reading this, I was so confused. For one thing, I don’t keep up with all the posts so I didn’t really know you were gone anywhere and then didn’t know you were gone to a series of fashion events. Obviously I didn’t see the comments so I didn’t know about the obese assessment being made.

    I was also confused because I distinctly remember you discussing your choices for purchase regarding that dreadful Peter Pilotto target collection and saying that you were typically a size 10. And also I have looked in the Claire’s Closet and the clothes for sale are typically a size 10. That is not obese or plus sized. I don’t know where the people being critical got the idea that you were plus-sized. If you walk into Neiman’s right now and looked for a size 10 dress they would be all over the store. Even the most strict and non-inclusive fashion houses cut their sizes off at the equivalent of an American 12.

    Anyway, time is too short to be inhibited by what other people say. You have to dress for the body you have, not the body other people think you should have. Their problem with your appearance is just that, THEIR PROBLEM. Don’t worry yourself over other people’s problems.

  30. SK says:

    People really come down on women with plus size figures not even remembering that just because your plus size doesn’t mean that you are not in shape and being thin does mean that you are in shape!!! Great job Claire on stressing this and i look forward to seeing you address this issue further in future blogs!!!

  31. lolo says:

    excume, going back to the comments nobody called Claire Obese, get over it. The question from the ladies is why do you not feature more plus sized bombshells. thats how the discussion started. This is just seeking attention.

  32. Southern says:

    If u click the link posted and READ you’ll see where obese came from

  33. lia. says:

    Wait a minute , havent we had this rant from Claire before.This is getting old.

  34. southern says:

    lol @ Lia. I dunno how many times i’ve seen her say she’s a size 10. okay.

  35. SMV says:

    i saw the original post, I believe Marsha went in and i thought “please claire dont dignify the foolery with a response”. you were bullied into this article.

  36. Trina says:

    These pics were great and stylish.

  37. Dee says:

    Isn’t anything over a size 9 plus size? I thought plus size simply meant double digits?

  38. Vari says:

    So Clare post pics of obese women to clarify this is obese and I am not obese lol okay I see you

  39. Lia says:

    The hypocrisy of this post . I can’t. Fashion bombshells of the day are critiqued for the way they look more than the fashion . How many times have been called too skinny look like tranny or elephant on the fashion bombshell but have we had Claire write a post and tell people to stop it and that’s not acceptable. Infact she has encouraged it by even throwing shade to some of the bombshells herself . So now when pple critique her all of a sudden it’s a big deal . No honey u have encouraged the negativity now it’s coming your way and you are now crying fowl. No ma’am it doesn’t work like that

  40. Madeline says:

    You look great Claire. I just want to say such a fantastic job your doing I can’t get a enough of your site. You set the example. Keep doing what your doing much success to you and your fabulous team!

  41. Elle says:

    @Lia the truth is the opinions on the fashions should be the only thing mentioned period, nobody should be body shaming anybody for being too skinny, tall, built differently or big. it’s about the clothes and that’s where this “keeping it real” mentality hurts us all in the end. I have some friends who know when and when not to say things, but not around here and not in our community. Folks run off at the mouth all the time because they want to “tell people like it is”. Honestly anybody sitting around talking about someones looks is super immature in the first place. People should be here to talk about clothes and that’s about it. it’s great to have this much engangement but at the same time some of this shade is totally uncalled for and it looks bad when most people know FDB or the Bombshell Series as having some the most cut throat comments section, how is that anything to be proud of as a reader? Not all of us are that way. The number of rude folks around here seem to outweigh the folks who might have opinions but still have manners.

  42. DeeDee says:

    ‘I hope you guys can view Fashion Bomb Daily as a positive place where we can discuss not just fashion but body issues related to style.!!!!! < Now this I totally agree and endorse. However there's this disclaimer that has always rubbed me as a reader the wrong way so much so I no longer read the Fashion Bomb posts and it's 'Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!' < this might be seem as a advice to those who submit their pictures but it inadvertently allows those who are always dying to say something mean to go ahead and do so. So here's to hoping everyone heeds Claire's words and it cultivates seeds of positivity all round on the blog!

  43. MsClassic says:

    Did she say anything over a size 9 is plus size…..I cant smh

  44. Feather says:

    This is your best article yet Claire. You better MF Werk!!!!!!!!!! I love it and you shut it down with your pics!

  45. Jessy says:

    Claire, you look great in a swimsuit!

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