May 20th, 2014
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Real Street Style: Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
By Claire

Happy Tuesday!
So as you’re well aware, I spent the weekend in Tobago for their 2014 Fashion Weekend! There are tons of undiscovered talents in the Caribbean, and more and more fashionable events are popping up all over the islands. I was blessed to fly down to T & T to sample a bit of their sartorial flair.
600-Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
The fashion show recap is coming soon, but in the meantime, take a look at a bit of TFW style:
7 Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
Get into those voluminous locks! That beautiful face! That gorgeous skirt! Designer Iris Atsin came, saw, and slayed.
Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
Risanne M @RisyStyle showed one of my favorite collections of the night! Her striped cutaway dress can give you an idea of her design aesthetic. I loved it!
1 Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
This Fashion Bomb reader kept her look cool in a maxi dress.
Stunning Valentino rockstuds in neon yellow leather added an exclamation point to a striped crop top and skirt combo.
2 Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
This colorblocked dress with a high slit was simply everything! A beaded clutch added just the right amount of sizzle.
4 Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
These twin sisters were the definition of adorable.
5 Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
Men tended to skew simple. To whit: this effortlessly easy v neck tee, paired with dark jeans, and neutral shoes.

8 Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
A colorful beaded necklace added kick to this LBD.
Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
Patterned pants offered some edge to this white tee wearing gentleman’s ensemble.
6 Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014
I grabbed a pic with two fly Fashion Bomb Readers! Fetarah of looked bomb in a printed skirt, while her friend Jihan @ShoebyFis explored a bit of pastel colorblocking. Cute!
I also snagged a flick with Nneka Nurse @CaribCandy, who was kind enough to coordinate the trip for myself and for the other bloggers.
These ladies were all about longer lengths, witnessed by maxis in bright white and citron.
The gorgeous guys of Street Etiquette were in the house!

At any rate, it was a fun night!
Claire sulmers muehleder skirt lace white saint laurent heels
Thoughts on Real Style from Tobago Fashion Weekend?
*Stay tuned for more shots on
Images: Karl Pierre

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55 Responses to “Real Street Style: Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014”

  1. Porsche says:

    As for the outfits? I think everyone looks okay, nothing special.

  2. flywon says:

    you looked adorable!

  3. Tami says:

    Love all the colorful prints! Love your makeup & hair Claire! xoxo

  4. Meagan says:

    Claire you look amazing as usual! Did you happen to snag any pics of the gentlemen from Street Etiquette? Particularly Travis? Love me some him!

  5. Dom Dom says:

    Not really feeling your outfit Claire, sorry. As for the rest not feeling it either.

  6. jeda says:

    i love Destra!

  7. FashionBuyer says:

    Great style at TFW. What was the name of the first lady at the top of the blog. Is she a model, or does she have a collection?

  8. katleen says:

    LOVE the first outfit with the orange prints – she looks so beautiful too

  9. Marsha says:

    Once again, I would like to see more plus sized options.
    A size 10 can be considered plus sized.
    Not only that, you’re heavy chested.
    SO I know your shirt is at least XL.
    Please have more plus size options claire!

  10. Claire says:

    @Marsha my top is a size large. And I’m not quite sure on what planet a size 10 is considered plus size…maybe it’s considered plus sized for models…?
    If you want more plus sized options, just ask. I’ll do my best.

  11. Iris says:

    @fashionbuyer I am designer, our online store is launching in july
    Forward your email to for more details and updates

    @Marsha we also design for plus size :)

  12. Moneboo says:

    First post where EVERYONE looks amazing.

  13. FashionBuyer says:

    @Iris, thank you for letting us know about your website and email. We will be in contact shortly. @Kathleen, we love that orange print too :)

  14. Honeybrown says:

    I don’t know what everyone else is looking at but I loved this post!! I love the bright colors and prints and the natural hair. I’m glad i didn’t see body-con and spandex and designer names being thrown around. It’s refreshing to see ppl rocking independent designers. Also, island girls are soo beautiful, NATURAL BEAUTY ROCKS!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Claire, while your outfit was cool, I just wish it reflected the Caribbean more. The street style was beautiful to see as well.

  16. shoesbyfis says:

    honoured and having a total groupie moment! you were beyond humble & gracious thank you!!!!

  17. Thank you so much Claire!!! Happy that you enjoyed your trip.

  18. Drea Austin says:

    This is so inspirational.. The colors, prints and beautiful smiles makes me enjoy spring so much more!…

  19. mkey says:

    loved the street style so much , Good job Claire. i like your outfit as well , you have lovely legs , however when you keep your skirts too too short it throws the whole outfit off. The length of this skirt is not so bad. It doesnt make you look like you are going to topple over like with your other short short skirts. as the saying goes know your body type and not everything looks good on everybody. on another note i think Claire is plus size. I wonder if she suffers from that desease of denial like a lot of black American women esp here where people describe themselves as curvy thick when in reality there are obese.just observation from a non american.

  20. Claire says:

    @MKey what an awful comment! LOL. So bad I read these everyday, maybe I’ll stop.
    I won’t respond again (probably), but I shop at all your standard stores. Not Ashley Stewart. Not Torrid. Not Lane Bryant. I can find my size in ‘standard’ clothes and designer labels. I’m a size 10 on the bottom, 12 on top. I wear a large. Last time I checked, plus size was 14+. I know the size on my clothes, and am just relaying the truth. You can also see what size I wear on Claire’s Closet. The camera adds 10 pounds, but what I am trying to prove, and to whom, and why.
    I know myself.
    If you want to call me obese, fine. As long as you’re visiting my website and allowing me to live the life that I’ve fashioned for myself, whether you like my clothes or think I’m obese or not.
    Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
    Buh bye!

  21. mkey says:

    I did not mean that you are obese. You are far from it. All i was saying is there is nothing wrong to be plus size and own it. You look fit. i was referrring to the overall theme of women on your site calling themselves one thing and they are not and wondered if its an American thing. You are obviously sensitive to the plus size thing, my bad. You are not plus size then.

  22. Jen says:

    smh. Claire is a SAINT for letting people talk to her any kind of way on her blog.

    I am in LOVE with that yellow maxi dress. Absolutely to die for!

  23. The truth says:

    @ Mkey,

    Claire is just not plus size by industry standards, period. She has big boobs (which many women envy) and that’s that. The problem is that many retailers don’t accurately depict what plus size looks like, preferring to use models and mannequins that look more like medium or large. That’s where the shaming occurs.

    In any case, let’s focus less on segregating body types and more on how we can make all women look and feel beautiful, regardless of size.

  24. Meagan says:

    I would love to see what you look like. Probably 300 pounds hiding behind a computer screen. But that’s not the point, no one cares about your size. Your comments are the reason there are so many malnourished women walking around here with distorted views and standards of beauty. So what if she was plus size? Does that mean she’s not beautiful? Or that she can’t be fashionable? I’m asking what exactly was your point other than your ignorant “non American” view?

    Don’t let the negatives outweigh the GOOD. There’s so much good behind what you do! You’re beautiful and your beautiful spirit shines through!

  25. justme says:

    The fashions, the skin, the hair everyone looks Great.
    The man with the nose ring has me over here swooning.

  26. tricia says:

    I loved the entire post, if bombshell of the day looked like this from start to finish everyday that would be great. Um why the hell are we taking about Claire is plus sized, um she’s not. Claire just have big boobs, the kind I see size 0 & 2, women purchase from the doctor. Claire there’s nothing wrong with the length of your skirts, if u have legs like that why not flaunt it. For those wondering no im not Claire’s friend, I don’t know her and no I’m not an upcoming designer who wants a feature on here. I just think it’s ridiculous.

  27. Nakia P says:

    I loved this post, all the vibrant skirts and great hair

    Claire, ignore the foolishness.. You know the internet thugs got a lot to say behind their computers.

  28. Feather says:

    I just had to comment cause I’ve been noticing a girl calling Claire plus size. Claire’s breast are large which gives an illusion for her being plus size. Here is how I feel messurements go. 0-6 Small 7-12 Medium 13- to infinity is large. So that settles it. Claire is medium. :)(:

  29. Feather says:

    *measurements :)

  30. toots says:

    U look at home in tnt makes me home sick hope u got buccanalis wit it u look cute girl I jusy can’t believe u wore heels I stay in flats over dere

  31. The first lady’s locks are glorious. All the women are absolutely stunning. So much beauty in one post.

  32. Sasha says:

    Claire I really hope that you don’t stop reading comment over this person’s comment. It is pretty obvious that she lacks knowledge about fashion and Americans in general. Ignorant people categorize a group of people just to make a negative statement. I really liked this post and everyone looked so lovely. Claire I envy those legs lol idk what that person was talking about with the length of your skirt blah blah but anyway keep doing what you do best. Your real fans admire you.

  33. Zona says:

    My gosh the excitement I had when I saw this post only to see the negativity. My heart literally sank. Why do some people find so much joy in pulling others down? I can’t even remember what I want to say. I’ll just say I love all this brown skin I see here.

  34. Fa says:

    I was just so happy to see Claire hit up another Caribbean fashion week, and in Tobago no less! It’s so refreshing and lets the readers know that Caribbean people are fashionable, fun, and forward thinking.

  35. LuLu says:

    I don’t know if I believe that size 10 statement…I’m a size 10 and way smaller…maybe it’s all about how evenly the weight is distributed….

    The girl with the slit has it going on!!! Werk!

  36. jeda says:

    Don’t come for Claire please.

    Claire, I know the plight of being large chested. I used to be a Triple H. I had a breast reduction and now am a Double D. And it instantly slimmed me down. People thought I lost so much weight when in fact, it was just a reduction in my breast. Goes to show how large breast can make you look plus sized. Since the surgery I have lost quite a bit of weight (30lbs) and the reduction did help me in that journey. Surgery is not everyone’s path, but its the one I chose and it worked for me.

    But when I was big chested, it was so hard to find what clothes worked and didn’t work on my body. So I completely understand. But I think you’re doing a great job Claire. Keep it up!

    Again I say, don’t come for Claire.

  37. Jessy says:

    SMH @ MKey’s comment. How are you gonna sandwich an insult with false compliments? If I was Claire, I wouldn’t respond to negative posts…there are a LOT of bait postings lately.

  38. medlife aka medschool says:

    Can I play devil’s advocate for a minute. I truly do not think the non-American was intentionally being malicious. Uncouth and untactiful yes but I didn’t read maliciousness in the comment. Let’s be real, big girls, especially in the African American community in GENERAL have a skewed idea of curvy versus obesity. That is fact. Europeans have a skewed view of weight, tending to be more critical of weight which is apparent in the size differences btwn the US and European measurements.

    Size 10 isn’t plus size but please let’s not fool ourselves, its not medium either. Its large. Period. I can eye Claire and I have a good idea of where she lands regarding BMI and its safe to say it would be in the obese category (not taking into consider muscle b/c its apparent she is ripped).

    My point is maybe it was rude for that commenter to state their opinions but if the writers judge others, they too should be ready for the same critique. Claire, also good job handling yourself…. I can only imagine how hard it is to put oneself out there.

  39. steph says:

    Claire, don’t respond to the nonsense. You are living your life while the haters sit by eating donuts, typing nasty messages and wishing they were you. Instead of going out there and getting a life, they want to sit and critique what you are doing and believe they can do it better. Yet they still DO NOTHING.

    That being said I liked your skirt and am loving that yellow maxi. I hope you gave them street etiquette dudes a kiss hello, they are delicious. LOL

  40. steph says:

    PS I really like that midi skirt crop top shirt combo. Any idea where it is from?

  41. iloveshoes says:

    Claire is plus size? Mmm no. I have seen Claire in person in Brooklyn and she is much smaller than she looks from the pics online.

    Like @Feather previously said because Claire’s breast are big it gives the illusion she is bigger than she is. I have seen larger chested girls whyo when they wear any form fitting clothes I realized they weren’t big, just big chested.

    I’m not the biggest fashion fan of Claire but there’s a few of you that seem to leave malice filled comments about her just for the sake of being nasty. Grow up. Some of you true PLUS size women need to stop making demands for clothing on this fashion site. There are other sites/blogs from plus size women for you to follow. Get a grip.

    OAN, what I do notice the most out of all these pics is the beautiful smooth and even skin tones of the Trini ladies. One thing about my beautiful Caribbean ppl is they have great skin from all that sun and great weather! Beautiful!

  42. none says:

    wow! i didnt know tobago had a fashion weekend. nice! the dress in citron is my favorite look w/ the lucite purse.

  43. Adanna says:

    Claire, you look lovely and I can’t wait to get recap of Tonag fashion week. As someone who grew up in the Caribbean, I know that there are very talented designers in the region and I’m happy you’re able to give them
    Some exposure on your site.

  44. CC says:

    Claire, I love this post and I cannot wait to read about it in the next installment. Thanks for highlighting the Caribbean and the stylish and creative bloggers.

    High Cotton Harlem

  45. Enigma says:

    Wow I’m shocked that people are coming at Claire about her size! By people who are claiming to be long time supporters/readers of this blog… The one thing that is mentioned on this blog DAILY is “dress for your shape” “know your body type” etc. for everyone from celebrities to especially, fashion bombshells.

    My mother and I weight about the same and are about the same height, I’m maybe half an inch – inch taller but we are shaped TOTALLY different. She is an apple and I’m more hourglass. I had her try on a pair of pants that fit me (no sucking in to close, no muffin top, no pulling in the thigh/crotch area)she couldn’t close the waist but her legs were swimming in the pants while they skimmed my thighs.

    All of that to say that you can be the size you are and not look like it to others because of how you are proportioned! The proof is in “Claire’s Closet” the clothes she sells has the size on it and we’ve seen them on her.

    I’m loving the looks in this post especially the Citron maxi dress I need that in my life. Loving that the islands are representing their take on fashion.

  46. killatothekam says:

    Claire you look gorgeous! Love this look on you! the skirts in this post are to die for!

  47. Liselle says:

    Do you guys realise that you’re speaking about someone???? this isn’t like when you post negative comments under kim kardashian posts and hopes she never sees it. i don’t know the author of the post, but i can respect that she is a person and if she wants to wear a size 25 garbage bag, she has the right to do so. size, height, colour, body dimensions should NEVER give you the right to drag someone down.

    anyway, i am in love with the street wear. i seriously love the colourblocked outfit and the neon. especially how they were styled.

  48. Chas says:

    I love this post and Claire looked great as always… She also definitely responded to the criticism with class. KUDOS and keep living your bomb life…

  49. Sassncurlz says:

    Claire you and everyone in this post looks fab! I love the bright colors and the variety in each outfit. Nothing looks forced or overly trendy. Lots of personal style!

  50. Nova says:

    Love love the street style. The lady in yellow maxi dress totally nailed it for me. I need the yellow maxi dress in my closet ASAP.

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