May 12th, 2014
Beyonce, Fashion News, Solange Knowles
Met Ball Drama: Solange Attacks Jay Z in Elevator
By Mikelle

Third ward trill runs deep!

It seems that today is all about the Knowles sisters. According to a video on TMZ, Solange Knowles got into a physical altercation with brother-in-law Jay Z at last Monday’s Met Gala. The video shows her attacking him as he tries to deflect her blows.

What did Beyonce do? Ensure the safety of her black Givenchy gown of course!

givenchy haute couture met gala met ball Beyonce+Knowles+Red+Carpet+Arrivals+Met+Gala+xY2IvRr6lWwx
As of now no one knows what caused the 3.1 Phillip Lim clad Solange to punch and kick at Jay. What we do know? Thank God for Julius.

Red+Carpet+Arrivals+Met+Gala+Part+2+lERb-Ebdc_rx 3.1 phillip lim solange knowles
Shocking. Best believe, I won’t be getting sassy with Solange anytime soon.
Solange Knowles goes ham on Jay Z at Met Gala
Let’s hope everything in the Carter-Knowles clan is resolved amicably.
Beyonce & Jay-Z Met Gala 2014
Photos from Getty, @Chf_BoyarB

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60 Responses to “Met Ball Drama: Solange Attacks Jay Z in Elevator”

  1. heavenly84 says:

    Solo is a thug, lol. Who would have thought, H-Town!

  2. CrazyM says:

    I’ve been laughing at this all morning! Love it!

  3. JJ says:

    It’s sad! People forget that Jay & Bey are human and they have issues behind closed doors that the world may not know of! They’ve done a stellar job with keeping things hush-hush for soooo long and then to see this come out.Not to say violence is the answer, but let’s be real. Issues between in-laws run deep sometimes. Solange had something to defend whether on behalf of her sister or not. We don’t know what happened, but I do know Jay & Bey are NOT happy that this footage is out. I will CRINGE if audio surfaces to go along with this footage.

  4. Peaches says:

    We want sound! On a serious note this is straight up assault. Jay Z is well within his rights to defend himself against a vicious attack. I wonder what provoked it. This is amazing.

  5. Marsha says:

    While I understand people’s curiosity, I really wish this was not on FBD. This story is NOT fashion video, even if Bey was protecting her Givenchy gown! i’m dreading all of the speculation and storytelling this video will spark. No matter how fertile your imagination may be, we will most likely never know the cause of the attack, even if one of the people involved does say something about it!

  6. 2 Cents says:

    Something in the milk ain’t clean. And @Marsha this is fashion news, it was at the Met Ball, the biggest fashion event of the season. If they reported on other tidbits during the ball, why not report on this?

  7. jeda says:

    “what did Bey do? Protect her gown of course!!!” —-I’m crying!!! lol, always take it back to fashion. I’m really curious as to what happened. I have a feeling that she was defending her sister. We been knew Solo was a thug, definitely the more feisty one of the two.

  8. Set it off says:

    Solange said y’all don’t want it!

  9. Honeybrown says:

    Ooh have y’all ever wondered what woul happen if Julius ( the bodyguard) wrote a book??? It would be soo juicy lol. Honestly, we are all spectators and may never know what happened but I will say this having two sisters, Solange released some don’t mess with my family especially my sisters rage. Bey stood there so this tells me that she saw nothing wrong with what Solange was doing. There is a point in the video when Solange went to kick Jayz and he grabbed her leg, Bey made it a point to remove his hand from her sisters leg. None of us know what goes on behind close door only what’s presented. Anywho, “who wants the perfect love story anyway cliche cliche cliche” she tried to tell us lol.

  10. Dom Dom says:

    Yooo I am PERCHED on the Internet tonight with a bucket of popcorn! This is fucking JU-CEE!

  11. H-Town Girl says:

    I, like any southern girl, knows that there’s a time and a place. Did ya’ll not peep how they all walked into the elevator as one warm family and waited patiently for the door to close and then went left! “Yass bitch Yass!” I’m here for it honey.

  12. H-Town Girl says:

    I, like any southern girl, knows that there is a time and pace for everything. Did y’all not peep how they walked into the elevator like one warm family, patiently waited for the doors to close and then went left! Yass B*** Yass! I’m here for it! All of Houston is HERE for IT!

  13. LOL says:

    Meanwhile…..Beyonce continues to act like ice-cream churns out her behind.

  14. Nona says:

    Listen, celebrities are human beings and they have problems just like everyone else but Jay and B mutually decided to display their lives as being picture perfect whenever they step outside of their home. For Solange to attack Jay and Bey not do anything about it, means that Jay is guilty of something. Folks are saying he cheated or he’s abusing Bey. I don’t know about the abuse part, but if he’s cheating on Bey, that hit a nerve for Solo (ya’ll know she doesn’t play when it comes to her sis) because their father cheated on their mother and had a baby with the mistress. So, Solange is probably like, my sister is not about to go through that to. Hopefully, they resolved their issues, but Solange is the real Third Ward Trill.
    Now with that we have a show like Scandal, y’all know Olivia Pope stepped in and said ya’lls net worth is $700 milli and you got the On The Run Tour in June, so we’re gonna do what I like to call damage control, ya’ll go to the Brooklyn Nets game and smile and do what ya’ll do. I can see it all play out lol.
    Their show of “perfection” is showing cracks now. LAWD AH MERCY!

  15. Shirley says:

    Claire, I know this site is not a gossip site but this story is straight up gossip! Can someone find out what transpired between these two?

  16. Lee_Lee says:

    I’m dead @Nona…lmao. This is sad but hey they’re human just like us and sometimes we take it to the streets even with out Fam…not sayin its right but hey.

  17. Lee_Lee says:

    I with “our” Fam

  18. anonymous says:

    *blank stare* at some of these celebratory comments. What a miserable life some people must have to get so much joy out if situations like this.

  19. Taryn Nicole says:

    It amazes me that people find joy and comic relief in a violent, abusive woman but cry wolf when it’s a man. And the fact that your site can make light of this matter by saying fashion is more important than violence let’s me know that not only do you all lack morals, but you’re just another blog that is too weak and afraid to stand for something that goes against the masses. Bravo FBD, you truly are a disappointment.

  20. Martinique_Fr says:

    I really don’t understand why some people are “happy” about this situation… these people are human beings; they have arguments, disagreements, altercations and misunderstandings like everyone else…(sigh).

  21. JEG says:

    @Anon 2:35 and @Taryn I consign! I love Solo but this is disrespectful in every way. Even if she was defending Bey she had no right to physically attack Jay. At the end of the day let your older sister handle her own business. Beyonce is a grown woman ( her words, came out her own mouth) and if she didn’t escalate to violence then you shouldn’t be raising your hands or foot either! I respect Jay for only blocking her and not retaliating in the heat of the situation. Some of you basking in this is so hypocritical in so many ways if it had been Jay swinging y’all would be ready to burn all his albums and boycott like Chris Brown. Now as far as this whole situation….

    Fix it Jesus *Phadrea’s voice*

  22. Who ever taped that video while working in the security room should be fired.

  23. Melissa says:


  24. Melissa says:

    @JEG we’re on the same wavelength & I hadn’t even seen your comment.

    let’s just hope everything can be settled privately, Solange isn’t given a pass here (because she’s wrong) and everything gets worked out.

  25. Cocoa says:

    I don’t care that FBD reported on this story because many a times in the past they have reported on non fashion stories especially pertaining to this family. And I for one am very grateful for the balanced reporting afterall you can’t only report the good. That being said I don’t believe anyone has the right to hit anyone… male or female HOWEVER this clan tries their hardest to appear so damn perfect all the damn time so that this is a wonderful reminder to us lesser mortals that all that glitters is not gold!I like the Carters but their picture perfect life has always rubbed me the wrong way… admittedly it is none of our business but they signed up for this… It truly does come with the territory. Fame is a double edged sword and unfortunately the blade is flapping. The question we are all asking is why. And like another commenter said…I don’t think we will ever know the truth because they are experts in hiding. For a sister to react like that and for Bey not to do anything it must be awfully big! If you notice when they left the elevator Bey accompanied her sister in one car and Jay was left to go in another. The lesson I think, is that no relationship is perfect no matter how wonderful it seems unless you are on the inside you just never really know…

  26. Honeybrown says:

    As was previously stated WE ARE ALL SPECTATORS! Not unless you were in the elevator unbeknownst to everyone. We don’t know if Solange was verbally abused, if her sister (Beyonce) has been verbally and or physically abused. The thing is WE DONT KNOW! So to judge Solange off an video that’s has no audio is absurb

  27. Hmmm says:

    Some of you are the same hypocrites who were saying that Portia was right to attack Kenya, now saying Solange was wrong to attack the camel, FOH.

  28. Bam says:

    Yesss hmmm it amazes me how people find attacks so entertaining or have to create versus. It happens let’s be real but to define it as entertaining or amusing is just strange. Bey, Jay and Solange I hope y’all can work it out love is love

  29. JEG says:

    Hmmmm you cannot compare these two incidents but nice try! From the video I saw nothing in Jays hands nor did I see him invade her space. They looked to be arguing from the sides and she ran up on him! She was not provoked by props so you cannot compare the two situations in any way.

  30. Ilo says:

    Also no body deserves to be physically attacked if they didn’t touch you. He withdrew just like Kenya did at the reunion and that takes a lot of discipline especially with people pulling your hair or kicking you.

  31. Libby says:

    I have no empathy for Jay Z at ALL. He had no problem with making fun of domestic violence in Drunk In Love with the line Eat the cake, Anna Mae. Well it was Jay’s turn to Eat the cake and the damn shoe. Team Solange

  32. Anonymous says:

    i think a lot of ppl are missing the point here. it looks to me as if solo was defending her sister. it would not surprise me if we found out Jay been whooping Bey a$$ behind closed doors. we’re all human, and we all deal with family issues. your sister is NOT gonna flip out on your man like that for no reason. i trust and believe you bey and jay fans are going to try and justify this in some way.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Here goes the teams smdh. I was driving from the metro and saw two kids fighting and people were watching and cheering it on. Idk what’s going on with this world. Stop the madness people. What team will you be on when someone drop kicks you or punches you?

  34. S says:

    Wow…just wow! Solange took it there and whatever the issue was she has now invited (by default) the public into what is a private family matter. I feel bad for all parties involved because people will be speculating for weeks about what caused her to blow a fuse. People who have disliked the Knowles clan are the only ones who would revel in something like this. It’s embarrassing on so many levels. I also agree, whoever leaked the security tape should have his or her rear end handed to them.

  35. thatbirdy says:

    Peoples mindset is so different from mine rather than spinnig a story or making comparisons to RHOA can we just say that Solange was doing too much I mean damn. Her and Porsha done messed up their coins

  36. Anonymous says:

    Solo has to be defending her sister hands down. I think the message her was she wasn’t afraid of him. Everyone wants to believe Jay & Bey have a perfect relationship but i beg to differ after seeing this.

  37. CrazyM says:


  38. Honeybrown says:

    Im sure who ever SOLD the tape received close to six figures or maybe more for it, so I highly doubt they care about the security of their little security job. And why must they have their azz handed to them. Bey and Jay are not royalty and they are not our Flotus and Potus. They are two incredibly talented normal human beings. S**t happens! And excuse me for finding it a tad bit juicy. Oh well carry on. Must I add in my most wretched (ratchet) voice this would have been perfect for WORLDSTAR!!!

  39. l says:

    Lol @ Solange defending Beyonce. Even though I genuinely believe that Beyonce has absolutely no personality whatsoever, I’m pretty sure she is very capable of defending herself. What it looks like to me is a disagreement between Solange and Jay-Z; one whose cause is independent of his and Beyonce’s marriage. Beyonce standing and watching it happen seems to me like fights between Solange and Jay-Z are a regular occurrence and at this point it’s happened so many times it doesn’t even phase her.

  40. binks says:

    wooooow….this goes to show that what glitters isn’t always gold. this is why folks need to keep stardom, stanning/fannig, idolizing, etc. in check because at the end of the day they are just people we don’t know except what is shown in pictures. I don’t know what they were fighting over but wow, to be a fly on that wall.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Lol @ Solange defending BEYONCE. Even though I genuinely believe that BEYONCE has absolutely no personality whatsoever, I’m pretty sure she is very capable of defending herself. What it looks like to me is a disagreement between Solange and Jay-Z; one whose cause is independent of his and Beyonce’s marriage. Beyonce standing and watching it happen seems to me like fights between SOLANGE and Jay-Z are a regular occurrence and at this point it’s happened so many times it doesn’t even phase her. If anything this is shows the volatility of Solange and Jay-Z’s relationship rather than Beyonce and Jay-Z.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Queen B played her position the whole time. There is a 3:32 video on you tube by tmz….says it all even though it says nothing literally.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad Jay kept his cool. We have all been here and done things that we regret later…

  44. S says:

    No one said Bey and Jay are royalty and I never alluded to that. Unless a person has gone missing and security Needs to let the public view a possible suspect,leaking this kind of tape is just making a private matter gone bad public fodder. People have no integrity on jobs anymore. This didn’t have to be released to the public and did someone sell the tape….possibly, but I don’t think it would have been six figures. People will sell out their mothers for far less.

  45. Fix It Jesus says:

    This is madness! Guess The Carters are as ratchet as everyone else.

  46. Kat says:

    How are the Carters ratchet? The only one fighting is Solange. And I don’t get the whole ‘they try to act like they are perfect’ nonsense. When you don’t make a business of airing your dirty laundry, that is how it will look, like you are perfect! I hope that they do not release any statements- this ish isn’t anyones business.

  47. Natasha says:

    I wish I was a better person but I need to know what BrianBee and C Maddox think of all-a-this. I. Just. Do. They know the business though, so keeping a lid on family drama is crucial. If not for the security guard no one would be the wiser.

  48. libby17 says:

    Solange will take the fall and go to “rehab” for her anger issues. Bey and Jay will continue to parade around as king and queen, never mentioning what set off solange.

  49. Feather says:

    So I’m hearing Solange just deleted every picture of Beyonce off her instagram. I didn’t follower her so I don’t know if she had any up in the first place. I am so sick of hearing people say Beyonce should have stood up for her man. WHAT IF SOLANGE WAS STANDING UP FOR HER SISTER? Anyway.. I guess we will never know because I’m sure no one will do a interview and I’m sure they are going to try to sue the security service for the elevator. We were entertained for a spell. This is the first time Beyonce has had public drama. Interesting.

  50. Trina says:

    um , this is fashion related. Duh, she was fighting in a designer gown at an after party for a huge event. Hell, this is the only time since this story broke, that I seen Solonge outfit.

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