April 28th, 2014
Just Because
We’re Planning a Redesign!
By Claire

Happy Monday Bombshells!
So it’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally going to redesign the site and take it from a ‘blog’ style to more of a ‘website’ format.
fashion bomb daily redesign
The projected date for redesign? June 1st. My goal is to make FashionBombDaily.com easier to use, faster, and more like the sites you guys love to frequent (but think more Style.com than MediaTakeOut!).
fashion bomb daily site redesign

I’ve also noticed that so many of you participate and comment wildly on Instagram and Facebook. So our Mobile site will be slicker and hopefully as easy to use as those to digital juggernauts.
fbd instagram
Last time I redesigned the site, I just went for it without any input. But would love to hear what you guys might like to see. What sites do you love in terms of design? How can we make your user experience better? I’m thinking we can make our slideshows easier to use, update our comments section, and make things easier to find in general.

We’ve come a long way, but still have so far to go…

At any rate, what do you think? Would love your thoughts.

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35 Responses to “We’re Planning a Redesign!”

  1. fly won says:

    I’d like to be able to reply to others’ comments

  2. Blue Ivy Carter says:

    @FlyWon I would love that as well!! I remembered claire implemented that once. It went south.

  3. LEI says:

    I would like to see more of why the blog was started in the first place. Kim and co. can take a hike……..

  4. DeeFresh says:

    The Fabulous Looks of the Day gallery is a little hard to navigate, so maybe if it was more like a slideshow like yahoo galleries? I think you could do the same for all the winners from each annual poll for Bombshell/Bomber of the year. Is there a way to have a video gallery of all your FashionBomb TVs too? I really like the interviews you do. I sound like a kid at Christmas lol

  5. I would love to have a edit your comment option for errors made when typing in a hurry. I appreciate the comment section but do not like the constant shade and personal opinions thrown back and forth concerning what one might be sensitive about for that day so I am not sure if being able to reply to someone’s comment would be beneficial, it may! I am just thinking about all the out of pocket remarks one can make behind a computer.

  6. Tee says:

    Take away the comments section too many people with opinions.

  7. I’m just waiting on the FBD app.

  8. I’m just waiting on the FBD app for Iphone.

  9. aha says:

    I have to refresh this page twice before I can see any new material. Please fix that.

  10. Anonymous says:

    No matter where I view (CPU or Mobile), I have to continually clear my history and cache to see new posts.

  11. DarkEmpress says:

    I would like to be able to reply to others comments. I don’t want to have to use Facebook to make comments. I like Disqus for comments.

    The real style, what to wear and fashion bombshell of the day are my favourite features on this website, so maybe they could be emphasized more in the tags section. I actually don’t like the tags section. Maybe you could separate the celebrity names from the categories for that section.

    Also, I know that you like the monochromatic black and white Claire, but a touch of colour would be nice!

  12. DarkEmpress says:

    My first comment seems to have disappeared! That’s one issue Ive had a few times!

    I like using Disqus for comments. I don’t like Facebook for comments.

    The What to wear, Real Style and Fashionbomb of the Day are my favourite sections, so it would be good if they could be emphasized in the tags sections. I actually don’t like the tags section, its a bit jumbled. It would be good to separate the categories from the celebrity names.

    Finally, I would like a bit of colour in the theme of the website instead of the monochromatic black and white.

  13. S says:

    I believe the comment section should remain. That is the only way the staff can get feedback on their posts,answer any common questions and interact with their readers. However, I also have concerns about being able to reply directly to the comments of others.

    Fashion taste is very subjective and personal. Comments could get more than a little heated, especially on controversial posts. If comments could be moderated that would be good and make it nicer to interact with fellow readers.

    I also like the idea of a gallery section of all the Fashion bombshells/bombers and the Fabulous looks of the day. Lastly, a scrolling/slide show type section of the Cool online finds would be awesome as well.

  14. Claire says:

    Note taken. Thanks, guys…!

  15. ABee says:

    As far as aesthetics, I love the clean white layout. I also really, really liked the banner font — so cool and modern. And I appreciate that the site is not busy or cluttered looking, but like some of the others have mentioned, a splash of color would be nice. The “Fashion Looks of the day” page is a little more cumbersome to navigate. I can’t second the idea of using something similar to the yahoo slide show only because that can freeze up or take forever depending on your system or browser. I think a scrolling layout like most of the other posts on here would be great. Thanks for the great work and for asking for your loyal readers’ input!

  16. marguerite says:

    girl, you better keep the comment section!

    also, don’t put up a bunch of crap ads so the pages load like molasses.

  17. southern says:

    As many have stated before, please take the fabulous looks of the day and make it one big post, instead of having to click on every picture for details. I understand ads get you paid, but if no one wants to click at all, you lose.

  18. Love says:

    I agree with the comments on the looks of the day section. Perhaps when we click on the link we can just scroll down to look at the photos as opposed to having to click for each new picture. That saves time especially when I’m on my phone.

  19. Power in Faith says:

    first of all let me say i love this site..!! secondly i would like it to feel more like an online magazine like cosmo or something… easy to navigate.. respond to others comments… maybe you could feature guest bloggers too. just really concise tabs like beauty..makeup…world news… etc… also i would love for you guys to highlights good deeds/charity work done by either random members or bloggers etc that incorporate fashion… like if someone donates coats to marine families or something….. lastly i would love a forum section so that commentators can discuss with each other in a friendly environment!~ the end

  20. Power in Faith says:

    and maybe have like a separate “work” section because a lot of us are working women who are looking for things to translate to our everyday wear etc

  21. Elie says:

    I like the Who What Wear website design and layout Claire and I don’t mind the B&W. The color from people’s outfits is enough to make your website pop with color :)

  22. Opsy says:

    A work wear section where the Working or office woman and man will learn from will be nice.

    Also,it will be nice if you recycle outfits….what I mean is for you to wear some pieces from previous posts so readers can see how you mix and match and even feature bloggers who do. #okbye

  23. Joslyn says:

    I love the black and white, but I miss the colorful header. I like the ideas of a What to Wear to Work section; similar to Marie Claire @Work’s mag. I also miss the beauty posts! I’d love to see an expanded culture section, i.e food and travel from all the fab places you go.

    Can’t wait to see the final product!

  24. manie says:

    Good idea!

    i like the minimalist layout of the site, it brings out the main focus, pictures and outfit.

    However I think the front or head layout is too busy.

    Concerning mobile navigation the “button pages” should be bigger ;).

  25. Anonymous says:

    Keep it simplistic, as it already is!

    Just get rid of these ads on the right side, they are very clustering and take away from the website’s focus.
    Put the ads at the bottom of the page, that way they are still visible, but not in the way!
    Keep the posts the main focus, as is.
    Tabs are consistent.
    Navigating around the website is fine as is as well.
    Just with posts like “Fab Looks of The Day,” put them on one page, or make the slideshow so that it does not refresh every time one clicks to view the next picture.

    Key focuses: simplistic, clean (non-clustered/busy).

  26. I am excited to see your new digs. This is my favorite blog spot!

  27. shake says:

    i would like to be informed about purchase information on outfits in every pic …maybe a clipnote at the end of each pic showing where the items can be found…. on whowhatwear.com i believe it is set up like that

  28. Brandi says:

    Please no audio sales ads. It makes it hard to be incognito with visiting the site while at work or when I’m trying to check out during a dull meeting.

  29. karen says:

    thank GOD!!!! i was just saying how terrible this site is given your level of professionalism. I think you need a complete redesign. Besides the content there is nothing good in this design. i’ll be back when the redesign is complete. good luck!

  30. Adonis says:

    Please, please, please Claire, less annoying ads to the right of the sight & lining the bottom of majority of the pics/post. Apart from that, all I really want is more variety. I want to see up and coming stylist and people to watch out for. I feel like you do give us something fresh once in awhile, but for the most part theres a consistency in whose outfits are posted. Kim K, Rihanna, Beyonce. Maybe even some interviews, tips, and upcoming trend alerts from the people who actually dress Rihanna(Lysa Cooper), Beyonce(Ty Hunter), Kim K(who knows). That’s reasonable though. Right? Oh, and no replying to comments. Most of the time I can’t stand the comments anyhow.

  31. I love your blog Claire. Keep up the good work. I will like to be able to reply comments, like to see you post more articles on fashion stylists/styling etc

  32. anonymous says:

    the page load is slow since your “re-do”. too many ads have to load. don’t be the next Bossip, please.

  33. Jovan says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m a Blogger/Computer Engineer and I love coming here to see what’s going and what’s trending.

    Things I’ll Love To See:
    1. Color= The current is very nice and clean, a little color is not too much.

    2. Comments= It would be much better to implement the Facebook Comment Application since most of the users comes from facebook anyway, it also takes the load of processing comments off the site, its also much safer. Check out the link for social plugins https://developers.facebook.com/docs/

    3. A more visible Menu= It took me a minute to notice a Menu was actually there, a more visible can help users navigate easily.

    4. Speed= We all love a site the loads fast, as someone who works for a hosting company and done some web development with content managers like WordPress, I know that speed can sometimes be hard to accomplish.
    However there’s a lot that be done to optimize your blog.
    -Be sure that your web server has enough resources (You guys are growing fast) check with your hosting provider.
    -Disable unnecessary plugins on the backend.
    -Minimize the amount of Ads on your site.
    - Archive Older Post as these loads every time you click to the Next Post.


  34. Jovan says:

    Hi Guys,
    I love fashion but i’m a Computer Engineer by profession, I love coming here all the time to see what’s new and what’s trending.
    Here are my Feedback.
    1.Your the redesign can use some color not too much.

    2.Your might want to implement the Facebook Comment Application to process your comments an take the load of the site to optimize speed. Here’s a link to Facebook developer plugins https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ Facebook comment will also help your audience know who is who and create a network.

    3.Slide shows and galleries would be nice, however be careful when implementing those, be selective as they can slow your site down a tad bit depending on the resources on the web server.

    4.A better visible menu bar, it took me a minute to actually notice that there’s a menu there for navigation, also minimize the amour of submenus if you can that’s a long list.

    5.Speed. We all love a site that loads fast, here’s a few tip on optimizing the speed of the site.
    -Be sure that your Web Server has enough resources to process the amount of content you guys are pushing daily (You guys are growing fast), so check with your web hosting provider.
    -Disable unnecessary plugins on the back end.
    -Archive Older Post helps the site loads faster.
    -There is a lot more ways to optimize..Image optimization, Compressing your webpage content etc.

    Looking forward to seeing the changes and hoping to have a better experience.

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