April 22nd, 2014
Fashion News
On New York Magazine: Robin Givhan Declares the Golden Era of Fashion Blogging ‘Over’
By Claire

New York Magazine writer Robin Givhan wrote an interesting piece today in New York Magazine, declaring the golden age of fashion blogging ‘over.’
bryan boy hanneli bloggers-frontrow
Her hypothesis: that the ‘of the minute’ insidery views once offered by bloggers are now being dispensed by ‘true’ fashion insiders. She writes, “With everyone from powerhouse editors-in-chief to creative directors and standard-bearing critics playing the social-media game, the singular advantage that social media once offered bloggers is no longer so clear. The same intimate tone, once unique to those initial disrupters, can now be found in the Twitter feeds of print folks such as [Eva] Chen, Derek Blasberg, and Mickey Boardman. They live-blog while at shows, while zipping through airports, while touring art exhibitions, while vacationing. They un-self-consciously share from all corners of their fashion lives.”

Lucky Magazine Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen

Lucky Magazine Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen

She continues, “The distance between the Establishment and fashion’s once-dazzling revolutionaries has narrowed, and there is minimal distinction between them. Because what the fashion industry loves, it woos — then swallows whole.” Ok.
bcbg max azria blogger front row fashion bomb daily
Robin Givhan’s article centers mostly on fashion shows and their intimately exclusive nature. Newsflash: the fashion industry is not just about seats at fashion shows. It’s not all about positioning, backstage, designer interviews, and huge conglomerates. It’s about commerce and translating trends (which can all be viewed online) to the masses.

A livestream of a Burberry show

A livestream of a Burberry show

Bloggers interface with their audience in ways a traditional editor can’t, because bloggers are largely unfiltered and unedited. They’re more relatable–the friends in your head who give you the scoop. They’re on the ground uncovering what’s hot before the big guys gets their hands on them. In theory, they’re giving you something raw and genuine.
In terms of Fashion Bomb Daily, my goal has always been to offer something you can’t find on Elle, WWD, Vogue, or Harper’s Bazaar. Yes, it’s very niche, but our reach is undeniable. How many fashion sites mention the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, whose show receives an average of 3.5 million viewers, cover J. Lo’s American Idol outfits–a show that gets an average of 8.4 million views per episode, but then reviews couture in the same breathe?
2 Phoebe Tonkins vs. Marjorie Harvey in Chanel's Spring 2014 Rainbow Printed Dress
There is still a necessity for bloggers, even if only to cater to those communities who love fashion, but might not see their interests reflected on, say, New York Magazine. Perhaps the golden era of fashion bloggers storming the shows and front rows is on the wane. But the power and influence of these digital innovators is far from over.

Of course I’m biased.
What do you think of Givhan’s article?

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12 Responses to “On New York Magazine: Robin Givhan Declares the Golden Era of Fashion Blogging ‘Over’”

  1. Enigma says:

    I think she wants the pre-blogger era back and decided to pen this article in hopes of making people believe that fashion bloggers are out.
    There are so many facets to the fashion world that they will always be a place for fashion bloggers. If I want to know what a celebrity is wearing I’ll ask FBD first instead of a magazine in hopes of getting a response a month later. Most editors don’t provide recaps of designer shows in their magazines or on other social platforms etc.

  2. FBDFan says:

    Not to mention, you always feature fashionable minority women and have brought my attention to several fashion bloggers who are minority that I now follow on IG.
    I love the inclusivity of the FBD and it’s embodiment of true diversity.
    I love seeing women who look like be owning fashion.
    For that, I say thank you!

  3. I think it was a slow fashion news day Robin pulled this one out of her @** , Life goes on….

  4. Lauren says:

    Given that the industry still isn’t very embracing to ‘us’ as a whole, whether you be a designer, model or editor blogs etc are still very much needed. Ms Givhan should be the 1st to understand this.

  5. Mimi says:

    Well given that I don’t do twitter, Instagram or any of that stuff, I rely on this site to keep me up on who’s wearin what, what’s hot and where to get it.

  6. saywhat says:

    I tend to agree with this article but more in regards to those fashion bloggers who have become (1) censored due to them taking money and gifts from companies and (2) narcissistic where it’s more of how I look in “fashion” as opposed to objective commentary/dialogue on fashion.

    For sure, I am ready for these two types of blogs to die away.

  7. jimmychoo says:

    i’m straddling the fence. i agree w/ Givhan and i agree with you. You both bring up good points. there are too many bloggers out there not offering the bredth and depth that fashionbombdaily.com brings. I think the below par bloggers will fade away, and the good ones, such as you, will be around and seguay into bigger and better avenues to share your expertise.

  8. IMO says:

    I think Givhan told on herself in this article…showing just how ‘out of touch’ she is. In my opinion, there is PLENTY need still for fashion blogs, especially since the industry is not fully embracing to ‘us’, as another commenter stated. Blogs are much more personal and I prefer them to magazines and company websites.

    I do agree that are a LOT of fashion blogs out now, of which only the strong (like FBD) will survive. But I see fashion blogging in general being around for quite some time, growing and expanding with the culture.

  9. simplyME says:

    I second JimmyChoo. There are far too many “fashion bloggers” who do not report on relevant issues in fashion from any point of view. They report mostly on what they wear. Blogs like FBD are very necessary for women like myself who seek a wide variety of fashion information, with heavy emphasis on people of color throughout the field.

    Claire, no worries sweets, you’re here to stay. For those bloggers who have surfaced because the doors were left open by the front-runners, you should run and hide…..no shade.

    xoxoxox beauties

  10. makeeasweet says:

    I get what she was saying.For example,some of the outfits i see on here.I already saw on instagram or twitter first.

  11. MissB says:

    Ms. Givhan’s article reeks of jealousy. I’m sure many who took the traditional route to the front row are plenty jealous of those who seem to have had a meteoric rise without having been the intern who was at the bottom but no one knows what they did do to walk in their shoes.
    Actors who honed their craft in theatre and higher ed. loathe the rappers/singers/reality stars who compete with them for roles. Will there be a push back against fashion bloggers in the future? Only time will tell.

  12. Natasha says:

    As a trained journalist, “navel gazing” has always irritated me. Industry insiders talking about other insiders.

    Ladies, just write. If you attract an audience, then you’re on the right track.

    As an analogy, radio is still relevant in the era of the web. Everyone’s niche is secure. I don’t read NY mag (or any newsstand mag for that matter) but FBD is what’s up for me.

    As Claire pointed out, there’s a focus on couture as well as fashion deemed “alternative/urban/insert derogatory label here” by traditional media.

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