April 21st, 2014
Celebrity Style
Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Style Breakdown: Nene Leakes in a Marc Bouwer Spring 2014 Hot Pink Gown, Kenya Moore in a J. Mendel Red Strapless Bustier Gown, and Cynthia Bailey in Alexandre Vauthier!
By Claire

So…did you watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion last night? I actually missed it, but am catching up as I type!
Of course, the ladies brought it in the Style Department.
Take a look at what they wore:
real housewives of atlanta reunion 2014

Nene Leakes looked positively pretty in a pink Marc Bouwer Spring 2014 gown:
Nene Leakes Marc Bouwer Spring 2013 reunion show fashion bomb daily 2014
See it below in black:
nene leakes arc bouwer spring 2014 gown hot pink dress fashion bomb daily
Porsha Williams showed off her new assets in a Ralph & Russo Couture Gown:
Porsha Williams Stewart Ralph Russo Couture Gown Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion
The dusky pink, long sleeve sheer gown has delicate rose gold flowers and crystal embellishment.
Porsha Williams Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show Gown Ralph Russo Couture

Phaedra Parks embraced spring pastels in a $7,245 strapless Dolce & Gabbana dress:
Phaedra Parks Dolce Gabbana Gown Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Dolce Gabbbana blue lace strapless dress
The dress has a scalloped neckline and hem.
dolce gabbana blue lace bustier gown phaedra parks real housewives of atlanta reunion show

Cynthia Bailey skewed sultry in a $6,152 Alexander Vauthier Black Wrap Style Dress:
Cynthia Bailey Alexandre Vauthier Black Wrap Style Dress Low Cut fashion bomb daily real housewives reunion
The dress has a plunging neck with metallic embellishments to one side, a wrap style front, a front slit, and a draped fishtail hem.
cynthia bailey alexandre vauthier black embellished wrap style dress
And lastly, resident villain Kenya Moore got her wig snatched in a $5,300 J. Mendel red strapless gown:
The satin frock has a plunging sweetheart neckline, a pleated bustier bodice, and a banded high waist.
Kenya Moore Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Red Strapless Bustier Gown
Still searching for an ID on Kandi’s creation, but that does it for now!
Who do you think was best dressed?
*In case you missed the reunion, see a few clips below:

Do you think Porsha was justified in hitting Kenya?
Spied @Reality TV Fashion

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35 Responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Style Breakdown: Nene Leakes in a Marc Bouwer Spring 2014 Hot Pink Gown, Kenya Moore in a J. Mendel Red Strapless Bustier Gown, and Cynthia Bailey in Alexandre Vauthier!”

  1. Mimi says:

    Nene’s attitude ruined any hope she had of lookin cute. Kenya somehow managed to still look cute being drug across the floor and Poor Porsha she looked cute minus this boobs and all that hair. Phaedra looked stuffed in her dress and Cynthia’s hair was pretty. Kandi was just there IMO.

  2. Keke says:

    Its very strange because last night after watching that episode i kinda understood where portia was coming from and i sided with kenya as well. Portia really did always try to handle her arguments with kenya by just saying watever and rolling her eyes and just brush ot off but i guess tonite she just had it and all her emotions came out thats y she was crying so much after cause she was emotional about it. I been thru that situation where i hit someone and i felt extremely bad after wards. Now i agree with kenya too for pressing charges against portia cause u have no right to hit someone and drag her across the floor in her dress!!! Im glad the show dismissed her because they dont condone violence which was good. They are not like bad girls club and bbwla or lahh that promote fighting. -21, F, NYC

  3. missy says:

    honestly claire porsha fell right into kenya’s trap. yes her antics were a bit overbearing, but thats kenya and her dramatics. keny gets paid to be the meean, manipulative, vindictive victim, and guess what it makes for great TV. all these ladies are boring as ever keny adds ti this ensemble. porsha is a lil bit slower than the average. if she didnt or couldnt see that kenya was aggaravting the situation. kenya is a smart, educated, well versed woman who happens to play chess very well. she just checkmated porsha out of a job. all the ladies knew to stay clear of kenya, and i guess porsha didnt get the memo. #teamkenya with her aggaravting self

  4. G. Banks says:

    They all look lovely…even Kenya MooreWHORE…
    Honestly, the old washed up Ms.WhateverSheWasAThousandYearsAgo was trying Porsha from the beginning of the last season and Porsha has held her own all till now. Kenya is known for pushing people to their limits and she did just that at this reunion (the little toy scepter and that d*** bullhorn…really?) , so I feel Porsha is right for what she did. I suprised she put up with Ms.Thang for so long, her tolerance/patience is really high. I feel bad for her though because it’s obvious that Kenya pushed her to a point she wasnt trying to go to and felt bad afterwards.

  5. D says:

    First of all why did Andy allow Kenya to taught everyone with a wand and blow horn. He needs to be checked!

  6. Hello says:

    Why all the Kenya shade? Porsha fell into Kenya’s trap now she’s out of a job not smart. If Phaedra is able to keep her cool with Kenya after all she’s done Porsha should’ve been able to as well but Phaedra is more mature than Porsha obviously. Moving on all the ladies looked great minus Nene her attitude and two tone lace front was dreadful!

  7. Brandi says:

    I’ve read many comments about this alredy and some of the other comments had me wondering if we were all watching the same show. Porsha is no victim and couldn’t seem to keep her mouth shut. She has been just as vocal toward and about Kenya all season as Kenya was toward her. Kenya was definitely getting the best of Porsha; smirking at Porsha’s obvious, escalating botherment from her trumping retorts. I’m not mad at Kenya’s blow horn because I find it completely disrespectful to speak over someone, especially when the question was directed to another person. And how do you call somebody a slut from the 90′s then want to fight when they call you a dumb ho in return? Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Neither of these ladies were in the right but imo Porsha needs to learn to shut up & learn how to handle herself.

  8. B says:

    Sorry but not sorry, I do not feel sorry for Porsha! She is an adult not a child. If you do no tlike something, walk off and take a breather. Kenya did not provoke her because if you want tell lies on me. I am definitely going to defend myself. They want to expose Kenya, but they are exposing themselves. Porsha being carried away was overly dramatic. I like how Kenya got up and walked away like it was nothing.

    To the fashions, everyone looked great. My favs were Kenya, Cynthia, and Phaedra (shocker!) I did not like Porsha’s look and NeNe….ok.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m not saying at lam that it is right to put your hands on anyone. But baby Miss congeniality had it coming to her. Belittling people with no consequence will only get you so far.

  10. Titi says:

    the fashion: Ms. Leakes what happened darling? that wig was a no ma’am. Nene always looks so pulled together on a regular day and idk what happened for the reunion. The dress is beautiful and the color was fabulous. She’s my fav housewife though she missed the mark last night.
    Phaedras dress was stunning, just not on her. All her clothes always look like they are hard to breathe in.
    Kandi looked nice, black hair looks so much better on her.
    Cynthia gives good face, she’s truly a beautiful woman, I barely noticed what she wore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe in putting your hands on someone unless they put their hands on you first..but in the case of Kenya and her antics I think i would have but her upside her head too.. there is only soo much a person can take!! And really a mega phone and a septor!!! She was too extra!! And on top of everything when she kept being called out in all of her web of lies she would try and over talk people to make them look as if they had no validity in their statements..

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe in putting your hands on someone unless they put their hands on you first..but in the case of Kenya and her antics I think i would have bust her upside her head too.. there is only soo much a person can take!! And really a mega phone and a septor!!! She was too extra!! And on top of everything when she kept being called out in all of her web of lies she would try and over talk people to make them look as if they had no validity in their statements..

  13. KNicole says:

    I don’t believe in putting your hands on someone unless they put their hands on you first..but in the case of Kenya and her antics I think i would have bust her upside her head too.. there is only soo much a person can take!! And really a mega phone and a septor!!! She was too extra!! And on top of everything when she kept being called out in all of her web of lies she would try and over talk people to make them look as if they had no validity in their statements..

  14. Titi says:

    The drama:
    When will Kenya learn that she will not get happiness bringing misery to others?
    First, No props should have been permitted. The fault there lies on Bravo as well as Andy Cohen. Using a blow horn to communicate with a person 3 ft from you is completely disrespectful.
    Instead of giving her power to Kenya by hitting her, she should have walked off set and refused to reappear until all props were removed.
    Bottomline, the lack of respect, discretion, and compassion these women display toward one another is why this happened.

    Kenya when someone charges toward you threatening to beat you up, move. Don’t jump up! Unless of course you want to get hit and if thats true, don’t play victim and press charges boo.

  15. Georgia says:

    Are you seriously asking if adult women are justified in committing assault because of words someone said that they don’t like? Really? That ain’t cute, and anyone who cannot control herself–who “blacks out” with rage, as she claimed–needs professional help and to deal with the legal consequences of her actions. It isn’t against the law to say things people don’t want to hear.

  16. Mic says:

    Nene is just not a good looking lady because she is ugly inside. I stop looking a while back for anything redeeming in her. She is a world class hypocrite and liar. Porshia needs to understand that she is on RHOA not the Home Christian Network. I really do not like the mind set that says it’s ok to solve thing with violence. Tacky much. Kenya went hard on Porshia and is no angel but Posrshia’s move was weak.

  17. koko says:

    *Porsha throws scepter on ground*

    Kenya: “I bet you can’t spell “scepter”. Spell it Porsha. Spell scepter.”

    And THAT, was the funniest part. I died.
    That’s all.

  18. BettyBlack says:

    I think that they all looked good. However, Porsha’s hair was too much. I loathed Nene’s stank attitude. Violence is never OKay and Porsha should not have attacked Kenya. Phaedra called Kenya a ‘whore’ several times and not once did Kenya get up to attack her. At the end of the day Porsha should have held it in check or took some time out.

  19. KBS says:

    I loved Nene’s dress, but the George Washington wig was tragic at best. Porsha let that build up and Kenya got to her. The funiest part was Kenya sliding across the floor, SMH. In the midst of the Tom Foolery, poor Cynthia had her whole entire mammary snatched out right along with Kenya’s wig. Messy.

  20. binks says:

    Honestly, you can’t blame one without blaming the other both were active participates in this altercation (and personally Andy and Bravo shelters the blame as well!)so nobody was the victim. Kenya found out the consequences for provoking someone and Porsha found out the consequence of not controlling herself by possibly losing her job so…poor dat…all around. But I loved all the ladies’ dresses except for Cynthia’s. And Kenya’s hair (though she got dragged by it…lol) was cute.

  21. ATLShawty says:

    1st. I do not recommend watching RHOA in HDTV. There were craters the size of quarters on my TV screen last night.

    Soooo…am I the only one that felt that Porsha looked like a drag queen? She is the prime example of what happens when you allow heavy handed men apply your extensions and makeup! Just too too much! The fake hair, lashes, teeth, boobs, contouring, nails, glitter, sparkles…ugh. I just wanted to hand her a hot rag and some Cetaphil. Talk about Decatur Barbie!

    Nene her skin was so horrible. They tried to cover it up with makeup and made it look worse. And that wig. For shame. Buying your wig from the beauty supply store 15 mins prior to air time + a face like a foot = Nene. And Phaedra and her holier than thou self, go up a size dear. You’re not a size 4. You’ll never be a size 4. And you cannot squeeze into couture like you are. I just poke her with a pin and deflate her. Why does she always look like an overfed tick?!?!?!

  22. Jihan says:

    lol why is everyone wearing gowns?

  23. IMO says:

    That was my question, Jihan. Gowns fo the reunion? Was it a theme? I thought that, in itself, was too much. Especially with how they were acting (not at all befitting of a gown).

  24. AzizMom says:

    Porsha: You’re a slut from the 90s!

    That was the best line. Forever. LMAO!

    As for the assault, it was out of line. She could have waited until all was taped, checks cut and I’ll see you in the streets b*tch. The props (scepter, bull horn) shouldn’t have been allowed. I blame Andy and the crew for that one.

    Lastly, why would Porsha be out of a job? Chicks been fighting on these shows. Maybe it’s Vh1 that lets them fight like cats. But on O.C. and Married to Medicine they have been brawling and return next season. $$Check$$

  25. Addie says:

    @ Missy you couldn’t have said it better !!!!!!!
    It’s like when everyone hated Star Jones when she was on the apprentice. She wasn’t mean, she was main,y playing the game. The game of chess. ;)

  26. Noirre says:

    That’s how you drag a bitch.

  27. Noami says:

    Fashion- Kenya looked very put together and even better when she walked away from being attacked. Kandi looked cute but what was with the visible bra in the back. Cynthia looked basic but charming. Phadrea looked um well, you can tell she wasn’t looking to get up cause she looked like she couldn’t walk in heels when she went to check on Porsha. Nene..girl you brought truth to Marlo’s comment about how you snatched her style ideas cause Nene look as if she was consulting road kill since unfriending Marlo.

    Tea- First off I’m tired of people cradling Porsha throughout the whole season, she is grown. Porsha came well prepared and conditioned to the reunion with strong convictions against Kenya and when you knock on that door she will answer. When Porsha felt the heat and forgot/ran out of material she resorted to attack mode. I’m sorry I dont have sympathy, time nor the patience. This woman had me with 265 days out the year to her underground railroad comment. Instead of those balmain gowns I would like to see her enroll in school. Then I’ll have respect.

    PS I know it took a lot for Kenya not to get back cause she did not even flinch when she got up.

  28. Trina says:

    Yea, they all looked nice with the fashion. Okay, the real story Porsha have not been through nothing. Keep your emotions in check. So what u got a divorce, u on TV with plenty of opportunities. No kids, and good looks.

  29. yes says:

    Thanks sweet Porsha for showing that over the top brat how real illiterate like she called you from day one roll.I owe you a bottle of a very expensive wine any time I see you,please next time show her behind the camera. They all look very beautiful. What a shame that I love the brat gown and will love to have it.

  30. Axis says:

    To Azizmom she would be out of work because they can get anybody who can yagga people but they can’t get just anybody who has common sense (along with an ounce of intellect) to know the difference of real life and reality for hollywierd tv. Say what you want but Kenya has brought it and when it comes to keeping her cool after cooking she has delivered. Porsha lurked, Kenya called and Porsha came for her. Phadrea never came and she’s been called a couple if times. Lol

    Everyone looked nice but I did believe Porsha could have been more discrete with the cleavage. And Nene must of got her gown from DWTS cause it was loud and not for her. I would’ve never guessed phadrea was D&G

  31. Dreamabi says:

    There’s a double standard. TRHO Miami can get into a fight and on Vanderpump rules Stassi can slap someone but Portia should be fired. Where is the line drawn. Violence is not the answer but SMH.

  32. Anonymous says:

    ^^^ I agree.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Lets be clear,she didn’t slap,shove or even punch she pulled her hair and dragged her that’s beyond the ability for me to work with you plus she just isn’t ready.it won’t be no thing to let her go nothing to see with her to be honest

  34. Keesh says:

    Kenya has played her roll very well the enitire season.Porsha has always been slow & stupid to me. She let her emotions get the best of here. She is just young and dumb. I really can’t tolerate a girl/woman that is pretty and dumb. #badcombo

  35. Timmy says:

    I don’t think Porsha is the dumb broad she’s been playing all season. Listen to her carefully (both singing, and talking at the reunion). She is talented, articulate, theatre-trained,and obviously educated. Do you really believe she is that stupid? I don’t. As for going off on Kenya, I’ve been wanting to clock her one all season. She (Kenya) is a hateful liar.

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