April 14th, 2014
Celebrity Style, Who Wore it Better
Who Wore It Better? Nong Poy vs. Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2014 Red Cape Gown
By Faith

Thai actress Nong Poy took to the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards in the same Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 Red Cape Gown Lupita Nyong’o wore to the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards back in January:


Both ladies opted for minimal accessories and makeup with the stunning design, matching their lips to the gown’s fiery shade.

Check out how the gown was styled on the brand’s Spring 2014 runway.


Both ladies worked this gown!

What do you think? Who wore it better?



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24 Responses to “Who Wore It Better? Nong Poy vs. Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2014 Red Cape Gown”

  1. Serenity says:

    why did Nong even bother?

  2. Hello says:

    Nong looks gorgeous! @serenity just because Lupita wore it first doesn’t mean the dress is off limits they both look beautiful in it

  3. Monica says:

    Is this really a question? Lupita KILLED it in that dress. I agree with Serenity, no one else should even bother.

  4. Anonymous says:

    She can’t even compare. Lupita OWNS this dress!

  5. k says:

    After Lupeetah made such a splash in this dress, I agree, I would’ve passed as well.

  6. Taas says:

    Lupita..without a doubt

  7. Tar Heel says:

    I’m with Serenity. I would fire my stylist for even suggesting it. Similar to how certain songs shouldn’t be covered by other artists and how jerseys are retired, this dress needs to be left to Lupita.

  8. Jihan says:

    Nong looks BEAUTIFUL, but honestly, it’s hard to wear that dress after Lupita so famously slayed in it!

  9. aries says:

    anybody can wear the dress, but that is like someone wearing Jennifer Lopez green Versace dress after she wore it to the Grammy and made headlines. Nong looks beautiful, but I would not have worn it.

  10. Danielle says:

    both ladies look beautiful in the dress !

  11. Anonymous says:

    No one else should ever attempt to resurrect that dress after Lupita laid it to rest. #shedidthat

  12. amber says:

    tailoring is key!

  13. Denise says:

    They both look good but Lupita’s is slightly nipped in at the waist and it makes a huge difference. The fit with Nong’s is just slightly too big, and so, I would also have to give it to Lupita!

  14. Sasha says:

    They both look great however, I like the color of nong’s dress a little more. Maybe it’s the lighting?

  15. Frost says:

    “Lupeetah” ? Really? -_-;;

    And with all due respect, Nong is from Thailand and attended the Hong Kong film awards. Lupita is still a fairly new celebrity in the US. It’s highly likely that her stylist, herself, and a large majority of the audience don’t even know who Lupita is, much less that she wore this dress.

    I think they both look great but the color on Lupita’s skin and her hair and makeup look better to me.

  16. Janie Jones says:

    Lupita wore it best. Her beautiful skin acssentuates the vibrant color.

  17. Doc says:

    If Nang has a stylist then the stylist would have had to contact Ralph Lauren to get this dress. They would have told her that someone else wore it to a major event. If she saw this dress in the Ralph Lauren look book then her stylist would have had to do some research in order to buy or borrow it. If she saw in on the runway then she would have undoubtedly run across substantial press coverage of Lupita in the dress. I do not believe that she did not know that this dress had been worn to a major event. I guess she felt like it would not be a big deal because it was in another country and they may not realize that bloggers are covering fashion all around the world. I don’t think she looks bad in the dress, but this is a major mistake for me. It’s one thing for two people to pick the same cocktail dress and one wears it to dinner and the other wears it to a party. Those are private events with a reasonable expectation of not being publicized so there is the illusion of anonymity and coincidence. But once millions of people have seen the dress it become synonymous with that one person.

  18. Terra says:

    After Lupita wore this, no actress should have even attempted to touch the dress again!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Lupita, of course! This color on her divine skin tone is everything.

  20. MAC says:

    Nong looks gorgeous but they should have retired this dress into the rafters after LuLu wore it. She crushed this dress. Sorry Nong, there’s a lesson here for you somewhere.

  21. Jessy says:

    That J.Lo-green Grammys dress was the perfect comparison. It’s a beautiful dress though, and it looks especially vibrant on Lupita’s picture (Nong’s picture looks filtered so the color is washed out).

  22. From BKK says:

    Nong Poy is her Nickname…

    Her first name is Treechada…

    Actually, Nong Poy is A GUY!

    So proud of her.

  23. Naomi says:

    The dress looks better on Lupita. Poy also great, but not as stunning as Lupita.

    And FYI the Thai transgender actress name is Poy Treechada (Poy is the nichname, Treechada is her real name). The word “Nong” in Thai is the starting word when you call someone younger than you, not hear name lol.

  24. Thai says:

    Do you know ? Nong Poy is ladyboy. Nong poy is the most beautiful ladyboy that I have ever seen.

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