April 8th, 2014
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kanye West Announces Adidas Collab Release Date, LVMH Buys Stake in Giuseppe Zanotti, and Tom Ford is Married!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Peaches Geldof • Investigators are still looking in to the cause of 25-year-old Peaches Geldof‘s tragic death, which remains unknown today. The police say her passing appears to be “non-suspicious,” although “unexplained and sudden.” An autopsy has yet to be carried out, and British tabloid The Sun says there were no drugs or a suicide letter found in Geldof’s home. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this story as it develops. (WWD)
kanye west inks deal with adidas sneakers • Kanye West‘s Adidas collaboration is nearly upon us, according to the rapper-cum-fashion-GOD. During a performance at the brand’s global conference on Monday, West announced that his range for Adidas will be dropping this June. So now, you’ve got something to look forward to this summer! (Fashionista)
fashion-bomb-daily-shoe-lust-giuseppe-zanotti-spring-summer-2014-black-gold-patent-open-toe-with-gold-metal-leaf-embellishment • Giuseppe Zanotti is the newest high-end label to be adopted under the LVMH umbrella. The Telegraph reports that the French luxury conglomerate has acquired a 30% stake in Vinci, the company that owns Zanotti’s label. The designer is naturally pleased about the partnership, saying that it “will allow the company to get better structured, reinforce our penetration into the international markets, and keep growing. It is a great new project which make us really proud and optimist [sic] for the future.” (Telegraph)
kim-kardashian-kanye-west-vogue-magazine-april-2014 • Kanye West has another reason to wax poetic about his greatness today. That Vogue cover everyone’s been hating on featuring himself and fiancee Kim Kardashian? Yeah, it’s doing pretty freaking’ GREAT on newsstands. The issue is well on its way to selling 300,000 or 400,000 copies, which means it should do as well as Beyonce and Michelle Obama‘s covers did last year. (Page Six)
Tom Ford Jeff Buckley • Tom Ford is married, you guys! The designer revealed during an event at the Apple Store that he wed his longtime partner Richard Buckley. He didn’t give any deets on when, but we know it was here in the United States. He also chatted about making it in the fashion industry, throwing some possible shade at certain Vogue cover star who gained fame and access into the industry under *ahem* unique circumstances.  “I think this is the problem today — people come out of school and think they should immediately be a star,” Ford said. “In this world, of course you can make a sex video and you can become a star. But I think everyone should be an intern — you should sweep floors, you should pick up pins. You should run errands because you learn so much,” Or, you know, crawl before you ball. (WWD)    

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13 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kanye West Announces Adidas Collab Release Date, LVMH Buys Stake in Giuseppe Zanotti, and Tom Ford is Married!”

  1. DR says:

    The blogs that feature that harlot and her kin everyday that has given her the catapult to be featured on the cover of vogue.

  2. DeeFresh says:

    I swore Tom Ford was straight..le sigh. I’m not sure who Peaches Geldof is but I’m sorry she passed away. I’m glad Zanotti is getting more help restructuring, that’s always good or business. I’m not super anticipating Kanye’s line with Adidas but I guess it could be cool.

  3. X says:

    I’m a little tired of people being mad at celebrities for being famous. If they become famous by less-than-admirable means and manage to not only maintain but propagate their fame to levels unseen (without destroying others or themselves along the way), good for them. Royals are rich & famous just by virtue of being born, and few question whether they deserve their place in the world. After a certain point, I’d rather focus on what people do with their position, not how they got it in the first place. As for the rest, live & let live and God will be the judge.

  4. Brandon says:

    Sorry but I expected Tom Ford’s man to be cuter, and yes I am very shallow lol!

  5. SHARONGEE says:

    let’s get this straight (TOM FORD was NEVA STRAIGHT)
    and the other thing: KIM KARDASHIAN IS NOT FAMOUS…SHE INFAMOUS! THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE! She is infamous for negative activities that contributed nothing useful to society.

    ok…i’m out —>

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ X..

    What rubbish….Have a

  7. Anonymous says:

    Awww!! Look at chipmunk #lovehate Kanye’ #lovelove Adidas

  8. Anonymous says:

    Awww!! Look at chipmunk #lovehate Kanye’ #lovelove Adidas! I’m assuming Tom Ford is the #graygayguyinatie if so, his husband is cute. They both are! #nicelookingcouple ..Totally agree with his thoughts on #startingfromthebottom….lol !

    Love u Claire…thks for your vision! #yourocksoulsistah!

  9. makeeasweet says:

    @ X

    I agree

    What year did Kim come out with that sex tape??? It seem like it was yesterday,they way everyone keep talking about it.Let it go people,move on already damn.Enough with the She a whore because of her past and she need to be punish for it crap.She goes to church,about to be married and just had a baby.She moving on with her life,she not going to disappear because you want her to.Keep wining Kim. All you people that criticize her must be saint and angels.

  10. Bee. says:

    @ X

    I agree as well.

    Kim didn’t put that tape out, wack a** Ray J did, and she sued the company who produced it for $5mil. Now, from there, it’s not her fault that people have been interested in her and she capitalized on that. She is a business woman, no matter how you try to slice it. Perfumes, clothing lines, clothing stores, baby clothes, etc.= business.
    The people that try to make her out to be a whore, have never exactly seen her with anyone other than a man that she was dating at the time. I’m not a KK stan, but I just think its ridiculous how people go in on her for making lemonade out of lemons.

  11. ^^^ says:

    Birds of a feather.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ^ U mad or nah ? the bottomline is u make her famous hating.. Paris hilton had a sex tape do ppl talk about it every day ? no ya’ll need to stop being mad she dates black men.. Get over it. She’s not disrespecting anyone by loving a man with a different skin tone shes a mother and soon to be wife

    go protest about that whore Rihanna being awarded gifts from designers (since word on the street is she broke & cant afford to buy them herself) and vogue covers out the ass for prostituting and being a b*tch on social media to anyone who disagrees with her lifestyle

  13. Anonymous says:

    Rihanna does basically the same thing kim does.. on stage every night of her tour, gyrating simulating sex as boring and lackluster as that tape was y’all sure do talk about it still

    and Kim has never been rude to fans on twitter nor targeted celebs more talented than she

    Rihanna gets praise while kim gets slander, though


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