April 7th, 2014
Beyonce, Celebrity Style, Snapshot
Snapshot: Beyoncé for Out Magazine May 2014 [Full Spread]
By Faith

7  beyonce for out magazine may 2014

beyonce for out magazine may 2014

3  beyonce for out magazine may 2014

4  beyonce for out magazine may 2014

5  beyonce for out magazine may 2014

6  beyonce for out magazine may 2014
Beyoncé for Out Magazine May 2014.

Source: EntertainmentWise

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36 Responses to “Snapshot: Beyoncé for Out Magazine May 2014 [Full Spread]”

  1. Claudia says:

    Thought it was Rita Ora.

  2. Damn thought that was Rita Ora.

  3. SOMMER says:


  4. Terrell says:

    @Claudia and @ArtBecomesYou

    Rita Whora must look like Beyonce then. What does she do again? No one seems to know. I know she’s NOT this beautiful. I didn’t know Rita Whora had fans until the 2 of you or 1 perhaps (side-eye). lol

  5. Kamille says:

    Beautiful pic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lolol @Terrell. Yea, Rita my ass. No mistaking this beautiful woman they call Beyonce!

  7. Anonymous says:

    @Terrell u mad or nah? Beyonce is not caucasian so you should be insulted that someone thinks she is

  8. Anonymous says:

    And Rita is promoted by Bey & Jay so that WHORA has fullon sponsorship by your fave.. #GooDDay

  9. Melanie says:

    Lol y’all need to chill but Bey looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see the full spread.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling 80% of her clothing will be off in the spread. Create minds are starting to go astray these days. So sad. I also have a feeling that 90% of commenters are going to agree that she looks amazing with her clothes off.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lol doesn’t shock me that you confused her with a white woman with that blonde hair,boreyonce

  12. Bella says:

    AWESOME! Really like it

  13. Katie says:

    Okay, so now I KNOW the tea spilled about her is true.

  14. makeeasweet says:


    Is it necessary to called another woman a whore?? really,how old are you??.You people really need to grown up.Also Rita is a British singer,maybe you should open you mind and listen to one of her songs.

  15. @Terrell chill will you? lol. Saying Bey looks like Rita in this picture means am a Rita Ora fan?? and how is that a bad thing? that was simply wat crossed my mind at first glance.
    Nice shot btw.

  16. jeda says:

    Bey stans are serious, I choose to stay away. Anyway….I love the white suit.

  17. reeseecup says:

    Gorgeous!! This makeup and hair is just flawless!! Very sexy shoot, and I love that wig on her.

  18. G. Banks says:

    Can you say, Flawless…or Naw?

  19. Moriah Israel says:

    All I see is self hatred and insecurity.

  20. Moriah Israel says:

    All I see is self hatred and insecurity… Destroyed black woman!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I can…flawless

  22. FLEE says:

    YASS! she looks amazing..

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Jen says:

    It’s always upsetting when, in defense of one person, we choose to denigrate another. It’s also the height of irony that, when a woman (in this case, Beyoncé) professes to finally be comfortable in her skin, detractors feel the need to point out what they perceive as insecurities & imperfections.

    I think she looks beautiful. I LOVE that white suit in the final picture.

  25. Mic says:

    She is so limited. A one trick pony. Same expressions, same blond hair, same sexualize poses. I love how people defend her performance on the grammies saying she was dancing for her husband or her video with them in the back seat of a limo. The part they leave out is that it is in front of millions of people which makes it exploitation. People will make every possible excuse for this chick.

  26. FLEE says:

    ^^^ BYE!

  27. Noirre says:

    Get it Rita!

  28. G. Banks says:

    @Mic so because she finally decided to let go, have fun and be free with herself and her music, its all of a sudden exploitation? And exactly WHO is making excuses for her? Elaborate honey

  29. Natasha says:

    (Just learned Rita Ora was from Yugoslavia…) Anyhoo, I was getting more of a Marilyn Monroe-hommage kind of vibe from the first pic. Confirmed by the photos that followed.

    Throwback multimedia icon (and embraced by the LGBTQ community )represented by current multimedia icon (also embraced by same).

    Just putting it out there for the young’uns and fellow breeders.

  30. Erin says:

    LOVE THIS!!!!
    Love what she represents, and oh so happy that she finally covered OUT. She always show love to the LGBTQ community.

  31. fash says:

    Rita ora is not white

  32. LuLu says:

    @Fash you obviously failed school, shut it \_

    I’m here for all the photos, the white suit didn’t give me Marilyn, it gave me Cruella Deville (and imho, she was WAAAYYYY badder lmao).


  33. Micaella says:

    I don’t like it…sorry

  34. Maine Saint says:

    lol The Hate is real my Friends ! She Looks Very lovely in every picture. Ha! Just Give Credit where its due man.

  35. Lila says:

    I thought this was Rita Ora.
    “Girls, who run the world?” “MEN!”
    I’ll believe that “girls run the world” when Jay z is half-naked with his d!ck in his hands on the cover of a magazine.


  36. Sailau says:

    Im sorry but Beyonce look ugly! And she is nowhere near as looking like Marilyn Monroe..She look like a straight black nigger with a big nose! LOL

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