April 3rd, 2014
Beyonce, Celebrity Style, Shopping
Splurge: Beyoncé’s Tumblr Joe’s Jeans Elsa Oversized Suit Jacket and High Water Geometric Printed Pants
By Faith

It was all about printed separates for Beyoncé in her latest Tumblr post. The superstar posed in a $398 Joe’s Jeans Elsa Oversized Jacket and $179 High Water Geometric Skinnies from the brand:


Her jacket showcases structured white leather lapels, offset by an embroidered Santorini-blue geometric jacquard.


Her matching skinny jeans feature a high-rise, five-pocket styling, and a cropped length.


Cute! I’m loving this curly hair.


If you’re up for the splurge, get B’s jacket here and pants here.



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26 Responses to “Splurge: Beyoncé’s Tumblr Joe’s Jeans Elsa Oversized Suit Jacket and High Water Geometric Printed Pants”

  1. Mini says:

    I never thought I’d see the day Beyonce ripped off Solange. This is head to toe Solo just change that curly hair to black.

  2. makeeasweet says:


    You do know that Beyonce and Solange are sisters right???Sometime sisters like to dress alike. Im so sick of people trying to pit them against each.I like Beyonce and Solange style,im pretty sure Solange wore a outfit similar to her big sis before.Beside Beyonce is always changing up her style.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think she looks cute….And they are sisters..Maybe her sister brought it for her…..geesh…..

  4. Kamille says:


  5. Sommer says:


    I agree.

    Beyoncé has worn the big curly hair for yearsssss!!! Solange has her own style as well. However, they are sisters. Get over it!

    People need to stop with the foolishness. It’s so played out!

    Beyoncé looks Gorg by the way!

  6. Chic Noir says:

    even Solanage didn’t always dress the way she does now. it’s hilarious the way people sweat that girl so hard.

  7. Black Water says:

    Yea I never compare the 2…they are different forms of greatness but here all I’m seeing is Solo. Even down to the pigeon toed pose. From the knee down this could be nobody but solange.
    I do love the blank stare.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Beyonce & solange both stand like that its the “thigh gap pose” meaning u have thighs you’re trying to elongate, so you extend your legs by making them bow

  9. Me says:

    Lol y’all take this way too serious, relaxxxxx

  10. Claire says:

    She looks deranged

  11. Dom Dom says:

    ^omg Claire. LOL!

  12. I think a lot of people need to realize that ppl grow and change, and for a long time I think Bey only wore what Matthew (pops) wanted her to wear from her brand. We barely saw a lot of Behind the Scenes with this woman and now that we have she is wearing what she wants since she is her own manager now. I go agree that her and Solange are starting to dress the same but Solange is still doing something different with her clothing IMO.

  13. jeda says:

    I like the outfit, but its a no for me on the hair. Big curly hair looks great on her, but not when its dry and matted.

  14. What is chic though? says:

    Dear Bey,

    I absolutely adore you, but…..You’re not Solange, my dear…..and throw some olive oil on that wig.

  15. Sade says:

    Goodness, it’s her sister. Maybe she admires the way she dresses (as she should) and has asked her for tips etc. Get over it. We all know Bey has no personal style and if she is looking to her sister for inspiration SO WHAT!

    Now, I think I prefer them separately but I love the print.

    Happy Friday!

  16. Katie says:

    I swear this woman can dress for ish.

  17. S says:

    She takes risks with fashion….I will say that. No denying the pants fit like a glove, as well. I don’t necessarily have a problem with the outfit, I just wouldn’t wear the jacket and pants together. You’ll go cross-eyed if you stare too long. You could work with the outfit though. The curls, well she has a tendency to go curly in the spring summer months, not surprised by it.

    Claire says: “She looks deranged”…..Well, in these pics…yes, I can see it. Sorta Edward Scissorhands-ish.

    Love Bey though!

  18. MelyB says:

    LOL @Claire. Although all of the pieces are great by themselves (luv the pants & shoes), all together the outfit is a HAM…as is her hair.

  19. Stephane says:

    She’s channeling ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ in that closeup picture..

  20. DivaFabulosa says:

    Lol @ Claire! She does look derranged in the pics! I don’t like the jacket and pants together. She should have paired the jacked with a solid colored pant or vice versa.

  21. Giselle Williams-Thomas says:

    This is so a Bey way of styling. Yes it’s a print but Solo would have opted to mix it with another bold print (probably bigger in scale). She’s probably influenced by Solo’s style, but as usual Beyonce played it safe with the match up (a total Beyonce move).

  22. Anon2 says:

    As we used to say in high school…she cant dress. Why is she on a fashion site everyday? Solange can’t even have her print on print, buttoned up to the top w/ wild curly hair looks without Beyonce thinking she can do it better. SMH. And no, grown sisters don’t aspire to dress alike.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Beyonce copies EVERYBODY…I like the fill suit tho

  24. anon3 says:

    Any deets on the shoes? I think they were the best part of the outfit.

  25. simplyjess says:

    I don’t like it…PERIOD!!

  26. binks says:

    No info on the shoes…to me that is the only thing that is perfect.

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