April 1st, 2014
Fashion News, Snapshot, Solange Knowles
Snapshot: Solange Knowles, Erykah Badu, and Ledisi for Essence May 2014
By Faith




Solange Knowles, Erykah Badu, and Ledisi for Essence May 2014.

Source: Glamazons Blog

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23 Responses to “Snapshot: Solange Knowles, Erykah Badu, and Ledisi for Essence May 2014”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Our beauty, as a culture, simply cannot be defined nor adequately put into words. Stunning!

  2. Ashley says:

    These are so gorgeous. Bravo, Essence!

  3. mi manning says:

    beautiful! although I wouldn’t call it “black” hair…more like ‘Cosmic” hair!

  4. Taj says:

    Absolutely gorgeous covers.

  5. Absolutely breathtaking!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ mi manning, YASS. You said it ‘cosmic’ hair…

  7. MIc says:

    Love Eryka she is a real beauty. Her look these days was pioneered by Diana Ross in the 90′s. I think most people are too young to make that connection though.

  8. CAMILLIA says:

    Love all of them!!! Essence, hats off to you!!

  9. lexi says:

    They all look beautiful, but are there different definitions because Eryka is wearing a wig and ledisi has extensions right. I don’t really know about Solange.

  10. CanV says:

    @Lexi: What do ypu mean?
    Lets not get nitpicky.

  11. Peaches says:

    Salute all of the ladies, love natural hair Solange, Erykah and Ledisi show versatility in wearing natural hair whether a wig, extensions or weaved in, Love it!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm. I love.

  13. Dom Dom says:

    Ledisi’s cover >
    It’s SO cute

  14. Not feelin it says:

    So tired of this natural hair craze….not every black woman wants to ‘embrace’ their roots. I’ve been unintentionally natural for a few year under my weaves and I cannot wait to run back to the creamy crack. People say oh no keep your hair natural but i have 4z hair thicker than Badus. I’m sorry but he majority of the natural ‘community’ doesnt have hair like mine but yet tell me how ‘easy’ nap-tural hair is. Tuh, not mine. Sorry I miss the days my baby hair laid down and it wouldt swang without being sweated out….that pressed hair look isn’t cute. I love Essence but i hate this agenda theyre pushing to bw…

  15. makeeasweet says:

    @Not feelin it

    Natural or perm,who cares???Just do what you want with your hair.I hate when black women bash other black women for having a perm or weave.I had one chick tell me i need stop wearing a weave and be natural.I was like ummm I am natural under my weave,I been natural for 8 years and thanks for your concern about my hair.Also her fro look was sloppy and dry as a bone,but in her mind its okay cause its natural lol.

  16. RHONYC says:

    forgive me, but:


    this is better than Starfish & Coffee, Maples Syrup & Jam!
    it’s EVERYTHING!!! so wonderful. :-D

    .•´ ♥ ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥.•´ ♥ ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥

  17. RHONYC says:

    forgive me, but:


    this is better than Starfish & Coffee, Maples Syrup & Jam!
    it’s EVERYTHING!!! so wonderful. :-D

    .•´ ♥ ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥.•´ ♥ ☆ ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥

  18. RHONYC says:

    ” I love Essence but i hate this agenda theyre pushing to bw”

    i guess the ‘agendas’ Vogue, Elle, & Cosmo are pushing with ‘their’ natural-haired models is better for some. smh ;-/

  19. Islandista says:

    RHONYC, couldn’t agree with you more. Not sure what is ‘Not Feeling It’s issue – though I’m getting a good idea from her self-disparaging comment about 4Z hair and missing the days when it used to ‘swing’. Mmmmk then.

    Please, a few natural haired cover models out of dozens of relaxed-hair and weave wearing models and she ‘hates’ the agenda Essence is pushing?

    Sounds like it’s not just Essence you hate.

  20. MynameisPeaches! says:

    @Not Feelin too funny so you are not feeling the hair that grows from your scalp? Wow black women must be the only women on earth who feel that the way their hair grows out of their scalp does not suit them or that natural hair is just a phase.

    There is nothing wrong with weaves, wigs sew-ins etc. I wear wigs under my natural hair and before that I would wear micro braids. However, if you think your hair is ugly or not desirable enough the way it grows from your scalp so you hide it by wearing wigs, weaves or braids then that is a problem.

  21. dee says:

    I’m gonna get all three covers!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Islandista says:

    On another note – I’m getting a retro vibe from these covers. Something about the particular colours used, especially the light blue background and the fonts, particularly the yellow font they’re using for the ladies’ names.

    I kind of like it for the Solange cover in particular since her hair in that shot is very 70s and it kind of evokes magazine covers of that era so it feels a bit ‘wink, wink -see what we’re doing here’.

    Not liking it as much for the Ledisi and Erykah Badu covers even though I guess technically Erykah’s wig is evoking the 70s…

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