March 20th, 2014
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Hot! or Hmm…: Kim Kardashian’s Crustacean Restaurant Calvin Klein Resort 2014 Red Knit Crop Top and Matching Pencil Skirt
By Claire

Kim Kardashian sure loves a crop top and matching pencil skirt combo! The hot mom headed out to dinner at Crustacean restaurant last night in a red two piece by Calvin Klein:
She completed with her favorite Tom Ford gladiator sandals.
Kim actually owns the same set in white.
The look debuted in Klein’s Resort 2014 collection.
Hey, if it’s not broken, why fix it? It looks really good on her!
What do you think?


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30 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Kim Kardashian’s Crustacean Restaurant Calvin Klein Resort 2014 Red Knit Crop Top and Matching Pencil Skirt”

  1. Aisha says:

    A tried and true look for the season! Off topic but, Claire could you please do a how do you wear it or, shopping/where to buy it post on pleated skirts for the Spring season? Thank you.

  2. SSS says:

    She has really and truly ruined crop tops for everyone else

  3. It looks good on her but I am a little over her and the crop tops.

  4. Shana says:

    Kim is still wearing crop tops because she feels she has to prove to everyone that she’s slim again after having a baby. She’s going to continue this trend until next fall, I’m sure.

  5. k says:

    She’s gonna wear them crop tops and that fake a$$ till the wheels fall off.

  6. 2 cents says:

    Pork sausage

  7. FLEE says:

    she looks stuffed in that outfit.. she needs to come to terms with her actual size

  8. Kitty B. says:

    All that plastic surgery has really aged her, she looks in her 40s…it’s quite sad..

  9. Zhana says:

    She always looks like a stuffed sausage. Her stlye is BORING only once a month she has on something amazing. She wears the same thing all the time. Kim Kardashian is so over rated..

  10. Anonymous says:

    It is broken so fix it

  11. Anonymous says:

    Her face is pityful.

  12. Bravebird says:

    What has happened to her gorgeous face? She’s getting saggy jowls…kind of looks like Marisol from Real Housewives of Miami. Maybe it’s Botox, maybe it’s just a bad photo…

  13. Hater says:

    Chick aint aging too well and still trying to prove her “I’m so slim now”-point, bish bye. Who cares, next!

  14. Chimi says:

    You guys are really crazy..Kim looks great..its very easy for all of you to sit behind a keyboard and criticize others…while secretly hoping and wishing you could have a great body and still be in shape after having a child…Nonetheless, some of you haven’t even had children, yet your bodies are no where near hers…Kudos Kim, no matter how you got your body back, plastic surgery or the gym…

  15. Leelee says:

    @Chimi EXACTLY!! You said it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    @chimni if I had the money for plastic surgery my body would be the bomb. I find it funny that you are praising something that is not even real. Is there anything real on this chick. Any who people are not criticizing her body type. They are saying that she needs to wear an appropriate size. This coming from a mother who has a body similar to Kim it took time but was done the natural way! Have a good day :)

  17. Anonymous says:

    Man yall hating! there is nothing wrong with this girl, her body is great, her face is pretty.. I love seeing post about her cause she killing the game and she doesn’t care what ppl think about her.

  18. Yall will pick a card board box apart, I so wish I could see most of the posters who bring out everyone imperfections. My goodness we all have them and if I had millions and wanted to wear a crop top everday than dagnabit that is what I would do.

    the outfit is cute on her.

  19. Cheri V says:

    @Claire, I second Aisha’s request!
    Please and thank you!

  20. Bre Bre says:

    I like the outfit. The color is amazing. I prefer it in this burnt red, than the white. I actually live for Kim K’s simple, monochromatic outfits.

    @Chimi, I disagree with your disposition in your comment. People bringing up the fact that Kim’s face in this pic looks like she is aging like milk is a valid point. It’s not hating. It’s worth mentioning, because whatever she is doing to it is starting to take a toll and she should reconsider. Bravebird even gave her the benefit of the doubt, that it was just a bad picture. Chimi, you jumping to her defense like she’s your God sister (lol). Hating and criticizing are two different things. And Kim K is in the industry that leaves her open to constant criticism.

  21. Amy says:

    @Aisha i found a really nice black and white pleated skirt at

  22. lovey says:

    She should cut her hair into a medium or short bob…would make her look refreshed…cause her hair clashes with her outfits too much

  23. Candace says:

    @Claire…I thought we were going to expand who FBD covers…it’s still Kim, Lala, RiRi, Rita on the daily…no shade, just saying.

    Kim is sticking to what works for her…if it’s not broke…

  24. Claire says:

    @Candace we have Lyndy Greenwood and Alessandra Ambrosio also…guess you missed those… or you only want to comment on Kim K.

  25. Ira says:

    I actually love this combo, and Kim looks fab! @Claire if you could please do a post on where to get matching crop top and skirt sets from that would be so great!

  26. Jaznea says:

    OMG these comments are freakin’ sad seriously you guys are so damn negative just say nay or yay.

    “She looks like a sausage” and etc is just rude and sounds like haters. I don’t follow her life and I am not one of her fans. I am not a fan of her actually but don’t you guys get sick of putting all these rude comments about people you don’t know to make you feel better seriously grow up. Your not in middle school! I feel bad for you all!

    Anyways it’s a simple outfit but we all have our simple days.

  27. SMV says:

    Its the same outfit over and over again.sheesh!

  28. DannielleS says:

    @Claire, but you do post Kim quite often. Especially lately when she is wearing the same outfit in different colors. I don’t have an issue with the Kim posts in general, but sometimes it is overkill especially when she is in the same crop top and skirt combo daily

  29. Wakeup says:

    I agree these comment are sad . This is a fashion blog and Claire started it with the love for it.

  30. Feather says:

    Kim looks amazing! If this woman walked passed me and she wasn’t famous I would think she looked fabulous and ask her wear she got her whole get up from. It’s a shame how many people hate her. Love it.

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