March 8th, 2014
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Hot! or Hmm…: Khloe Kardashian’s Rick Ross Concert Black Tank, Cut Off Denim Shorts, and Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots
By Claire

Khloe Kardashian skewed saucy for a Rick Ross concert with Scott Disick and kid sister Kendall in a black tank, black jacket, cut off denim shorts and Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots:
Khloe Kardashian's Rick Ross Concert Black Tank, Cut Off Denim Shorts, and Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots
Her boots are a favorite of the celeb set, and have been spied on everyone from Beyonce to Rihanna to Rita Ora:
Well…her body looks amazing! She’s been putting in major work with trainer Gunnar Peterson, and it shows. The ensemble is a little scandalous for my taste, but can’t deny she looks pretty darn hot.
What do you think?

3  Khloe Kardashian's Rick Ross Concert Black Tank, Cut Off Denim Shorts, and Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots

Khloe Kardashian's Rick Ross Concert Black Tank, Cut Off Denim Shorts, and Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots

2  Khloe Kardashian's Rick Ross Concert Black Tank, Cut Off Denim Shorts, and Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots

khloe kardashian rick ross concert christian louboutin seann girl thigh high boots
*Kendall was styling herself in $179 Wildfox La Femme Deluxe Crystal Sunglasses, a $255 Opening Ceremony Short Sleeve Turtleneck, $1,595 Balenciaga Leather Leggings, and $645 Saint Laurent Paris Suede Pumps:
kendall jenner wildfox la femme deluxe sunglasses
kendall jenner Opening Ceremony Short Sleeve Turtleneck, Balenciaga Leather Leggings, and Saint Laurent Paris Suede Pumps
kendall jenner rick ross concert balenciaga leahter leggings
kendall jenner rick ross concert saint laurent gray suede pumps
Thoughts on her look?
**We can’t forget Scott!
Scott Disick, Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are Rick Ross fans
He rocked Balmain Blue Geometric Quilted Biker Jeans and Balenciaga Arena sneakers.
balmain-geometric-stretch-denim-biker-jeans-scott disick rick ross concert
scott disick balenciaga-avoine-balenciaga-arena-high-sneakers-extra-white-product-1-5834171-601222344
Images: AKM GSI

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39 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Khloe Kardashian’s Rick Ross Concert Black Tank, Cut Off Denim Shorts, and Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots”

  1. pican says:

    NO NO NO…sorry Khloe but you don’t have the right shape for pum pum shorts… leave that to the skinny girls :/

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not even only for skinny girls. She just doesn’t look right lol. Those boots and everything else is a no but Kendall looks good!

  3. KS says:

    Khloe has a great body but I just don’t like this look. It kinda looks trashy. Scott looks great with facial hair.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She has no business wearing jeans.

  6. k says:

    Kendall is dressed the part, like a model. Go Kendall. No Khloe.

  7. Petra says:

    Based on my many post under Fabulous Looks……. Are we looking at the same person?. Great body??? Where? Who? Kendall… I agree! Not Khloe!!

  8. T1K says:

    They’re just everywhere huh?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Clearly i need glasses because im not seeing what everyone else is.she looks fantabulous!! Super hot!! But i guess if its not beyonce or rihanna its wrong huh? *rolls eyes

  10. Bee. says:

    I’m here for all of this. Scott is sexy.

  11. Yonaton says:

    I agree with the @annoymous. You guys have got to be kidding me!! Her body is crazy! Apparently all of fashion bombs readers are amazons and perfect models. Khloe looks good!! Love seeing her happy and about

  12. CanV says:

    Ummmm no. Khloe does not look good. She’s dressed like a groupie at a rap concert and that is NOT A GOOD LOOK. Even Kendell’s body language seems to be distancing herself from this no-no.

  13. angel says:

    love me some scott…

  14. Michelle says:

    There’s a time and a place to be a little trashy – and a Rick Ross concert is just it. #TeamKhloe

  15. Lina says:


  16. I actually like the concept “thigh boots with jean shorts” I think she should have worn different boots thou,like tight suede ones, something less BULKY. It would have looked better, but I give her props for trying something new and taking risks.

  17. Fashionista123 says:

    LOL @ Trashy, she does not look trashy.. to each their own, I think her look is fine for a Rick Ross concert and Im pretty sure her body looks 10x better than most of the women talking about her shape.

  18. Anonymous says:

    She looks good!!!!!!

  19. Hello says:

    Khloe has a really nice body the outfit is cute but the shorts do look like they fit a bit weird maybe it’s just the way she’s walking in the shoes idk

  20. Sareena says:

    I don’t care who is wearing this it looks awful. The shorts with the thigh boots is too much. Maybe if she had paired it with tight blue leather pants.

  21. baby-b says:

    I don’t know who dies and made Khloe think she can dress like Rhianna. She should not be wearing those shorts…I don’t care who she’s kidding about losing 30 pounds!?!
    Her shape is not made for something so snug and high waisted which makes her look like she has major camel-toe! Leave this look for the pros!

  22. jaded says:

    Kendall looks amazing.
    Khole’s look would be cute if worn at night but when worn during the daytime it looks trashy.

  23. Kway says:

    I agree with @Michelle 100% she’s going to a Rick Ross concert for crying out loud!!!! Her fit is approved for the occasion. Now if she was wearing this to brunch it would be a problem.

    Oh and her body, frame, shape, all of that looks great! She worked her ass off to get her body tight she should be able to show it off #canshelive

  24. pican says:

    hey again, I’m not even insulting her shape because she looks great!! She needs to stop competing with her sisters and be herself cuz she got it honey!!!
    *hits multiple nae nae’s and exits left* lols

  25. Anonymous says:

    She does have camel toe..oh well…and wear else do you wear thigh high boots but a rap concert…leather pants? Blue? Chile bye! Nobody is concerned that she’s supporting el Fatso tho;)

  26. binks says:

    She has a great body but there is too much going on with this outfit that it doesn’t look cohesive or effortless but that she is trying to hard.

  27. fifi says:

    She looks nice and I like the outfit… my opinion the whole ensemble would look much better with a tailored shorts may be but no these ones….regardless she worked hard to get that body so I guess she wants to be able to wear anything from crop tops to short shorts!!! Go Khloe…you only live once…lol!!!

  28. jeda says:

    I could see that the look is a little risque, but i wouldnt call it trashy. And I think it fits for the event she was going to. She looks great.

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. Jen says:

    Well, Scott looks perfect

  31. Anonymous says:

    I saw Rihanna with these boots a while ago and Riri kills it better…..

  32. Melissa says:

    Kanye was the best thing to ever happen to Scott.

  33. Stephane says:

    Khloe does not have the body type to be wearing ALOT of her wadrobe choices, this one is at the top of the list– too tall, too wide..she looks like an amazonian streetwalker.

    On the other hand, Kendall looks great!

  34. mnrodgers says:

    She looks happy…which means she looks beautiful (IMO). I think she doesnt look like perfection because she is having a hard time walking in the shoes. She is hunched over, which is making the shorts bunch, and her torso short. If She was standing straight (or the shorts were slightly lower rise), and the shorts were a HALF INCH longer…she would look great. I love this outfit and I wear it myself all the time…but its very very easy to go from really sexy to really trampy…and I think bc of fit issues she is walking the line…but again, I love the outfit and I love her bc she works on herself, she has grown and improved…and she looks HAPPY…I dont know if I could walk around in thigh highs and a smile and I had a crackhead husband and daddy-in-law telling lies on me…

  35. lola bee says:

    Hol Up Hol Up (Big sean voice) i live for a ratchet outfit once in a while! yall know darn well you would give up your first born child to have khloe’s body and look that good in that outfit! stawwwwp it (insert iphone hand emoji). i would give up a kidney for khloe’s body…but what do i know, im on my fourth slice of pizza (shrugs)

  36. Doc says:

    They needed to switch outfits. Khloe with the leather pants and mock turtleneck and pumps and Kendall with the ripped shorts and leotard and jacket. And after the switch I would ditch the thigh high boots and do just a plain pair of black Converse. Or even an open toe ankle boot. The worst thing about those thigh high boots is she obviously cannot walk in them. When someone cannot maneuver effortless because of their clothing, that is an automatic outfit killer.

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Lila says:

    Kloe has an odd shape. Second photo from the top- she’s got some weird hip action going on and she looks like somebody’s mother in those shorts. How old is she?

  39. apio says:

    She looks very nice and wears it well. This is a very cute look.

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