March 5th, 2014
Celebrity Style, Rihanna
Marjorie Harvey Does Paris Fall 2014 Fashion Week: Lanvin, Valentino, Chanel, and more!
By Claire

Who knew Marjorie Harvey was such a fashionista?
If you follow her on Instagram, you’d see her dressed head-to-toe in designer garments, smiling it up with everyone from self proclaimed adopted daughter Rihanna (they do look like they could be related) to Valentino Garavani himself:
Marjorie Harvey Does Paris Fashion Week- Lanvin, Dior, Chanel, and more rihanna
valentino garavani Marjorie Harvey Does Paris Fall 2014 Fashion Week- Lanvin, Dior, Chanel, and more
Marjorie Harvey Does Paris Fall 2014 Fashion Week- Lanvin, Dior, Chanel, and more rihanna dior
Chanel resin perfume bottle purses, snakeskin Christian Louboutin pumps–she’s been rocking the runway like no other, wearing couture and ready to wear with the best of them.
Take a look at a few of her looks:
For the Giambattista Valli Fall 2014 show, she wore a beflowered, bejeweled coat from the brand’s Spring 2013 couture collection, topped off by lilac Louboutin pumps:
Marjorie Harvey Attends Giambattista Valli Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week
giambattista valli spring 2013 couture
For the Valentino show, she rocked the runway again in a luxe lace dress from their Spring 2014 collection:
Marjorie Harvey attends the Valentino Fashion Show **USA ONLY**
marjorie harvey valentino spring 2014 runway
A Fall 2013 black lace Elie Saab dress was Marjorie’s choice for the designer’s Fall 2014 show:
marjorie harvey spring 2014 paris fashion week fall 2014 elie saab
marjorie harvey fall 2013 elie saab fashion bomb daily paris fashion week
She got it poppin at the Lanvin show in a hot pink Resort 2014 cocktail:
marjorie harvey fall 2014 lanvin paris fashion week fashion bomb daily
marjorie harvey lanvin resort 2014 pink one shoulder dress
And for the Chanel show, she mixed brands a bit (though still stayed true to Karl) in a Fendi Fall 2013 fur coat, and an oversized pearl necklace and resin bottle bag from Chanel‘s Spring 2014 collection:
marjorie harvey chanel show fendi fur coat chanel resin bottle pearl necklace
fendi fall 2013 fur marjorie harvey paris fashion week fall 2014 fashion bomb daily
chanel-spring-2014-runway-close-ups-989 pearl necklace oversized spring 2014 marjorie harvey
Chanel-No.-5-Perfume-Bottle-Clutch-Clear resin bottle bag
Well alright, Miss Marjorie!
We should’ve known she was serious about runway when she appeared next to husband Steve in the same Tom Ford Fall 2013 zebra frock previously worn by Rihanna:
Must be nice…!
Thoughts on her Paris Fashion Week Looks?
Images: Marjorie Harvey’s Instagram/AKMGSI/FashionWirePress

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50 Responses to “Marjorie Harvey Does Paris Fall 2014 Fashion Week: Lanvin, Valentino, Chanel, and more!”

  1. NickieLuv621 says:

    Yes ma’am!!!! Beautiful

  2. Neket35 says:

    Alright now Mrs. Harvey! You better give these young girls a run for their money.

  3. Dobe says:

    She looks good in all of them! Love that pose, lol.

  4. HoneyBrown says:

    She has been killing the scene!!!WERQUE Majorie!! Steve loves his wife too. Claire I like this idea of spotlighting entertainers, artist, fashionistas etc in one post. It shows their range and really highlights their personal style.

  5. Candace says:

    mrs. Harvey looks great! But what is going on with that model’s legs? The model who is rocking Pink coat….her legs look like umm…well who am I to judge, but something ain’t right….

  6. thephillydiva says:

    She looks great! Do it Mrs. Harvey!

  7. thephillydiva says:

    She looks great! Do it Mrs. Harvey!

  8. SSS says:

    None of the runway stuff looks right on her . Instantly cheapened for some reason

  9. Keabe Mautla says:

    That Giambattista Valli coat looks fantastic on her! Paired with those lilac Loubies! WINNER!! I never noticed Ms Maj before but she really is rocking these looks.

  10. Wayo says:

    That woman looks thirsty!

  11. lolani says:

    Its more of that chi town mid west og glamour she reminds me of my older aunt that lived in Michigan. I can dig it she didnt put it together like a younger person would she did it the O.G. way lol!

  12. She looks great. I really love the Elie Saab dress!

  13. yonaton says:

    @SSS “instantly cheapens the clothes?” tf! she wears subtle makeup, her hair is always appropriate, and her accessories hit every time! are you serious! you sound mad to me.

    she looks great and very comfortable too!!! looks like she is enjoying herself and having a good time! I’m here for it

  14. marguerite says:

    I agree w/ Wayo, she look THIRSTY for attention. #boo

  15. kim says:

    she want to be notice sooo bad. let your husband have the limelight and sit down.

  16. yolanda says:

    I agree with Kim. She spend Steve money trying to be notice with designer clothes. Take picures with celebrities just to get printed and say they are her friends when they just met her. I heard she spend top dollar at stores just to get a seat at fashion week. Steve sure know how to pick them

  17. hinsu says:

    I heard everytime she see a celebrity she run up to them and ask for a picture. I know Rhianna must be tired of her. Lol

  18. hahahah says:

    I agree with @SSS. She makes that zebra dress look like a Rainbow special.

  19. hahahaha says:

    Let me add that this is not Jet magazine Claire. Only excuse for this is if Mr. Harvey deposited a little something something into your acct. I’ll be damned if Steve Harvey Show ads start popping up. I don’t wanna see that walrus looking man and his mustache on here.

  20. Anonymous says:

    She never looks comfortable in her clothes. Labels do not make a fashionista. Who ever said that she cheapens the look of the labels was 100% correctO! She and Steve both look like ole country a$$ bammers who hit the lotto and can’t figure out how to spend their coins.

  21. Claire says:

    @hahahaha the only people who pay us to be on the site are the ones you see on the sidebar.
    That said, I just googled Steve Harvey’s net worth, and it seems he has a cool $100 million…so I will take donations, pass the collection plate to the left. Bloop!

  22. john says:

    Claire that’s what they said he is worth not what he has(there is a difference)
    She will spend all that money up. She like to post a lifestyle anyway why would a women in her fifties try so hard to be young again. Act your age Marjorie and let Steve have the light. Thirsty

  23. Chuntel says:

    I don’t know Marjorie but I’m not fond of her cause of all the gossip surrounding her but I’m glad I saw these pics cause it makes me see her in a different eye, idk how old she is but overall homegirl knows high fashion & she looks good in most of it…I always hate her award/gospel show outfits though

  24. Shoni says:

    She tends to make everything look real first-lady of the church-ish…

  25. Amy says:

    Just went to her and Steve page. On Steve page he talk about mentoring and helpping othes. on her page she talk about where she travel and name drop.Lol what a difference

  26. Margo says:

    She better werk!

  27. Anonymous says:

    She looks wretched. She’s to old to dress like this or rather she looks unauthentic. Spending those dollars isn’t she…lol
    There’s something about her that screams basic and a wannabe. She’s not sophisticated or polished, it’s something beyond the clothes that’s speaking louder than what she’s wearing…hmmmmm

  28. Anonymous says:

    steve will be bankrupt by the time shes done with him

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hi Haters I see U,
    Ms. Harvey was making her own paper before Mr. HARVEY.
    Ms.Harvey looks great. Let’s not get upset because she is enjoying her life. Do you MAJORIE. I’m happy for her :)

  30. Anonymous says:

    She giving sassy 1st lady of the church realness!!! love it! And she’s actually a pretty woman

  31. 2 cents says:

    How much did she spend to go to those 4-5 shows? $50,000? $100,000? That couture coat had to cost a grip. Too bad it looks terrible. She must style herself

  32. endESQ says:

    The black Elie Saab was her best look. The rest look like costumes for a woman of her age.

  33. SKeys says:

    I just must say that I was one of those naysayers at first. I did not like Steve Harvey’s whole “I can tell you how to get a man” ideology. I mean he’s twice or thrice divorced and his new wife allegedly has a shady past life.

    But don’t we all have pasts?

    They appear to be really compatible and really happy. And I wish happiness on everyone.

    Marjorie is a bit extra, but she is pretty and dresses appropriately for her age. She looks amazing in that Elie Saab dress.

    I’m here for it. No shade. I might even follow her on Instagram.

  34. DW says:

    These comments! Some of youse must be running for cover from the sun because the shade is too real! & Claire – I love your response!!

    This woman looks amazing & wears the clothing so well! I honestly I don’t get the feeling she’s thirsty or looking to hog the limelight from Steve.

  35. tina says:

    DW she is thirsty. what celebrity wife you know thats a no name after 6 years of marriage want people to notice her. you must work for them. lets see how long steve last with her spending habits. i heard she spend big money and want people to kiss her ass and if you don’t she won’t shop with you.

  36. Brandi says:

    This is how I like to see black women in the media. Classy!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Chile Bye! Mrs. Harvey looks good!!! And truth be told…if she ain’t renting them she probably should.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Steve needs to teach his wife how to dress.

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Cindy says:

    Mrs Harvey you are beautiful… I love what you are doing
    try to join your new site but I couldnt get in will try again…. stay sweet…

  41. April says:

    Mrs. Harvey you are a beautiful women who knows how to dress. You looked simply incredible in every outfit!! The dresses looked better on you then the models:-) I can not wait to get your expertise on fashion and how I can look as beautiful as you on a budget I can afford. May God Continue to Bless Your Ministry!!!:-) Stay as Beautiful as you are!!!:-)

  42. Shirley says:

    Love the looks you have in couture for purses and clothing.
    No wonder Steve is so proud of you!

  43. Deb says:

    Wow! Really such shade!!!! Ladies Mrs. Marjorie Harvey is very lovely. We all have different taste that is what make you unique. I don’t want everyone dressing like me and I am sure she don’t either. Stop the hating that is what is wrong with us. Jealousy is so ugly!!! STOP IT! Leave them alone it is not his money or her money when you are married it belongs to both of them.

  44. Linda says:

    Lovin her style, u go girl,

  45. Lynn says:

    Mrs. M Harvey is beautiful, her style is great, it’s so many haters out here, if they had the money to do it they would, I try everyday and sometimes go broke, so Mrs Harvey do the Damm thang, I say b happy, don’t listen to haters they wish and wish and it won’t happen to them, Bless U, and your Family, I like seeing u and Steve, ENjoy

  46. TJ says:

    When a man loves a woman, she wants for nothing if he’s more than able to provide. If she wants the best designer clothes than why not. If she was wearing clothes from Forever 21 or Rainbow, you’d find fault in that. So since she’s married to and is loved deeply by her multi-millionaire earning husband, then let her live! She looks absolutely beautiful. She may not bring home the wealth but as long as she’s loving him and caring for him the way he needs to be cared for, then let him lavish her in the best designer clothes around as long as he can afford it!

  47. ChicagoPeach says:

    Simply marvelous, Marjorie…so classy and sophisticated. Great choices. She’s definitely giving the models a run for their money without even trying.

    For those jealous-hearted folks…quit it. It’s their money and apparently Steve doesn’t mind her spending it. He’s been praising and promoting his fashion-forward sweetie like nobody’s business. And when you think about it, what she spends isn’t our business.

  48. Sandy Jones says:

    She looks great leave her alone. God bless them both. I wish that I could wear those clothes

  49. Anonymous says:

    Go sista with your man!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Was so excited to view the Steve Harvey show but it was a rerun. Mrs. Marjorie looks great and so together especially the handbag selection!

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