March 4th, 2014
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Show Review: Chanel Fall 2014
By Faith

Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection was a real treat both literally and figuratively, as Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais into a giant 139,930-square-foot supermarket. The maze took each model (Joan Smalls, Kendall Jenner, Grace Mahary, Malaika Firth, and more among them) four and a half minutes to traverse and the aisles were stocked with over 500 products centering around the French fashion house and its founder Coco Chanel–from Jambon Cambon to The Little Black Tea. Wouldn’t it be nice if every supermarket were this chic?



The industry was immediately frenzied and thrilled by the spectacle, after a Fall season that didn’t hold too much in the way of runway shows of this magnitude. It was a total testament to the power and wealth of the brand, as well as the unparalleled creativity of Lagerfeld.




The statement Kaiser Karl was trying to make? Well simply that fashion is a part of everyday life and quite frankly, so is the supermarket. In order to grocery shop, a woman shouldn’t look as if she’s ready for a night out, thus the designs skewed on the casual, sporty side: the perfect meeting of the banal with Chanel’s exclusivity and sky-high price points.




After showing trainers on the brand’s Couture runway, the athletic styles returned here in low-top and boot renditions. They were crafted from exotic skins and classic Chanel tweeds, paired with chic shades, timeless tweed coats, legging-style trousers, leather opera gloves, and so much more.





The designs were still a bit fancy for the supermarket, but most were grounded in function: cropped tweed jackets layered over zip-front dresses in the same fabric, long grey double-breasted coats with a black leather quilted suitcase in tow, wearable quilted toppers, and baggy metallic trousers. Most looks were offset by chain link necklaces and mini shopping carts housing the French fashion house’s iconic handbags which added a whimsical, yet real-world edge.





The black leather trend continued on contrast-stitch frocks, the aforementioned roomy trousers, playsuits with drawstring waists, and a long coat that harked back to Neo’s famous style in The Matrix. One couldn’t help but think of the designs as a nod to garbage bags because of their sheen. There’s a very real chance that Lagerfeld is trying to make “garbage bag chic” happen and there’s an even realer chance that the globe’s “It” girls will be on board if he does.




As with every Chanel collection, there was a great deal to process, but I’m sure the brand’s fans including Rihanna, Naomie Harris, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Lupita Nyong’o will find a few things to sport in the coming months. Despite the sensory overload of the styles at hand, it was an amusing and captivating sartorial mix.




What do you think of Chanel’s Fall collection?

Images: WWD

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16 Responses to “Show Review: Chanel Fall 2014”

  1. Leah says:

    I know this probably never came out of anyone’s mouth, but is it weird that i wasn’t feeling the collection? I mean, a few pieces were gorgeous, but for the most part, I really wasn’t feeling it! :’( Hurts my heart to say that!! lol

  2. Biyonsay says:

    A MESS.

  3. Elle says:

    Agree with Leah and Biyonsay. Rediculous.

  4. Shayla says:

    I completely agree with the above sentiments. A few nice pieces, other than that…this collection looks like it would be sold in the grocery store, next to the over-priced yet low quality pack of socks! And this is coming from a die-hard Chanel couture fan. #disappointed

  5. Anonymous says:

    LMAO I rather burn my money than buy any of these things but a bet some celebrities will kill to wear them just because it’s designer. A hot mess

  6. T1K says:

    The only thing I looked at was the purses….. And as Forrest Gump would say; “that’s all I have to say about that”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Love the tweed low top sneakers

  8. Tami says:

    Although a few pieces are very nicely made, on an average sized woman these designs would look awful and unflattering. You would have to be extremely rail thin to pull off any of these looks, then take out a small loan to actually purchase anything. The accessories are always fabulous though.

  9. Anonymous says:

    High priced garbage. Will not be forced into thinking because Chanel is on the label that is fashionable. No, to this collection.

  10. jeda says:

    I was gonna say the same thing, I’m not really feeling the designs, but the supermarket theme is cute. Wish the clothes were too.

  11. Roshonda J. says:

    TBH, I think that I sort of see where he’s coming from. He paired the sneakers with the suits like I see the other women coming from work after they have taken off their dress shoes. Also I supposed the leather is supposed to resemble garbage bags. I guess that I can sum it up as a rich, high career women looking at items in Whole Foods. He was probably into a fantasy realm when he came up with this. Some pieces are nice….not together. I could def. piece some of these items together tho. Next!

  12. thephillydiva says:

    Give me that gray quilted trench coat & the third to last dress (the multicolored one). I could see me wearing some of these pieces, just not together. Each one is a statement piece

  13. sha says:

    A lot of these pieces look like they were inspired by Instagram boutiques!! I still LOVE me some Karl tho!!

  14. marguerite says:

    what the hail was that? it’s hard to see the vision until someone rocks it tailored. waiting on a celeb to rock somethin out this collection…TAILORED.

  15. Jen says:

    Wow..Horrible….Ill take the shopping basket tho!

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