March 2nd, 2014
Beauty, Fashion, Snapshot
Snapshot: Lupita Nyong’o By Philippe Salomon for Essence March 2014
By Giselle Williams-Thomas


Lupita Nyong’o by Philippe Salomon for Essence March 2014.

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


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26 Responses to “Snapshot: Lupita Nyong’o By Philippe Salomon for Essence March 2014”

  1. i_stan_4_noone says:

    Hi Claire and staff,

    I enjoy visiting fashionbombdaily but recently the majority of the posts seem to be centered around a small handful people – lupita, beyonce, kim k. and her sisters and rihanna. it would be nice to see some more diversity in the posts. Perhaps some more kat graham, oluchi onweagba, arlenis sosa some more everyday people street style.

  2. Jay says:

    @istan they have no control who’s in the headlines and who’s making a name for themselves with fashion. If they waited and post those you mentioned they wouldn’t have any updates

  3. @ i stan says:

    they don’t hear you tho . they got bills and advertisers to pay

    its kinda like how underground artists are hot, get a deal, then they have to play by the record companies formula

    jeep keep checking for the little people (fashion bloggers). they remember what’s it’s like starting out

  4. Jessy says:

    I’ll never get tired of Lupita!

  5. DeeFresh says:

    It’s funny how there have been fashion rundowns about Arlenis Sosa before ( I found out about her from this site because I had never heard of her before) and yet people still want what THEY want. Did you miss all the amazing black history posts featuring pat cleveland, or the fabulous post talking about ALT? FashionBomb is about FASHION and that includes people who are already out there. Lupita Nyong’o is makinga huge name for herself and assisting women like Beth Ann Hardison ( yet another section I’m sure you missed focusing on only the “few people” ) in changing the face of what beauty looks like. I guess you also don’t check any of the street style posts either. These women work hard and may not need me standing up for or standing by them, but it just amazes me exactly how much attention is paid to the content versus what’s in their wallets. Check the Insta for all the OTHER fashion news that is seemingly missing from the site. Psh, please.

  6. Lola says:

    I agree with the first post. It gets boring seeing the same faces over and over again.

  7. I_stan_4_noone says:


    You seem angry. I guess you missed the word “majority.” I never said ALL the posts but it is a very true statement the MAJORITY of the posts feature those few aforementioned people. Take a deep breath, meditate for 5 minutes and you’ll be okay.

  8. Anon2 says:

    Rihanna and Beyonce run the blogs. Umm, Beyonce in a black bomber jacket featured on a fashion blog..point proven. The popular kids are just that, popular! I was excited to see Lupita featured here more but now it’s over-load. Like we’ve never seen a beautiful brown skinned woman before. It almost seems a little forced. After all of that negativity, these pictures are beautiful. I haven’t purchased a issue of Essence in years but I’ll be picking this up.

  9. Marsha says:

    I agree with @Jay. People complain about the amount of posts about specific people, but I would bet the staff posts the images that are available. The audience wants content and diversity of posts, but you can’t create the content out of thin air!

  10. fifi says:

    Lupita covers most of the blogs, sites out there if you come here complain about her coverage I assume you do the same in other blogs or sites. She deserves the attention she gets….and if it means she gets this attention for the whole year then let the Fashion bomb covers her for the whole year. She worked so hard to get where she is now…this is her time to enjoy the seeds of her hard work….just cant believe people get annoyed for someone’s success and hard work, try and do the same am sure you will be featured here. Otherwise these pictures are cute and Lupita looked beautiful as usual.

  11. k says:

    Im in Love with the third pic. Go Lupita and congrats on that Oscar girl!

  12. SSS says:

    Flawless beauty

  13. SSS says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Love it…as always. I will never get tired of seeing her.

  15. Anonymous says:

    She’s beautiful….#flawless #tryingeachlook

  16. Claire says:

    We have someone we don’t cover as much on the homepage: Kat Graham. No comments. Hmmm…

  17. Kim D. says:

    I would love to know what brand of lipstick is used in these pictures…

  18. Southern says:

    NO one posts on Giselle’s poor fashion feature with the layout EVERYONE has asked her to change and it still gets posted
    Hmm…nice try

  19. Claire says:

    @ Southern what exactly are you talking about?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I tell you Black folks. Sometimes I just want to distance myself from my own race. I was just going to comment that I completely regard not only “mainstream,” but urban media outlets celebrating people who look like me; setting precedents in film, television, entertainment and education. However, to come on here and see a comment from one who probably looks like me talking about she wants to see more diversity is baffling. Do you hear/read Jews, Hispanics or White people pushing for such media coverage. Fashionbombdaily you are doing a wonderful job. I love seeing people who look like me, not only being featured, but captured in such posivitive manners. I celebrate the accomplishment of this young woman and hope that her coverage allows for additional woman of the same race and plight to be regarded in the near future.

  21. But says:

    But if it were a basketball or a housewife of (ATL, NY wherever)…nevermind.

  22. Natasha says:

    How is it possible to complain about Lupita?! 2014 is an embarrassment of riches compared to years past. On the same topic, is “Lupita-staning” a thing yet or is that only for ‘singers’ like Beyonce? ‘Cuz I’m totally a Lupita fan.

  23. Jessy says:

    Some people (black and non-black) are still uncomfortable with the idea that a woman like Lupita is deserving of coverage…they just can’t deal after decades of societal brainwashing saying women like her needs to be in the background. So it feels ‘forced’ (code word for unnatural) to them. Meanwhile the lesser known people on here have no comments/page views.

  24. anony says:

    all i can say is wow to these comments. the original poster simply stated he/she would like to see some more variety and somehow people interpret it as an attack on lupita’s success and disliking dark skin. if you all didn’t notice, kat graham, oluchi and arlenis are all BLACK. oluchi is as dark as lupita. the op was asking for variety. that’s it!. lupita can still be covered just balance it out with more new faces and other up and coming women of color who work just as hard as lupita. geesh!

  25. Drea Renee says:

    I love these pics and all the coverage of Lupita. Duh she’s the new it girl which means she will be everywhere and I love it. Fbd keep up the great work. I come here, Fb and Ig you guys do a great job!

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