February 26th, 2014
Fashion News, Jennifer Hudson, Snapshot
Snapshot: Jennifer Hudson by Terry Richardson for V Magazine
By Faith





Jennifer Hudson by Terry Richardson for V Magazine.

Source: Love B. Scott

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32 Responses to “Snapshot: Jennifer Hudson by Terry Richardson for V Magazine”

  1. Dom Dom says:

    Lol wtf?? Is this supposed to be her “sassy” alter ego, Jones? Mess.

  2. Him says:

    HATED IT!!! Very…sloppy drunk in love teas. No ma’am!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Jessy says:

    Hmm…wet hair…reminds me of Beyoncé at the Grammys. Wasn’t she just throwing shade at Bey for being overly sexualized? Hmm…

  5. syd says:

    I am starting to hate Jennifer Hudson.

  6. Goo Goo says:

    If I ignore how much I dislike this girl she actually looks cute here.

  7. Yonaton says:

    I actually think she looks pretty good. She’s always a bit forced. But, the wig works. Definitely giving me drunk in love inspiration though.

  8. simplyjess says:

    Yet, another fail by JHud! NEXT!

  9. Blossom says:


  10. Bee. says:

    *Cackling* Girl!!

  11. MelyB says:

    Luv her makeup and although the first couple of poses look forced, she looks great. Ya’ll Beehive folks need to catch fade, pass out and come to as normal people. SMH.

  12. Ari says:

    Lol Jennifer girl you tried it, HOT ASS MESS !

  13. amber says:

    they are still trying to make fetch happen… it aint!

  14. S says:

    The real problem I have with Jennifer Hudson and other singers like her is one simple fact. She is known more for random “photo shoots” and Weight Watchers commercials than her singing. Her acting….well, there’s that. Where’s her career really? That’s the annoying part for me. I also agree, not everyone can do the sexy, sultry thing although the last pic (leather suspenders) is not so bad.

  15. medschool says:

    You Beyonce tans seriously make me itch. You are the first ones to yell and point fingers for someone copying or high-jacking beyonce’s swag/style/look etc but where do you go when Beyonce steals aka “is inspired” by other artists? Hypocrites. Seriously she is not the ends all be all in the industry. Chill.

  16. i_stan_4_no_one says:

    She looks smoking hot! Her face looks really beautiful. To me it doesn’t look forced at all. Lastly Beyonce didn’t invent the wet wig hair look. Many have been rocking that look before her. Please, stans just relax for one second.

  17. Stephane says:

    Not her best, but definitely a vast improvement from…well, everything she does.

    It really bothers me that she’s so talented and can’t seem to get it together image wise. Sigh.

  18. sony Loren says:

    Typical Terry Richardson…..

  19. Him says:

    I’m confused. Whose comment gave off Beyoncé stan? Haters are gonna hate I see…*replays ‘Bow Down’ for the lessors showing their insecurities* Bey is not the end all, be all, which someone was attempting to state. She is simply Eh.Vry.Thing. & You.Will.Deal. *drops mic*

  20. Simplicity says:

    No! To pics 1-3. I do like 4 though…..she looks good in that one.
    She could have done without the “drunken love” grammy’s hair.

  21. Jessy says:

    Who is stanning here (I don’t recall seeing any ‘Queen Beysus omg bow down!!!!’ or ‘Princess Blue Ivy patron saint!!!! posts). The mere mention of Bey and you’re labeled a stan lol. Just telling the truth about J. Hud…she has no ‘It’ factor. Maybe you guys are J Hud stans/defenders?

  22. Anonymous says:

    @S girl plz don’t worry about how she’s making her money.. u sound crazy…

  23. Katie says:

    I see thee Beyonce stans still mad Hudson took that Oscar. Some of y’all need to get it together. I hope y’all getting paid for this.

  24. Anonymous says:

    And the over-sexualisation of JHud begins………sigh.

  25. Indigo says:

    She looks like skank!

  26. Lace says:

    That foot is LEANIN’ hunny…

  27. Westafricanmutt says:


  28. Tellis says:


    WELL, SHE LIED!!!!!!


  29. Anonymous says:

    The outfits r still tasteful tho.

  30. NYC chick says:

    She looks awful from head to toe. I don’t think she’s attractive at all here

  31. A says:


    This look could work on someone like Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, even Rihanna… but on Jennifer? No. It looks ridiculous.

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