February 21st, 2014
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Reformation’s Elana Rosenblatt Instagrams Racist Image for Black History Month
By Claire

Black History Month, a tradition started in 1970 by the leaders of the Black United Students at Kent State University, has been taking a lashing in recent years. Popular picture sharing Apps like Instagram have allowed imprudent participants to disrespect instead of laud the legacy of black people who have contributed positively to society.
riding around and gettin it black history month shameful
Just search the tag #BlackHistoryMonth on Instagram, and you’ll find a mix of truly reverential images and pure tomfoolery.
calvin hampton black history month meme
Whether or not you find them amusing, all are disrespectful. Reformation Producer Elana Rosenblatt (@lani_pants) thought she could partake in the poking fun with a picture of her and a friend eating fried chicken with the caption, “Happy Black History Month.”
3 Reformation producer Elana Rosenblatt Instagrams Racist Image for Black History Month
Face palm. Tyler McCall, who first reported on the disturbing image for Fashionista.com wrote, “It doesn’t take a lot to explain why this is so deeply offensive — the idea that black people eat nothing but fried chicken has long been a stereotype that has dogged the community.” Indeed. One of the first popular images of a shiftless, lazy Negro eating fried chicken debuted in D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation in 1915.
According to Gene Demby of NPR, the scene in question was supposed to depict what would happen to American Government should blacks be allowed to vote (guess they couldn’t foresee President Barack Obama). Elected officials are shown acting crudely with bare feet placed on desks, eating chicken. Of course they’re not actual black men, but rather white actors in black face…another popular practice for members of the fashion industry.
birth of a nation black face
At any rate, Rosenblatt was peer pressured into taking the image down, but not before a follower took a screenshot.
Reformation producer Elana Rosenblatt Instagrams Racist Image for Black History Month
Expect a tepid apology to be issued soon.
At any rate, what do you think of the latest incident of racism in fashion?
See more on Fashionista.com.
*Update: Seems like they took the post down.
*Update: We’ve been asked to take the post down. Apparently Elana was attending a Black History Month party (?) at a friend’s house and the caption was, “taken out of context.” We have a large black readership on this site. Have you ever been to a Black History Month party? Where they serve fried chicken? Nice try.
*Reformation boutique is located on Melrose in LA, and also has an e-store here.

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48 Responses to “Reformation’s Elana Rosenblatt Instagrams Racist Image for Black History Month”

  1. Scarlett says:

    Blatant, unadulterated hate. You’d have to be a very sad individual to go out of your way to attempt to offend a culture/race with that dipiction of ignorance during a month where said culture/race is supposed to be uplifted. SMH

    Why you mad, Elana?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some white ppl are so clueless these days.. Everything black is a joke to them… They’re so lost and confused about black history and how we built this country they stole from the Indians and how lazy they really are versus us. They were the ones unable to crop food that they were digging up graves eating the bodies, killing their wives and eating everything but the head. They were so lazy that they had to get slaves in order to survive. So the laziest race on the planet now wants to call others lazy.. lol.. if they only knew.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a disgrace. Pure ignorance and disregard, and unapologetic at that. It’s sad.

  4. NotAmusingInTheLeast says:

    Update: Fashionista.com has been bullied into removing their article. (Interesting)

    Very disappointing that a Jewish and a Asian woman, both who come from races that have been the victim of racism and stereotypes in America, would be so insensitive. I think they would be very insulted if someone posted on their instagram a photo of depicting a racial stereotype of Jews or Asians during either of their holiday time.

  5. tieasha carrawhack! says:

    Someone should post a picture of someone eating a penis or a human leg, b/c everyone knows so-called Jews are Cannibals. And for that Asian b****, someone post a picture of someone eating anything with a pulse , b/c they eat any and every damn thing…even feces (Japan)!

  6. Asia says:

    Wow, seems like Fashionista took down the original article. I got the email and clicked on the link but keep getting a 404 error so just goggled it and this article came up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well, this just proves everyone likes Chicken, not just “Black People”, as the stereotype portrays. I just hope that was their intention when posting this photo.

  8. Alli says:

    Anonymous says: “Well, this just proves everyone likes Chicken, not just “Black People”, as the stereotype portrays. I just hope that was their intention when posting this photo.”

    Is this a joke? Those two women said, “I don’t give a f*ck what black people think” and posted that pic. It wasn’t some sort of statement. GAH!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rosenblatt…I wonder how she would respond if someone posted an offensive pic about Jews and the Holocaust. Someone should post a swastika with a smiley face.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Says the assimilated Asain and the boxed blonde…right.

  11. Major Gruebert says:

    you both suck.

  12. Fashionista took it down, how whack is that. I remember when they used to put up unfavored articles about other bloggers and they stood by the notion that it was their blogging space and nobody could bully them. I guess threats from a brand works. What a pity, now it just looks like they don’t care enough about Blacks to stand up for something that isn’t right. I’m sure if this was some black woman like Joan Smalls doing something remotely racist they would drill into her like a screw.

  13. Jessy says:

    These pieces of trash (and many others like them) make me sick. Not worth a full response. Just trolling for likes online.

  14. Nik says:

    There are several articles on this on the web now (even thought fashionista removed their article. They go in on her ignorance pretty hard. Really disgusting.

  15. justme says:

    I laughed. I was not offended by this at all. People take themselves too seriously.

  16. *Sigh* says:

    I saw WE get over it. All ways trolling for the “racist” – when in fact, we confine ourselves to ONLY seeing race. No one came for you. And if the shoe doesn’t fit, then move alone.

  17. simplyjess says:

    Don’t call the white girl’s IG picture pure hate when some of our own post those disrespectful “Black History” funnies. All of it is pure hate and what Black people don’t see is we hate ourselves! Get mad at your own people first, correct that before we keep trying to pull the race card. Oh and this is from a Black American. SMH!

  18. marguerite says:

    her page is private. i was about to give her a piece of my mind.

  19. Mrs.L says:

    Ladies and Gents take heart this is not hate but fear.
    Black people in all form-are becoming successful… And ” they” have noticed. These are the cheap shots… You remember high school right? Who did the class clown, and the bully pick on?
    You want me to be offend, look back at the past with anger? No. Generation of people willed me into being and success. Shake it off ya’ll and keep moving forward.

  20. Miss N says:

    @Tieasha Carrawhack Yes because the proper response to ignorance is extra ignorance.

  21. 2 cents says:

    FBD do not take this post down. Even if they say it was taken out of context, the fact still stands that it was offensive. She posted it. You are right to bring it to light.
    We shall overcome.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Some replies on here are stupid. To the person that said white people are lazy. If you should know anything there was white slaves in other countries as well as the Irish immigrants who came to America before Africans did. Also it was other Africans who sold the slaves from Africa to began with as well as it was Spainards who brought the first Slaves from Africa to the U.S. Now tell me this how come there is not a Native American month for me and my relatives. Just answer that.

  23. sarah says:

    I was able to see some pics from IG and she went to a “black history month” party, thrown by a black man. They ate all the typical “black foods” – collards grrens, okra, fried chicken etc and that is where the pic came from. I’m not defending her at all but she clearly didn’t understand that this black guy was clearly mocking his own race by inviting a bunch of white people to come and “celebrate” with him and he served them these foods.

  24. MARY says:

    This is NOT ignorance, and NOT “just a joke”. It is purposeful, intentional insult.

    They are declaring their racists. But not JUST racists, they are PROUD racists. Proud of their baseless hate.

    We can all thank the Republican Party & FOX “News” for making racism & hate FASHIONABLE again.

    This is what it takes to be a “Good Christian” in Republican America in 2014.

  25. CanV says:

    FBD PLEASE do not take this picture down. I saw if they were bold enough to put it up they should be bold enough to handle the responses.

    As for #23 trying to derail the convo I see. Well this.ain’t.about.you. Moving on…

  26. lol says:

    you want some matzo balls and rice with that?

  27. katie says:

    FBD don’t take these pics down! Keep them up, if their bold to put them up they can take whatever comes their way. Fvck whatcha heard! I see these whites folks is getting mad that blacks are moving up and we doing thangs. I can’t wait until we leave them in the dust all together. It’s already happening in the entertainment industry.

    SN: Thank you for tagging this, I plan on coming back to this page for a paper. I study Internet culture and I want to do a paper of racism against blacks in the fashion industry displayed on instagram. You’re not getting away with this Rosenblatt!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    #23 – What are you talking about – Native Americans can go to college for free – you dont need a month and for the Record – Feb is the shortest and coldest month so don’t feel neglected and your history is wrong , Natives became the first slaves when the europeans hit the soil – no record of white slaves before african slaves where did you get your info from? Now about the Chicken – popeyes , kfc , churches chk , roy rogers , chik fila , bojangles , kennedy , crown etc , etc , etc. All of these chicken franchises were started by Caucasians not to mention any chinese food rest have chicken through out their menu. Im pissed at the person who allowed this from the beginning. last thing did you know that chickens and pigs are not native to Africa so we didnt know about the pig and the chicken until the europeans brought our ancestors to the U.S.

  29. Ignorant says:

    There’ll be rage and then we’ll forget again until the next offense happen. May we all wake up and stop supporting these people with their wack institutions.
    As for the commentary about Africans selling slaves this true but it was a small minority compared to the actual Portuguese who captured slaves inland. There were white indentured servants not slaves in America and the Irish were isolated from building equity but no accounts of slaves in America

  30. Ignorant here again says:

    As for the comment about Spaniards they are European just as much as the English who stole their routes and riches to America

  31. Jessy says:

    Yep. Stories like these make me proud of my habit of not patronizing companies that appear to have diversity issues…just visiting the Reformation’s website, they have a very homogeneous ‘array’ of models. But ever since 2008, non-blacks are getting jittery.

  32. Just visited says:

    True we gotta stop supporting these “fashionista” the stuff is over priced and there is a lack of diversity

  33. Angel says:

    All of these hateful comments towards the two women have really made me reconsider my stance w/this blog site. Especially since it seems to be egged on by the writer of the article (referring to the update), instead of letting readers form their own opinion. It goes from creating a dialogue to what seems more like a gossip column. Outside looking in, All I see is a bunch of women (some of which have said they were African American) participating in hate by downing each other’s opinion in a disrespectful way and spewing racial slurs towards the two women. If it was their intention to offend or mock African Americans during our month of celebration, It makes us no better than them to participate in destructive conversation about it. We are better than that. At the end of the day, those are still two women up there, Maybe misinformed, maybe lacking tact, maybe sheltered & at worst case, maybe racist. We should just remember, It’s not our job to judge them. Because we really don’t know forsure which of the few it is, if any. & if it ISNT actually any of those, well then, that puts you in a horrible position with Karma, now doesn’t it. Judge not.

  34. Anon says:

    Keep exposing these people because that’s one less company that will be getting my money.

  35. randomnone says:

    Claire thank you so much for putting context to this story. I am African so the whole chicken and watermelon thing goes over my head. Now I see why it is hateful and hurtful! What stupidness. So we have been intimidating these people since 1915? I like it. Angel you yourself are judging the commenters and the author of the article to protect this Jew. Please, remove the log in your eye first….

  36. Arguing about the wrong damn thing says:

    first of all mr or ms Native American, when “minors” or rather people who have been dealt unfortunate circumstances of colonization complain about who gets what it’s sad. you are a sorry person, Black people fought for black history month it’s not like some white person said hey let’s get these negros a month of there own to make em feel kinda special. all these little handouts that are given are petty anyway we have more history than can be designated in one month just as Native Americans have more issues that free education and all other petty handouts can fix! we all have a problem we all have to solve them. it’s like a homeless person complaining about another homeless person shelter being better then go there! fight for what you want! and if you are gonna provide history let it be accurate, Portuguese and spanish are the first to start African slavery in south american colonies for their respective empires. and people who are saying black people insult themselves doesn’t give it a pass for other races to insult us. it’s condition people it is what we have been force fed for hundreds of years on and off the great continent of Africa. This is not right in any way shape or form and for the uncle Tom who threw the silly party he is an example of us black people perpetuating the problem! I’m tired of writing and please ignore the typos, That’s just my two cents… I really hope FBD won’t pull this down from peer pressure.. peace

  37. Arguing about the wrong damn thing says:

    Ugh now that I re read my comment I see a lot more typos than I expected, I promise I’m a better writer than that, I was just annoyed by some of these comments. I’m sure you guys get the gist of it. peace

  38. POW says:

    Thanks for posting this. I agree that most of this is fueled by jealousy. People are still scratching their heads at how a black man could get elected president of this country TWICE and how a black woman is the best first lady this country has had in YEARS. They just need to get used to it. Black exceptionalism is here to stay.

    I do think one issue now is working on how we portray ourselves in comedic media. I think too many of our black comedians play to the lowest common denominator using played out jokes that make it seem that the world hasn’t changed since 1996. I’m completely bored with the Kevin Hart’s of the world who still base their entire comedy pedigree around cheap laughs concerning ghetto “crazy” black women.

    I hate to say it, but I think a lot of the disrespectful memes that we hear others parroting back at us start in the black community. People believe what you tell them about yourself, so if we think it’s cute to put up disrespectful Black History Month instagrams, others will see that as a license.

  39. Angel says:

    I have not judged anyone personally, & I’m sry that you got that from my mini paragraph, as that was not my intent, merly stating my opinion of the treatment towards each other. I just can’t help but wonder how it looks on the outside looking in, two wrongs don’t make a right. I’m not protecting a “Jew”, even though I wouldn’t mind it if a person who happens to be of Jewish decent ends up in a misfortunate situation that I had the power to change, I would at least try, Because I am my brother/sister’s keeper. :) Jesus himself was Jew. & if you believe in Jesus Christ, and believe yourself to be a part of the body of Christ, but send a hateful message/vibe to a Jewish person, then you are participating in self hate. anywho, have a blessed day everyone, be good to each other, no matter what! pray/send good vibes for the misunderstood, & the downtrodden & such situations. Peace and love.

  40. NotCool says:

    Black history party, huh? Such BS. I guess black face, urban clothing and drinks made in mini watermelons were optional? Her explanation is bogus. When she first put this photo up with that “specific caption” (I’m sure she was aware it would be picked up by the same hashtags that fashionbombdaily.com referenced in this article.) Why didn’t she write something like, “Enjoying a delicious dinner with a friend?” Because she meant it to be a racist joke. She was immediately told by her followers that it was offensive and take it down. She deleted their comments. After a bit she took the “Happy Black history month” comment, but left the photo. When Reformation became aware of the Fashionista.com article and the ensuing sh*t storm on the internet, only then was their PR machine was called into action. I am extremely disappointed in Fashionista.com for waffling under pressure. It shows they lack journalistic integrity. I will be removing them from my subscriber feed. The bottom line is this, people, fight fire with fire. We must make it known that this is NOT okay and we will make sure you are held accountable. Only then will people start to think twice before they posting at others expense.

  41. Farrah says:

    This sh*t is getting way of hand. Why is it open season to say, do, and post things that are damn near criminally offensive to black people. I have an array of angry things to say but I won’t. I will say this, I have been 100% black for 30 years and I f*cking hate fried chicken. Stereotypes can kiss my grits!!!

  42. Jessy says:

    It’s bizarre to read people’s insistence that these women were ‘sheltered’ and thus unaware of the stereotype of blacks and fried chicken (Just ignore the caption under the picture, it would completely obliterate the notion that they were ignorant and didn’t know that blacks eating fried chicken is a stereotype). Enter crocodile tears and false apologies.

    Pair this ridiculousness with people’s random discussions (a.k.a. distraction techniques) of Native American rights and attacks on blacks as a group (if a handful of black people do bad things, we ALL deserve to be ridiculed, even the ones who try to uplift themselves and others). That’s sad when Blacks feel that they ‘deserve’ to be punished for others’ behavior. I most certainly don’t feel that way. Why can Whites be seen as individuals, yet many try to lump a group of 12 million (!) people together after the actions of a minority?

    Joke (or not), if a company representative is stupid enough to post these things on a public website, I can’t fathom using my hard-earned cash to support unintelligent employees. Claire and crew, keep on posting these items (anyone who doesn’t want to hear what you have to report on can skip over the story). There are plenty of companies that hire people with common sense, and they would love to take ‘our’ money :)

  43. Anonymous says:

    It’s too bad in this time this still goes on. This person chose to serve this meal to his “friends” that’s one thing but to blatantly disrespect our history is a too much. Too many great people went through too much to be remembered ONLY for chicken and watermelon.

  44. Shanee McDaniels-Randall says:

    Black history month party? REALLY?
    Just because people are being ignorant and disrespecting a particular race doesnt mean you chime in. Especially with African Americans. Nowadays people feel its okay to disrespect us so much because of a chosen few of our own choose to do so. Well newsflash…ABOUT 98% OF DONT LIKE IT AND IT NEEDS TO STOP….NOW

  45. JT says:

    I totally expect a white woman to be racist and post her retarded sense of humor on the internet. But a Asian woman really, I can’t believe she had the audacity to partake in this hateful crap. Ignoring the fact that there are way worse stereotypes about Asian people like their (side-ways vaginas, Asian men have super small penises, and slanty eyes. Neither of those women is remotely attractive and I( think that they should eat chicken ‘breasts’ because they are both super flat-chested. Overall, Asian people think they are white because they are too weak to defend themselves when white people make fun of them. These two women should just put KKK hoods over their heads because we are way past the point of apologies.

  46. jeda says:

    oooh they tried it, Black History Month Party? Have all the seats at the stadium please.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t take this post down as requested. She needs to be called out for her ignorance. Dumb ass white people.

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