February 4th, 2014
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Snapshot: Lupita Nyong’o, Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, and More for Vanity Fair March 2014
By Faith

vanity fair march 2014 cover chiwetel ejiofor julia roberts idris elba george clooney

Lupita Nyong’o, Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, and More for Vanity Fair March 2014.

Source: Lupita Nyong’o Twitter

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32 Responses to “Snapshot: Lupita Nyong’o, Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, and More for Vanity Fair March 2014”

  1. Tika says:

    Amazing to see so many men and women of colour. They are an inspiration to all.

  2. This cover is beautiful.

    Lupita is looking like a Thanksgiving feast. BAD.

  3. tasha says:

    YESSSSS this is really perfection and I am just excited.

  4. Myesha says:

    I love the fact that there are so many powerful men and women of color!

  5. Dobe says:

    Super sexy and elegant! I love this!

  6. Keity says:

    Loving the diversity on this cover…Everyone looks amazing!

  7. Anonymous says:

    So much talent!!

  8. forreal says:

    i love how they sprinkled a few whites in there, but feel they are now being under represented.

  9. Shayla says:

    Finally, a spread that WE can appreciate! Straight, unadulterated TALENT! I’ll definitely be purchasing this glossy! #beautiful

  10. iloveshoes says:

    Julia Roberts got a thang for physically placing her pasty looking a** on black male actors. Go sit your ass down somewhere heifer and not in the lap of black men. Like this looks major inappropriate especially with her being a married woman.

    Lupita should have been front and center. When you see the actual cover she is damn near off the page to the side. I’m not reaching I just don’t like this cover.

  11. S says:

    FINALLY, Vanity Fair got it right!! Yes, indeed! Beautiful!

  12. Lila says:

    Lipita is not on the actual cover. I think she should’ve been in Julia Roberts’ spot. But, heaven forbid that there should ever be a Black man with a Black woman on the cover of a non-exclusively “Black” magazine.

  13. NickieLuv621 says:

    @ Lila & Iloveshoes: my sentiments exactly. So over this rubbish.

  14. Frost says:

    There are two black people on the cover alone, but people still have something to bitch about? Some vultures will never be happy.

  15. anonymous says:

    Reply to Lila – why is the color of their skin such an issue for you? what aesthetic value would Julia’s skin being brown done for the picture? aren’t we supposed to be breaking down racial barriers? I’m confused

  16. bebe says:

    @ Frost
    My sentiments exactly. Simmer down and feel proud that there is so much diversity on this spread to begin with!

  17. UnalteredBeauty says:

    Was it really necessary for Julia, or anyone for that matter, to be in someone’s lap? You better believe it was a calculated move to place the white woman in the black man’s lap. You’d be a damn fool to assume otherwise. Media is hardly color blind; more like color conscious.

    @Anonymous & Frost–You will have to forgive those of us who are less than enthused by the diminishing images of black male/black female camaraderie, love, and friendship in white media. It’s pretty painful (and statistically inaccurate) to see.

  18. anonymous says:

    I don’t think some black women will ever be happy, we read too much meaning into everything. Flip, the positions and Julia was standing in placement of Lupita, vis-a-vis and many will still scream discrimination. Na wa!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    They are not reading into anything take a course in social psychology and you will see what they are talking about. The media rules the world and you would be a fool to think that this was not done purposely! The media can pass a message like this in a subtle way and only the select few would notice. Be happy? For what? For something we should not have to fight for? For something that these black actors earned? Girl bye!!!!!!

  20. KBS says:

    The Man’s foot on the proverbial neck aside, this is a nice cover. And that cutie Wallace aka Michael B. Jordan,I think he’s the next Denzel.

  21. Shirley says:

    This cover is cool! As for Julia being on the lap of Idris, maybe the photographer asked her to sit there or she wanted to try different poses. Either way, this cover was chosen.

  22. FanGirl says:

    Can we take a moment to notice the beauty that is Jared Leto please, and thank you . Also these beautiful black men and women representing us with grace and ease. Three claps!

  23. Michael says:

    I love this cover!! Julia and Idris looking really sexy! Is it just me though or is George Clooney looking kinda old here?

  24. Michael says:

    @Lila & @iloveshoes- you 2 are ridiculous! Get over it! Was waiting to read a comment about Julia being the white woman sitting on a black man. Who the hell cares! And why would Lupita be on the main cover and Julia be on the insert? Julia has been an actress (an Oscar winning actress if I may add) for years. Simply, she is the biggest star. You people and the whole race thing need to stop with this nonsense. A bunch of jealous, probably black woman, who have a problem with a white woman mixing it up with a black men. UGH.

  25. andie says:

    Its really sad to see things like “be happy that black people are on the cover”. Like someone said they should be there. I agree that there is a subtle something in the placement of julia in idris lap. As a black woman it bothers me that there aren’t more representations of black men with good looks and success with black women. If an Asian woman or Latino had a problem with a man from their culture sitting with Julia it would be thought provoking but Im a hater? Far from it! Concerned for the state of my race and the representation in the media (or world at large) is more accurate.

  26. Lila says:

    @Andie, UnalteredBeauty and the other sensible people: I swear these “house Negroes like Michael and co. are just SOOOOO “happy to be here”! They thank the white media for giving them the slightest acknowledgement and are ever so grateful for the scraps thrown their way.

    I have nothing against Julia Roberts, and i stand by my original post: the lack of Black man/Black Woman representation in the mainstream media is sickening! Movies, TV show, Magazines, Commercials, etc.; majority of the time a black man is paired with a non-black or “not-very-black” woman.

    If you don’t care about that, that’s on you. But, please don’t make it seem like those of us who are concerned about seeing positive representations of our lives reflected in the media are out of our minds.

  27. Taylor says:

    Lupita is dripped in gold……I live ! The diversity on the cover is beautiful alone……baby steps people.

  28. Kay says:

    I believe the bigger picture they were trying to get at is the fact that there are so many different nationalities and ethnicities represented in the spread yet the focus is on a white woman sitting in a black man’s lap. To be honest, I didn’t even notice it until I read the comments. I had to scroll back up and look at it again and realize that she is in fact sitting in his lap. I’m trying to figure out if you all wanted Lupita Nyong’o to sit in his lap instead or if you all just wanted an all black cover? I’m not blind to the fact that the media does do these things- like strategically place a white woman with a white man- on purpose sometimes, however I’m also not blind to the fact that a lot black people have entitlement issues. Like I told a friend not too long ago, black people want everything that’s “ours” to stay ours, but still want a piece of the white man’s pie. Meditate on that. Would black people really be willing to share the covers of Jet, Ebony, and Essence with white people? Well, of course not because those magazines were created by us for us because no one was showcasing our beautiful people. They have plenty of magazines of their own. Let us have our own! True. However, people don’t realize the true definition of equality. Equality is NOT one race including another race. Equality means to be seen as equal and as one united people; no separation across the board. That is the true definition of equality. We thought we’ve been fighting for equality but really people have just been fighting to be included. Do I believe we’ll ever experience true equality? Yes I do, but it won’t be here on this Earth. Until then, I believe these ladies were just saying embrace the beauty of diversity that is expressed in the spread as a while. No one’s saying don’t fight racial injustice, but some battles like this need to not have you all up in arms. God bless.

  29. Kay says:

    I meant to say “strategically place a white woman with a black man.”

  30. Claudia says:

    Thank you Kay! Yes, the media did this on purpose…TO SHOW DIVERSITY IN THE FILM INDUSTRY!

  31. Westafricanmutt says:

    This is beautiful. Period! Stop complaining!!!

  32. Pam says:

    @ Kay, thanks so much for your comment. Someone always has to whine about something. It’s so annoying. I’m a black female and I didn’t even notice Julia on Idris’ lap, I was too busy being happy over the diversity.

    Just want to add that Jared Leto looked awesome:)

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