January 30th, 2014
Fashion News
Fashion Blogger Shoots #OOTD in Jewish Mausoleum, Apologizes After Uproar
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Personal style bloggers sometimes make fashion faux pas. But this particular misstep made by That’s Chic‘s Rachel Nguyen really rubbed folks the wrong way.
The 23-year-old staged a shoot documenting her #OOTD.  But it wasn’t her white button down, skater skirt, or chunky high heels that caused offense–it was where she took the photos that raised more than a few eyebrows.
rachel nguyen jewish mausoleum

In the post, which has since been removed, Nguyen is pictured posing in a Jewish Mausoleum, for which she offered the following explanation:

“The contrast of finding myself in a place I never want to be, in an outfit that I will wear for the rest of my life is slightly disturbing. But that’s what you get when you hang out with kids in their teens and want to explore anything and everything around. That though, is a refreshing perspective that you lose as you grow up. And with all the changes I’m implementing in my life, curiosity is back up on the chart of mindfulness. Thank you Aaron and Karissa for reminding me what it feels like to genuinely not give a f***.”

Ok then! What’s worse, the post went live on the 59th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. Talk about poor taste/ bad timing!

rachel nguyen jewish mausoleum 2

After her post went viral, and after reading comments expressing just how offensive this particular shoot was, Nguyen, realizing the error of her ways, made quite a heartfelt apology:

Dear Readers,

In my last post (since removed), I posted pictures of myself posing in a cemetery with a “f*** it” attitude. I owe everyone a big humble apology.
This was a bad idea in general, but it also turned out to be really poorly timed. I thought I was being fun and irreverent at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery near my home, not thinking much about the denomination of the graves behind me, but more so my frustration with the fashion-blogging community. I had no idea when posting this that it was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and that’s on me. I’m ashamed of my own ignorance and insensitivity.
As soon as the first comment criticizing the post came in, I knew I was in the wrong and went to that reader’s blog to apologize. Now I’d like to apologize to everyone and in particular anyone whose life or legacy was touched by the holocaust [sic]. While I can’t take back this offense, I promise to better educate myself and be more sensitive going forward.
I’m really sorry.
Though Nguyen made a brash mistake and exhibited poor judgement, this apology sounds very sincere. It’s nice to hear someone in fashion is willing to educate themselves on why certain imagery might be inappropriate, instead of excusing it as “art,” and shading the rest of us for being offended by it. Certainly, more than a few can learn something from young Ms. Rachel.
What do you think, guys? Are you buying her apology?
photos: Jezebel via That’s Chic


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21 Responses to “Fashion Blogger Shoots #OOTD in Jewish Mausoleum, Apologizes After Uproar”

  1. Jackie says:

    As a blogger myself, I understand the urge to want to express yourself, and push limits to stand out. However, people need to think before they do things because an apology can only go so far after the act is done. I’m just trying to understand who thought it would be a good idea to pose around in a place where the dead rests, like they are props to your photoshoot. Also how would the family feel seeing their family member’s name displayed all over the internet without their permission. Glad she realized she was wrong though.

  2. Lila says:

    Lesson no. 1: Don’t mess with the jews. I agree that this fashion shoot was in poor taste but, had this been a “regular” mausoleum, we would not be having this conversation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Asians are like the new white people they don’t even comprehend racism half the time, they try to fit in so much… SAD

  4. Natasha says:

    The last pic wasn’t bad. Had she known what day it was and not posted the original text, it could have been much better received.

  5. Lina says:

    Steups! That is all.

  6. amc says:

    I think this is a littler harsh. Pharrell shot his happy video in a Mausoleum. Nobody is messing with him.

  7. Mia says:

    It’s obvious she did this knowing it would get big press!!! I applaud her because everyone is obviously buying her bullshit and reporting on it! So in the end…she wins!

  8. BougieBadazz says:

    If it was just the straight-on pic without all her blabber about not giving a f**k, that would have been one thing. I doubt anyone would have cared (it was actually a nice shot). But all that laying out and curtseying and wide-eyed crouching was excessive, and tacky to be done around anyone’s grave. No one wants you using their family member’s resting space as a prop.

  9. d. broussard says:

    I totally agree with Amc. I feel as though some people are not appreciating the art ;of this project. No one should be offended or sad about the afterlife. I am a proud Christian. I have several Jewish friends, and geez, they make more politically incorrect jokes than anyone. And they acknowledge it, just as Nguyen did. Let’s just just consider this a mild faux pas as opposed to the end of her career and the apocalypse. Geesh!!!

    p.so I am also ablack/afro-american citizen for anyone who wants to know. I’ve literally heard everyone, conservative to liberal make horrendous jokes. HUSH NOW, CHILD!

  10. Bleu says:

    For those that are not from LA may not know about the Hollywood Forever cemetery. It is actually not too far out of context of the events that the cemetery throws pretty often. During the summer they have sit in movies where people pay to sit on the graves and watch movies. They also hold huge parties and gathering in which people are dancing on the graves. This is not making an excuse for her but this is just something that actually happens often at this one particular cemetery.

  11. 6PM Coupon says:

    Well horrible fashion shoot really. There is nothing anything perfect about this. That was real bad idea. I think you should have learned a lot after this, so next time be careful before doing things like this.

  12. marguerite says:

    i can’t. Jews complain about every damn thing and if you don’t agree then your anti-Semitic. i’m over it.

  13. marguerite says:

    *semetic……ugh, who cares

  14. southern says:

    i can say the apology seems sincere and not the regular “sorry if you were offended” bs

  15. I’m not sure why but this site is loading incredibly slow for
    me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end?

    I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  16. big neef! says:

    The so called holocaust didn’t even happen in America. Well it happened to the real Jews aka the Moors. But the alleged holocaust being shoved in our brains happened in Europe. I thought the pics were unique and expressive. You can’t even say jew w/o being persecuted! Damn Ashkenazi!

  17. DenimJunkieKidd says:


    I hope you’re not black making that comment. We as blacks call racism at almost every thing in today’s media (the Grammys as the most recent example), but I digress. Bleu is correct, people use that Mausoleum for much worse. Not to give her a pass, but I feel like we as a society in general are becoming overly sensitize. We need to find balance.

  18. Lola Reggy says:

    Considering her age, a young girl, she just thought of cool images and did not really think about anything else. But she apologized so politely and correct, I say forgiven and let’s move on. Everybody makes mistakes, every once in a while!

  19. katie says:

    At least she apologize, but we already know if she were to do this in a slave cemetery or a southern plantation, those Jews would not have given a damn.

  20. katie says:

    Also, not surprised that blacks in this thread are sticking up for Jews talking about we should be understanding because we experience racism (i.e. grammy’s).

    But the gag is that Jews are the ones that own the grammy’s! Y’all some fools. Oh and sorry, if I sound just a tad bit unsympathetic.

  21. illjil says:

    I dont know, I think people are tripping. They show movies at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, why no one tripping about that? Jews are the only people more sensitive than black people but when we say its racist or insensitive they hit us with let it go it happened years ago. I’d say the Jewish community is making it past the holocaust

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