January 28th, 2014
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Fashion Discussion: Are We Feeling Beyonce’s Risqué Image?
By Claire

A lot of you expressed distaste with Beyonce’s Grammy performance with husband Jay Z.
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest 00
While some of you loved it, saying, “She’s a grown women singing about her relationship and relations with her husband,” quite a few others opined, “Be naked in private all you want but if you can actually sing and dance why is this necessary?? Does she think she’s the only person who has a vag or knows how to work it?? And at the Grammys??”
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest
Though Beyonce has always been a total sex kitten, it seems she truly began to express her sensual side with her latest self titled album. Videos for songs like Rocket, Partition, Haunted, and more were peppered with gratuitous shots of Bey’s voluptuous body. In Partition she does a pretty vivid strip tease for husband Jay Z, and prances in thongs and crystal flecked bra tops alongside burlesque dancers from the Crazy Horse .
beyonce crazy horse dancers partition
This scandalous imagery is the norm for self proclaimed bad girls like Rihanna, who smoke, party, and unapologetically live the single life.
But Beyonce is a wife and mother–and has honestly been branded as America’s sweetheart ever since she was “15 in… stilettos… strutting in this game.”
I’m all for growth as an artist–and Beyonce is beautiful!
beyonce-partition-basically naked
I just think some things should be kept inside closed doors and reserved for your significant other.
We can’t deny: she knows how to keep people talking! And without scintillating performances like her Grammy moment, would we even be discussing her right now?

That said, as a child of the 90′s, I miss those intricately choreographed dance scenes from R&B and pop artists.
aaliyah rock-the-boat
I would love to see more of that and less twerking (this counts for all female artists right now).
At any rate, what do you think?

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show
Images: Youtube/Getty

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100 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Are We Feeling Beyonce’s Risqué Image?”

  1. debs says:

    Love it! I think is powerful and liberating to be comfortable to be so candid and down right sexy. If the role were reversed and Beyonce what a guy it would be no big deal. I love how sexy and confident she is with her sexuality.

  2. The Truth says:

    I love it and hate that women are not allowed to be sexual beings in the same ways men are. If it were Idris Elba without a shirt on, body glistening, I don’t think there would be a discussion about it.

    Women are taught to be modest and repress their sexuality, while men are taught otherwise. I think a woman should be able to choose how she wants to express her sexuality. And as long as she is the one making the choice, we need not flinch at aggressive representations of it.

  3. justme says:

    As a fan from the Destiny’s Child days, her Grammy performance made me a little uncomfortable watching it with my conservative mother who’s also a Beyoncé fan. That being said she’s on stage with her husband. She has to change in some way to remain relevant and stay at the top of her game. She’s getting older and feeling very sexual. She probably got a little board watching her past performances. I’m a little interested to see what her mother has to say about her new image. I think it’s a faze and she’ll get over it.

  4. justme says:


  5. 2 Cents says:

    Can’t a woman be sexual without being naked? Do burlesque dancers really get respect in society or the world…? Shouldn’t the message be that women are more than their body parts? What about their mind? Their strength?
    I think our definition of ‘women power’ is getting scrambled.
    I also don’t think feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who is sampled on Flawless, would want to be associated with the Beyonce above.

  6. Melissa says:

    I don’t mind, simply cause she has never done it to this extent before. She’s kept it subtle sexy in the past. However if it becomes drawn out, then I will begin to side eye. She too has said this isn’t particularly her brand, the over the top raunchiness. So I think after the BEYONCE album stage, she will move on. For now, It’s great. She’s not singing for single ladies, not even for ladies in a relationship, she is singing for and representing wives and mothers. She’s letting everyone know how to keep your man satisfied. She’s letting everyone know that you can get your body back if you put in the work. And my lord has Beyonce lost some crazy weight. I hear she is a US 2/4 now. Though I don’t believe that, that is very small! Well done Bey!

  7. Adderlee says:

    I think people are overreacting BIG time. I honestly felt like she was holding back in this performance. The outfit is nothing that anyone has never seen beyonce in before. She is entitled to express herself in anyway she chooses to. She is a grown ass women. And I hardly saw any ” twerking” lol this isn’t the 90′s. If you want that back, watch old YouTube videos

  8. Lili says:

    Does this stuff have to be a part of every aspect of our lives? It’s like every town’s Pleasure Island over by the tracks is where the culture now is.

    I mean, everybody knows it is there. Bad girls work there. Nice girls keep it in the bedroom.

    Is it too much to ask for a beautiful and chic store/club/park walk where folks are turned out in splendor, polite, thoughtful, grace filled?

    And we can aspire to that. Teach our kids, “hey, let’s look to that?” “Let’s carry ourselves like that, and be elegant. Have some dignity.”

    And leave the Pleasure Island pole dance club where it is. Either on the other side of the tracks, or in the private confines of your bedroom.

  9. Ebony says:

    I think she is an artist expressing herself and our permission or acceptance of her expression is neither desired nor required. We don’t get to suppress artistic expression to suit our moral platitudes.

    Also, to the person above, you don’t get to sex-shame Beyoncé and say “Chimamanda would not associate with THIS Bey.” You don’t know that, first of all. That’s not feminist, second of all.

  10. Martinique_fr says:

    Every artist’ ultimate goal is to keep the public interested and intrigued so WE can keep talking about them… Well Beyonce DID THAT! We are talking, people are clicking on her videos, and buying her songs. That’s why she is still killing it after all these years. Now where are the artists who came out around the same time she did?……. Exactly! She knows how to play this game.

    Had this been a DUDE, no one would even care.

  11. yonaton says:

    I definitely agree with some of the above statements. this is surely a phase. Beyonce is in her prime right now, and dammit she is feeling sexy and confident in the body she is in. I doubt she wants this to be her brand moving forward. With that in mind, why not celebrate being sexy with her HUSBAND and making him proud to know he has a wife who loves him and can still put it down! Prior to the 90s, there were decades filled with women expressing themselves (not just Burlesque!) sexually and promoting their rebellious nature. TBH, I agree with @Adderlee and felt like she was holding back too. I think she just wanted a break from big expectations and extravagant shows. I can imagine that gets really exhausting. too close, I love it. Bey made it, got married, then had a child; the fact the she’s being sexy now shows girls, Wait! your time will come when he can call you peaches. just wait on it!

  12. yonaton says:

    to* close,

  13. jeda says:

    Listen, I’m not one for nakedness and oversexuality, but I have to say that I like this Beyonce. Mostly because I feel like its her. The Beyonce that was presented to us earlier in her career did not seem genuine. I think that she decided to strip off those layers and say yes, I’m nasty, yes, I’m sexy and these are the kinds of things I like to do. And I have to say that she found the liberty to do that once she got married. Because now, society cannot label her as a whore because we know exactly who she’s being sexy and nasty for and she has every right to be who she wants to be for her husband. Had she been single, then it wouldn’t be any different from Rih…and we all know what people say about her.

  14. Bri says:

    I honestly don’t see the big deal. ANYONE who has ever seen a Beyonce concert knows that her skintight leotards have been around for years! What is so different now? The fact that she is singing about making love to her husband? Im not sure. She barely danced in the performance.. she moved around sensually and that’s it. Her husband joined her and stage and they shared a kiss. I don’t see the big deal. If you know you don’t dress like that, then why do you care? It’s her life and her body.

  15. Blah blah blah…she’s what 32 and married and we are discussing what she does…she can do whatever she wants and this is overreacting the performance was not that sexy (calm down)….Beyonce has never been seen being sloppy drunk, locked up, doing drugs NOTHING…but damn she cant even be sexy…whatever.

  16. melissa says:

    please allow me to disagree with some of these commentors. i have a love hate relationship with beyonce, on one hand i love that she stands for women equality, feminism, and such, but on the other hand i feel as though she’s dumbing herself down to this brainwashed social media society. i feel that bey has accomplished so much that she so much doesnt need to put out ratchet music. your children cannot listen to beyonce’s new album. its raunchy, and albeit she’s married and talking about screwing her husband, i get it. but somethings you leave to the imagination. she has been catapulted into another stratosphere so she doesn’t need to sing dumb down music. her album is boring and she talks about absolutely nothing except screwing. as an artist whose been in the game she should be evolving and i don’t feel as though she has evolved. like my husband said, whose to say this isn’t who she really is. to me i felt like she just came from rihanna’s whole fan base with this lackluster album. this is my opinion, but i could be wrong

  17. Brittany says:

    Seriously, can we let her live?! She clearly stated that in the past, she has held back and tried to be a bit more conservative and this album was her “f**k-it-I’m-gonna-be-me moment”. If after having a baby, she suddenly feels sexy and empowered, who are we to judge? Frankly, listening to her music and watching her videos make me feel proud to be a woman and even more proud to be a woman who can take control of ALL aspects of my life including being sexual liberated. Let her have her moment. If you don’t like it, turn the channel. It’s her body and frankly if her partner in life is ok with it, so should everyone else.

  18. Hello says:

    This is one of those unnecessary fashionbombdaily post, I honestly think the only reason Beyonce is being more sexy or sexual is because she has lost so much weight & has had a baby so maybe she feels more liberated and more free then before I don’t have a problem with it I like Bey doing something a bit different than she has before

  19. Ummm says:

    I just don’t know one day I like it the next day I do nt . I understand she didn’t want to give a great show but this is the name and brand you built for your self. You built these expectation now people is going to be expecting you to live up to that…you want to be a diva now you got it..,. As for her latest sexual tease I did like but it’s no different from rihanna you don’t get a pass because your married. Rihanna wants to be sexy so does she . I feel this could be executed another way but than again she did everything . It was just tasteless she didn’t do anything .

  20. Anonymous says:

    As a performer I think people sometimes forget that a stage costume is simply that. She not walking around like this, It’s a stage outfit. I didnt wear sequin & ruffle clad leotards out and about as a child/teenager, but i did wear them on stage for dance performances. whats the big deal. the song is sexy, why would the performance/costume be anything less?? we may be reading too much into it.
    did noone notice that pink was just as naked, legs open & all that

  21. Sindy says:

    LOVE this new BEYONCE!!! Shes a GROWN ASS WOMAN doing what SHE wants to do!!!! Key words… ” WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO”. #gobey

  22. yeah says:

    If her being sexual makes you uncomfortable please dont watch her. Bey explained that she felt liberated after having Blue. She feels more comfortable with her body right now. It’s her choice to show her body. So who are we to tell her what to do. As for intricate choreography, what kind of choreography do you want to do with a song like drunk in love? It’s funny how most of these people policing her body ogle topless male celebrities shamelessly. The double standard is annoying.

  23. Anonymous says:

    All these nonsensical essays…Hope Beyonce does not have a problem with Blue following in her foster mama’s footsteps.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I think the problem is this whole new image is just inauthentic for bey it’s like she looks at other industry girls like she hotta keep up with them but forgets she’s actually talented no need to try so hard

  25. Open Mind says:

    Why do we do this to our ( as in black) artist . Madonna is almost 60 still coming on stage in leotards and nothing is said but ” she still got it” . That’s the problem with our culture we are to concerned with how others should be presenting themselves rather than allowing someone the freedom to express as themselves. Beyoncé is growing as a woman and now that’s a problem because she is finally “comfortable” in her skin. We do not recognize the pressure we put on someone to uphold an image. How we all feel if someone was to depict or day to day. The body is a beautiful thing and the freedom to express that body should be left up to that person. We frown down upon strippers etc because the have the courage and bodies that some of us may never have. Allow people to be whoever the f@ck they want to be . Life is to short to try to live as someone else that’s not true to yourself.

  26. Caramel_Mimi says:

    “nasty put some clothes on, ya nasty” lol

  27. Anonymous says:

    I just find it interesting whenever a female singer feels liberated, she sexes up her image even more. Bey, Miley.
    And that new sexual image always matches the mainstream perception of what sexy is, less/skin tight clothing. Interesting that these types of decisions always seem to match “what sells” and “what will get them more attention.”

    Nevertheless, I really like Beyoncé’s work, including her new album.

  28. I don’t mind the sexy image, I think it’s suitable for this album. However I did not like the performance. It was boring, uninspiring and very weird to watch up until Jay got on stage. I personally think that they should have been a medley of their collaborations and ended with drunk in love it would have made for a much better performance.

  29. Mak says:

    I love it! It’s probably just a phase…

  30. Valentine says:

    Since when did people became so prude??

    I grew up listening to Lil’Kim and Foxy Brown and I turned up fine. Plus they were far more provocative than Beyonce…

  31. Jackie says:

    Even though I’m on B and J burnout, she’s a sexual being. No one has to watch her videos or listen to her music. Madonna had an entire book of nude photos to claim her sexuality as well. It caused a huge stir. Then we got over it. But I’m not asking others to change. If they don’t like it, it’s their prerogative to quote another bump & grind artist. :) Whether B has a husband or not, she’s grown. Admittedly however, I’m bored with B’s constant grinding not because I’m a prude; it’s because I like surprises. How incredible would it be if she switched it up in one video wearing a muumuu or something that covered her head to toe & worn loosely? But still singing with that incredible voice? Do it B!

  32. Lola Reggy says:

    Oh my gawd why is everybody so falling over this look?? You know what: I think it is sexuality and confidence still brought with class. Sorry for saying that. I love that outfit! And it is just sooo Bey. Look at other artists,men and women. Some so freaking raunchy it hurts your eyes. And I love her new dvd, I love it love it love it. And that song partition is one of my faves where she’s with the burlesque dancers. Besides you are saying you are a nineties child, maybe you’ve seen some Madonna back then? Do you know what Madonna did back in the days with her like a prayer video??? Beyoncé has never been sooo shocking as Madonna ever was. I don’t see the problem here…?? Ohh yeah and here’s another one for ya: Prince. Wooohaaa he was on fire with vids like sexy motherf*cker. Oh and besides I love Madonna and Prince tooo :P

  33. Emma says:

    Please Beyoncé has always been “classy” sexy trashy. The so-called classy side is for interviews but her performances have always been too sexual, shaking her behind like her life depends on it. She just managed to sell that goody 2 shoes image you all bought unfortunately. A so-called feminist she is not (yes, another proof she should read a book sometimes). Never been fooled. Now she is just desperate because of the Rihanna, Miley of this world. she’s a mother now and in her 30s so that new image is kinda going backwards. Black girls need to see more of the Lupita Nyong’o, Kerry Washington or Mellody Hobson types on tv. Sexy but still truly classy, intelligent and well spoken (Beyonce is not articulate at all in interviews!). Enough of the Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim K, Black Chyna and Rita Ora etc.

  34. Soul Touch says:

    Nothing much has changed about her image…she has always been sexy. She keeps it for her persona and performance, always keeping it classy otherwise.

    Her album has 14 songs, only a few are overtly sexy and I don’t mind it….infact, my own sexiness is ignited when I listen to it…feel like a seductress. lol nothing wrong with that.

    Black women are so hard on black women, there is room for it all. Janet, Donna, Tina have never ran from their sexiness, why should she? Let the woman do her thing.

    That said, I didn’t enjoy her performance…I like when she goes all out dancing. But I did enjoy seeing her perform with her husband.

  35. aries says:

    Personally I don’t care, not a huge fan of Beyoncé, Rihanna, none of the ladies that r hot right now. I am still stuck in the 80′s & 90′s,(like Aaliyah, TLC, Janet Jackson) that had more intricate dance moves, they were sexy w/o being naked or over sexual. In my day, there was such a balance, u had the raunchy over sexual artist like Madonna, Lil Kim, but u had the more conservative dressed singers like Whitney Houston, the more tomboy dressed girls like Aaliyah, Janet Jackson & TLC, then the hip hop artist like MJBlige, SWV, etc, I think I am more concerned for the young girls now, cause they don’t have the balance of artist that I had. all the people who r hot now such as Beyoncé & Rihanna r both very sexual & naked all the time, so there is no balance for the young black girl. nobody to just stand on stage with a nice outfit and belt out a song. I personally didn’t care for Bey & Jay z grammy performance, I have seen better from her.

  36. POW says:

    I thought the beginning of the performance was boring, but I liked watching her interaction with Jay Z onstage. They seemed to actually care for each other.

    I think people are just too uncomfortable with sex and sexuality in this country. A woman posing in a leotard really shouldn’t give people the heart attacks that Beyoncé’s performance has been giving people.

    As for whether or not children can watch Beyoncé…everything isn’t and doesn’t need to be for children. Our culture is overly wrapped up in the needs of children to the detriment of marriages, professional satisfaction and sophistication.

    Plus, people cry about sheltering children when it comes to sex, but when it comes to violence, duplicity, anger, depression, etc…no one thinks twice about exposing children.

  37. Chelle says:

    She should just leave it to Rihanna!!!!

  38. Layioni says:

    As an artist she strives to express herself through her music (and that includes her videos and performances). Her music is her art and she does not need to answer to or defend it to anyone. If she wants to make a raunchy album and share a raunchy image, then she should do so to her heart’s content. If you don’t like it, don’t bother with it. It’s really that simple. Either way, King Bey is doing her.

  39. Tammy M. says:

    While I really didn’t care for Bey’s performance. She’s done better and and it was dud as an opener for a show.

    I have no problem with this new sexier image, although I doubt that you will find much apprehension from readers on this site, as there are true stans (which I am saddened anytime that I meet a grown adult that is a stan)on here that think she is beyond human.

    The real issue I have is that, “Beyonce double standard”, that female stans co-sign all day long. But then harshly judge other female celebs for doing equal risque actions. Bey’s pride of her svelte, fit body after birth is liberating, but Kim K’s selfie on her weight loss is considered whorish. It is psuedo-feminism at its best, with some readers.

    It is the same sad logic that has some women judging video vixens and strippers for their life choices, as they head to a pole dance class themseleves.

    True feminism…it is about the power to have choices. My liberation does not need to look your liberation.

  40. ebby says:

    I’m on the fence about this topic but I will say this – many popular female singers like to refer to themselves as artist and creative people yet when it comes to expressing their sexuality, they are so cliche. the type of sexuality they show is usually in the context of the male gaze. at least that’s how it seems like to me.

  41. Anon says:

    I cant believe that the media (fbd) is questioning the sexiness of 30 something year old married mother of 1. Yeah she started out a s kid, but she is a grown ass woman! If people are letting their children idolize grown folks music, thb tht is their problem. I was raised that your parent should be your role model, not a stranger on tv! I live that Bey is making music for the grown ONLY!

  42. Anon says:

    i meant NOT FBD! Sorry. I love you guys.

  43. ebby says:

    one more thing. it would be truly liberating and refreshing to see more female singer actually express her sexuality with some kind of creativity.

  44. Boudicca says:

    Honestly, the only reason she’s getting backlash now is that it’s on overload and reeks of desperation. I’m convinced its a 1/3rd life crisis. Beyonce has been selling soft porn for years and was a master of the Madonna/W***e way of life. Now she dropped the Madonna, and I guess people aren’t really here for it. Truth be told her good, shy, Christian, Southern girl routine was tried and tired. I think if anything it’s actually her hypocrisy that’s on trial. We all know what Beyonce thought of ‘Nasty Girls’, maybe if she hadn’t been so critical back then, people would give her a pass but alas.

    With all that said Bebe couldn’t dress herself out of a paper bag.



  46. Crystal says:

    She can and will do whatever she wants and while I like some of the new album, I hate the direction she’s going. I don’t think this is art or liberation, this is her proving to somebody that she’s still sexy. Either herself, her husband, the record label or all 3. This is a woman who wouldn’t even admit for years that she’s married now all of a sudden she wants you to know her husband’s man parts are curved? Ok, Beyonce. Yes, she’s a sexual being but aren’t we all? Every singer, film maker, designer, etc has sex but that doesn’t mean they have to reflect that in their work and not in such an overt manner. Spike Lee is not out here making adult flicks because well… he’s a film maker that’s married and has sex. After all of this time in the ‘game’ and as successful as she’s become, she herself said she was at a point in her career where she could do and say anything she wanted and I’m sad for her that this is what she chose. I definitely think this is a step backwards in career but if it’s somehow helped her grow as an individual, then that’s all that matters. Oh, and I’m tired of her using feminism as a cover up.



  48. Yelp I Said It says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion like everyone is entitled to be them and live the life they desire to live.

    The only comment on here that made any lick of sense to me was @ POW

    @ Aries I don’t know what Janet you talking bout b/c the Janet I know was very sexual. Hello… Her Velvet Rope tour. Before anyone ask, yes I did attend the show. Maybe her delivery was different b/c she is and will always be a private person but don’t let Janet fool you.

    With that being said, any artist, entertainer, fashion designer, and who ever else creates have the right and freedom to create whatever they heart desire. If you don’t like, don’t buy it. Don’t watch it. Point. Blank. Period….

    I wish everyone would lose the judgment and spread the love. This is the exact same judgment that sometimes choke the creativity out of anyone and put them in a box.

    Be who you want to be and let go of the double standards!!! There are much bigger issues. Beyonce is living her 100% self approved life. Why don’t we try to live ours? Whatever that may look like for each individual.

  49. Libby says:

    Drunk in love….Grammy lyrics….
    You can’t stand for women and stand on the Grammy Stage with your husband saying the lyrics ” Anna Mae Eat the cake”. Domestic Viloence isn’t funny. You can’t stand for woman with your husband saying he might catch a charge like mike Tyson ( rape) and beat it up. This is her song, right?
    See too many woman see the illusion of empowerment with their eyes and not their eyes.
    Beyoncé is a tart who sings vapid songs.

  50. Jamie says:

    It’s very sad that we’re discussing what a grown woman can and can’t do with HER body. Furthermore, her “good girl” image is something we created. I never understood how the public can create personas for celebrities (people they don’t know personally) and get outrage when their actions contraindicate that persona. Beyonce never said she was classy, Tiger Woods never said he was the good guy, Justin Bieber never said he was clean-cut, etc. — WE made those personas. Let these folks live, sheesh.

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