January 27th, 2014
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Splurge: Beyonce’s 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest
By Claire

Want to splurge on something saucy for Valentine’s Day?
The $322 La Perla Cage Vest Beyonce wore to perform her hit single Drunk in Love at the Grammy’s might do the trick.
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest

La Perla’s cage collection is created entirely by hand using satin covered rods.
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest 1 2
It seems Beyoncé eschewed the accompanying shorts in lieu of sheer stockings and a thong.
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest 00
Racy. Almost too hot for TV!

At any rate, you can purchase the cage vest at La Perla’s Madison Avenue boutique at 803 Madison Avenue or by calling 212-570-0050.
Would you splurge?
Beyonce's 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest 90

See her performance, in cased you missed it, here:

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37 Responses to “Splurge: Beyonce’s 56th Grammy Awards Performance La Perla Cage Vest”

  1. 2 cents says:

    I can see her vagina flap. She is disgusting

  2. Here says:

    I mean don’t get me wrong Beyonce is beautiful and talented but this performance was not the best and she seems forced. Not a good look Bey, I’m ready for her to do something mature to set herself a part from the Ciara’s and Keri Hilsons

  3. She’s saying You can have a baby and get your body back and LOOK BETTER, you CAN be even sexier after you have a baby and don’t have to start covering up because now your a “mom”, and she’s saying she can perform however she WANTS because lets face it she’s not doing it for the fame or money she has it. All these silly rules are imposed on us from other woman,I know MOST if not all men want their women to stay sexy before and after a baby, if we maintained we would have less divorce rates!…..she’s redefining the rules and i’m loving it, Go BEY!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    She looks like a whore you hypnotized follower

  5. Here says:

    I’m sorry but third reply question- so we impose rules on other women yet we should break those norms . But with men’s rules in order to keep the relationship going we should follow. Tell me how that’s breaking submission norms for women? This ain’t new boo black women had no other choice but to hold down the household and their occupation. People act like color purple doesn’t address this bs

  6. southern says:

    was not a good look or performance. don’t know what the above essay is about

  7. Stephane says:

    She definitely looked badass, can’t take that one away from her. But, it was it bit much and overtop, but isn’t that the nature of the industry, who can outdo/overdo/outsexy the next…

  8. SMV says:

    The performance was zzzzzz

  9. Lisa says:

    The first photo is not a good look! Sorry.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think she looks good. I also liked her performance.

  11. Soul Touch says:

    I’m a fan, but I wasn’t impressed by the performance…it just didn’t do it for me, left wanting more. My fave was when they were on the stage together. Her body is on point.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m not understanding why so many ppl had a prolem with her performance…saying she acted like a whore? I’m nt for the overly sexy myself, but watmade it ok for me is that she was with her HUSBAND! And for that, I say keep it all the way Sexy! #DoyouBey!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Excuse all the typos ^ ^ ^ ^ :-\

  14. Lola Reggy says:

    I can look at Bey all night, all night :).
    I remember seeing a documentary about Jay-Z and he said later, greater, from when I heard that, that was my anthem. But it definitely goes for Bey. Later, greater. There’s no stopping this woman. The older she gets the better she looks!! Love you Bey!!!

  15. Shirley says:

    I didn’t see the actual performance just pics. Did she make the booty clap and did her hubby make it rain on her? Beyonce is doing whatever she can to stay relevant. She doesn’t have to but that’s the nature of the industry. Oh well!

  16. iQgraphics says:

    LMFAO @ vagina flap!

    Not diggin the wet dog look. It further cheapened the already cheap look.

    She’s team doing-too-much here.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Say what you want while Bey will be laughing all the way to the bank….

  18. Pris says:

    The performance and vocals could have been better. Remember we are talking about B so we know she is a great performer and vocalist. This is a new look and style for her and so big deal, she didn’t impress this time. Now as for her outfit, very sexy! You can’t not see anything because people this isn’t lingerie, its a costume. She wears several layers of tights. Anyone who is a dancer know this very well, the stockings aren’t “sheer” they are nude in color. Made to look like they are sheer, ie a costume. Her body is tight, and yes you can maintain ur sexy after kids! What does holding the house down have anything to do with how you hold yourself down? Make time for yourself ladies! Ad if tu want to talk about black folks and woman blah blah blah then you need to start way way back because its way deeper than all all the stuff you guys are talking about.

  19. Pris says:

    Btw, at least she was wearing tights as supposed to Miley Cyrus who’s always wearing leotards with nothing covering her legs, nothing.

  20. Maine Saint says:

    … Hey Most People Speaking Negative on Bey’s Vagina Flap has had there Vagina’s in much worst predicaments.
    She is not a whore. I am not a Fan. I know what talent looks like and that woman has a lot of it. She is expressive. She is in love with her husband and is not afraid to express that through her music. Her mother Raised her to be a rich entertainer and i think she is doing great from the parental advice that was given to her. I look at her Mother and I can not be alarmed at the things she does. We are only Human

  21. mic says:

    This chick has all the class of a cheap wine bottle.

  22. Anonymous says:

    She’s just doing what it takes to stay relevant, no different from any other artist. But the performance was mediocre at best and very Rihanna-ish. Not the best outfit either, especially with the thong.

  23. Anonymous says:

    That’s a piece of her cloth

  24. Brandi says:

    Ummm you see her vagina flap while she’s standing &’in that crouch shot you can see the stitching of crouch of he hosiery…meaning she’s showing too much. For me this trashy because sexy leaves something to the imagination.

  25. Hmmmmmm says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Can we please stop acting like Beyonce’s been wearing nun attire and just became sexy last month? This is no different from what she’s been performing in since “Single Ladies” and she looks confident and damn good. Women really need to stop policing other women’s sexuality. It’s getting old.

  27. Bronze says:

    I:m really tired of the raunch. These women act like they invented sex.

  28. Anonymous says:

    This is a brothel worthy performance, hey at least she has options when she is over the hill.

  29. HappyGirl50 says:

    Hate is a hella of a drug.


  30. Passion says:

    I don’t understand the angry comments she ‘s a grown women singing about her relationship and relations with her husband. And when did being in your 30′s make you old . She’s looks good . Her perfrrmance wasn’t breaking news , it really wasn’t over the top , So I don’t understand all the negativity. I’m starting think most of the ppl who say negative stuff must need some SURFBOARDING in their lives, and need to go find their sexy so they can stop being so miserable. It’s hard for some of yah to relate to passion and love .

  31. Yasmin says:

    Funny how men are as sexual and “free with their sexuality” as they want to be, yet you don’t see them dancing around in thongs. A man knows respect is in being the subject, not the object.So sad most women don’t even know what feminism or “freedom” is. Oh, and I’m young and happily married 2 years…I show my thong behind closed doors.

  32. Snatch it back ladies says:

    I’m all about sexual liberation, but what I saw last night was tragic. She could have taken this performance to the next level, but she decided to bump,grind, spread,squat, and just let all her business out. You diidnt have to confirm to Rihanna’s low standards. She did thAt to show us that she could be sexy and free,but it back fired.

    For those saying she’s proving that you can get your body back after a baby are crazy. I find her shape to be too thin and the outfit tasteless.

  33. Snatch it back ladies says:

    Raunchy is not sexy….go find your modesty. Doesn’t meAn you gotta dress like a church girl, but this $hit right here wAs ridiculous. What’s next? People f*cking on stage.

  34. angel says:

    wait did someone say she needed to be set apart from the ‘ciaras and keri hilsons’? i’m sorry we are talking about BEYONCE right?

  35. NYC chick says:

    The thirst and unoriginality of this is incredible. Most ppl were crucifying Laura Govan for wearing a short skirt the other day but many are making excuses for Bey writhing around the stage in a thong with her Coochie meat hanging out the sides.

    Yes, she’s been naked and thirsty for a while but this set a new low. Be naked in private all you want but if you can actually sing and dance why is this necessary?? Does she think she’s the only person who has a vag or knows how to work it?? And at the Grammys??

    On a different note I actually didn’t mind the wet hair….

  36. Thule says:

    Wowwwww Beyonce is such a performer outstanding and original….standing ovation

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