January 24th, 2014
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Hot! or Hmm…: Kim Kardashian’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Christian Dior Pink Crop Top and Pencil Skirt and Manolo Blahnik Pink Suede Pumps
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Kim Kardashian visited Jimmy Kimmel Live wearing a Christian Dior pink dress she customized into a crop top and pencil skirt:

Kim Kardashian striking in pinkShe completed her look with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and Manolo Blahnik Pink Suede Pumps.

Kim Kardashian looks flawless in pink for "Jimmy Kimmel Live"To be honest, before she revealed she had the dress cut into two pieces, I thought, “this looks like a top that’s been rolled up, and a skirt that has been tucked in at the waist.” In essence, the customization wasn’t exactly seamless. However, I think she successfully managed to look beautiful. I’m drooling over the necklace!

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…

Kim Kardashian striking in pink


Images: X17Online

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34 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Kim Kardashian’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Christian Dior Pink Crop Top and Pencil Skirt and Manolo Blahnik Pink Suede Pumps”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kim :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    Boring! The same crop top and pencil skirt she always wears but I love the color. I wish she would leave her face alone.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Wow she looks so plastic. I like the outfit but not on her. It’s very unflattering it makes her look huge

  4. Hater says:

    She looks rather crazy!
    And whats it with all the crop tops….?

  5. phoenixXII says:

    She doesn’t even look the same- she is extremely artificial and I can’t deal with the mannequin/deer in headlights face she gives in every picture!!! #stepfordwife!!!

  6. jeda says:

    her face looks very plastic here, and im not feeling the fit

  7. She looks beautiful and I love the color. We all as women have clothes we enjoy wearing like jeans …if she enjoys pencil skirts let her be, big deal.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kim has been getting it right lately but this is a BIG NO for me! I actually liked the look until I scrolled down and saw the shoes AND realized how poorly it was sewn.

    Not to mention the overdose of tanner. YIKES! She looks better with her natural complexion.

  9. T1K says:

    I can’t with the crop tops/ pencil skirt combo, it makes her look soo wide! She needs to fire Kanye as her stylist.

  10. Fenise says:

    Botox injections got her looking crazyyyy and i’m tired of this look!

  11. Lydia says:

    a big YAWN! I feel like she wears the same thing over and over..

  12. Miss Monet says:

    I wonder how the stylist feel when they dress a celeb and the ensemble gets panned. I mean who came up this? Was it all Kim’s idea? Kanye’s? Or a major mishap from a stylist?

  13. Blue Ivy says:

    My question is i thought Kim was a trendsetter? Boo Boo crop tops and a pencil skirt was so last year….i guess becuase she was pregnant, she couldnt achieve that look. So this is a way for her to show she snapback. idk But the baby pink is beautiful.

  14. Marsha D says:

    She used to be a very naturally beautiful girl. Now she’s starting to look like a botoxed-nip-tucked floatation device. #fail

  15. SK says:

    She should’ve left it as a dress….

  16. mi manning says:

    i’m a fan of Kim’s style…that probably why i don’t mind seeing her ever so often, but probably not every day. but when i mentioned being sick of seeing lupita yesterday, y’all would have crucified me if you knew my location and had a wooden cross with nails. Now, I see lots of y’all saying you’re sick of seeing Kim’s crop tops and pencils skirts just like I’m sick of seeing Lupita. All i was saying was give her rest a little bit..not saying that I didn’t want to see her ever again! then, y’all saying all these nasty things about kim’s appearance and her face like she’s not a real person, but you praise Lupita b/c she went to Yale? one of the most corrupt institutions in this Corp. you cal U.S. !

    what’s the lesson learned? let me feel how i feel..and you could feel how you feel. and for y’all ignant ass so-called women…tellin’ people to play in traffic or cursin’ someone is rather rude!

  17. angel says:

    she’s in a color besides black or white or any variation of the two…(lone clap for that)

  18. GTFOH says:

    @ Mi Manning once again you have no point! Kim does look plastic and fake with a fake a**, breast, lips, a fake tan, fake hair, fake everything. Almost everything is corrupt in this world period! So should I slam Lupita for going to Yale absolutely not, at least she continued her education. But aren’t you the same one that said that you don’t believe there was slavery? Ok then! Go sit you ass down somewhere and educate yourself properly and then go play in traffic at 5pm! Bloop!

  19. GTFOH says:

    @ Mi Manning where are my manners I forgot to say please and thank you!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Mi manning we said we were sick of her fashion not her. Pleas stop trolling for a response you are getting annoying. Even if people said they are tired of Kim she has been in the spotlight since 07. What does that have to do with lupita? Kim is featured on this site just as much as Lupita if not more so please have a seat and keep quiet or you can keep talking your nonsense either way I’m not here for it!

  21. KITANA says:

    A hot mess. Waist is too wide for this look.

  22. Veronica Lodge says:

    Micheal Jackson with a vagina?

  23. Anonymous says:

    @ mi manning.. you will never make sense so stop with the explanations.. we are getting tired of you–how about that! ?.

  24. Anonymous says:

    These comments are right on. Kimmie looks 10 types of crazy ass hell in the face. Whom ever reconstructed that top should be fired. Whom ever came up with this look should be fired. The only thing that looks appealing is her necklace.

  25. honeybrown says:

    We as women need to learn how to pick our battles. with that being, this is not one of her best looks, the tailoring is off and the whole fit looks sloppy and disheveled. I for one would rather give props to a beautiful educated woman who went to a very prominent college and worked hard to accomplish her dreams as oppose to a self hating, vein, egotistical being who gained success from her rich father and a sex tape. Thats just my opinion. Might I add fashion bomb you were one of the first sources to highlight Lupita’s style, way before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon and applaud you all for that.

  26. binks says:

    I love the color but I would love to see this outfit as a solid dress. Honestly, I am over the whole crop top and skirt look, it has been done to death.

  27. mi manning says:

    why do I keep checkin’ on responses to what i post? i don’t know! but it bothers me that I can’t have an opinion without some dumb bitch callin’ me a name! @GTFOH…obviously I have done enough re-research to know that slavery did not exist…at least not the way they tell it! what research have you done other than the “stories” that these corrupt institutions have given you. Huh? What? None…so shut the hell up…please! And if Kim looks fake and plastic or whatnot…what does that have to do with anything…is she hurting anyone? No! I tell you who is hurting people…Lupita, Steve McQueen, and everybody else who worked on that damned movie! Dafuq we need to see another slave movie for? yeah, i know it’s just a movie to y’all dead folk, but conscious/conscience and cognizant people know the deal! we know that image our open-enemies is trying to push, and by keeping Lupita in the spotlight is only reminding you of that…just like they did with gabby sidibe for precious!

    almost everything is corrupt in the world…so you can accept that and move on…but someone says something about a slave movie and the actors and directors who help perpetuate that hocus pocus B.S.and it’s a problem! @ Anonymous and GTFOH…sorry i don’t make sense to you….sorry you can’t keep up with my intellect and try to play a reverse game and make it seem like I’m slow or don’t know what the hell I’m talkin’ about!

    BTW…you girls or guys dont work for FBD do you? you seem rather touchy! take a chill pill before you get wrinkles!

  28. GTFOH says:

    @Mi Manning B****s like you always check on post. You say stupid stuff out your mouth and you think where just supposed to sit behind our computers and let you? Girl bye! GTFO Claire’s blog and go play with yourself in a corner somewhere! I can’t and wont with you! Your not smart you, you Google smart if that, but you not smart enough because if you where you wouldn’t of came back on this post catching all types of feelings. It’s 4:51pm its time to go play in that traffic we talked about.

  29. NYC chick says:

    She does look messy and disheveled. Even her shoes are too big.

    Initially I thought Mi Manning had some valid points around the over-exposure of Lupita and the right to hav an opinion but then she lost me with the slavery bit :-I.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Here’s what gets me about Kim. We know she loves all things fashion and beauty, but where is HER style? I just feel like she overthinks things and it shows in her fashion choices. She has the finances, the looks and the access to whatever designer she wants and this is the best she can do???
    I think its a case of trying too damn hard, her look is just not organic, original or exciting. *Yawn*

  31. Lola Reggy says:

    I am ashamed for saying this. But I love her cleavage and like her boobs…

  32. PI says:

    Wow a comparison between Kim & Lupita for too much exposure on this site? First of all Kim get put on this site if she is just wearing jeans, workout clothes, doing absolutely nothing or just looks a hot mess. Lupita has to actually be fashionable, attending an event and dressed to the nines to actually get on here and you think she gets too much exposure on here? I thought this site was about people with a real sense of style and not a popularity contest. This site is so High School. SMH

  33. Maryse says:

    Mi Manning, you speak the truth (but please do send that link or what not on that slavery-bit because I feel you but I can not yet see your point).

  34. Latoya says:

    Kim is beautiful and she wears what she wants. I love the outfit and she has the body for anything!!

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