January 21st, 2014
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Miroslava Duma and Dasha Zhukova Apologize for Black Bondage Chair-Gate, Spanx Could Pose Health Risks, and Jay Z and Beyoncé to Perform at 2014 Grammys
By The Fashion Bomb Staff
um, YIKES.

um, YIKES.

• Today’s apology for abhorrent behavior comes from the folks at Buro 24/7, for the image of Garage magazine editor-in-chief Dasha Zhukova sitting on a chair made to look like a black woman in bondage. Hear ye, from the mouth (or rather, keypad) of Miroslava Duma: “Buro 24/7 team and I personally would like to express our sincerest apology to anyone who we have offended and hurt,” she wrote on Instagram. “It was ABSOLUTELY not our intention. We are against racism or gender inequality or anything that infringes upon anyone’s rights. We love, respect and look up to people regardless of their race, gender or social status. The chair in the photo should only be seen as a piece of art which was created by British Pop-Artist Allen Jones, and not as any form of racial discrimination. In our eyes, everyone is equal. And we love everybody”  Dasha Zhukova has also come out with an apology of her own:“I regret allowing an artwork with such charged meaning to be used in this context. I utterly abhor racism and would like to apologize to those offended by my participation in this shoot. Garage Magazine has a strong track record of promoting diversity and racial and gender equality in the worlds of art and fashion, and will continue in our mission to stir positive debate on these and other issues.” What do you think? (Styleite, @Miraduma)

whitenicious what a shame

• Cameroonian Singer Dencia has been getting a lot of press as of late for her new skincare line, Whitenicious, which claims to cater to people with “dark spots, acne, hyper pigmentation, dark knuckles and knees (all of which can leave your skin looking uneven)”  Sadly, it seems as if Dencia herself has been overloading on the product (or ones similar,) as she, a woman who was once of a magnificent brown hue, has bleached all evidence of melanin into oblivion, and now is as pale as raw chicken. The before and after pictures of women who have used the product also tell a different story than what’s been posted on the Whitenicious website. Sure, the women who used the stuff for their dark spots eliminated unsightly hyperpigmentation (no one is here for acne marks), but they also managed to bleach out their surrounding skin so dramatically, that they’ve become a different color. Dencia has faced a ton of criticism for her product, which she stands by on social media: “S/0 to everyone supporting whitenicious & s/0 to those indirectly supporting but thinking they’re hating with PHD worthy Essays. #FreePress.” What’s the most unfortunate part about this whole thing? Whitenicious is already sold out. Ah, colonialism. What do you think about this hot mess, Bombers and Bombshells? (Clutch)


Spanx Hi Poer Brief

• I’m one of those women who think we all could use a pair of Spanx every once in a while, but according to doctors, the wonder undergarment is killing us not-so-softly. The Huffington Post has a very interesting report on what Spanx are actually doing to you when you wear them. According to gastroenterologist Dr. John Kuemmerle, not only can shapewear contribute to acid reflux and heartburn by pushing down on your intestine, stomach, and colon, but it restricts your breathing. He adds, “increasing intra-abdominal pressure can certainly provoke episodes of incontinence.” ICK. You can also get tingling and pain in your legs, and increase your chances of getting blood clots. Also, if you rely on Spanx to help improve your posture, over time, you can wind up making it worse, according to chiropractor Dr. Karen Erickson“Shapewear is not a substitute for having strong muscles,” she says. “It’s important to develop muscle tone, because it’s those muscles that hold your posture in perfect alignment. Many people use shapewear as a crutch to avoid using those muscles” So, how does a girl avoid all the negative effects that come with a smooth underwear line and flat belly? Wear Spanx in moderation. (Huff Post)


• It’s confirmed: Jay Z and Beyoncé are performing at the Grammys this weekend… TOGETHER. Hairpieces shall be confiscated, feelings will be hurt. (Us Weekly)



Sophia Webster, Jackie J.S. Lee of J.S. Lee, and Nasir Mazhar have won this year’s BFC’s Fashion Forward prize. The trio will receive money to fund their collections as well as support for their businesses. Congratulations to the winners! (WWD)

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22 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Miroslava Duma and Dasha Zhukova Apologize for Black Bondage Chair-Gate, Spanx Could Pose Health Risks, and Jay Z and Beyoncé to Perform at 2014 Grammys”

  1. mary says:


  2. E. Davis says:

    Womp womp, that’s what I think. Don’t do it and you won’t have to apologize. People make me sick.

  3. Ebere says:

    How they did not realize that the chair was not going to cause controversy is beyond me. A black woman that was shaped to be a seat relates back to black women as sex icons and not as human beings. I just don’t understand why people are really slow on the uptake or is controversy something that they want to create to become popular. Because that photo was an obvious one.

    Yayyy to Beyonce and Jay Z and nayy on Dencia’s bleaching cream. It’s not surprising that it’s sold out though black people in general seem to always have an issue with their skin color. All shades of black are beautiful!

  4. cari says:

    that chair is absolutely horrible!!!

  5. “There is no “Past” for the African American race because racism is a constant in all of our lives–no matter how much education we acquire or what tax bracket we’re in. Notice that all the women besides myself and Aneika are Caucasian commenting on why “everyone” is pulling the race card. It’s rude and disrespectful to depict a black woman as a chair, especially the position that she’s in. . . how is that supposed to make us feel? I WISH that for once white women could step into the life of a black woman. Everything is given to you all (not necessarily in the literal sense), so you never have a reason to fight. On a daily basis we’re reminded of the color of our skin, why “we” can’t do certain things, why “we” don’t have certain jobs, why “we” can’t date certain men, what schools we can and cannot attend, so on and so forth. We NEVER have to pull the race card because it’s pulled for us on the daily. We as a race would personally like to LIVE our lives, without the race being the deciding factor for our every move, but it seems as though that’s not possible. . . Now is it?” — My comment for the article posted on cosmopolitan.com about the chair.

  6. Bee. says:

    Why would anyone think it’s ok to make a chair like that in the first place? Be it a black woman chair or white woman chair. I find it very demeaning to women in general.

  7. POW says:

    So this is a chair. A black woman did not pose for that? Thank God.

    And yes, it’s gross, racist, and every other f-ed up -ist out there.

    As for my misguided Nigerian sister, SMDH. Embarrassing.

  8. aries says:

    I still will not support Buro 24/7. Duma won’t feel any pain for that, that is why she did it, they r already wealthy and don’t care about their black supporters, now Emmy Rossum used a black baby doll in a skit like Gisele pic, where Gisele was breast feeding, while getting her hair done and manicure. I am wore out with all this racism.

  9. Georgia says:

    At this point I’ll have more respect for the first one of these individuals who doesn’t immediately issue the mea culpa when the sh*t hits the fan. It’s completely meaningless. T

  10. Natasha says:

    - Bondage Chair-gate: Who would’ve guessed an apology was coming?

    - Whitenicious: Me nah agree wid de bleach an ting yet “pale as raw chicken” was a surprise from the FBD team since some in the diaspora do come, well, pale-ish.

    - Spanx: The bit in the bathroom from “The Heat” movie comes to mind. Watch the movie for that 2 minute part alone! I don’t own Spanx or other “shapewear” Just, you know, get in shape?? The physician put it nicer than I but it should go without saying. Either that or dress for the shape you actually have without suppression apparel.

  11. Natasha says:

    To add: This was the best news breakdown from the team yet. So much news to report on. Thanks for keeping it relevant, FBD Team!

  12. rw says:

    i’m more offended by the nigerian skin bleaching lady than the artists’ sculpture. it was photographed with white woman on on chair, provocative, absolutely, but this artists also did coffee tables, and a coat rack. Women should be offended. It didnt hit me, personally, as racist, but provocative, yes!!

  13. Shirley says:

    The garage/garbage magazine knew this was gonna cause problems, they just wanted exposure. As for the black chick turning white, very soon she will have some medical issues and she’ll regret what she did.

  14. Dionne says:

    They are against racism or gender inequality blah blah and they decided to sit on black woman looking mannequin chair…i still dont get this. Ignorance is everywhere.

  15. NYC chick says:

    I agree with RW. Black people get outraged by what white people do while turning a blind eye to all of the damaging, self hating, stereotyping we do to ourselves. We call be misogynist, call our women bitches hoes, call each other the n word, exploit ourselves/our bodies in our media with impunity but the moment a white person does something, it’s world war 3. The hypocrisy is astounding.

    I think the woman’s apology is authentic. Give it a rest. Also remember that these chairs were made with white women as well, it was not some effort to offend black womanhood.

    For all of those concerned with the dignity and fair representation of women of color need to target Mona Scott Young and Andy Cohen with their outrage. These are the images that are really shaping how black women are seen and also have an real impact on black women’s psyche.

  16. Claire, Dencia is a Cameroonian. We were in the same uni back then.
    Whitening is not something anyone should condone. Unfortunately there is market for it, and Dencia has cashed in on it. What’s pretentious about the whole thing is no one seems to love this product but it’s selling out… Like you said, Colonialism eh?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I see no difference between this white woman sitting on a black woman sculpture chair and FBD posting Kim Kardashian and her relations on here everyday. Six of one and half dozen of the other. You guys are not pulling the wool over my eyes!

  18. Jessy says:

    Miroslava and Dasha are trash and/or dumb as a box of rocks regardless. Another example of women setting other women back due to insecurity. NEXT!

    I knew there was going to be a random post about reality TV…that’s a separate issue that deserves its own platform, as well as the abhorrent behavior of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New Jersey/NY, Baseball Wives, Honey Boo Boo, any MTV show, etc.

    It doesn’t excuse these two “ladies” over at Buro 24/7′s actions. At all.

  19. NickieLuv621 says:

    Someone somewhere please develop a pill to increase brain cells and pride and love for yourself

  20. riley says:

    What’s hilarious is that in the same post that has people ranting about racism there is also a note about a black woman selling a bleaching product to other black women and that it is sold out. We are our own worst enemies, until we respect ourselves nobody will respect us.

  21. lili says:

    “pale as raw chicken?”

    Look, I’m white. I don’t live black. Still n all, a dig is a dig. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And so on.

    Let’s be love not hate.

    The chair is absurd and insulting to any and everybody, especially black women. The white skin product, what? Look, if you want even tone, sure. I mean, I like getting a tan. But, why question God? He’s given us beauty. Work with it, but don’t deny it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s really really sad all the self hate :( she looked way more beautiful before. I recently saw an article claiming that rhianna, nicki minaj & tamr jackson have all participated in extreme skin bleaching while fameous. the older pictures of these celebs vs. more recent images do seem to confirm this story, but i’m not certain it’s true. I know tamar claims to have vilitiago (im sure i misspelled that) but i’ve known two peole with this skin condition and it caused them to have spots (see gorgeous model winnie harlow) but i’ve not lknown it to evenly lighten one’s complexion from head to toe

    in the words of j.cole “love youreself girl or nobody will”

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