January 11th, 2014
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Steal: Jay-Z’s Joey’s Restaurant Star Rock Clothing Grey The Greatest B.I.G. Biggie Sweatshirt
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

While we still can’t get over the cuteness that is Blue Ivy, Jay-Z’s sweatshirt also caught our eye. The multi-hyphenate pop was seen out and about at Miami’s Joey’s Restaurant rocking a $70 Star Rock Clothing Grey The Greatest B.I.G. Sweatshirt:

Blue-Jayz-Joeys-RestaurantHis sweatshirt features a vintage print of the late rapper, complete with the “Greatest” written in red and white.

Star-Rock-Clothing-The-Greatest-Notorious-B-I-G-SweatshirtGotta have it? Pick up your very on at Star Rock Clothing.

Blue-Jayz-Joeys-RestaurantWould you wear it?




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28 Responses to “Steal: Jay-Z’s Joey’s Restaurant Star Rock Clothing Grey The Greatest B.I.G. Biggie Sweatshirt”

  1. above-par says:

    The sweater is ehh

    I’m not even gonna talk about Jay & Blues hair situation lol…I can’t get over her lil hand! She’s too grown

  2. Fashion123 says:

    Im so sick of of ghetto chicks talking about Blue’s hair. Everyone does not process, press, weave and add bows and crap in their 2yr old daughters hair. and I can’t believe adults talk about a damn child. No wonder so many kids are bullies, learned behavior that starts at home. There is nothing wrong with that little girls hair. and LOL @ she is too grown because of her hand. So you can look at a picture and tell she is grown by how she is holding her hand, I can’t!!! Your kidS are probably grown, in jail and your 15yr old daughter probably has 2kids and im sure you’re not married. GIRL BYE!!

  3. Alyssa says:

    I don’t get it. When adults walk around with their natural hair, no one is talking about them like this. So why a child? Blue’s hair is curly so when it’s out it will look like that. It seems to be pulled back by a hairband or something which is normal so I’m not sure why people are talking about her hair, like it looks unkempt.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Although I get when you’re trying to say, why all the hate in your comment. You’re somewhat of a bully also. But back on topic she’s always dressed better than her parents lol

  5. Habiba says:

    I’m so tired of this hair nonsense! Claire, Cliche, Jihan, somebody please set the people straight about this! I’m so tired of these rude comments on this site and the facebook page about a BABY! (Is there a moderator out there?) She’s a black child, her hair is supposed to look like that.

  6. Fashion123 says:

    @Vanessa Yes, Im a bully for defending a little girl.

    Im sick of looking at 30inch weaves and nappy edges.

  7. Fashion123 says:

    “She’s a black child, her hair is supposed to look like that”

    You people say anything. I would think Blue had “GOOD HAIR” according to African American’s standards, no???

  8. Nakia P says:

    She’s such a cutie. And I love her hair :).

  9. Anonymous says:

    correction: precious… not cute #shade

  10. Jessy says:

    Calm down Fashion123, Habiba was just trying to say that we should not talk about a baby’s hair because her hair is naturally curly, like most black children. Apparently, you’re feeling feisty today.

  11. S. says:

    Blue is the cutest! Loving her dismissive pose.

  12. fash says:

    calm down fashion 123 she was joking about the hands thing.
    I agree with the hair thing, but you sound way to mad.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Fashion 123 is hot over someone else’s child….why does it have to be the ‘ghetto chicks’ making comments about her hair…..I think everyone is. Simply because if Beyonce and Blue was your next door neighbor you would be concerned about why that mother is not doing her child’s hair. It would be a lie if you said you wouldn’t be concerned because you wouldn’t send your child outside with their hair standing on their head. Curly or not.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Blue is both more rich and famous than anyone commenting on her hair will ever be. Trust me when I say she’s unbothered.

  15. above-par says:

    Lol @Fashion 123 , Im going to need you to bring your boil down to a simmer.

    For one, I didn’t mean the “She’s to grown” comment as a insult, it was actually a joke because of her hand being positioned in such a dismissive manner reminiscent of someone much older, but it went over your head.

    And in closing, I didn’t talk about the natural dreads blue is forming nor the crumbs in her fathers hair so your anger is perplexing. And for the record I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I’m 19 and a male…

    I’ll tell the waiter you need a seat for two, for you and Habiba

  16. Com'N says:

    Blue: “CAN I LIVE?”

  17. Fashion123 says:


    I would never be concerned with how someone else chooses to do/maintain their childs hair. Black people worry about the wrong sh*t. Is Blue being picked on because of who her parents are?


    And Blue told me to remind you..
    “Blue is both more rich and famous than anyone commenting on her hair will ever be. Trust me when I say she’s unbothered.”


  18. ^^^^^ says:

    @ Fashion 123……you are a CVNT!

  19. Fashion123 says:

    Thank you @ ^^^^^

    Blacks are so easily offended by the truth. Again, worry about your child bringing home D’s and less about others children hair.

  20. Lex says:

    Well, since no one wants to comment on the fashion I suppose I will. The sweater is ok, nothing special. I feel like I can find any random instagram page that is selling something very similiar. Love JayZ, but his fashion in this image is just an everyday look.

  21. kat says:

    @Fashion123, I’d be inclined to agree with you if

    1) you didn’t preface your comments with borderline racist statements about “ghetto blacks,”


    2) didn’t post 25% of the comments on this post. It seems that black people are, indeed, worrying about bigger things. Maybe you should follow suit?

  22. Ready says:

    @Fashion123, Voltron of the universe much? Why don’t you go on and take a chill pill? No one has spewed more vitriol on this page than you have…the closest attempt to shade about Blue’s hair hasn’t been half as bad as your generalizations about “Blacks” and your referral to a 19 year old male’s imaginary children being in jail. Take a freaking chill pill, and take a nap.
    I would wear Jay’s sweater but not for that price tag. Like B’s $65 plain Surfboard sweater, it’s overpriced.

  23. fav1 says:

    if someone is a sweat shirt head this is perfect!
    Blue Ivy is singing: “surfboard” as to why her hand is like that lol!

  24. tmorgan says:

    I dont think its a big deal that they choose for her to wear her hair natural, she is obviously being taken good care of. But, let me change the subject for a moment. This is the first celebity/celebrity couple I have noticed who spends this much time with their child while working or not. I am sure they have nannies but its so great to see parents appear parenting….

  25. DunnaB says:

    i think Jay’s sweatshirt is pretty dope….

    SN: whoever that Fashion123 is might wanna actually talk about Fashion

  26. Maine Saint says:

    Well we can see that beyonce doesn’t know much about natural hair care , but we cant blame her ,Her mother doesnt know so she did not teach her. Being black is far from an excuse most black famous women wear their hair like europeans while these white women getting big asses.
    Only a few know the truth ,most will remain blind ,and Blue’s hair needs hot water and vitamin E oil.

  27. Brooklyn Goone says:

    WOW!! I m sick of people trying to steal other people work this rock star or whoever this is ripped off biggies daughter’s design from Notoriouss clothing and put it on a sweater. No creativity

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