January 7th, 2014
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Fashion Discussion: Are You Over Designer Parody Products?
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

It started out as a good idea.
Take designer logos, turn them on their heads with clever wordplay and imagery, plaster the end result on t-shirts, hoodies, and beanies; sell, rinse, repeat.
05  Cassie's Hugo's Restaurant Brian Lichtenberg Homies White Black Graffiti Sweatshirt

 The results were quickly embraced by the celeb set, street style stars, and even some high fashion designers. Soon, it seemed as if everyone was rocking a Bucci tank or Giraunchy tee.
conflict of interest givenchy giraunchy t-shirt
The first parody logo I can remember was SSUR’s  “Comme des F**kdown” snapbacks. Soon after those hit the market, other designers took the concept and ran with it. Before long we were inundated with products replacing the Hermès horse and buggy logo with a tricked out truck flanked by three “Homiès,”  decrying the rebranding of Yves Saint Laurent’s label, and every kind of “Ballin’” wordplay in the book.

brandy album release party comme des fuckdown sur empire shirt

Indeed, consumers with a taste for irony lapped up these products, and it looks like the designer parody business is still going strong. But I wonder, has the theme been exhausted? With everyone trying to put their own twist on the trend, has it in itself become a Hotmès?

hotmes t shirt

I was all for designer parodies at first, and to date, there are some indie labels that are still creating cool versions of their now-classic styles, like Conflict of Interest. But really–how many different parody labels do we need? At this stage, it seems as if the point has been made, and the horse has long been dead, buried, and decomposed.


But that could just be my opinion. What do you think? Are you over the designer parody trend? Or are you still into it?

olivier rousteing ballin brian lichtenberg
badman paris snapback hat



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14 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Are You Over Designer Parody Products?”

  1. Lord says:

    This parody thing was cool but we should live that to 2013 now, no new fashion parody brand anymore. Conflict Of Interest got the best parody with the “Ballin’ciaga” tee anyway

  2. fly won says:

    cute and clever

  3. CC says:

    Personally no matter how much people say they are tired of this trend, there will always be a knockoff. For example, I brought the orignal Melody Ehsani lightning bolt earrings in glass, but shortly after that I seen so many knockoff’s I started to feel like mines wasn’t “original” anymore. Needless to say no matter how I feel, if the parody, copy or knockoff looks cute I would probably buy it.

  4. southern says:

    speaks to how silly they think people are for buying the labels. take a knock off and make it just as “cool” or recognizable as the brand. it’s smart

  5. TyMula says:


    It was fun at first but now it’s way too much. Designer graphics/logo are losing their exclusive value because the world decided to become “cool designers” with catchy phrases. Be original !

  6. andrea says:

    I love them..theyre funny and cute….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Each person that wears these pieces has a different reason for wearing it. I shop in high and and low end stores, I think it’s a cool irony to pair a knock of with an authentic piece. The problem is now that these parody pieces can be found on every street corner in NYC, taking that “specialness” away. People are purchasing these items with little to no information on what they represent. I’ll let them rest in 2013

  8. Ohso says:

    For each person that wears it, these pieces mean a different thing. I shop at high end stores as well as low end stores. So when I purchased my parody pieces, I found it fun and ironic to pair them with my high end pieces. However they have become over used ad well as missed used. Parody designs can be bought at every street corner in NYC. Half the people who wear them don’t even know that they are a mockery of other designers. This poses a problem. That’s why I am ready to leave them in 2013.

  9. LOVEIT says:

    I hope it stays forever not everybody can afford the real brands with their outrageous prices now us poor folks don’t have to feel ashamed for wearing knock offs. I love this idea it’s like saying fuck your high azz prices thats good for those designers who don’t consider people who can’t afford them these clothes are meant for eveyone not just a specific class of people.

  10. LawyerLady says:

    I’m with @Southern. True, it’s been done to death but the message is worth keeping the trend around.

  11. I’m stuck in the middle. I’m kinda over the trend, but I must admit the benzo tee is cute, I’ve never seen that one before. Hot mess and bad man can have a seat though…

  12. DeeFresh says:

    yeah I’m over it :)

  13. Ready says:

    I’m with Love it. These brands provide an alternative to high priced designers, and is an avenue for creativity. Plus poor irony is what y’all hate…you’ll love it when done well. I look forward to more casual looks with witty sayings from upcoming creatives.

  14. MAC says:

    Yea, I think we need to leave this in 2013. How much more can you beat a dead horse?

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