January 6th, 2014
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Discussion: Would You Do a Reality Show?
By Claire

So, if any of you tuned into Bravo last night for their new show Blood, Sweat, and Heels, you undoubtedly saw me in a preview!
Several girls on the show are my colleagues and friends, namely Daisy Lewellyn (I covered her Brooklyn Brunch series which appeared on the show tonight here), Demetria Lucas aka A Belle in Brooklyn, and Geneva Thomas.
Many of you tweeted that you saw me on the show, and quite a few of you asked, “Why aren’t you on it?”
claire sulmers daisy lewellyn fashion bomb daily
Well, first… I wasn’t asked! LOL. But really, I have my reservations. You never know how the editors might twist your words. You never know if your costars will be crazy or embarrass you! And you also never know if the show will help or hurt your career!
bethenny-Frankel fox news show tv what to wear on TV

It definitely worked for Bethenny

I’ve been having this conversation with several people lately, however: Would you do a reality show? Of course, it can be a great look for one’s career! There are those success stories like Nene Leakes.
nene leakes emilio pucci embellished black white birthday coat
But then there are also the legions of “Where are they Now?” moments. Remember Tiffany Pollard from I Love New York?
I guess it’s just a risk you have to be ready to take!
I support my girls and wish them the absolute best with the show–and continued success. And who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind. But for now, I’d much rather keep it all to myself..and avoid the wrath and judgment of my parents, brutal internet commenters, and random strangers.

But that’s just me.
What about you? Would you do a reality show?
And if you missed the premiere of Blood, Sweat, and Heels last night, check out a preview here:

What did you think?
Images: BravoTV

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34 Responses to “Discussion: Would You Do a Reality Show?”

  1. mi manning says:

    Of course I’d do it. How else would I be on Dancing with the Stars?

  2. Anonymous says:

    No. These shows have their pros and cons, but for me losing my privacy and not having complete control on how I am portrayed is a big negative.

  3. A.walker says:

    I agree, to open your self up to judgement from complete strangers and to live a life with no control, I have to have control over how I’m portrayed, you cant control what goes on around you but you can control and words and what you give the producers to work with. They can’t make you a bitch if you don’t give them that.

  4. Hairouna says:

    Sometimes it’s good to maintain some mystery about oneself. And agree with @ Anon 2:31

  5. Sandra says:

    Nope. Unfortunately, based on what I have seen or read on blogs, the behavior of many reality shows so called stars is the main reason why I don’t support reality shows.

    I am tired of the fighting and cursing left-right. I will not do a reality show (love my privacy. However, I will be open to watching one that is positive and that shows women especially black women all about their business and doing great things without having to yell, curse,fight and backstabbing each other.

  6. Yakini says:

    I would definitely do a “quality” show, if the right one came along (ie, Married to Medicine, Tia & Tamera, Hollywood Exes are all examples off shows I would do, if they fit at that time).

  7. Shoefetish says:

    I caught this show last night flipping thru channels,same ole, same ole. I won’t be watching. If you want to informed and not entertained, watch Iylana Fix my life.

  8. southern says:

    nope, tv, especially bravo, got yall in a box

  9. Gwendolyn Carol says:

    Ofcourse I would do a reality television show…but it would have to be based around something positive or of interest….maybe a styling show or something personal that would show like me being a single mother of 2 relocating to New York, Atlanta, or Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion….

  10. I wouldn’t ,putting my private life out there,just for the money ,no thanks!

  11. Jihan says:

    OMG I MISS MISS NY. She was my favorite reality personality of the aughts. Wish she would come back. :(

    The perk of being on a reality show means that I would have someone to do my hair and makeup. But… people don’t need to know my life like that. maybe it would be OK if they just followed me in a professional setting. But no footage in my house/ with my homies. strictly WORK.

  12. Fa says:

    My life oscillates between boring and pure ratchet so I think it would be easy to depict me in a very narrow way. That said, absolutely no to a reality show, but I love watching them.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would if they’re paying me right…

  14. Amber Janae says:

    I am in limbo, I often say no I’d never do reality tv. But then, I think that if it can help be a career boost than certainly. I feel that producers want cast members to turn it up a notch & create a person they normally aren’t for ratings. Many are willing to do so to keep their relevancy on the show. I would partake in a reality show as long as it doesn’t mean compromising my character & what I represent.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m not going to lie, I would want to for the money BUT I think about the privacy lost and the judgment that follows so I’m like nope it’s not worth it…

  16. Cindy N. says:

    Reality TV is so invasive…you give up so much of yourself that will forever be archived on the computer. Claire you have the ability to tell us what you choose, keep it that way.

  17. Tami says:

    Hi Claire! As you know, I live here in Atlanta the reality capitol lol. I was asked a few times to do reality tv and I even interviewed with a few producers with these reality shows. At the end of the day, if the money was right and the content was really good, I would definitely do a reality show. If you want control of how you are portrayed on reality tv, then you would have to be one of the producers hence T.I.’s show on Vh1.

    Reality star Mariah Huq was one of the Assoc Producers on Married to Medicine because she helped developed that show but still look how that panned out for her lol. It’s a lot of variables but if it was a really positive show, I would but most people don’t want to watch fun, wholesome shows, they want ratchet believe it or not! Sad but true!

  18. Amber says:

    daisy bright lips bleed and are just too much! she needs a darker lip liner

  19. Sony Loren says:

    For all the reasons you’ve mentioned plus those of the responders about keeping control over one’s life and privacy issues, I would definitely opt out. Even though Bravo is always ready to churn the machine, the loss of my private life and the intense scrutiny from people who know nothing about me chills me to the bone. I gave this show about eight minutes of my time…and then regretted it.

  20. MaureenM says:

    Against my better judgement I watched the show. Its more of the same. Get attractive ambitions women together add alcohol and light a match. Same cringe worth gossiping, competition, name calling and backstabbing. Why doesn’t Bravo have an open call for women mud wrestlers? or bring back women’s roller derby with the cheap shots, blood splattering and tight spandex shorts? Same crap different cast. Note to wanna be reality stars. They really only want you if you are willing to be controversial, fight and bring drama. They don’t cast nice girls … who would watch 5 women getting along. The genre feeds on drama. Its embarrassing and misogynistic. We deserve better don’t drink the Kool-aid.

  21. AH says:

    So I watched both clips and……. -__-
    Catty immature women gossiping about other catty immature women. That’s pretty much the entire series in one sentence.

    Claire, be thankful you’re not on that show.

  22. andie says:

    I had higher hopes for the show. I will say I really really like Demitria (sp). I hope she continues to be a prominent figure on the show.

    Would I? Naw. I’m not that interesting, dont like the “spotlight” or ppl for long periods of time.

  23. marguerite says:

    Daisy looks like Oprah’s best friend Gail.

  24. Dom says:

    I saw the show last night. I was like “there’s Claire! And there’s Jason Andrew the REAL Fashion Bomber of 2013!” LOL

    I don’t like reality tv, and I don’t usually watch. Its just so trashy to me. I couldn’t be on tv, but hopefully this show will uplift rather than drag the image of black women down.

  25. So far I like the show. Demetria seems to be the only one who isn’t insane. I, too wondered if you would be interested in being on reality tv. Hopefully next season you will!

  26. SMV says:

    Its funny when i saw the previews i felt like i knew the ladies just from the coverage they have received here. But i wasnt intrigued enough to watch the show, it came off as catty. Reality shows are just edited that way. So no would not do a reality show. I will keep me and my business to me and those in my business.

  27. Aynai says:

    It seems like that’s one of the main ways to get some good attention nowadays for your career. I auditioned for a fashion design show and made it to the 2nd round & even the casting call it turned into a war of words. Producers ask certain questions to get stuff started. At 1st I took it personal, but quickly realized were here to do what we have to do to stand out so let’s play. After it was over one of girls ask if I wanted to go out for lunch, Like really ? but it taught me if your going to do it you have to came to play,know your objective and really know who are to survive the judgements that’s going to come your way. so on the right platform I would consider do it.

  28. Tippy Welch says:

    Tiffany Pollard was the best example you could come up with. I believed your writing skills surpassed this level, but Tiffany Pollard is the example to whom you thought was worthy to address…… let’s go deeper in 2014. I’m sure you have a great number of young men and women looking to you. They deserve more. …..go deeper!

  29. Farhana Aziz says:

    Nice figure….the pink one!!

  30. 2 cents says:

    @tippy welch so easy for you to come on here and criticize. Where is your ‘deep’ blog?
    Oh, right, you don’t have one, so Shutup!
    As for me, no reality shows. Don’t need randoms who don’t know me telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. #next

  31. Enigma says:

    I wouldn’t do a Reality Show like Blood, Sweat and Heels (my life is too boring) but I would do Amazing Race. I think the Tiffany Pollard example was the negative side to doing Reality TV and a good example in my opinion while Nene showed that you could parlay into mainstream tv (Glee). I was recently surprised to find out Jamie Chung was a reality starlet!

  32. Tippy Welch says:

    @2cents I actually own several muli-media franchises, so frankly, I don’t have time to run a blog……but when I sit down on my off time I expect to be more stimulated than to read anything based on Tiffany Pollard. Anything!!!#

  33. Marlene says:

    Claire, you cannot compare yourself to New York on the Flavor Flav show. I missed you as one of the cast members.

  34. Medschool says:

    Lord, the last 2 commenters, reading is fundamental. She used Tiffany pollard as an example of the pitfalls of reality tv.

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