December 27th, 2013
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Nashea from Minnesota
By Claire

It’s all about 2nd timers today! Like today’s Fashion Bomber, Nashea from Minneapolis, Minnesota was first featured in March of 2011:
nashea from minnesota
She says, ” I was featured as a bombshell almost 3 yrs ago. Since so much has changed, including my hair, I thought I’d showcase my current style showing how both myself and my style have evolved.”

2  nashea from minnesota
” The last time I was featured I had NOOOOO idea how to describe my style. I was so nervous and literally just picked a show I liked and named my style off of it (I know..I know..) so off and wrong LOL!”

4  nashea from minnesota
” These days I still have a hard time describing my style, and unlike so many other young ladies I don’t dress myself depending on my mood, considering I’m a working mom and wife, if I dressed myself by my mood I would look tired everyday, very serious : )”

nashea minnesot
” Because I’m in the over 30 and fabulous club, I live by dressing appropriately for where I’m going and who I am with, especially being a mom on the go.”

10  nashea from minnesota
” Not very cute to show up to my kids school in high waisted spandex and a crop top LOL! Everything for the most part needs to have the 3 C’s, Cute, Comfy, and Classy.”

7  nashea from minnesota
” But, of course if I’m out on the town with my husband I will sex it up a bit (gotta show em “why” he put a ring on it.)”

9  nashea from minnesota
” As of 2011 I started a blog called “FabMom, FlyWife” ( for fashionably connected moms, wives and every woman in between. Its for moms like myself that are interested in fashion but, also features tons of things ranging from fun mommy and me time activities, DIY ideas for yourself and your children, healthy quick fix meals, date night ideas, how to keep it spicy after baby comes and of course style inspirations for whatever your occasion.”

6  nashea from minnesota
” I’ve been with my husband 12yrs, married 7, and my twin girls are 5 yrs old now. Now, I don’t claim to be a know it all by far on being married or being a mom, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to share LOL!”

8  nashea from minnesota
” Like most mothers and wives out there, I’m more than just my titles of mother and wife but, nothing comes before them and I take pride in that. It’s not a glamorous life and some days are harder than most, but I do feel as if at least I can try to look my best doing it, right?”

nashea from minnesota
” I hope you take my looks into consideration and thanks for you time. Peace and many blessings to you. I’m still a daily fan : ) “
fab mom fly wife nashea from minnesota
I love it! What a beautiful family! Just for reference, check out the first picture Nashea sent in of her daughters and husband:
I’m loving the new hairstyle, and your comfortable, classy, and chic style. Work it, mamma!
See more of Nashea’s looks on her blog,
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 6-8 different outfits to Images submitted will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of our social media platforms. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! Please be advised: once published, pictures will not be removed or taken down.

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39 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Nashea from Minnesota”

  1. Stacey says:

    We get it, you’re a mom and a wife.

  2. Kandi says:

    First of all, I LOVE the description of your style. As a mom on the go, around the same age, I can relate to wanting to be comfortable and cute. Beautiful family! Bombshell, for sure.

  3. She looks real uh… ghetto for a lack of a better word.

  4. BougieHippie says:

    Very beautiful woman, great versatile style. Love the 1st look!!!

  5. fly won says:

    Beautiful family, I like her style and she seems so likeable as well

  6. Kih says:

    I liked her first submission better actually.

  7. No says:

    In the future, to all women , every makeup trend doesn’t work for every skin tone. That said, ruby woo isn’t the end all be all for all women who want to test the red lip classic.

    I loved the last photo with the short cut. I know it takes major confidence to submit your photos for critique, but your style has no consistency and does not measure up to the description. I was seeing more of a woman playing with trends and influenced by what’s current or hot on others, rather than a woman who defines her own trends.

    My rant: in order to be a bombshell your pictures should be current, stylish, but unto themselves! Classic style is what makes you a bombshell regardless of the brands! You could be in a white t-shirt from target with j brand jeans and Zara heels and own the room!

  8. southern says:

    the last family photo is a hit

  9. Natasha Vincent says:

    Hits and misses but super mom all the way! Fav Fit: Leopard leggings. That one actually fit her style description best (age- and lifestyle-appropriate woman’s wear for a mother with school-aged cuties).

  10. Jihan says:

    you and your family are so beautiful. ughhh. I want two littler girls too :)

  11. Noirre says:

    Ummm,no. Weak shoe game.

  12. Savannah says:

    @Noirre: Can you post a picture so I see your shoe game, please?
    @No: She looked good in the red lipstick.
    @TheFashionisaChic: Ghetto? If your going to make such a remark like that, you should at least follow up with some examples as to why. Don’t you think?

    Some of you ladies out there are just pretty pathetic. And the sad part is that you’ll post such a horrible comment under a pseudonym. There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion, but at least give an example as to why you feel such a way. It’s called constructive criticism. C’mon ladies, you’re better than this.

  13. NYC chick says:

    The one positive thing I can say is she has a lovely family (why she chose to show them here is separate issue). I absolutely do not like her style… At all. Not a single one of these looks are attractive.

    Savannah- people have a right to their opinions hon. They don’t need to justify. It is possible that some of us just really dislike this submission. It’s not hate… I just would t even know where to start if I were to explain what is wrong

  14. Anonymous says:

    No.. just NO.

  15. I like the vibe, she get’s a boom from me. Headed to the blog………..

    Beautiful family!!!

  16. I kinda agree with No says:

    ….Beautiful woman and beautiful family, style just isn’t my flavor.

  17. Tifani says:


  18. Nashea says:

    Thanks Claire!! I appreciate all the comments, good and bad. And, thanks to all you guys for checking the post or my blog out. Be blessed to be a blessing this new year : )

  19. Zhana says:

    Beautiful Family, however you can still be a little sexy and be a mom and a wife. Now we didn’t say go out with your goodies all out but I seen women over 30 look sexxyy but classy. This was okay.

  20. Eno says:

    OK style!!

  21. No says:

    Savannah, this isn’t about us. When you submit photos to this blog, you do it with the understanding that criticism is expected good or bad. You don’t have to agree with our opinions, but that doesn’t make those who differ from your own less of an adult.
    If you like her style, say so. Just as you’re entitled so is everyone else. Immaturity is expecting everyone to agree with you. Grow up honey! My opinion remains the same, I don’t like the styling!

    Have a happy new year!

  22. Kiki P. says:

    I vote some hits, some misses. I like the trendy yet classic red ensemble with the denim jacket. The leopard skinny jeans outfit is cute and she looks stylish, comfortable and appropriate. The pic of her with the updo in the snow…KILLER and I love it! I’m interested in seeing more of her style nonetheless.

  23. KJ says:

    Her style is very rockstar chic. I like her style.

  24. ZH says:

    She really is a fab mom and a fly wife!! Beautiful. Love her website as well

  25. Savannah says:

    @No: My point is that, these women post these outfit submissions to be critiqued. Whether it’s good or bad criticism. Some of them are hoping for feedback so they can improve their style. So with that in mind, posting something like “Hot Mess” or “No, just no” and no explanation as to why it’s a Hot Mess, doesn’t really help the situation. Example: If you didn’t like her shoes, simply stating I don’t like the shoes; a sandal would’ve been more appropriate with that outfit, would have been more beneficial to the woman that submitted her pictures. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. Nor do I expect everyone to like every submission. I just believe we can have our opinions and critique each other with a little bit of respect, that’s all. In my initial comment, I stated that there is nothing wrong with having an opinion. But I guess you would know that if you had actually read it.

  26. Nakia P says:

    I like the red dress and yes gorgeous family.

    I agree with @Savannah, but you can’t reason with people’s whose lives are so miserable that they have to internet thug people they don’t know.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful family :)

  28. Kanyeshrug says:

    Her man is fine.

  29. lola says:

    Body SNATCHED!!! Love seeing fit and fabulous black mothers. Some hit and some misses but she looks confident and happy.

    Also, her husband. YUM

  30. Minnesota says:

    Beautiful family! Style; hits and misses for me.

  31. TheMrs says:

    I voted bombshell. She looks like she’s having fun! I did however like the 1st submission better, seems like she took more style risks back then and they worked!
    Lovely family and great legs!
    All the best to you!

  32. Stephane says:

    The family photo is beautiful!

    But back to the fashion, her style is pretty much basic, nothing was grabbing or bombshell worthy.

  33. FLEE says:

    beautiful family.. thats all I got

  34. Christin says:

    People really liked her 2011 submission…hmmmmmmm!!! Vast improvement from before. Voted bombshell. Lovely fam and yummy hubsand. Blessings in the New Year!

  35. esha diva says:

    Some of yall are some lonely bitter dried up old hags lmao why shouldnt she include a pic of her stylish family? Seriously fall back haters

  36. Anonymous says:

    The only look I liked was the first, I’m a sucker for a bootie with studs..and the black blazer looked like a really good fit which can be tricky with a blazer unless its custom fitted. Everything else looked haphazard, and frankly cheap. There are ways to mix highs and lows and nothing ever has to be expensive or Couture to be FASHION. I appreciate the effort and she has a lovely family..Im not bashing…just being honest. Maybe this is a hit in the Midwest, but to me its a MISS.
    Anyone who says otherwise is being kind, or has no sense of style. period.

  37. Anonymous says:

    O and NOT a bitter hag here, quite lovely – and I also have two eyes. ;)

  38. Angela says:

    Let me start off by saying the family is beautiful.

    Now on to her style, I’m sorry but this was just not a bombshell for me. Too many misses and only the last pic was a hit.

    Just did not seem to have an idea what her actual style is, so instead it just looked like a mixed mess of trends.

    I would advise her to flip through a couple of back issues of Elle, Stylewatch, or Instyle, and pull all of the looks and fashion ads that speak to her. In this she will discover an aesthetic pattern that can reveal more about her true style then build on those looks, starting with the basics.

    Sidenote: I respect that she is a busy mom/wife, but this doesn’t negate one from mixing the correct patterns or trends to create an effortlessly chic look. I do slightly wonder if all the mommy talk, was included to distract us from the lackluster fashion. (i.e., coming on Showtime at the Apollo with a less than stellar voice, but singing Gospel to try to win the audience over, lol)

    Just being messy funny for the last time in 2013, enjoy your new year and you be blessed as well. @nashea. :)

  39. Choco aka Hippie says:


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