December 18th, 2013
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Contest: Win a Puku External Battery Charger!
By Claire

Are you a digital diva whose phone is always running out of juice?
Need something small and stylish to recharge your phone or tablet?
Look no further than the Puku charger:
win a puku charger fashion bomb daily
The powerful external battery has a single charge of 8000 mAh, and can recharge your phone up to 5 times.
puku purple charger
I tried it out last night and loved it. It lasted through dinner, holiday parties, and after parties…
fashion bomb daily win a puku charger
fashion bomb daily puku battery charger 2
… with enough power left over to snap fun pix like these:
claire sulmers fashion bomb daily
At any rate, I want you to try this!! So I’m giving away a Puku charger to one fabulous Bombshell.
puku charger colors
Leave a comment with your favorite color (they come in red, pink, gray, purple…see the full colors here), and include a story of a time when your phone died at a critical moment.
Also be sure to follow Puku on Instagram @GotPuku.
puku gray charger
Good luck!
*Can’t wait for the giveaway? Get 10% off your Puku charger (retail value $99) with the code fashionbombdaily10. This offer is valid until the 21st of December.

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114 Responses to “Contest: Win a Puku External Battery Charger!”

  1. Ashley Richardson says:

    I love PINK !!!

    I’m an event planner in NYC and we love to showcase our work on Instagram throughout events, but my iPhone ALWAYS dies. We did a popular rapper’s birthday party and he suprised the guest with an impromptu performance, I was distraught because I could not capture it on video :(

  2. IG is lipstickndopeish
    I LOVE purple but the mint one you have is lovely. My most crucial moment was my first week of graduate school my charger stopped working leaving my phone dead for 6 hours. This was in the middle of me moving and I couldn’t contact anyone for help or to pick me up from campus. Back up chargers and portable chargers are a must for all.

  3. I love purple! says:

  4. Anonymous says:

    Definitely the pink one!

    I used to intern at Seventeen magazine in the photo department and I was asked to take pictures of a celeb that came in. Besides their camera I wanted to take a picture on my phone when the celeb asked me to take a selfie, of course my phone was dead. This gadget would definitely came in handy!

  5. Kiki Henderson says:

    Purple. I have to travel a lot because of my ministry, and my outlet in my Honda doesn’t work, poor Rhonda, her name. I take advantage of quick breaks inside the library if possible to re-charge. Last time it died I had a 6-hour trip from Texas. I felt so lost and nervous. The struggl. Hehe

  6. Jemila Grant says:

    First off I would like to say that I am a LOVER of your site. My name is Jemila and I am a college senior at Daemen College in Buffalo, NY. I love the color purple. One of the most critical moments of phone unreliability was when my friends and I traveled from our hometown of Brooklyn, NY to Buffalo for the Drake concert. Of which I drove and used my phone for GPS navigation. Once we finally reached Buffalo to attend the concert, we had floor seats and Drake was shouting everyone out and he shouted me out as the “Shorty with red lips and a bright smile” and thanked me for coming to the concert. But of course not a second of this was captured because my phone was dying in my purse and my other friends were not camera ready. *Roll of the eyes*…This external charger will be everything to me. Not another critical moment lost. Please let me win this!

  7. Precious Mines says:

    The Turquoise is Fab and I Want it!!!

    I’m a new fashion stylist and I also work with music artist. I can think of countless times my battery died on me. I used to have to charge alternate batteries at home & carry them with me just in case. God forbid I couldn’t get to them fast enough. I remember styling a client for their surprise shower & as soon as they were walking in the door my phone died…. Everybody yelled surprise and I was looking for an extra battery. I was sooo irked… needless to say I missed that moment…. I love the puku charger & need this for my 2014 styling journey!

  8. Sheila says:

    I love the Color Purple ( The movie as well lol)

    Funny story of why I need this like Yesterday! Ummmm you may not remember but I met you during fashion week last season (Sept) and I tried to get a pic of us with my phone AND my friends phone and BOTH phones had died. So I never got my pic. :-( To say I was truly heartbroken is for real!!!

    I work Back of house and attend shows every season ( last 8 seasons with only 1 missed Feb 2010 my only brother passed away and I was home with family) but in 4 years I rarely miss one. I need a charger for I’m always holed up at starbucks near lincoln center trying to “plug in”.

    Would love one of these with a Picture of you to go with it!

    If not I’ll try for Feb 2014!

    Cya in the streets!!

    Sheila Barry (Stylist)

  9. Day Milan says:

    Definitely the pink one!

    I used to intern at Seventeen magazine in the photo department and I was asked to take pictures of a celeb that came in. Besides their camera I wanted to take a picture on my phone when the celeb asked me to take a selfie, of course my phone was dead. This gadget would definitely came in handy!

  10. Veronica Pearman says:

    Oh my gosh! Love the turquoise color! My worse moment with my cell phone? After dropping my daughter off for the FIRST time in college – I find myself running around Boston Logan looking for a spot to charge… ugh – nothing! I had to get on my flight without my final good-bye to my only daughter! Of course she survived and I did too – but it was pretty devastating at the moment!

  11. Aura says:

    I love the sea green color!

    I recently moved to LA and I do not know my way around AT ALL! I use my phone as my navigation system, and one time I was super lost on my way back from a show and my phone died and I didn’t have a charger smh

  12. Stacey says:

    I love the purple one. My phone died once when I was at the hospital and needed a ride back home I could only call my husband and he was out of town so he had to call one of his friends to pick me up. I couldn’t remember any of my friends phone #’s. I decided after that to write all of my close friends #’s down and keep them in my wallet just incase it happened again.

  13. Tam @mynaturalhigh says:

    I love the purple one!! Its my favorite color!
    There was a time that me, my mother and my lil sister were driving around the city and my mom caught a flat tire on the interstate. It was late at night and all of our phones haven’t been on the charger since the morning. All of our phones were less then 15% and none of had a car charger nor a spare battery. Having an android phone made it worse since the battery actually dies when it hits 10% unlike other phones. It was difficult trying to make a call because the phone was so close to dying. I had to send a quick text to that could help us only hoping that they could response back ASAP before my phone went completely flat. Thankfully the person responded quick and I was able to them our location and my phone finally died. They found us even though it was so dark. I feel like this Puku External Battery Charger will benefit me alot because I will me able to carry it everywhere in case of an emergency like the one I had. Its great for going out with friends on late nights, bloging, important event and emergencies. This seem like a very GREAT item. I would love to try it out!

  14. Shannon Jones says:

    I love Purple! My phone died when I was at the Made in America festival. The worst! At one point my group got split up and we couldn’t find each other because everyone had a dead phone. I tried stopping by one of the charging stations but it was packed and taking hours to get through. No point in missing performances because my phone was dead. Sometimes I enjoy the moments when my phone dies and absolutely no one can get in touch with me, it’s peaceful but when you REALLY do need a phone it can be a pain! I’d love to win this prize.

  15. LJF67 says:

    I love the purple or the teal green models!!! Wellmy phone died at an 80th Birthday Party for my dear favorite Uncle. I was so upset I could not immediately share pictures with loved ones immediately!

    Then there was that time in Brooklyn at Ft. Green Park at Soul Summit – could not record some amazing music/dancing because my phone decided to drain out for no good reason!!

  16. Ibukunoluwa says:

    I love sea green!!!!

    My phone dies all the time at the most critical moments. I was visiting my friend’s campus and using my phone as GPS. Of course my phone chose that moment to die! It was dark outside, no one in sight. What other choice did i have but to keep driving in circles. I eventually was lucky enough to find a Dunkin Donuts where I could charger my phone.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I am a freelance MUA , a fellow mua had a family emergency while beautifying a wedding party. She called me to see if I could fill in, my first wedding so I was so excited. I was enroute home to get my charger, and while she was giving me the address my battery died. The brides sister had to finish everyones makeup. If my phone was charged… Oh the possibilites. I would love this charger!

  18. Robin says:

    I love PINK!

    Let me tell you, my phone is always dying on me, but the most critical moment was when I went to New York this year for the first time. I’m a southern belle so I had completely no idea about my way around NY. My phone was all charged and everything on the way up there but as soon as I touched down in NY…dead! That was the most hectic hour trying to figure out how to get to my hotel! I didn’t remember the exact address or anything, it was all saved on my phone. Luckily I ran into a helpful hand that loaned me a charger to get my phone back in action.

  19. Blue or turquoise

    I am a freelance MUA , a fellow mua had a family emergency while beautifying a wedding party. She called me to see if I could fill in, my first wedding so I was so excited. I was enroute home to get my charger, and while she was giving me the address my battery died. The brides sister had to finish everyones makeup. If my phone was charged… Oh the possibilites. I would love this charger!

  20. Danaisa says:

    I love the Red. I actually have 2stories , my phone always die at the wrong moment. 1 time is when I was at my little cousins graduation & they did this little dance, I wanted to record it SOO bad but my phone had died before the graduation even started. -__-
    2. Was recently this past Summer my nephew had taken his 1st steps & everyone of my family members phone had died. I’m not sure about their battery but iPhones battery are the worst. You charge for an hour & get 50-60%

  21. Augusta Joshua says:

    I LOVE the purple one!

    My Iphone usually lasts a couple of hours with a full charge so I’m used to it dying unfortunately. There was one time when I was driving somewhere for the first time and my phone died halfwsy through the trip. Luckily, it was daytime and I wasnt too far from a shopping center. I walked to a store and asked a nice girl if she had an iphone charger. Lucky for me she did. I made sure that I charged my phone completely before I hit the road again.

  22. Jacquelyn says:

    Purple so pretty!!

    My phones always dies on me….My friends always tell me that I like living on the edge of Iphone life. I usually keep me charger with me always searching for an outlet. One day having a charger was completely pointless. I’m a cyclist and use my phone as a GPS to map my ride route. Just when I got a good ways into my ride, phone shuts off! To get back, I was following other cyclist I did not know to get back on!

  23. I like the charger in green!

    My battery died during my sorority convention this summer. I was responsible for taking pictures and loading them to our Facebook page which will eat up your battery. Not the best idea to have a dead phone while trying to navigate through a sea of 20,000+ women trying to find my mom and other sorors.

  24. Meka Harrell says:

    I own a Barbie PINK fashion truck and we would lovveeeew to have the PINK one!!! Nothing worst than having your cell or IPad die in the middle of your square up transaction : – (. I could totally use this as my emergency for my truck since I take a lot of purchases via my cell and iPad plzzzz pick meeeeee

  25. Joshua says:

    I love the grey! It’s sleek and modern. It would to have this charger on hand while going from class to my internship! My iPhone 5 is always dying and sometimes I can’t find a plug to charge my phone! This would make my commute so much easier!

  26. Etaka says:

    Purple ALL the way!!!… My phone always seems to die at a moment when i want to take an awesome picture or when I want to be on the bus and listen to some music and it is so annoying. I am a fashionista at heart so I’m always looking up the latest fashion/beauty tips and I’m always using my phone all the time. When I say this charger on your instagram i was like I need this!!

  27. Sam says:

    PURPLE! My phone died before landing at the airport, following a 9 hour flight to visit my family. Thankfully I was able to use another passengers phone.

  28. Mynette Eady says:

    I love the Purple!!! Saw this on your IG yesterday and went searching this am to find out more about the company and where to get one. Ended up following them and’s Nicole G. Anywho, I digress! You wanted to know when I could’ve used the Puku recently… Well, while in the job hunt, I’ve recently been doing more Freelance Publicity work for NY Times Best Selling Author Nikki Turner. She back to visit her hometown for interviews that I had set up and my phone kept dying at the most innopportune time-like when it was time for me to take pictures with the people I set up interviews for her. Get this my portable charger died that week on me as well. It’s even more embarassing when you have to tell your “client” I couldn’t take that picture you wanted b/c my phone died. Anyway, I hope you can see it to let this self -proclaimed “promo chick” win something she can most certainly use in her new journey into the publicity world!

  29. I LOVE the turquoise.

    Last year i was at the HRC National Dinner in DC. After taking tons of picture of all the beautiful people that were attending the dinner, my phone died as Jennifer Lopez and the cast of her new show were walking in. I didnt get to take any pictures of JLO, the cast of her show, the Prop 8 legal team and plaintiffs, Sara Bareilles, etc….. It still was an AMAZING night but i really wished i could have had more pictures to remember.

  30. Love the purple one!

    Time I needed a charger – this past Saturday! I was out Christmas shopping while husband watched our newborn and my phone died only 2 hours in… I had no way of checking in to make sure everything was ok!

  31. Toya says:

    The mint is adorable.

    I’m a New Yorker so I’m constantly on foot using my GPS to find a restaurant, bar/lounge, gallery, festival, and/or etc. GPS always drains the battery out my iPhone to point it’s always dying when it’s needed!

    Honorable mentions of my phone dying:

    Picking my parents up at the airport
    Super Bowl 2013 New Orleans
    Rockefeller Center Xmas Tree lighting
    Spotting a celebrity at The Cecil in Harlem…want to take a pic on the low
    Going to Boston this fall for the first time right in front of the Cheers bar

  32. kish says:

    Purple is my favorite. I was stuck at 3am without a phone on my way to Texas from Louisiana in a section of the highway where the few gas station that were operating was closed. My car ran out of gas but luckily a motorists stopped to help me. The area I was in looked like a scene straight out of Texas chainsaw massacre. Talking about a scary experience.

  33. Sierra says:

    I love the pink puku. Especially since that’s my fav color lol.
    So I time that puku would have came in handy will be last year on my bday (December 29th) and me and my girls had a blast but I could never look back on that day because my phone was dead :-(
    From what I remember it was tons of fun and I was very upset none of it was captured

  34. Courtney says:

    I love the orange puku

    A critical time my phone died was when I was in Puerto Rico visiting a friend. We got separated on a nature trail that lead to this big tourist waterfall. I thought no big deal and reached for my phone only to realize it was dead….over 30 mins later we finally met up at the waterfall. luckily we both had the same mind to just finish the trail and wait for the other

  35. hmmm says:

    I like allll the colors.

    I work 2 hours away from home and 3 days of the week I get home around 12am. My train station is off the highway and very lonely. My husband usually picks me up but there have been a few times when he falls asleep and forget. I usually bring my charger with me but I forgot it one day and my battery died so I figured I could use the pay phones but they werent working. There are no cabs so I had to wait about 40 mins for the train going back to stop that have cab service – paid $30 for a cab to get home. Traumatic.

  36. Purple. says:

    I interned at Caribbean Fashion Week in the spring of 2012 working for Pulse Model Management, we had a great fashion show and during backstage moments I had to take pictures for my boss as well as a few to blog, I was pretty sure my phone was fully charged until I tried to access the camera for pics. The battery died just as I got the chance to snap a single pic with the gorgeous models this was my kind of tragedy. I’ll be interning again next year(luckily I had my camera on standby) hopefully next time I’ll stay fully charged with my Purple PUKU even if not for my phone but for my camera!

  37. Jamilla says:

    I LOVVEEEE this. The colors are super cool. And I really need this in my life. My phone does ALL the time. Pick me please =)

  38. KD says:

    I’ve been following them for a minute and I’ve been dropping hints to the BF and it looks like it’s on deaf ears until my phone dies and he can’t reach me. My iPhone 4 is what’s keeping me connected thru this entrepreneurial ride and by the time I reach the city and turn around to go back home, I’m on a wing and a prayer bar. That means, no music, no games, “turn off all the gawd damn apps baby” he says with frustration in his voice. I do and it still doesn’t matter, I’m DDT, dead during transit. I’ve missed THAT phone call once before and I don’t want to repeat that experience. Le sigh.

  39. Sheana @she_does_this says:

    I love greeeenn!!! This will love and appreciate this. Always on the go and not being able to find a socket can be a bummer. As a stylist on the rise I’m always ready to capture the moment. Claire even if I don’t win I just want to say I loveee your style and your 1 of my hand full of inspirations. I hope to one day run into you in NYC

  40. NellyV85 says:

    I love the orange one (it matches my MacBook Pro cover)! I’m a photographer and was headed to a photo shoot. I told my client to meet me at a certain location, but she wasn’t there. When I went to call her, my phone died. Why do they always die at the most inconvenient moments? Perhaps the better question is why don’t I have a Puku?

  41. Lamirica says:

    Purple! I’m always on the road and my phone dies constantly because I don’t have a car charger and my cigarette lighter fuse is out. As a woman it’s so dangerous to be on the road with no phone.

  42. Edy says:

    I wouldn’t mind having any color. Im appreciative of anything.

    My most critical moment was when I was with family at the hospital seeing my mother that has cancer. It was her birthday and she wasn’t happy until the nursing staff came by her room to sing happy birthday with a homemade banner with paper. I wasn’t able to record the wonderful nursing staff at Christ Hospital. That moment was a moment that she had charished. I would had loved to share that memory over and over with her but couldn’t but only as remembrance. All and all even though I wasn’t able to capture the moment like I had wanted too at least it will always be in our dreams making my mom smile during her hardest times fighting her battle.

  43. Pretty in Politics says:

    I love this in the purple color!

    In my line of work all my devices are always firing on all cylinders from my iPhone to MacBook I’m tied to my devices.

    One day my calendar was filled with public appearances for my client in between taking photos with my iPhone and responding to email correspondences regarding staff, budget and policy initiatives via my iPad my iPhone dies. Leaving me unable to communicate via text w/ my client abt pts to hit during his speech. Feeling paralyzed by my phone dying and my iPad at 10% mid sentence on a response regarding another matter I run to several local “mom and pop” stores along Broad Street to find a charger. After 3 stores, that did not accept cards, and one pawn shop with an ATM I was able to purchase chargers and “run” back to my client. Needless to say being without charge is not an option for this black politico on the go. Puku in purple would be a welcomed edition to my gadget filled purse and saving grace in future!

  44. SI78 says:

    My favorite color is BLUE! Love it for so many reasons!
    My phone has died when trying to meet someone at a certain spot at a certain time. Of course with a dead phone I could no longer stay in contact to let my friend know where I was or see where she was and direct her to me. Just one of several times my phone died while trying be in contact with someone.
    Le sigh….

  45. Deb Deb says:

    In love with the pink one! As early as last week. I am an aspiring DJ and my friend wanted me to attend this event at the W hotel with her after work (I did not bring my charger that day. Usually I always do). This is one of my s/t goals to spin there! So I approached the guy that’s in charge of bookings at the lobby. I wanted him to hear one of my mixes on Soundcloud. My phone was not down to cooperate. It was tired and died right then & there :/

  46. Anonymous says:

    Pink is super cute. My boyfriend joined the army four years ago and when he was in basic training they only gave him a 15 minute window each week to make a phone call. Well I had been waiting all day for the call and my phone finally rang and right when I picked up the call my phone died. whomp whomp. So I missed his call that week and it sucked. I obviously didn’t learn because I still miss his calls due to dead batteries.

  47. Carolina says:

    OMG!!! In love with the purple one :O
    I need one because i’m at college or street and I never have time to chargue my iphone!!!!

    Good luck to everyone!

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