October 23rd, 2013
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Young Man Sues Barneys After Racial Profiling Incident, Condé Nast Discontinues Internship Program, and N.Y. Passes Underaged Model Reform Bill
By The Fashion Bomb Staff


• A young man from Queens is suing Barneys and the NYPD today, after the retailer and law enforcement erroneously accused him of credit card fraud. 19-year-old Trayon Christian had saved up money from his part-time job to buy a $349 Salvatore Ferragamo belt he’d seen on one of his favorite rappers, Juelz Santana. After getting his coins in order, the young Christian hit up Barneys’s Madison Avenue location to purchase his prize. After exiting the store, he was stopped by undercover cops, who thought his credit card was fake. “The detectives were asking me, ‘How could you afford a belt like this? Where did you get this money from,’” Christian told The New York Daily News. He was taken into custody, but was later released after police discovered his card was indeed real. Disgusted by the whole incident, Trayon returned the belt: “ I got my money back, I’m not shopping there again,” he said. “It’s cruel. It’s racist.”  Sigh. Even with a huge hip-hop star like Jay-Z curating Barneys’s holiday collection, it seems the retailer can’t shake its suspicion of black men! (NYDN)

Solange Knowles is kicking off her new label, Saint Records, with a compilation of original music by “genre-defying R&B artists” titled “Saint Heron,” due out November 12th. “I’ve personally connected with all of these extremely talented artists, and am really excited for us to come together through the compilation as a new movement for music.” Knowles  said in a statement. Also launching is SaintHeron.com, a lifestyle website for hipsters across the globe. “I’m …looking forward to [it] being a home for music and cultural enthusiasts like myself who want to see content that really reflects the community we are a part of.” Will you be checking it out? (Fashion Bomb Inbox)


7  Jennifer Lopez by Mario Sorrenti for W Magazine

• Today, another door into the magazine publishing industry has been firmly shut, with Condé Nast announcing plans to end their internship program for 2014. There has been a lot of intern drama at the publishing giant as of late, namely two interns who sued for not being properly compensated for their services at The New Yorker and W magazine. Way to ruin willful exploitation for future generations of young aspiring editors, guys! (WWD)


3  kim kardashian for cr fashion book issue 3 1
• Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian is definitely an icon of our generation. Well, Carine Roitfeld certainly thinks so! She told Time Out, “You don’t see her in parties drinking loads of alcohol. She’s controversial, but so was Marilyn Monroe and I always like controversial people.” Do you see any similarities between Kim and Marilyn? (Time Out)



• A new set of child labor laws protecting underaged models is now in place, and it is poised to change the fashion industry, at least in one of its capitals, New York City. Signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday, these new guidelines strictly monitor the hours young girls are working, and ensures that they are properly compensated for their services. According to WWD, the new set of guidelines includes the following:

“– A responsible person designated to monitor the activity and safety for each child performer under the age of 16 at the work place.
– Employers must provide a nurse with pediatric experience as well as health and safety information.
– An education requirement that mandates employers provide teachers and a dedicated space for instruction.
–A financial trust must be established by a child model’s parent or guardian into which an employer must transfer at least 15 percent of the child’s gross earnings.”

In short, casting an underaged model for a show or in a campaign is going to cost designers and casting and modeling agents a lot of time filling out paperwork. Might this legislation curb fashion’s use of, well… children to sell garments meant for grown women with money? We’ll just have to see. (WWD)



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31 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Young Man Sues Barneys After Racial Profiling Incident, Condé Nast Discontinues Internship Program, and N.Y. Passes Underaged Model Reform Bill”

  1. Kitty B. says:

    I’ll never understand why people want to spend hundreds of dollars on a bellt…its a BELT!! I heard about this story this morning on HOT 97, he’s actually suing store for the millions and if he wins, he’ll be able to buy all the Ferragamo belt he wants :(

  2. AforbritUK says:

    Re Trayon Christian I hope he wins his case. What an awful experience. Even with money in your pocket a black man can’t catch a break. And you have damn white people going on about racism is dead and it’s all in the past. Yeah right.

  3. CHRISTINE says:

    I read the story about the young man this morning, it is rather unfortunate and sad but a reality in many retail giants, blacks are not apart of the shopping equation and are often times looked at as the “shop-lifter”, I for one have worked in the retail space and have seen this first hand…I hope he wins racial profiling is never ok.

    Thoughts on Kim K, love her! always have always will, she is definitely an icon in my eyes and I agree with Carine she keeps it classy at all times.


  4. Shirley says:

    Yes I know it’s his money BUT a 19 year old buying a $349 belt because of an outdated rapper was wearing it DAMN! Seriously! That’s all I got.

    As for Kimmy being an icon, sad but true.

  5. regis says:

    That the first thing i would have done! Hit them where it hurts the most – those pockets! I experience this everyday, and I hope for the day someone stops me in a store where i legally bought my luxury item’s and interrogate me. F*CK EM’ and im glad he returned it. Lemme hold sumthin’ bro!

  6. Nik says:

    I do think KK will be considered the MM of this generation. Both known for being sexy/symbols

  7. Liz Broden says:

    On Barneys:

    My last experience at Barneys was also reflective of their discriminatory culture. I was in women’s shoes on a busy day. To paint a picture of my appearance;I, and African American female, was dressed down in Prada Boots, a $300 pair of white pants, a $150 printed tee, a $650 leather jacket, my favorite Mavado watch, and $20 H&M scarf which was wrapped around my head due to the chill in the air.

    While in women’s shoes I picked up a pair of Giuseppe sneaks which I intended on trying on. As I waited to grab the attention of a sales clerk who previously offered to help, the sneaker was taken out of my hand by another clerk. He did not say anything to me or look at me. He took the shoe, checked the stock number and placed it on a display table.

    I was in complete shock, as were several of the white women with whom I was conversing with while waiting. However, I attributed his action to personal character flaws which must have been missed during the screening process. I was unaware of what seems to be a culture of unjustified discriminatory practices. It is sickening that corporations will still treat, or hire those who treat African Americans with such suspicion and disregard. Especially when AA purchase a disproportionate share of goods and think it acceptable to spend their savings to emulate their favorite celebrity. Even if the moral outrage is overlooked, discriminatory practices just make bad business sense.

    Not knowing anything about my finances or my intent I was disrespected, wearing over $2000 worth of goods purchased in similar high end department stores.

    It is time for the “I Have A Dream” vision to be expanded to include young men shopping on 5th, professionals purchasing on their down days, and Oprah perusing in Switzerland.


  8. Hello says:

    Why does it matter that he decided to spend 349 dollars on a belt he seen Juelz wear he has a job he saved up he wanted it & decided to treat himself it’s his earned money you guys commenting on that are missing the main point it’s disgusting that they arrested him and assumed he was a thief

  9. pow says:

    I’m glad Trayon returned the belt AND decided to sue. How ridiculous do you have to be to decide someone’s credit card is fake over $300. I’m sorry but even at 19 I had $300 to rub together, the teens and twenties are the main time people spend money on frivolous stuff. Just stupid.

  10. sweetie says:

    Thats why i buy stuff from them online,even on the phone they sound racist. smh

  11. Southern says:

    It’s none of y’all’s business why he wanted the belt or how he decided to spend HIS paycheck. Learn to focus on the point.

  12. Nia says:

    How is his belt different when some of u same women say you’ve “gotta have” or splurge on something you’ve seen a celebrity woman wearing? Absolutely nothing wrong with actually saving your money and decoding to treat yourself!

  13. Nikkibellarae says:

    He worked hard, saved his money and earned it point blank, regardless of age. I hope he wins the case, their flaw may be his fortune.

    Also, indeed Kim K. is an icon whether we like it or not, she is certainly the modern day Marilyn Munroe and I love every bit of it!!

  14. JrDesignerLove says:

    I am glad that he returned the belt. I hope he wins his lawsuit. They only way they will respect you is if you are a celeberity.

  15. RHONYC says:

    big $$$ justice for young Mr. Christian.
    make them an example out of them how they LOVE to make erroneous examples out of us. hmp!

    chin up. ;-)

  16. fav1 says:

    Whoa, I remember being twenty years old and purchasing designer bags and facing discrimination because of my purchases. I remember going to the other “B” store and dropping $1,000 (not biggie) and being followed around the store by a secret shopper. They never stopped me but I did tell the cashier when she asked if I found everything I needed today I told her I did including the a**hole that was following me around the store. So glad Mr. Christian took back the belt and is suing! Smart! Sidenote: I wish all of these people saying he spent his money on stupidness would stop it…I say to each their own we all drop money on what we want and at different ages we want different things.

  17. Nakia says:

    This is unfortunate, many of these snooty employees cat afford the belt themselves.

    I had to look up icon, I think if it’s used incorrectly, that fits the bill. And classy on what planet :(. But she i will say she is quite the fashionista and a beautiful girl. If that equals icon status, I guess so.

  18. Nakia says:


  19. Natasha says:

    LOLz @Sweetie ;) I get it. I get Trayon too. Sounds like a great young man. The simple act of returning it was full of integrity and self-respect. He was properly raised.

    Hopefully, he’ll get an apology from both the police force and the store (or win the lawsuit) and not the lame “random screening” excuse.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I hope the young man wins his case against Barneys. Further, I will exercise my right to NEVER shop at Barneys again.

    Now I would like to see the publicity hogging Beyonce and Jay take a stand! I guess that and a pink donkey I will never see unless there are cameras and $ for these two opportunists.

    @KittyB—-I will never understand why people think they can dictate to others what they should spend THEIR earnings on. The fact that the experience of this young man who worked and saved to achieve what he wanted did not even concern you in the least is appalling.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is Carine Roitfeld mad? Kim Kardashian is famous for being a slut. The fact that the media continues to give her publicity does not make this uneducated door knob with the morals of a sailor an icon.

  22. Sha says:

    I read the story about the racial profiling in Barney’s last night….Its so sad how this young man was treated. and over three hundred and fifty dollars. LIKE, WHAT?!

    I might’ve been able to wrap my brain around thirty five hundred..but even then….this is wrong on so many levels.

    I pray he wins this case. the racial profiling has to stop… believe it or not…it’s usually the “others” who go INSIDE upscale stores and rob them blind with a smile on their faces.

    I wonder if they profile the Russian female gang that commits credit card scams on a daily in these upscale stores…I bet a million bucks they don’t!!

  23. Sha says:

    La Lopez is stunning on that cover!

    I like Kim K (I love me some Khloe tho..LOL)…despite it all she always seems to smile and continues to one up herself every day.

    Can’t be mad at a female with a strong hustle game!!

    Plus my favorite Uncle gets to hit that nightly…So I ain’t mad and you should’nt be either!! LOL

    *Files nails as I strut out of post*

    Bye Felicia!! LOL

  24. Anonymous says:

    How can the remnants of a sex tape and classy go together? We do not see her drunk in clubs, however, her pu##y has been seen (and probably felt) by millions. Moving on. Please with these features of Kimberly.

  25. Anonymous says:

    @Sweetie. Do you hear yourself…”that’s why [you are] supportive, as an on-line shopper,” of a racist entity. Wow. Stupidity and consumerism at its finest. Had this been a black-owned entity, we would have burned it down a long time ago. Too bad that our European counterparts are not held to the same standards by many in the community.

  26. Suspicious Mole says:

    You are a damn fool. smh

  27. Sandra says:

    I don’t understand the hypocrisy on some. He worked hard for his money so if he wants to buy a belt, so be it. Like someone mentioned above, the only way you get respect is if you are a celebrity. That is why I don’t splurge on designers ‘goods online or at places where I am not welcomed.

  28. mi manning says:

    melanated people…get your own luxury department stores…and buy your own people’s brand!

  29. Barney’s need a a** whooping…

  30. sweetie says:

    @suspicious mole You are damn stupid also

  31. sweetie says:

    @Anonymous Its my damn money and i spend it wherever i want, eff you, you dont tell me how and where i spend my hard earned money.

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