October 22nd, 2013
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Splurge: Beyoncé’s Melbourne Zoe Karssen Black Crème de la Crème Sweatshirt
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Beyoncé and cutie Blue Ivy were recently spotted strolling through Melbourne, Australia. The superstar mommy kept comfy in a $126 Zoe Karssen Crème de la Crème Sweatshirt, denim cutoffs, an All Saints Valtari chunky gold necklace, and black sneakers:

Beyonce-Blue-Ivy-Melbourne-Australia-Creme-de-la-Creme-Sweatshirt-2Her black fleece sweatshirt features bold ‘Crème de la Crème’ lettering, quilted padded shoulders, and ribbed edges.

Zoe-Karssen-Creme-de-la-creme-sweatshirtHer sweatshirt is currently sold out, but you can get the tee here.

Beyonce-Blue-Ivy-Melbourne-Australia-Creme-de-la-Creme-Sweatshirt-2Little Blue Ivy is STILL not here for the paps!

And how adorable are her little baby Gucci Horsebit Ballerina Flats?

Images: @BeyonceLite


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46 Responses to “Splurge: Beyoncé’s Melbourne Zoe Karssen Black Crème de la Crème Sweatshirt”

  1. iheartkeya says:

    I’ve been wanting this sweatshirt since I saw Cassie and Charlamagne in one.

  2. Bee. says:

    Blue is adorbs!

    That necklace Bey is wearing is everything tho! I love!

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Ms. Fancy says:

    Why does Blue always look a little off. All that money…Can we get a descent hair sytle for this little girl and atleast a couple of bows? Im confused…

  5. Marlo says:

    Mother look cute, baby hair needs some moisture on it thou and maybe consider a head band! sorry

  6. Blue Ivy Carter says:

    @Ms.Fancy dont be talking about me like that! Rememeber Im from Brooklyn…I got my first pair of Tims when i was 7 months. Lol. But Blue looks adorable, shes baby, she has no idea what designer are, unlike Dorth West.

  7. Marlo says:


  8. Bukky says:

    what kind of shoes are those?

  9. Bukky says:

    what kind of shoes are beyonce wearing?

  10. Bukky says:

    what kind of shoes are beyonce wearing

  11. miss medusa says:

    i really feel like that baby is a clone or automaton or something. always having that blank expression on her face. and i see no real connection between mother and child. as though that baby was never in her womb, but carried through a surrogate and made through an experiment for cloning beyonce but carrying some genes of sean. anyway, i like the sweatshirt though….toodles!

  12. Jihan says:

    lol Blue is a pretty P R I N C E S S and future hardened New Yorker! so cute!!!!

  13. The SavSter says:

    Some people are idiots.

  14. bella says:

    some of y’all need help. you guys don’t pick apart anyone else’s child this much. it’s sick at this point.

    Blue look cute and comfy and i really want that necklace bey is wearing.

  15. Nikkibellarae says:

    Wtf kinda comments are being posted about a little bitty baby. Anywhoo they both look cute and Bey’s necklace I want.

  16. sheesh says:

    Sheesh! does that baby ever smile? SMH

  17. Tallulah says:

    Damn, Bey legs and thighs are perfect. They are so toned yet ultra feminine. She is working those shorts. Perfect. I’m jealous tbh.

    And Princess Blue is too cute.

  18. Anonymous says:

    look at those Adorb blue Gucci flats that blue has on

  19. Dee says:

    What about that chunky chainlink necklace? Where can I find it?

  20. SMV says:

    “Little Blue Ivy is STILL not here for the paps!” she is a baby, she is probably scared of the paparazzi.

  21. The truth says:

    Blue is not afraid of the paps. She just doesn’t like them infringing on her mommy time. Both Bey and Blue look cute.

  22. fly won says:

    Blue’s locs are coming along quite nicely

  23. southern says:

    blue’s outfit is better

  24. Cute says:

    Super cute both Bey and Blue….anyone here complaining about this child’s hair, take several seats, why is anyone so concerned about another person’s child’s hair…uuuhggg… clearly her parents have all the money time and nannies in the world to do it, this is the look they want the chid to have…get over it already…

  25. Sha says:

    I hate your mouth!!

    Why all the hair comments? She’s a child.. that doesn’t like her hair combed and guess what….Life moves on!!

    She’s straight for the rest of her life… hair and all..can many of you say the same? #OH

    Why does she have to smile? She’s probably confessed about total strangers jumping out taking her & her mothers picture.

    Ya’ll worry about the absolute wrong things in life!!! The post was about Beyonce’s sweatshirt!!
    Which is really cute by the way.

    TSK TSK!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    people are such idiots. someone suggested bows and barretts, which are actuallt too stressful for babies hair. why would ppl expect to see pics of blu smiling while out in public, like what child that age would be smiling with dozens of grown men chasing you with flashing bulbs & screaming. really?

  27. Cherie n the D says:

    Certain people sure know how to major in minor %#@!!

    Blue looks healthy and she is with her mom, honestly what could be more important than that? Ohh her hair! Okay hood rats, I see ya….

  28. S says:

    Nothing screams “tacky” like a little girls head with 20,000 barrettes in it. I think it’s cool that Bey is letting Blue be natural. She has the rest of her life to manipulate her hair however she wants too. She also will have enough money to correct any damage done (if there ever is any). The child’s hair is fine as it is.

    Love both Mommy and daughter’s looks….and Bey’s legs…Wow!!

  29. Sasha says:

    Some of u bishes really get on my last nerve. The child is not even 2 yrs old yet and already dealing with the criticism of grown ass women who should know better. In the same way that each of u who are mothers has the right to do what u please with ur child(ren), so does Beyonce. Who r u to be telling her what she should be doing with her daughter?? Arent there more important things u should be focusing on in ur own lives?? Stop projecting ur own issues about hair onto the woman’s child.

  30. RHONYC says:

    @ Fancy

    i get what your sayin’ but here’s what:

    a. not errybady is an über fashionista with their baby girls *looking at you Vicki Becks, lol* with the ultra primping and what not…*Sweet Brown’s voice* “Ain’t nodody got time for dat!”

    b. in regards to BIC’s hair. if she had loose Raphealite curls i don’t think anyone would say boo about her hair. she’s got natural BLACK hair folks. wtf ppl want for Bey to do? throw on a damn blond lacefront on the child? goodcoogahmoogah! smh Lol :-D

  31. Shayla says:

    Okay, we all see Blue’s hair…but she’s a baby! I’d love to see some of y’all’s (negative commenters) Baby photos! Anyways, I’m all about Bey’s sneakers…are they the Spizike’s? If so, perhaps custom…NikeiD?

  32. DKNY says:

    We all know blue is not looking on point. i’m not saying she needs to be blinged out or having on expensive stuff. Why the mama look fly but the baby look busted.

  33. DKNY says:

    Blue aint doing it big like her mama

  34. Empress says:

    Simple, and I love it. I’m in love with this woman. Blu is too cute, she always giving the same looks Jay Z does. Just like Stevie J’s daughter. LOL

  35. Inès 4 says:

    What is the pair of basketball bey wearing?

  36. toots says:

    so cute

  37. Mary A. says:

    Stans…that will tear any other celeb child apart..expect for Blue. Chile,please with these “it’s ok if Beyonce doesn’t properly do her daughters hair” cosigns.

    They are rich, there is no excuse for this child’s hair to not be properly done. Honestly, the money has nothing to really do with it, get Kim Kimble to twist or braid this properly(she does natural hair as well),Mama Tina, on the case or at least Solange on the case.

  38. Erica B. says:

    First of all Beyonce looks her usual fabulous self. And just reminded me to get in my squats and lunges before bed. But seriously… somebody in the Carter entourage needs to comb that baby’s hair DAILY! No fuzzy twists or braids, but freshly combed hair daily! If working moms that don’t have an army of minions can send their child out of the house looking presentable, then there’s no reason the child of BILLIONAIRE parents should be out looking like a pickanninny about the head.

  39. MelyB says:

    Any deets on Bee’s kicks would be appreciated. B.I.C.’s twists are cute, I don’t believe in manipulating a baby’s hair too much and would have to see it close up to tell whether it’s moisturized or not.

    I’d rather see her hair in a cute afro or twists instead of loaded up with 1,000,000 plastic barrettes like so many others I see daily.

  40. bri says:

    They both look nice and low-key. As far as this CHILD’S hair, it looks fine to me, keep in mind we don’t know why they choose not to ‘perm’ (obviously being sarcastic for the idiots) it and have hairclips throughout, she could throw a fit everytime she even feels like a comb/brush is coming her way, we don’t know, but I see some don’t care. Cut the mother, and most importantly the BABY some slack..if that’s even possible.

  41. Miranda says:

    For anyone interested, her necklace is called ‘Valtari’ and it is from AllSaints :)

  42. Space says:

    Gosh I feel most of these comments were posted by the same maniac.

  43. KITANA says:

    I wish you single moms would work to worry about your own illegitimate children and their non existent tresses due to yanking pulling and braiding it in every which way. Blue’s hair is fine and still manages to grow despite your endless protesting.

    Beys shoes are that deal and the shorts.

  44. Girl says:

    “I wish you single moms would work to worry about your own illegitimate children and their non existent tresses due to yanking pulling and braiding it in every which way.” -Kitana

    o_0 Kitana, they’re about to tear you a new one. Nevertheless, there it is, folks. First comes marriage. Then comes the carriage. Learn it. Apply it.

    And I agree. Blue is beautiful. Hair and all. I’m not one of those “illuminati,” “conspiracy theorists,” but a part of me has always wondered if Blue is one of those genetically cloned, designer babies whose features were chosen by her parents. I mean let’s be real; Bee’s pregnancy was probably one of the most suspicious inconsistent, questionable pregnancies ever.

  45. andrea says:

    beyonce paid for that thigh gap..its apparent. The entire look is meh.
    Blue on the other hand is shutting it all the way down with her flats.

  46. MAJOR says:

    I agree with @MISSMEDUSA LOL

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