October 16th, 2013
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Blacks Spend Heavily on Fashion, Yet are Underrepresented, Kate Moss Snags British Vogue Editor Gig, and Malaika Firth Covers British Vogue Supplement
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Prada Casts Black Model in Ad Campaign for the First Time in Almost Two Decades Maiaika Firth

• We’ve extensively discussed the lack of brown faces in fashion on this site, covering everything from the storied use of white models painted to appear black in editorials, to the Diversity Coalition’s Fashion Month epistles imploring designers to add more color to their runways. Now, with a recently-released Nielsen study saying that black spending power is expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2017, and the same report noting that 73% of whites feel that blacks influence culture, it is quite puzzling that so little money is spent on marketing to people of color.  Out of $75 billion dollars spent on advertising, only $2.24 is allocated to black-focused media. Even more shocking is the fact that blacks outspend whites on luxury goods by about $1,900, and still, there is little to no representation of us in ad campaigns and on the runways. Fashionista explores these figures, and why the black consumer should no longer be ignored. (Fashionista)



If you can build a spliff with solid gold rolling paper, why shouldn’t you be able to wipe your bum with the same material? Thank God, then, for the Toilet Paper Man, who is selling a 3ply TP infused with 22 Carat gold for $1,376,900.  According to the site,  “As you use the toilet paper 22 carat gold flakes will fall onto the floor and your behind taking you to another level of sophistication.” In the words of Aubrey Graham, “That’s luxury, dawg!” This sounds like the perfect pairing for Kimye‘s rumored gold-plated toilets. If you had the money to throw away, would you splurge on gold toilet paper? (Toilet Paper Man)



Lil’ Wayne is diversifying his already impressive portfolio, having teamed up with Parisian accessory brand wize&ope. Wayne just became a major shareholder in the label this Fall, and announced this new, likely lucrative partnership with a party at the wize&ope’s Parisian flagship. “I was drawn to wize&ope because of their amazing design, fresh packaging and their support of individuality,” Weezy said. “I’m excited to bring wize&ope watches stateside  and inspire their future collections.” Get money then, Tunechi! (Fashion Bomb Inbox)


• As the world impatiently awaits the launch of Isabel Marant‘s collaboration with H&M, the Swedish retailer is inundating us with teasers of the forthcoming collection. The latest is an interview with Marant, who says that this capsule collection marks her first real opportunity to design menswear pieces: “There were a lot of men asking me: “why don’t you do men’s”…  but I never actually did a total outfit for men before, so this is the first time; for H&M.” (H&M YouTube)


kate-moss-louis-vuitton-timeless-muses-exhibition-louis-vuitton-resort-2014-dress-1Kate Moss is joining the ranks of British Vogue as a contributing fashion editor. What does she know about fashion editing? Uh, probably a lot. Moss has several years of modeling under her belt, in which she dealt closely with stylists, editors, photographers, makeup artists, and high-level creatives. It’s safe to say she’s at least familiar, no? Moss will be putting together spreads choosing her own photographers, and models, working alongside the magazine’s stylists, Kate Phelan, Francesca Burns, and Lucinda Chambers. Her first fashion story is set to appear in British Vogue‘s spring issue. Can’t wait to see how she does! (WWD)
• The fashion gods are loving Malaika Firth! The buzzy model appears on the cover British Vogue’s November 2013 supplement, More Dash Than Cash, shot by Nick Dorey and styled by Emma Elwick-Bates. Get into her strong jaw, full brow, and innocent doe-eyes! Werque! (Vogue UK)

• It’s never a surprise to see Gisele Bundchen‘s face gracing, well, any cover, but here she is, in all her glory for Vogue Paris’s November 2013 issue. Gorgeous as usual! (The Fashion Spot)


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10 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Blacks Spend Heavily on Fashion, Yet are Underrepresented, Kate Moss Snags British Vogue Editor Gig, and Malaika Firth Covers British Vogue Supplement”

  1. lola says:

    I’m so tired of hearing about this lack of representation on the runway, I’m tired of it. Why don’t we follow the footsteps of Iman and stop purchasing products that refuse to reflect diversity in their products? Have we ever heard of that little concept called demand and supply?? Hit them in the pockets and move the f**k up. When their bank accounts start to shrink, they will come back to you. It is as simple as that.

    And speaking of boycotting products, isn’t this Isabel Marant b**tch the woman notorious for never using black models?? And she wants to produce a line with H&M? A brand famous with blacks?? How about minorities get together and boycott her H&m COLLECTION? But of course you neg*es don’t give a sh*t. You’l be all up in H&m posting instagram pictures of this collection.


  2. Missy D says:

    After reading the stats I find it so sad. Why the heck should they be inclusive to blacks when they are still making money off of them regardless. Sounds like a perfect set up to them.

  3. Shammy says:

    Wow…while I have been aware of our under representation in the fashion world, media etc to know the actual numbers is unsettling to me. This is a real eye opener for me. Just like @ Lola says We as people of color shouldn’t keep giving business to these high end designers who probably would not even offer to assist us if we was to walk into one of their stores. How many times can we collectively say that has happen to someone we know or even ourselves? I am a 22 year old black female from NYC Brooklyn to be exact With all these fashion trends that are in and on Instagram, tumblr it’s would be false to say you don’t desire some of these nice things.What young black person who’s into fashion wouldn’t want the Celine bag they seen Kim kardashian with or the sold out Tom Ford gladiator sandals ? I’m happy Iman has spoke out and boycotted ,but as consumers we including myself need to do the same if we want to see a change.

  4. ..... says:

    I was done with the industry after they tried to sell Giselle as some great brazilian beauty, when all she is another pale skinned blond haired, blue eyed chick. Sorry but that’s not a new look. AND…..Giselle was branded as the boobs from brazil, yet when she gets her implants removed, not a peep.
    @Missy D exactly, it really is the perfect scheme, low self esteem minorities keeping these folks wealthy. Study style, not fashion, that needs to be the mantra.

  5. tasha says:

    I am over hearing about it to be honest. Everyone who reads the FBD could boycott but their is some insecure girls and guys of IG and social media that see luxury as status.

    My thing is our community A doesnt know how to be united anymore. They arent going to focus on us for the fact we spend regardless. So the change has to start in our community

    To the idiot with the gold toilet paper sell it to some oil heir in Dubai. I wouldnt waste a dime on it

  6. Frost says:

    This might be controversial, but black people can be the absolute best at making other races rich. Yet they complain when great opportunities aren’t given their way.

    How about black people start spending money on other black people? Doubt this will happen though.

  7. stephanie says:

    I agree with all of the above. So sad black people cant unite and stand against this. Tbh the fact that the industry needs to cater to blacks just because we are spending emphasises that economic interests are above everything. But companies are not doing it to erode racist notions and include blacks in their advertising and campaigns because it is a morally right thing to do.

    I wish we as black people could agree on at least ONE THING so we can make a difference in our community. This divide is killing us slowly

  8. Peaches says:

    I too agree with all that was said, however we black folks always escalate to the latest fad being it sneakers, air jordans, Versace, fendi or any other “style for now” designer, we need to get together and support our black designers, they too are trying to get the industry in gear for our styles. We spend much money on other designers but not near enough or even know about our own up and coming black designers

  9. lizzie says:

    Whatever… you know whos on the come up in the fashion industry …asians…

    there is two major fashion Asian editors, joe zee for elle and eva chen for lucky
    then of course you have those Asian models
    luxury designers alexander wang, prabal, etc.

    I mean who else is complaining about racism in fashion but only black people , we don’t even try to include other minorities…its black this ,black that…

    I mean since so much black ppl are already buying all that crap witought them catering to us why should they start now …..

    They are not going to cater to us because economically in the world people of black decent have the least money, i mean look at africa( so much richness but they don’t even utilize it)

    you can always see what the black community values by what we participate in numbers for example NBA is full of black men or whatever…

    the problem is that we dont encourage ourselves in our community to produce.. its slowly changing but the change is slow….we need to start supporting our business
    for example the natural hair movement is big.. so companies like pantene started making co-wash shampoos to cater to black women..

  10. thevoyce says:

    Is this all you guys complain about?

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