October 2nd, 2013
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Tyra Banks’s $10 Million Wig Lawsuit, Rihanna’s Video for ‘Pour it Up,’ is Predictably Racy, and Get A Load of Beyoncé’s Prom Photo
By The Fashion Bomb Staff


• We all know Tyra Banks loves a good lacefront, but don’t you dare try to slap her name on some Virgin Remy or Yaki without her approval! The model mogul just filed a series of lawsuits amounting in $10 million dollars against 10 wig companies who have all used her name and likeness to sell “Tyra Banks-style” hairpieces. The suit claims that the companies peddling these wigs are misusing her “name, photograph, image, and identity,” and they should be brought to justice. Included in this suit is an 11-page printout of IMDB profile to prove that she is indeed a star and has a valuable trademark, provided as exhibit A. Can’t blame her for wanting to protect her brand, but did she really need IMDB references to verify her stardom? I’m just gonna leave this one alone… (TMZ)

• Booty clapping, water splashing, dollar bill flurries… what else would you expect from Rihanna‘s music video for ‘Pour it Up?’ Watch Monica Braithwaite‘s pride & joy in the video Miley Cyrus wishes she made her latest co-directing effort above. But beware! The vid is pretty NSFW. (TheYBF)



• If you had any questions as to whether or not Beyoncé is a fashion-forward quehn, please refer to the above photo, taken back in the ’90s at the singer’s prom. Get into it: cutouts, a white pump and flash of thigh? Clearly evidence of the illest fashion foresight! The swirl print… well, I’ll give her a pass on that one. Werque miss Bey! (Styleite)


• Attention stoners/ Marijuana license card holders: If you haven’t already blown all your extra spending money on herb and bodega snacks, you, too can toke like a baller thanks to Shine 24K Gold rolling papers. They’re exactly what they sound like: rolling papers covered in edible gold leaf, which, according to the Shine company, are made for “legal smoking herbs.” A pack containing 12 sheets will set you back between $55 and $60 bucks, but according to a fan who’s used them,  it was “the best and easiest roll and smoke I’ve had.” The papers have already gained popularity amongst rappers (who is surprised), and I imagine we might see a certain Ms. Fenty flexing on Instagram with one of these babies rolled up. Whether or not you agree with marijuana smoking, you’ve got to admit: these are pretty freakin’ cool. (NYDN)


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19 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Tyra Banks’s $10 Million Wig Lawsuit, Rihanna’s Video for ‘Pour it Up,’ is Predictably Racy, and Get A Load of Beyoncé’s Prom Photo”

  1. the girls stay pressed says:

    Im just waiting for all the angry comments @ that Beyonce caption. Jihan you are hilarious. Lemme get my popcorn…

    Those gold rolling papers look amazing!

  2. pican says:

    I also use the Shine rolling papers and they are amazing! Never smoked my herbs better than those puppies right there! Oh and Rihanna is a hottie, her body is perfect and she has a mean swagger about her although I wish the video was more visuals though…

  3. Tarana says:

    It is going to be *very* interesting to watch Tyra age. She is a piece of work indeed.

  4. jeda says:

    i wonder who Beyonce’s date was

  5. bella says:

    @jeda his name is lyndell. you can google him. he STILL talks about her.

  6. fly won says:

    Beyonce is BAD. Always has been always will be.

  7. Honeybrown says:

    Am I the only one not mad a Bey’s prom dress lol. @Claire you should have your readers send in throwback prom pics.

  8. Honeybrown says:

    I’m not going to lie I have seen my fair share of ” Tyra ” inspired wigs Lol !!

  9. lola says:

    And the BEY still looks the same. U MAAAADDDD? LMAO Y’all can choke on those nose surgery and skin bleaching rumors. Weak wack insecure h*es.

    BOW DOWN B*SHES!!!!!

  10. bebe says:

    Bey hasn’t changed a bit!
    @ Honeybrown, I love that idea. I had my prom only 5 years ago, so mine wouldn’t be throwback. But I would love to see some from past years :)

  11. Rihanna is definitely serving Joseline Hernandez realness in this video. She looks like her in the blonde hair and curly black hair. Beyonce’s nose definitely looks the same, so hopefully people can give that a rest. Her date looks a little like Tevin Campbell. Gold rolling papers?! Why didn’t I think of that????

  12. Claire says:

    @Everybody Throwback Prom Photos would be a fun idea! Y’all would guffaw at the mess that was mine. Box braids everywhere and elbow length satin gloves (yes, it was a mess). Will draft something up!

  13. Honeybrown says:

    @claire great LOL !! I Was serving ghetto fabolous realness on mine.

  14. Kahalia says:

    Wait Wait! Lets not start excusing our Throwback Prom dresses. Mine was the bomb for its time period. We have to give the year on these also so you can fully appreciate. I too had braids-it was the Brady era honey! And I was werqing it!

  15. RHONYC says:

    at 1st glance, why did my silly a$$ read ‘Tyra’s $10 wig’??? smh Lol ;-D

  16. RHONYC says:

    upon 1st glance, why did my silly a$$ read ‘Tyra’s $10 wig’??? smh Lol ;-D

    p.s.~ @ Lola. agreed. i’ve always said that Bey ‘actually’ is lighter than she usually appears ’cause she’s steady get tanned up on dem yachts. word. ;-)

  17. RHONYC says:

    @ Kahalia

    i hear you gurl! my was *Prince’s voice* ‘colored in peach & black, crucial!’ cause i played ‘Sign o’ the Times’ on a loop in my house. i wanted to be Kat sooooo bad, so i expressed it in my prom dress.

    “OI-WOOIT!” Lol :-P

  18. Dawn says:

    Everything is too dark on Tyra…Like her better in lighter color hair and make up… She’s getting up there with the age….Beyoncé is a very pretty girl and very conceited…Rihanna could make Miley jealous of way she’s twerking with that built…Miley did not invent the twerking, that’s an African dance…

  19. above-par says:

    SMH @TYRA, Gworl don’t act like you’ve just discovered your local china-man wig store! But now you want to press charges because the Oprah wig came before the Tyra wig.

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