August 2nd, 2013
Beyonce, Celebrity Style, Shopping
Wardrobe Query: Beyonce’s Tumblr Topshop Black, Red, and White Printed Mono Morrocan Crop Sweater
By Claire

Desi wrote in with an urgent request! She said, “Can you tell me who is the designer/retailer of this sweater please!?”
Beyonce's Tumblr Topshop Black, Red, and White Printed Moroccan Sweater
“… Thank You!”
Sure! Beyonce posed on her Tumblr in her favorite brand…Topshop. The platinum selling songstress and all around diva showcased sunflower seeds in a $76 Knitted Mono Morrocan Crop Jumper by the British brand:
Beyonce's Tumblr Topshop Black, Red, and White Printed Moroccan Sweater
The hot top went on sale for $30 before it sold out:/
But not to fret! Shop a few in stock items from Beyonce’s closet on our on site shop here.
Beyonce's Tumblr Topshop Black, Red, and White Printed Moroccan Sweater
What do you think?
*Miley Cyrus has also been spied in this sweater:
Who wore it better?
** Forever 21 just came out with a pretty good dupe.
beyonce black red white topshop cropped sweater look for less fashion bomb daily
Get yours for $20 here.
Images: IAmBeyonce/Topshop

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21 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Beyonce’s Tumblr Topshop Black, Red, and White Printed Mono Morrocan Crop Sweater”

  1. Jihan says:

    Kinda love this whole thing

  2. Ashley says:

    How can you not love Beyonce ?! She looks adorable

  3. Anonymous says:

    I do not like Beyonce.

    Nothing about her is inspiring.

    Time to hang it up Beyonce.

    Go take of Surrogate Blue Ivy.

    The end.

  4. My Response says:

    I knew it was topshop before i read the whole thing. Why is anonymous bringing a baby into this? Why are u so angry?

  5. Blue Ivy Carter says:

    Omg i have the smae sweater!!!! ahhhhhhhhh Me and Beyonce are connected with one another.

  6. cecile says:

    mmmm… I’m not really feeling this look, it’s more of Solange’s steeze. Beyonce’s personal style is hit or miss…her style is reflective of whatever is trendy at the moment (hispter/artsy-chic). I adore the printed sweater and boots(super hot for the fall), but no to the leather shorts(jodecei much?!)!

  7. lolani says:

    The outfit is a mess point blank period! all over the place and just a mess pretty face but no style what so ever!

  8. ANON00 says:

    Beyonce can’t really “dress” per-se. Everything she wears looks like the clothes are wearing her. She’s more of a dress, skirt girl so when she tries to pull off these fashion-forward outfits, it looks very blah and unorganized, tbh. And I hate those Ozzy Osbourne shades she loves to pair w/ Everything. I never see her and go “damn, she’s killing it” fashion wise. *shrug*

  9. dyshaun says:

    Bow Down.

  10. PEACE says:

    The poor below poverty haters are in full force today! Beyonce looks cute, simple and chic, i will be the first to admit that Bey is NOT a fashionista but the nasty snide remarks are so uncalled for. Black ugly girls hate Beyonce and attack her every chance they get… Hmmm just because your broke boyfriend is using you and your car to impress the next chick doesn’t mean you should hate on the rich and Fabolous smh!

  11. lola says:

    DEATH @ “the poor below poverty haters.” And that’s it folks. Pack and your bags and go home, no need to even try anymore. It has been done #death

  12. JrDesignerLove says:

    Why was this urgent?
    Just because someone isn’t feeling Beyonce’s look doesn’t make that person a hater, she is not paying your bills, relax.

  13. Anonymous says:


    ”Black ugly girls hate Beyonce”…..ZIMMERMAN IS THAT YOU?

  14. Tina Knowles says:

    1. alot of the comments sound crazy
    2. beyonce looks a mess, and these silly pics are starting to annoy me
    3. does SOLANGE’S darn name have to come up with every darn thing?! get off the girl’s tip already, sheesh!

  15. NYC chick says:

    No, PEACE. you are incorrect. Some beautiful women are not into Beyonce either. Personally, I respect her for being incredibly entertaining and hard working. I also like the fact that she generally keeps things positive.

    I don’t, however think she is beautiful or well dressed. She has a good palate for make up/styling… she is a chameleon of sorts. She also shakes her arse very well. However, she has no natural sense of style and in particular, I hate this look on her. Beyond her body/fitness, I find her uninspiring. No hate, just indifference.

  16. Mel says:

    I like her outfit from the waist up

  17. Anonymous says:

    I think she looks cute

  18. LaTasha says:

    I love Beyonce but….is she wearing a sweater in the summer time? Why are we wearing winter clothes in 105 degree weather?

  19. Cecile says:

    Enough is enough!!! I truly believe Bey stans suffer from a type of obsessive compulsive disorder! @PEACE So in general, if someone disagrees with anything Beyonce does they are ‘black, ugly, broke, bitter??’ Your logic doesn’t make sense. If you seen anyone in the SUMMERTIME rocking a THICK SWEATER, LEATHER SHORTS, AND BOOTS on you would call them stupid, Beyonce doesn’t get a pass sorry, get your life together.

  20. Katie says:

    I’m sorry, but that is one ugly arse outfit. Are you people that are seriously going around saying this look is great blind or what?

  21. Jei says:

    Love the sweater.

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