July 15th, 2013
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Steal: Solange Knowles’s Trayvon Martin Rally Loeffler Randall Odile Raffia Lace Up Espadrille Sneakers
By Claire

This weekend, the nation was stunned when George Zimmerman was found ‘not guilty’ in the death of Trayvon Martin (read the story on the NYTimes.com). Several protested all over the country, including Solange Knowles, who participated in a silent rally at Borough Hall in Brooklyn. For the occasion, she kept it simple in a navy blue tee and cut off shorts, uplifted by $195 Loeffler Randal Odile Raffia Lace Up Espadrille Sneakers:
Solange Knowles Protest
The simple shoes, now on sale for $78, feature a graphic print, a raffia upper, leather trim, and textured rope edging.
0 Solange Knowles's Trayvon Martin Rally Loeffler Randall Odile Raffia Lace Up Espadrilles
Get a pair of your own at Saks or LoefflerRandall.com.
It’s great to see Solange use her celebrity to shed some light on political and civil rights issues.
Solange Knowles Protest
We stand with Solange, and everyone in the world, who seeks justice for Trayvon Martin.
11 Solange Knowles's Trayvon Martin Rally Loeffler Randall Odile Raffia Lace Up Espadrilles
If you agree, and think a civil rights case should be opened against George Zimmerman, you can sign petitions at NAACP.org or MoveOn.Org.
Solange Knowles Protest
What do you think?
Solange Knowles Protest
Solange Knowles Protest
Images: WENN

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36 Responses to “Steal: Solange Knowles’s Trayvon Martin Rally Loeffler Randall Odile Raffia Lace Up Espadrille Sneakers”

  1. Lina says:

    Hey Claire I was wondering if people from outside US can sign the petition too, we’re just as shocked you all are and WE want to do something bcs this can happen to anyone from anywhere I’ve told a few of my friends and they’re really upset and want to sign too. Thanks

  2. tasha says:

    I am glad she is using her voice. It sad how police across the nation started roughing up the protestors.

    Love her shoes.

  3. jrdesignerlover says:

    I wish people would start protesting against this “‘stand your ground’ law, protesting against Zimmerman’s acquittal seems useless at this point since it can’t be overturned. The law, unfortunately wasn’t meant to protect Blacks and this acquittal proves it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lol @ throwing an (uninteresting at that) outfit post into this serious discussion

  5. AJ says:

    She looks great..I am deeply sadden by these events.I SIGNED NAACP PETITION ,WROTE AND SENT LETTER TO ATTORNEY GENERAL.. I will be marching AGAIN tonight in atlanta.. RIP TRAYVON

  6. A says:

    Seems like no one thought Trayvon had the right to “stand his ground”

  7. YOUKNOWME says:

    I understand your a fashion site thats why I follow you but to include the brand and price of Solange’s shoes was a bit much. Just sayin.

  8. Claire says:

    @YOUKNOWME We mention brand and price in every single post. We are indeed a fashion website.
    See how we mentioned Kanye’s Givenchy shirt during an Occupy Wall Street March:
    I know fashion is very silly to mention with a serious topic, but I felt my choices were to not mention Trayvon or mention it mixed in with style, which is what we do everyday. We are not masquerading as CNN or NYTimes (which is why I included a link to the news story). This is our way of acknowledging Trayvon.
    Please reference the links to petitions at the bottom of the post and work towards positivity in all aspects of life, fairness, and justice.

  9. YOUKNOWME says:

    @Claire dont be so sensitive. I just saw you instagram post asking us to judge Solange’s shoes (would you wear em?) now I’m judging your tasteless decision to turn a Trayvon Martin rally into a fashion show. Wrong place, wrong time dont you think? Also, dont think I didn’t notice you deleting negative comments.

  10. I see nothing wrong with this post at all. Claire, good job as usual. Just the right amount of professionalism if you ask me.

  11. Claire says:

    @YouKnowMe Cliche updates our Instagram, but I will take the blame. I don’t delete negative comments, your comments are allowed to flourish, aren’t they? My decision is made, the post is here, you can agree to disagree with the taste level or appropriateness of its existence. Thanks for visiting the site and all our social media platforms. Back to blogging.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i’m more upset that she’s carrying a sign quoting malcolm x and no ones up in frenzy nor is the media covering the recent murder of his grandson

  13. ladyluo says:

    I will have to agree with YOUKNOWME on this one. I soon as I saw this post, I thought it was tasteless.

  14. Gail says:

    I see nothing wrong with this post. Claire is merely keeping the post relevant to her site ie Solange’s outfit while paying respect to Trayvon. Very clever. wish i had thought of it for my blog. all’s well on FBD :)

  15. ladyluo says:


  16. Jo says:

    Thanks Claire for spreading the word about the petition. I filled it out and now I am passing it along as well. I hope that everyone who reads this post does the same. It was a really great march. It was so inspirational that people who were watching along the sidewalks and knew nothing about it joined in on this cause!

  17. Empress says:

    I see nothing wrong with the post. She was at the rally, and her shoes relate to fashion.

    Anyways, I dislike espadrilles, so I’ll pass on these shoes.

  18. mnrodgers says:

    THEN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! At the end of the day Claire/Fashionbombdaily.com have no reason to even cover the Trayvon Case…as she mentioned…this is a fashion blog…NOT THE NEWS. But guess what…what about the clueless male or female that doesnt watch the news?…but love fashion…this blog just informed them of something that is going to forever change America…they may now take action when they were previously ignorant to anything dealing with this case or the injustice that was served…

    We dont have to turn a positive into a negative…the post was a fashion post (the title is about Solange’s outfit)…and she chose to also note specific things relating to the case…if you didnt like it…you didnt like it when you read the title…which means you could have skipped over this post all together…attaching this woman and her blog where just as tasteless in my opinion…whether you like it or not…its up here…whether its tasteless or not…she isnt taking it down…if you dont like go to another blog…

  19. Msmimi13 says:

    Claire, I appreciate what you’re doing. It hurts to see the mention of something so trivial but this is what your site is for: Fashion! And honestly Claire just spread the word and message to someone who may not know what’s going on…it hurts but I get it. I’ve been waiting days to see a mention of Trayvon on this site and I think you did it the best way you can. Thank you Claire u can’t make everyone happy all the time!

  20. mnrodgers says:

    @Msmimi13 well said! :)

  21. KK says:

    Claire while I love your site and am a frequent visitor..this post trivializes the issue and reduces this injustice to..well..fashion. Yes this is a fashion site..but fashion does have a place everywhere. Its insulting to be honest.

  22. KK says:

    Its inappropriate at best. We have a serious injustice here and youre talking about what the woman is wearing. Where does fashion stop? Are you going to post the best ways to dress for a rally? You see where Im going? Its.not a good look…and this is coming from someone who loves your site.

  23. Meha says:

    Do you know how I can sign the NAACP petition when I don’t live in the States? Thanks for any answers

  24. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs to get of their political high horse and fall back. The story is sad an will be everywhere (especially your local news station and most definitely CNN’s website) so if you need a “trayvon martin” update go there! This is a fashion blog!!! While your opinion is appreciated it is most certainly not needed. Especially with these “tones of moral superiority”. SMH. Claire, do your thing.
    (P.S I was checking out Solange’s shoes because of the title and her “hair” and “nails” = related to fashion)

  25. LawyerLady says:

    Thank you @Claire for addressing this issue and doing so in a way that is consistent with the site. As you know, if you just spoke of the verdict alone you would have been bashed for that too. Sigh. I work in a very corporate setting but I wore a scarf today with African colors. It’s my very small (and work appropriate) way of acknowledging what has happened and publicly registering my solidarity. Fashion is a great way to express our beliefs. I agree with @mnrogers completely. I’ll be signing the petitions. Thanks FBD!

  26. this is a fashion site says:

    Claire I love your site and you did a good job at adding this very important subject. This story is everywhere so stop trying to come for Claire! This is a fashion site ladies! She touched on the issue and Solange shoes, so get off your high horse

  27. Fabie says:

    @JRdesignerlover_____ Actually the “stand your ground law” does not apply because it was thrown out. This was a self defense case in which Zimmerman claims he felt threatened thus the shooting. Im suprised people are upset this resulted in a not guilty verdict. The prosecution presented a very poor case riddled with reasonable doubt. As for me, Zimmerman is guilty.

  28. Fabie says:

    As for the fashion, Solange looks good as usual. @Claire__Your blog is amazing.

  29. nyc chick says:

    I was logging on to say that i fear that solange may be losing her swag b/c she looks like every other afrohipster in bk but then read through the comments and felt a little ashamed of my superficiality…lol. I can see both sides of the discussion about the appropriateness of the post. many of us have been consumed with the trial & verdict nonstop so i think its ok to have a little levity and distraction. honestly i want to know what up with that (very well dressed) sista that was always sitting with the defense team?? whats her story? how can she be comforable working for zimm’s defense??!!

  30. Blossom says:

    Claire, I see nothing wrong with you posting about Solange’s fashion at the protest. I’d only advise that perhaps you should have waited a few days or so, so it’s not so sensitive.

    Some of your readers are upset and understandably so. I think it’s just a matter of timing.

  31. Xochitl says:

    Claire hello! I think you do a wonderful job on keeping your website at what is it based about… FASHION! Because there is so much craziness in this world that people cant help but to talk about it. My hat is off to you ma’am!

  32. Lawyer_Chic says:

    Excuse my language Claire, but are you mothafuckas serious? Please Claire don’t even pay attention to these dimwits. Should Claire have stayed mum on the subject since its not relevant to the theme of her blog? Would that have been better? Fools I tell you. I don’t know where people get off policing the content of this blog. This blog is career for Claire and just by speaking out against this injustice, no matter the form, she’s risking losing business. So for ya’ll to come here and question her is just beyond me.

    Being a reader of the blog for serval years I can that Claire is very aware of what is appropriate and what is not. I commend you, I respect you, and thank for speaking out.

  33. ladyluo says:

    I am embarrassed for some of you. Equating the tragedy and injustice of this case with fashion? Are you serious? Are you so obsessed with fashion that nothing is sacred. What other tragedies are you going to try to tie to fashion? The TM case has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with fashion! I am obsessed with fashion but I am human first. Some things you just do not do. I don’t care if Bey, Rih, JLo etc showed up dressed to the nines. It has nothing to do with fashion. You leave it alone or only address what the issue is about (even if this is a fashion site). Some things you just do not try to profit off of because that is what this post is.

    I can understand the lawyer because well you know what they say about lawyers. There is no justification for this post. None. It is sad that 99 percent of you seem to think that this post is okay. SMDH.

    I am sure that if you sent Solange this post, she would be outraged. She wasn’t there to show off her fashion and for this to be trivialized to fashion is unbelievable.

    This is Claire’s site and she can do whatever she wants absolutely. So if me and others have a differing opinion we are not welcome to share it. Seriously? That is your argument? Or go somewhere else… This is a fashion site so I was not expecting to find TM here because nothing about this case led me to seek out fashion sites.

    I love(d) this site but Claire I am ashamed for you. I would hope that you haven’t sank so low to think profiting off this case is okay and just because most of the above see nothing wrong with this post including you does not make it right.

  34. The Truth says:

    (1) Is this a fashion site? YES!
    (2) Was this post primarily informing us about the outfit of a celebrity seen outdoors as we have always been used to? YES!
    (3) Do we always get a little information as to where the celebrity was when the outfit was worn (party, club and now rally)? YES!
    (4) Is the event (rally) a generally sensitive topic? YES!
    (5) Did she mention the sensitivity of the event? YES! (even though she had absolutely no obligation to).
    (6) Have fashion lovers being informed about an item just as we always have? YES!
    (7) Have fashion lovers who have no idea (or very little idea) about the Trayvon case being educated/informed? YES!
    (8) Have people interested in the story being provided links that will give them more insight about the issue and what to do being informed? YES!
    (9) Has this post justified it’s existence as a quality fashion post? YES! (and so much more)
    (10) Once again, is this primarily a fashion site? YES!

    Thank you Claire. I am a Nigerian. I just got entertained, informed and educated at the same time.

    Thank you!

  35. Lawyer_Chic says:

    Lawyers are the reason you have the 1st Amendment right to sit on here share your misguided anger so let’s not go there sweetheart.

  36. ladyluo says:

    No “sweatheart”. I have the right to voice my opinion because I am human. What happens after that is out of my control. I can voice my opinion and Claire can allow it or delete it.

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